Chapter 178: Yuan Fang is Here!

It should be mentioned that swimming is an activity that takes up a lot of strength.

Originally, Su Ke2Su KeMain Character thought he would have to undergo torture.

After all, the situation that happened at the pool was enough to let Zhou Yu Hui ridicule Su Ke. Who knew that the first thing these two girls would do was to find a bed to rest?

Like he had received amnesty, Su Ke sent them to school, grabbed his bike, and headed home.

In the end, the diary in his house had risen to 4 million, so he just had to wait for a good life.

After resting at home for a while, he made his dinner. Once he finished eating, he glanced at the time and saw that it was almost 5. He grabbed a sling bag and placed the precious diary in it before heading out to Fang Fei Yi Ren1Fang Fei Yi RenThe beauty parlour Su Ke works at and the one Luo Fei Yan owns.

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As usual, after he parked his bike, he tidied up his appearance using the glass near the front doors. His clothes were still the ones from this morning; a white shirt, dark western-style pants, and leather shoes, just like an elite. The sling bag on his shoulder didn’t really suit his image though. Just as he was about to walk in, he saw the reflection of a red Mazda parked outside and couldn’t help but turn around.

Long red hair that was curled into large waves, bouncing as she walked.

On her nose were a pair of trendy Ray-Bans. On top was a red skin-tight sleeveless camisole with gold embroidery, emphasizing her exquisite physique.

Her two peaks were towering and had a deep cleavage, attracting attention.

Her camisole was not just tight, but it also revealed her navel.

Additionally, this woman’s waist was considered slender, so her navel seemed like an upside-down bowl as she walked, appearing and disappearing intermittently.

As he looked down, there were a pair of white three-quarter pants wrapping her lower body.

Her hips were well-rounded and her butt was voluptuous, swaying as she walked.

Her legs were straight and the revealed skin looked delicate and smooth. She was wearing high heels and her manicured toes were painted green. She was very sexy.

Just as Su Ke dazedly stared at her, the woman suddenly spoke, “What is it, little brother Su? Do you not recognize me?” While she spoke, the woman had already reached the front doors of Fang Fei Yi Ren. She casually pulled down her glasses as she gave a smile to Su Ke.

“Ah? Sister Qin Zheng!” Su Ke was very surprised. He didn’t expect this sexy woman to be Qin Zheng. She usually had a more mature feel, belonging more to the ‘sensible’ category rather than ‘sexy’. However, the way she’s dressed today is very surprising.

“I really couldn’t tell!”

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“I really couldn’t recognize you!”

Qin Zheng was holding her Ray-Bans as she pointed at Su Ke, “I was still wondering which family’s white-collar worker had come here to find a girlfriend!”

Her tone was very relaxed; it looks like she’s in a good mood.

“Oh, right! Little brother Su, I’ll tell you some good news!”

“En?” When Su Ke heard ‘good news’, he became very interested.

Even though they were but a step from Fang Gei Yi Ren, they still remained outside as she said,

“Sister Qin Zheng is now officially single, your chance is now!”

As Qin Zheng spoke, she sent a few coquettish glances his way.

Meanwhile, Su Ke felt that Qin Zheng’s revealing chest was so bright that he would shudder, his face full of awkwardness.

He remembered the time when this woman had forcefully kissed him; his heart started racing.

“Ha ha!” Qin Zheng saw Su Ke’s flushed appearance and her mood improved a lot.

It was only that that could get rid of the melancholy deep in her heart.

She then covered her mouth as she spoke, “Looks like I scared you. Let me tell you, I’ve officially ended things. That means Du Wan’s plans have become invalid. You don’t have to undergo any more of that devil training!”

“Oh! That’s right!” Su Ke mechanically nodded. The image of Qin Zheng’s drunk state revolved in his mind. The tender skin at that time, her round and smooth knees, and the taste of alcohol from her mouth. It was impossible to get rid of.

At that moment, Su Ke’s legs felt soft.

“Qin Zheng!” Just as Su Ke was extremely red, there was the sound of a door closing from the car on the street. This was followed by the voice of a man, which sounded impatient, “We need to talk!”

“Yuan Fang! We don’t have anything to talk about anymore!” Qin Zheng was surprised at the appearance of this man and her face changed slightly.

However, her tone became unyielding as she continued,  “Ever since yesterday, we’re strangers. Go find your lover!”

“Yuan Fang?” When Su Ke heard Qin Zheng’s words, his heart moved. This was the highly eligible bachelor from that time, the one who had an affair while dating Qin Zheng?

He couldn’t help but glance over a few more times. He had a medium stature and seemed slanted to one side. He was wearing the same style of clothing as Su Ke; a shirt and western-style pants. However, they were of much better quality, making it seem like he had some financial ability

“Qin Zheng, you need to let me explain! One month! One month and I promise I’ll draw a clear line between Zhang Nan and myself. You need to give me time!” Yuan Fang sounded like he was making a solemn vow, but a month’s time, even to Su Ke, seemed insincere.

“Sorry Yuan Fang, but I’ve already given you a chance! You didn’t seize it. Now it’s too late! I already have a new boyfriend!” Qin Zheng was somewhat emotional when she spoke, her chest undulating rapidly, like two snowy mountains that were continuously swaying.

Su Ke gave her a glance before quickly looking away.  

“A new boyfriend?” Yuan Fang repeated. Just as he was about to continue, Qin Zheng immediately interrupted, “I’ll introduce you! This is my new boyfriend, Su Ke!”

Right after saying that, Qin Zheng leaned her body slightly to the side and grabbed Su Ke’s arm.

“Eh!” Su Ke unconsciously took a step forward, but Qin Zheng’s words nearly fried his brain. His eyes went black and just as he was about to faint, Qin Zheng leaned against his body.

The arm he was hugging also landed between something soft and he could smell that familiar body fragrance, which made him feel even more apprehensive.

“This is him?” Yuan Fang stood opposite them and gave Su Ke a once-over.

The disdain in his eyes was very obvious.

“Qin Zheng, even if you want to find an excuse, you can’t have such bad eyesight! Pulling out such an immature brat, do you think I’ll believe you?”

“So what if you don’t believe me!?”

When Qin Zheng spoke, she already turned to face Su Ke. In her eyes was a tender sentiment, a smile blossoming on her face as she softly whispered, “Su Ke, I agree to be your woman, are you happy?”

“Nani(1)!?” Su Ke was already in complete confusion.

Looking at Qin Zheng, who was close by, he realized that he would have to play the boyfriend again. Just as he was about to play along, he saw Qin Zheng tiptoe and her tender red lips suddenly moved closer.  


  1. This was in the raws; it’s a borrowed word from the Japanese “Nani” which means “What!?”
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