Chapter 177: You Want to Touch Again?

Su Ke2Su KeMain Character was a bit apologetic. After all, he was feeling rather anxious when he climbed up and didn’t get the chance to look before he rushed out, which was why he bumped into someone.

However, who knew that this woman was so unreasonable. He couldn’t help but frown.

She looked to be around 26, with light brown hair tied into a bun at the top of her head.

Her skin was rather white and she had a sharp chin, single eyelids, and when she spoke, the corners of her eyes would rise. She had thin lips and high cheekbones; her entire look caused people to think that she was harsh and unreasonable.

However, truthfully speaking, Li Fei Fei and Zhou Yu Hui, compared to her, were really wasting cloth. The thing she was wearing was barely a bikini. It was two tiny pieces of triangle shaped cloth tied together by a small string over her meat sacks. There was another small piece below to hide her most important place.

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Her entire swimsuit didn’t even use up one-third of a meter; it was definitely a simple look. Energy-saving, emission-reducing, and low carbon life. Plus, this woman’s chest was not small, faintly feeling like they were about to explode out at any moment.

In all his years of life, he had never come across something so big.

This woman saw Su Ke’s dazed appearance and frowned, becoming even angrier as she pointed at him and yelled, “What are you looking at, you pervert!? Looking at your shifty eyes, you’re definitely not a good person!”

Su Ke suppressed the flame in his heart; he didn’t want to argue with this woman.

However, it was very hard to hold back as he angrily smiled, “Auntie, I look shifty? Touch your heart! Have you ever seen someone so handsome?”

She never expected for Su Ke to retort and even use the word ‘Auntie’.

Her face instantly turned ugly as she exclaimed, “Boy, who are you calling ‘Auntie’?! Have you never seen a woman before? Did you come to the pool to sate your visual addiction?”

As she spoke, she patted the left side of her chest, “I’m touching my heart! Are you looking? I’m touching! Why don’t you say if you were looking at my chest just now!?”

Looking at the harsh lady in front of him, Su Ke was not angry anymore. He tilted his head as the corners of his mouth rose, glancing interestedly at her chest as he said, “Auntie, I’m sorry that I’ve disappointed you. I have no interest in people who are full of silicone. Completely uninterested!”

“You!” Her face went bright red, like he had hit the nail on the head. She was so angry she was speechlessness, causing her to breathe heavily, her eyes nearly rolling to the back of her head.

Su Ke wasn’t a petty person, but this woman was very hateful, not even hearing his apology out, and even mocking him.  He gave her a shrug and stopped caring. Who knew that when he was about to take a step, she would continue, “Stop right now! You want to play the rogue and leave? Dream on!”

Like her heart was besieged by anger, the woman’s voice rose quite a bit, instantly drawing attention from the surrounding people.

So much so that even some of the people who wanted to act heroically were eager to jump in.

“Wei! Auntie, which eye of yours saw me acting like a rogue? Even if I wanted to be a rogue, I wouldn’t play with you! What exactly are you trying to do!?”

Su Ke didn’t take a step and instead turned his gaze towards the poo. As expected, Li Fei Fei and Zhou Yu Hui had swum over. Both their hands were placed at the edge of the pool as they gazed at him. Especially Zhou Yu Hui, who looked like she was watching a good show.

Zhou Yu Hui saw that Su Ke was seething with anger, and pleased as a punch, she finally embraced her humanitarian side and came to his rescue, “Husband! We don’t need a nanny, so don’t bring her home!”

“Pu!” After Su Ke heard Zhou Yu Hui call him husband, he nearly puked blood, unconsciously shuddering. Hearing that was even scarier than this auntie.

However, when he saw her wink at him, he realized that she was trying to help.

“Husband! You have both Li Fei Fei and I at home, don’t you know restraint!? Why are you harassing such an old sister?” After Zhou Yu Hui spoke, she bumped Li Fei Fei’s arm.

Li Fei Fei’s face flushed red with embarrassment, her two hands clinging to the edge of the pool as she tried not to be outdone, “Husband, what’s wrong with you today? If you want to touch a chest, you can touch mine! Zhou Yu Hui is ready to go as well, her chest is not bad! Moreover, it’s genuine goods at a fair price. They are very natural and have been cultivated with a cup of milk every day, making a strong Chinese person! (1)”

Once she finished speaking, Li Fei Fei winked at Su Ke.

Su Ke’s entire body had goosebumps after he heard that. He then turned to look at the mean woman and spread his hands as he said, “Auntie, you see, do you think I’d give these two beauties up and go over to harass you?”

“You, you!” The harsh woman was seething in anger. She pointed at Su Ke then the two girls in the pool, completely unable to speak, her face a garish display.

She then turned away and walked off in a huff.

After bathing, he sat on the sofa in the lounge. Only then did he fish out his phone and look through his missed calls and text messages. Every one of them belonged to Wu Yi Ren. Unexpectedly, this man finally knew anxiety.

Just as Su Ke was looking through his messages, his phone suddenly rang and he saw that the caller ID was Wu Yi Ren.

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“Chief Wu!”

“Brother Su, are you free to talk now?”

“Is something the matter?” Su Ke could hear that Wu Yi Ren was suppressing the urgency in his voice. Inwardly, he knew that the four million he wanted, compared to Wu Yi Ren’s official’s hat (2), was still up for debate.

“Wei! Brother, we should talk about this face to face! How about it?”

Su Ke was too lazy to see Wu Yi Ren’s refined scumbag look, so he directly rejected him, “Chief Wu, if you have something to say, just tell me directly!”

Wu Yi Ren paused before seemingly coming to a decision.”Okay! Brother, isn’t four million a bit too much!? I don’t have it easy. Since we’re friends, please give way a bit! Being amiable will make you rich!”

Su Ke changed his posture. Seeing that Li Fei Fei and Zhou Yu Hui hadn’t come out yet, he said, “Chief Wu, honest people are not underhanded. Four million in cash and the diary will return to its rightful owner. You don’t need to worry about any copies. We can exchange the cash and dairy at the same time, how about that?”

Wu Yi Ren muttered to himself for a moment before he stopped haggling over the price, “Okay! I’ll withdraw money from the bank in a bit. However, you know that to withdraw such a large sum, a reservation is required? Will you wait for my call?”

“That’s fine, I’m not too anxious. If it’s not possible, we can do it tomorrow!”

Su Ke was not surprised by Wu Yi Ren’s decision.

Right after he finished speaking, he heard Wu Yi Ren hastily continue, “Today! The earlier we solve this, the more peaceful it’d be. When the time comes, Brother Su should bring the diary!”

“Okay! Call me when the time comes, I’m hanging up now!”

Su Ke then hung up before noticing Li Fei Fei and Zhou Yu Hui walking towards him.

They had just finished cleaning up, their hair damp and dripping with water.

After swimming, they were like lotus flowers breaking the surface, their skin whiter than snow.

It looked like just a simple breeze could break them.

Zhou Yu Hui still remembered Su Ke’s distress when he was involved with that woman.

When they were still at a distance, her voice had already traveled over, “Wei! Husband Su Ke, do you want to touch!?”


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  2. His position

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