Chapter 176: Spring Scenes at the Pool

Li Fei Fei’s heartbeat was racing even faster than Su Ke2Su KeMain Character’s, continuously thumping.

Just now, when the little boy had slipped, she was still worried that he would fall into the pool, but in the next moment, she was struck dumb.

Su Ke’s swim trunks got pulled down by the little boy. Su Ke’s movements were very quick, his hands like lightning as he pulled his waistband up. However, she had already seen everything.

Zhou Yu Hui couldn’t stand it even more and had already turned away. However, that image was impossible to get rid of from her mind. Physical Health classes had already gone through this knowledge. Not only did they have pictures and models, but she had also even seen the real thing today. How could she calm down?


“Eh! Hei Hei!” Su Ke really didn’t know what to say. He only felt a scorching heat on his face. Originally, he had come over to look at beauties and their chests.

Who knew that before he could look, he had let people look at him instead.

“That’s right! I still have something to do, so I’m going to head out first!”

In this troubling situation, Su Ke decided it would be better to leave first.

His face was full of awkwardness after he spoke.

After going through a bout of panic, Zhou Yu Hui flipped out when she heard that Su Ke wanted to leave, “Why are you in such a hurry!? You want to leave right after you arrived? Isn’t it just someone grabbing your trunks!? As a man, you don’t even have this bit of skin!”


“Eh!” Su Ke opened his mouth to speak, but he couldn’t say a word. The reason he wanted to leave was definitely because of that, but isn’t having someone pull his pants down a severe enough reason? How about I pull yours down!?

Of course, Su Ke only thought that and didn’t dare say it out loud.

“Su Ke, since you’ve come, then just swim a bit! It’s so hot outside, soaking is very comfortable!” Li Fei Fei also knew that the atmosphere right now was quite strange.

SInce these two girls didn’t care, why should he? Wasn’t it just showing his little brother out today! “Okay! It’s also not urgent, so I’ll leave after playing for a bit!”

The water in the pool was very clear. Paired with the light blue tiles on the bottom, it gave off a very worry-free feeling. The three of them then found an area with less people. Su Ke, who could only doggy-paddle, directly jumped into the water, wanting to wash away his embarrassment.


Holding his breath and sinking all the way down to the bottom, which was about two metres, Su Ke’s body spread open, his limbs stretched out. Facing upwards, his body horizontal, he slowly floated up.

Looking out from below the water, as a result of the clear water, Li Fei Fei and Zhou Yu Hui’s lower bodies were exposed to his view.

Two pairs of thighs continuously moved as Zhou Yu Hui’s purple floral bikini bottom and Li Fei Fei’s skirt dance through the water.

Wait! Su Ke suddenly saw the frills on Li Fei Fei’s skirt start to expand like a budding flower. Looking at it from below, the lines of her jade legs were very smooth; her calves were very slim, and her thighs were very well-rounded. Her underwear was the same light-blue colour.


Her delicate little feet were slowly paddling the water, constantly swaying in front of his eyes. However, her triangular underwear was more enticing towards guys.

Following her moving legs, her exposed thighs were also swaying.  


As Su Ke floated up, the scenery he saw also became clearer. He kept feeling that Li Fei Fei’s panties were abnormal. He frowned as he watched and realized that her underwear became more and more like a steamed bun, or a sand dune.

Faintly, there seemed to appear a crack on this sand dune. However, as time passed, the air in Su Ke’s lungs was more or less used up. He swung his arms down and kicked, wanting to break through the surface. At this moment, he saw Li Fei Fei suddenly move.

Like a budding flower, her panties and white buttocks enlarged, coming closer and closer.

Su Ke then felt Li Fei Fei sit on his face with a Bang!

When Zhou Yu Hui saw that Su Ke had been sat on by Li Fei Fei, she let go.

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She realized that Su Ke had actually gone below Li Fei Fei; obviously, he was going to do something bad, so she immediately decided to uphold justice on behalf of heaven.


After ascertaining Su Ke’s position, she took advantage of Li Fei Fei’s inattention and pressed down on her shoulders. Her entire body sunk and Su Ke was miserably attacked.

“Pu!” Su Ke got out of the water a moment later, loudly spitting out water. One reason being that it was too sudden, the other being that he was underwater for too long and had swallowed a bit of the pool water. After he came out, he could still feel a smooth feeling on his nose.

He unconsciously rubbed his nose and watched the bashful Li Fei Fei chase Zhou Yu Hui around. He thought back on that feeling and was speechless. The pain from the strike against his nose had actually changed to a feeling of numbness by the dirty thoughts in his head.

Su Ke’s face was flushed red as his blood seemed to boil.

Even in the clear pool, he couldn’t cool down his internal heat.


Li Fei Fei was chasing Zhou Yu Hui in the pool, splashing water around.

However, she was watching Su Ke out of the corner of her eye.

She was puzzled when Zhou Yu Hui pressed her down, but when her butt sank and sat on something, she finally understood.

Her hands splashed the water around, her face completely red. She didn’t know why, but her butt felt peculiar, like there was an internal bruise. She suddenly shivered at the thought.

“You guys can play! I’ll go up first!” Su Ke was unable to stay calm anymore.

Especially when he saw Zhou Yu Hui’s very sinister looking eyes bearing down on him.


“Ai! Su Ke, why are you running away?” Zhou Yu Hui called from behind, which made Su Ke feel trepidation, making him swim to the stairs and quickly rush out.

However, before he could catch his breath, he accidentally bumped into someone.

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Su Ke had bumped into a woman, but before he could help her up, she stood up by herself and quickly spewed abuse, “Are you blind!? Where are you going? Rogue!”

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