Chapter 175: It’s Little Brother’s Time to Shine

“Task: Accompany Du Wan home to offer congratulations for Old Du’s birthday. Reward: A wish.”

“F*ck, another wish!” Su Ke2Su KeMain Character sat in his car dazedly. This fortune arrived too quickly.

When he thought of the diary in his hands, his blood began to boil.

Even though the 100 million RMB was not in line with the world’s logic, his overall wish had been achieved.

“Looks like I’m about to make it big!” Su Ke then drove to the school as he gave a silly smile.

He was still borrowing this car from Zhou Yu Hui, so naturally, he had to return it to her.

When he reached the school gates, Su Ke gave Li Fei Fei a call but realized that he came here for nothing; the two girls had just left. “Ah!? You guys are at the swimming pool?”

“That’s right, we just arrived. Do you want to come over!?”

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It seemed like Li Fei Fei was changing her clothes as rustling could be heard from the phone.


Suddenly, Su Ke remembered the bikini clad woman from the Pegasus Racing Track.

If Li Fei Fei were to wear something like that, what would she look like?

“Okay! I’ll head over!” He then stepped on the accelerator and leaned back, driving directly to the  80,000 People swimming complex. Of course, 80,000 People is only the name of it.

He parked and looked at the swimming complex’s sign in front of him.

Su Ke, without any real reason, felt rather anxious.

With his swimming capability, it was obviously the kind that was “swimming badly but would not drown”. If he went in, he might destroy his brilliant image.

Su Ke sudden;y remembered that he had practiced swimming in his 3rd year of middle school.

Adding it all up, he hasn’t really swam that much.


“Not caring!” Su Ke gritted his teeth and directly alighted from his car before running towards the receptionist to pay his entrance fee.

After that, he carried all his supplies to the changing room and quickly changed into his swimtrunks. 80,000 People swimming complex did not only have swimming pools, but it also had cycling machines, treadmills, and other gym equipment.

It had everything anyone could need; there was even a game room on the other side.

Su Ke then walked out with his swim cap in hand and walked over to the poolside.

In the scorching summer heat, swimming was one of the best ways to keep cool.

At the same time, it could also help strengthen the body.

So, when Su Ke got close to the pool, he saw around 40-50 people.


The pool was around 40-50 meters long and around 20 meters wide.

There were 8 lanes and the water was crystal clear. The bottom of the pool had light blue tiles. One glance and it almost felt like the sea.

Guys and girls, old and young people. Some were swimming in the pool, while some were lying by the pool side to rest. Su Ke surveyed the area, but didn’t catch sight of Li Fei Fei or Zhou Yu Hui. However, there was a lot of people, so all Su Ke could do was keep looking.

“Su Ke!”


Su Ke faintly heard someone call his name from behind. He stopped and unconsciously turned around. As expected, Li Fei Fei and Zhou Yu Hui were heading towards him, hand in hand.

Li Fei Fei’s swimsuit was rather conservative. It seemed like a dress with a light blue striped pattern and spaghetti straps. Her soft chest slightly revealed an expanse of white.

She also had a frilled collar that extended downwards to her thighs and her arms were exposed. On top of her long hair, she wore a blue swimming cap, making her look very adorable.


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Comparitely, Zhou Yu Hui was a lot more open. She wore a two-piece light purple floral dress. He didn’t expect her chest to be so big, her bra was full to bursting. Her waist was small and she was wearing a flat skirt with a smiliar design below.

Su Ke’s gaze was filled with a bit of embarrassment as he looked.

Li Fei Fei gave Su Ke a small smile as she asked “Are you done with your business?”

Even though the two of them have done quite a few intimate things together, meeting each other in today’s situation was still a first.

Her heart was restless, but she still put on a nonchalant expression.

“En, I’m done!” Su Ke nodded.

People have said that when a woman appears in front of you, if she’s more covered up, a man’s instinct is to look at the area that is exposed.

On the contrary, if the woman is very exposed, then males would look at the areas that are covered!


Right now, Su Ke’s gaze was focused on the exposed area of Li Fei Fei’s chest. Her beautiful peaks were wrapped up, revealing a deep ravine that invoked a person’s imagination.

After all, Zhou Yu Hui had only known Su Ke for a very short time and felt more embarrassed than Li Fei Fei. She had curbed her usual sharp tongue. His actions let her breath a sigh of relief as she said, “Where did you go in the afternoon? You’ve caused my family’s Fei Fei to be preoccupied!”

When Li Fei Fei heard her words, her face flushed. Indeed, when she knew where Su Ke was headed after he received the call, she really minded it.

She raised her hand and smacked Zhou Yu Hui’s arm, “What nonsense are you saying!?”

“He he, nothing much!” Su Ke would never admit that he had been dragged over to act as a fiance. He shook his head and continued, “Aren’t I working!? Something came up at work!”

“Then why did I hear a woman’s voice?” Zhou Yu Hui was qualified to be a woman’s bestie.

She didn’t give up and wanted to ask until she had squeezed water out of a rock.


At this moment, Su Ke heard a voice behind him.

“Xiao Liang, don’t run, be careful of falling!” It sounded like a parent urging a child. The child’s laughter, along with the sound of their feet slapping against the ground, got closer and closer.

Su Ke unconsciously turned around and saw a boy around 5-6 years old excitedly running by the poolside. He instinctively wanted to make space, but who knew that before he could move, the boy had already run to his back. The boy’s feet slipped and he fell.

The boy was obviously scared.

As he leaned back, he unconsciously opened his arms and tried to grab at the closest thing. Before Su Ke could grab the boy’s shoulder, he felt something loosen at his waist. His swim trunks, like a thunderbolt, slid down, uncaring of his situation.


“Eh!” Su Ke’s brain blanked. When he reacted, he felt cold between his legs. How could he still dare hesitate? He also couldn’t care less about the boy who fell as he immediately pulled his trunks up.

Embarrassing, it was super embarrassing! Su Ke watched as the main culprit, the boy, stood up and continued running forward, his butt jiggling.

Su Ke wanted to die!

His two hands were still grabbing onto the waistband of his trunks. His heart rate felt like it was going to go out of control. His facial muscles were frozen stiff as he faced the two blushing girls. He felt like crying, but he had no tears.


T/N: If you recall, little brother is how the Chinese refer to their d*cks, so please go back and read the title again. OMG, I LOL’d so hard at it.

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