Chapter 209- The Passing Of Time

The events in the game was drama that KMega6KMegacharacter didn’t want; the corruption of the lumberyard manager, the inspector being investigated, and the links of bribery and betrayal of the people’s trust. If this was the prequel, KMega would have dumped all of his time and energy into these because he was a knight of justice, but now the current events were annoyances that he did not care to complete. Why should he care about quest chains that have no purpose to his current plans? He ignored them as much as he could, and when he needed to, he revealed his noble bloodline.


When six months passed IRL, a total of three and a half years went by in-game.

During that time, KMega finally set up his farm and grew it to the size of a ranch baron.

It began with one of his in-game siblings coming by looking for work. The young dragon4dragonspeciesoid had lost everything by gambling it away. She had to resort to selling her body to pay the debts until she came to KMega. After a month passed in-game, the numbers grew, and within a year, the number of hands-on staff broke a hundred. Astrid7Astridcharacter was a little weary of his big heart. It was one of his charms, but it put a burden on her and the ones closest to him.

However, she’s an expert at the administration of large numbers and was easily able to accommodate any demand of KMega’s within reason.


In the beginning of the fourth in-game year, war was announced in the Guardicia Republic.

A mega clan wanted to conquer the land, but this land had more returnee gamers from the previous games than any other country. They had an astounding seventy-three percent.

Add in the fact that Guardicia has the highest density population in the country before the prequel shut down and the feel for the land never changed. The will of the player base was strong to preserve this peaceful country, and with a large history of player interaction, more so than any other country. The schemes of the giant guilds had little to no effect on the Republic.


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Four years soon turned to five. Five turned to eight. Eight turned into twelve, and Kieser finally completed his ten year in-game tour of duty and returned to KMega to find him in the position of a noble. A small city with over ten thousand in population was under his command. This was not a prefabricated city, but one that was built from scratch. With the unending rest of the NPCs and the unlimited imagination of the players, it quickly became one of the major tourist spots in-game.


Once two years passed IRL, KMega became sad. The state of the game had, for the majority, regressed back to the state that many fantasy mmovrrpgs turn into. A perpetual state of guild wars. Decadence and discontent became rampant in his small city. The once peaceful and enjoyable land was lit with fire and a rebellion began on the streets. Astrid and the others were told to flee while he stayed behind in the lord’s private garden. It was nothing more than a vegetable garden. On the other side of the garden was the same wood cabin that Astrid and him have been living in for the past fifteen years. Nearby it was a warehouse.

This is what the rebellion was all about. It was believed that KMega was hoarding all the taxes and had a surplus of valuable items.. He was tending to his tomatoes when the gate of his property was broken into and a mob of several hundred people trampled all over his crops.

He closed his eyes and accepted what came next without complaint.


The mob trampled over KMega’s corpse as they went to pillage his property.

To their surprise, his house was rather bland. Other than some cheap items used for alchemy add a few wooden sculptures, there was nothing of real value. While some of the mob went to his house, the others went to the warehouse. It was piled up with various crates labeled as for the church or for the army. Each of them was filled with medicine, food, clothing, blankets, or other things of comfort. Upon seeing it, one member of the mob grabbed the manifesto off the wall and within seconds called for a stop to what they were doing.

According to the manifesto, all his profits and surplus was going to the war effort and to the relief organizations. Anything left after that was going to the city.

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The mob had been incited by the large guilds to cause this rebellion. KMega and his companions never returned to Sword Kingdom 2 after that incident. However, those that participated felt shame and regret in their hearts. It never became widely known that Karma Mega, named after the mythic hero, was a player and not an NPC. He quickly became a legend in-game with what he left behind though. His last wood sculpture was half finished in the fine details work of a figure of a knight standing proudly. On its base was an inscription in the language of dragons. ‘Anyone can be a hero, as long as they have the will to stand. They could be a champion on the battlefield, or a farmer in his field. As long as they stand for what they believe in to protect those that believe in them. They will always be a hero, no matter how short-lived.’

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