Chapter 316: Gifting Treasures

“Brat, tell me what happened in the few months you have been in the Death Forest. How did your strength advance so quickly in a short span of 4 months?” At the Extreme Heaven’s Peak, in Qing Xu’s residence, Cheng Yu and Qing Xu were both seated inside as Qing Xu enquired curiously.

At that time when Qing Xu got to know of Cheng Yu, he was just a Late Stage Foundation Establishment cultivator. Although Cheng Yu was to his liking, his cultivation level was just too low. When he accepted Cheng Yu as his disciple, he was still very hesitant about it.

However, the cultivation Cheng Yu practiced in was very special, causing him to be extremely interested in it. Besides, Cheng Yu’s aptitude was very good. Hence, causing Qing Xu to make such a choice.

“Heh heh! During then, I entered the Death Forest alone……” Followingly, Cheng Yu spend a period of time narrating what happened to him for the 4 months in the Death Forest. It included the grudges he had with Kunlun. Of course, this was because Cheng Yu had intentionally divulged it out. After all, Kunlun had already started sending out Initial Stage Nascent Soul Realm expert to deal with him. Perhaps, even the middle and late stage one had also been sent out. If it was so, it would become extremely troublesome. Thus, it was better for him to speak it out, hoping to devise a precaution against them.

However, Cheng Yu did not say anything regarding the 5 palaces and only said that he had found quite a number of small treasures inside. Besides, Qing Xu seemed to be not the least interested in those treasures.

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When one reaches Qing Xu’s realm, they would basically stay inside the sect to cultivate. If they needed special materials to refine their artifact, only then would they leave the mountain. Usually, they would use the materials the disciple had gotten back from their training to refine the artifacts.

Hearing the experience Cheng Yu gained during the 4 months, Qing Xu was extremely surprised by it. Unexpectedly, his disciple had actually encountered so many fortuitous encounters. It could be counted as a profit from a disaster.

“Hmph! Those people from Kunlun are becoming more and more arrogant. They even dare to kill my disciple. Cheng Yu, be at ease. As long as I’m around, Yuan Yangzi can dream of sending out those experts above Nascent Soul Realm to come to deal with you. But from their determination, I’m afraid they would be sent out the Middle and even Late Stage Nascent Soul Realm expert to come to deal with you.”

“Besides, with your current strength, it’s nigh impossible for you to deal with Late Stage Nascent Soul Realm. I think for this period of time, you can stay with the sect to cultivate! In the midst of doing so, you can also strengthen the base of your current foundation. Advancing might be good but it could be harmful once you do it too quickly. For this period of time, it’s better for you to consolidate your foundation than to think of advancing your strength.” When Qing Xu heard Kunlun people were chasing after Cheng Yu, he commented angrily.

“Thank you, teacher. However, I must tell you another matter!” Cheng Yu spoke seriously.

“What matter?”

“I came from the secular world. Therefore, I need to return back and couldn’t possibly stay here forever.” Cheng Yu replied serenely.

“What! Secular world? You are saying the mortal world outside the cultivation world?” Qing Xu was once again shocked by the news.


“Then how come you knew how to cultivate?” Although Qing Xu had never been to the secular world, he knew that the location was not suitable to cultivate. However, when he got to know of Cheng Yu, Cheng Yu was already in the Late Stage of Foundation Establishment Realm. That just showed how heavenly defying Cheng Yu was for him to cultivate to that realm at such a young age.

“Previously, I came across a cavern of an expert and obtained a portion of his legacy as well as the pills he had left behind. Therefore, I had such a cultivation level.” Cheng Yu had long prepared this explanation beforehand. Therefore, he explained it without any issue.

“So it’s like that. Seems like you are someone with lots of luck. However, if you were to leave now, it’s very easy for Kunlun people to track you down. In addition, it’s impossible for me to always stay beside you. This is truly too dangerous.” Qing Xu spoke his worries.

“I know. However, I must really return. Regardless of how dangerous it is.” Cheng Yu replied firmly.

“This…… Alright! I will inform Sect Master about this and get him to give Kunlun some pressure. They can still get their revenge but if they wish to bully the weak using the strong, we will definitely oppose it. For them to send out Nascent Soul Realm to deal with you is already very shameless of them. If they dared to send out Spirit Severing Realm and above experts, I will let them come and not be able to return!” Qing Xu pondered before speaking.

If they want, Limitless Palace could get Kunlun to stop chasing after Cheng Yu. But if they do so, others would feel that it was somewhat overboard of Limitless Palace. Thus, Qing Xu didn’t do so.

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However, Cheng Yu was his only disciple and he was getting more and more pleased with this disciple of his. Naturally, he would not let him be killed by Kunlun people.

Therefore, he would exert some pressure on Kunlun. If Kunlun wished to get their revenge, they would not stop them. Furthermore, they would even give them a chance to. But, they must not bully the weak with the strong. It was already very excessive of them to send out Nascent Soul Realm expert to kill a Golden Core Realm expert.

If they dared to send out Spirit Severing Realm expert, they would be throwing away all of their faces. If so, the Limitless Palace would not sit at the sidelines and watch such a thing happen.

Originally, Qing Xu wanted to not let them send out experts that were higher than Late Stage Nascent Soul Realm. But he knew that Cheng Yu also needed some pressure in order for him to grow. Otherwise, Cheng Yu would always make use of their Limitless Palace existence. By then, not only would he lose the motivation of advancing in strength, it would become a bad habit of his. In any case, with Limitless Palace supporting him, there was nothing he should be afraid of. And this was something that Qing Xu didn’t want to see it happen. Therefore, he must give Cheng Yu some pressure.

Besides, with Cheng Yu current strength, he should be able to fight against Nascent Soul Realm on equal terms. Even if he couldn’t defeat Middle Stage Nascent Soul Realm expert, escaping should be a problem to him.

“Thank you, teacher!” After obtaining the Qing Xu agreement, Cheng Yu was in joy. He didn’t feel discontented by Qing Xu’s intention. Both of their opinions actually aligned with each other. Cheng Yu also hoped for an opponent stronger than him. Only this way would he have more motivation.

“Right. Teacher, since we are requesting help from Sect Master, how can we head there empty-handed? I have 2 soul artifact here. 1 for teacher and 1 for Sect Master!” Cheng Yu stopped Qing Xu and took out 2 low-grade soul artifact.

“Soul artifact? Brat, seem like you have obtained quite an amount of treasures to the point that you can even gift out soul artifacts. This artifact is not useful to me, it’s better for you to keep it. However, as for your Sect Master Martial Uncle, I still needed to gift one to him.” When Qing Xu saw the soul artifacts Cheng Yu took out, he was startled. However, the soul artifacts Cheng Yu took out were all weapons. He, himself already had a soul artifact weapon. Thus, this wasn’t of any use to him.

“It’s fine, teacher. Didn’t I say that one day, I would gift you an immortal artifact? However, at present, I don’t have any immortal artifact on me. As for soul artifact, I have lots of them. You can pick one you want. There should at least be one that suits your taste.” Cheng Yu seem not to mind when a pile of soul artifact appeared before him. In that pile of artifacts, it included the middle-grade and high-grade soul artifacts.

“This……” This time, Qing Xu was not only alarmed by it, but he was also stunned. The among of soul artifact displayed in front of him was even more than what they had in their treasury! This kid couldn’t have entered a soul artifact den right? Furthermore, there were even high-grade soul artifact in them. One must know that their Limitless Palace treasury only had low-grade soul artifacts. Those middle and high-grade soul artifact were all in the hands of those elders.

“Heh heh, teacher. Pick one you like!” Cheng Yu was able to tell Qing Xu really cared for him. Thus, he wasn’t petty with his gift.

“Haha. I remembered a few months ago, you couldn’t even afford a supreme-grade treasured artifact. Now, you could even open a shop to sell soul artifacts. Alright, since it’s so. Then teacher shall no longer be courteous.” Qing Xu was extremely elated. Accepting this disciple of his was the best decision he had ever made.

“……” When Cheng Yu saw Qing Xu had chosen a high-grade defensive soul artifact, he couldn’t help but feel an unknown pain. That was a high-grade soul artifact! And he only had 3 of such artifact!

“What? Regretting your choice?” Qing Xu’s current defensive soul artifact was only a middle-grade one. Thus, this artifact he chose was what he in need of. Besides, it was a high-grade one. He was extremely pleased with it.

“Heh heh! Why would I?” Cheng Yu chuckled before continuing: ”Teacher, then should we prepare another high-grade soul artifact for Sect Master Martial uncle?”

Although he had only 2 high-grade soul artifact remaining, Cheng Yu already have a supreme-grade soul artifact, God’s Awakening on him. These high-grade soul artifacts were of no use to him.

Moreover, gifting a piece of high-grade soul artifact away was truly an ache to his heart. However, if by doing so he could gain a favorable impression from the Sect Master, it could still be counted as a worth its transaction.

“Gifting him low-grade soul artifact is certainly useless to him. This Yin Yang umbrella suits him. However, are you willing?” Being brothers with Qing Yuanzi for hundred over years, Qing Xu knew what he liked.

“Of course. In any case, it’s of no use to me.” Cheng Yu nodded.

“En. That’s good. What you did is right. You have already offended the Law enforcer Elder disciple. If you are able to gain support from the other elders, it will be beneficial for you in the future.” Qing Xu was very pleased with Cheng Yu’s action.

“Teacher, that’s to say I have to gift soul artifact to the other elders?” Cheng Yu suddenly seem to have realized this problem. If he wished to gain the support of others, he would need to give everyone some benefits. Otherwise, who would be willing to help him for no purpose?

“If you are willing, that would be the best.” Qing Xu nodded.

“Alright then. I will go and gift some presents for every elder. Oh right, I need not gift that Law Enforcer Elder right!” Knowing that he had already offended his disciple if he were to gift the elder treasures, wouldn’t it show that he was afraid of them?

“It’s your decision to make! But if everyone were to receive it except him, perhaps he might create troubles for you frequently. We are after all in the same sect and not in some deep grudges with each other. If it can save you some troubles in the future, it might be a good thing. Besides, didn’t you have Kunlun this big trouble waiting for you to deal with it? It’s better for you not to start a feud with any others.” Although Qing Xu had never once been in good relations with Qing Feng, both of them were still martial brothers. And usually, it was just because their opinions were different from each other. Thus, causing them to quarrel.

Besides, Qing Feng was known to be extremely narrow-minded. If he were to know that the other elders had gotten a gift and he didn’t receive one. He might create lots of troubles for Cheng Yu.

“Alright then. I will listen to the teacher’s advice. Gift a treasure to each of them.” Cheng Yu felt that Qing Xu’s advice was extremely favorable. The grudges he had with Qing Fengzi was nothing much. He might as well try to avoid unnecessary troubles.

“En. Then you follow me back to Wuji Peak first, personally deliver the soul artifact to the sect master. Otherwise, if you were to personally deliver the treasures to the other peak but only Wuji Peak you didn’t do so, it would be very inappropriate.” When he saw Cheng Yu was thinking of the whole picture, Qing Xu got even more pleased.

Therefore, the duo flew towards Wuji Peak!

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