Chapter 597: Heaven Slaying Squid

Clear sea water flowed through this undersea fairytale-like forest. The seaweeds swayed and fluttered slowly. Light specks glimmered in the trees.

Long Yi’s group of four entered this undersea forest and discovered that the inside and outside of this undersea forest were completely different. The flowers, plants and trees outside glittered and appeared translucent like jade stones. In addition, there emitted all kinds of lustrous and transparent lights. However, it was dim and serene inside. Only the surface layer of these towering sea trees was luminous. Upon careful examination, Long Yi was surprised to discover that the things that gave off the light emitted by these trees, flowers and plants were unexpectedly a type of very tiny organism. Hundreds of millions of these organisms gathered on the surfaces of these undersea plants.

Inside the undersea forest, water plants floated about. The rocks were slippery, and seaweed could be found everywhere. Moreover, strange roots of undersea trees protruded out of the seabed. There were also strange luminous strange fish shuttling back and forth. Occasionally, some huge sea clams would open up their huge shells, and the sparkling deep-sea pearls hidden inside would become visible. These pearls were so gorgeous and dazzling that they enthralled people. Some fish swam toward them to play upon seeing those shining lights, but these sea clams would suddenly close their huge shells, turning these fishes into their meals.

Strangely, whenever Yamei and Sijiate used their hands to caress these sea clams, they would obediently open up their huge shells. Then, these siblings would casually take away the huge sea pearl inside them.

Now, they had already walked inside this undersea forest for a period of time, but they hadn’t encountered any danger. This relieved Yamei and Sijiate. However, this kind of calmness made Long Yi uneasy. He had a feeling that a great danger lurked beneath this calmness.

Suddenly, Liuli’s little hand tightly grabbed the big hand of Long Yi, and a hint of horror flashed through her beautiful eyes.

“What happened?” Long Yi pulled Liuli into his embrace, and following her line of sight, he saw a severed and withered root of an undersea tree located beside a huge rock.

“That root is alive; its aura makes me feel fear.” Liuli stuck close to Long Yi. She was trembling lightly.

Long Yi was startled and used his spirit power, but he failed to sense any life or aura from that root.

Yamei and Sijiate also looked doubtful. Clearly, like Long Yi, they sensed nothing.

At that time, Sijiate, who feared neither Heaven nor Earth, carefully advanced toward it while holding his huge purple hammer. He then touched that withered root, turned around, and laughed. “Don’t be paranoid; isn’t it just a severed root?”

At that moment, Long Yi with his sharp eyes suddenly noticed some shards of white bone in the mud below that severed root, and a kind of ominous feeling appeared in his heart. The hair all over his body stood erect.

“Watch out, return quickly!” Long Yi shouted, and the water seal on his glabella shone as he used Eternal Icebound Magic to attack that severed root behind Sijiate.

At the same time, that severed root that didn’t seem to have any life twisted strangely and shot toward the confused Sijiate near it.

“Sijiate!” Yamei exclaimed loudly, but the Eternal Icebound Magic of Long Yi had already frozen both Sijiate and that severed withered root, changing the surroundings within ten meters of the two into blue ice crystal. Everything within that area was completely frozen.

Before Yamei even finished exclaiming, that frozen area shattered, and Long Yi had already turned into afterimages. He instantly reappeared at his original place after grabbing Sijiate.

And at that time, sharp whistles resounded from all directions, and the entire underwater forest seemed to tremble. The severed root that had attacked Sijiate by surprise had already broken into more than a dozen pieces. A green liquid slowly spread out in the seawater along with a strong smell of blood.

Long Yi carried Sijiate, Liuli and Yamei and immediately rushed to the back of a towering tree located some distance away. Then, he injected his internal force into the body of the unconscious Sijiate.

“Long Yi, nothing’s happened to Sijiate, right?” Seeing her younger brother pale look and weak breathing, the Yamei’s heart tightened, but seeing that Long Yi’s expression was calm as usual, she slightly felt assured.

“He is fine; he will wake up in a while,” Long Yi said. Just a moment ago, when he had cast Eternal Icebound Magic, he had made a slight adjustment in the water magic elements. The coldness that shrouded Sijiate was much less; therefore, the damage he had suffered from the coldness couldn’t be considered heavy. As long as Long Yi used his internal force to expel the cold qi from within his body, he would be fine.

Sure enough, after the internal force of Long Yi circulated a lap within Sijiate’s body, he opened his eyes and groaned. Then, he moved around a bit and discovered that nothing was wrong with him.

“Just a moment ago, what exactly was that? It really frightened me!” Recalling that moment, Sijiate’s heart trembled. At that time, he had smelled the aura of his own death. If it were not for Long Yi, he might have really become a corpse.

Long Yi frowned. Remembering that green blood, a divine light flashed through his mind, and he suggested, “Was it the legendary Heaven Slaying Squid? I guess that severed root was one of its tentacles.”

“I also feel that makes sense,” Liuli said. Just a moment ago, she had been the first one to notice an unusual aura around that severed root.

“Heaven Slaying Squid?” Yamei and Sijiate exclaimed in fear. After all, the mighty name of the Heaven Slaying Squid already reverberated like thunder among the Sea Race. Many elite adventurer groups had been buried in his stomach. In addition, no one knew its true appearance, and it was shrouded by a veil of terror and mystery.

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At this moment, the strange whistling sounds and vibrations stopped. A number of frightened small fishes fled the undersea forest. This undersea forest became calm again as if nothing had happened. However, Long Yi’s group of four were absolutely not relaxed. That Heaven Slaying Squid could disguise itself like that with even Long Yi being unable to detect anything, so tentacles might shoot out from anywhere.

“Let’s advance. Liuli, you pay more attention to the surroundings. Amongst us, only you can detect its aura,” Long Yi said.

“Got it, Young Master,” Liuli warmly agreed.

After this surprise attack, these four people became very alert, yet even after swimming through this undersea forest for several hours, they didn’t encounter any further danger.

The four people quickly passed through the twists and turns, stone cracks and so on in the depths of this undersea forest, hurrying to escape this treacherous place. The light within this undersea forest was getting dimmer and dimmer, and the temperature was somewhat colder. Moreover, they rarely saw any life forms.

“Young Master, something’s not quite right,” Liuli grabbed Long Yi’s hand and said with restless expression.

“Did you sense that aura again?” The pupils of Long Yi shrunk, and he tensed even as he asked. The Yamei siblings were also nervous.

Liuli shook her head and said, “No, it’s just that I have a strange feeling in my heart.”

Long Yi’s eyes shone, and he looked above through the gaps of branches and leaves. He could see several wisps of faint blue lights glittering. He believed in Liuli’s instinctual sense just like Liuli believed in him. There must be something strange about this place.

At that time, a few screams came from far away. Perhaps, because the distance was so far away, those screams were a little distorted.

“It appeared. It’s that aura!” A seven colored radiance floated in the hands of Liuli as she said in fear. It was not that she wasn’t courageous, but it was just that that aura truly made her feel too frightened.

“Let’s go and see,” Long Yi said. This undersea forest was so secretive. The psychological burden of living with an uncertain danger was too great for everyone. Since that was the case, it was better to go out and figure out the truth of the danger. Even if that was more dangerous, it was also better than their current state of extreme suspicion and fear.

Long Yi put forth the strength in his legs and shot forward like a rocket while spreading out his internal force. Wherever he passed, no matter whether it be branches or stones, all turned into a fine powder. The other three people followed behind Long Yi using the passage he opened up.

Some distance away, the four people saw a long pitch-black tentacle swaying outside of the undersea forest. They could vaguely see a humanoid figure trapped within that tentacle. There were also some other shadows rushing toward this tentacle and attacking it crazily.

Long Yi was startled in his heart by the size of this tentacle. With such a big tentacle, how big must that Heaven Slaying Squid be? Still. he didn’t think on it too much, and using Great Cosmos Shift, he disappeared.

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“Frank, hold on; you must hold on!” Karl shouted himself hoarse as he watched his good brother who had grown up with him from childhood pierced by that tentacle and gradually withering. He felt terrible pain as if his heart were being torn apart. He shot the divine arrows of the Miluo Clan at that tentacle, but this divine bow that could usually break through any defense was like a child’s toy in front of this Heaven Slaying Squid. It was basically useless.

“Ka…rl, quick…, leave quickly, take care of Xueji…” Sensing his life was running out, Frank knew that the mission of this time had utterly. Only they two remained of their team of 35 people. Now, it seemed that even he wouldn’t be able to escape with his life, so he could only hope that his good brother Karl could escape with his life.

“Xeuji is your wife. You should take care of her yourself!” Karl opened his eyes, and a few tear droplets dissipated in the sea. Nevertheless, he didn’t notice that some green sea vines had already arrived behind him without making any sounds.

Suddenly, those green sea vines coiled around the hands, legs and even the fin-shaped wings on Karl’s back like snakes. In an instant, he was completely bound and couldn’t move. The divine bow of Miluo Clan that glimmered with mysterious runes also fell from his hands.

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