Chapter 781 – Moved

Huan Qing Yan was slightly moved; she would not believe it if someone else spoke those words, but Bai Cheng Feng was a reincarnated…

He knew something about the future.

A Peerless Spirit Plant, it was something she had not gotten till this date.

It was getting harder and harder to increase the ancient bowl’s rank, it would be ideal if she could obtain a Peerless Spirit Plant.

“I will leave the moment I acquire the Corpse Flower. Do not try to stop me! Do you agree?”

Bai Cheng Feng nodded, “Okay.”

With a hurt gaze, he asked, “Little Yan, do you hate me that much? Let us put aside whatever that has happened in the past and start over again. I am now a new Bai Cheng Feng, not the same man as before.”

Huan Qing Yan turned her head and stopped looking at him.

Bai Cheng Feng released a lonely sigh and said, “Oh right. I have not told you what happened to your family, right?”

Huan Qing Yan turned back her head, her instinct was telling her that it was something bad, “What happened to my family?”

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“It is a long story. A rather powerful person went to the Huan Estate and used a Dream Skill to investigate your birth and history… Let us talk as we move.”

Huan Qing Yan calmly followed him.


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Dorna stood up while feeling dizzy, he looked up and was shocked to find a pair of huge eyes staring at him!

The pair of eyes was nearly half the size of his head, it looked at him closely with vicious eyes and was about to strike him.

Dorna jumped up in shock, then raised the twin hammers in his hand and took a smashed at it.

He specially selected the pair of Purple Gold Grade Hammers in his hands before he came here, they might not look big, but they weighed over five hundred kilos!

The Gnomes often prefer such weapons; though they may be slightly heavy, they never felt that their strength was lower than humans.

A huge bang was released when the twin hammers struck the huge beast’s head.

The huge beast stopped in its tracks and shook its head.

Dorna managed to find out that the huge beast looked like a hippopotamus and from the fangs on it, it certainly was not a herbivore.

The huge beast released a huge roar and charged at Dorna.

As the huge beast closed in Dorna quickly placed his twin hammers in front of him, while summoning a transforming shield to wrap him up.

“Thud”, the next instant, Dorna flew several meters and he felt a dull pain on his chest.

If not for the shield, his injuries would not be this light.

He cannot win!

Dorna immediately came to this conclusion so he stood up, turned around and ran.

The huge beast roared again and gave chase.

Dorna was a short person with short legs, certainly, he will never be able to outrun that huge beast. However, he was still agile enough to avoid the fangs of the beast whenever it took a bite at him. Whenever he evaded, he would take a quick turn and increase the distance between him and the huge beast.

The person and beast ran further and further away.


Bai Li Zi Xi heard a commotion and opened her eyes; she then saw that she was surrounded by a large group of demons, several dozens of them. It was fine as their cultivation level varies and were on average not high.

Just that, their leader, was a Chimpanzee Demon that was a Late-Stage Demon Great General!

She seemed to have been transported to the middle of a demon’s nest!

If its cultivation level was similar, she could still fight it out. However, not only was her cultivation weaker than the Chimpanzee, but she was also unable to focus as a portion of her attention was used to suppress the poison on her arm. She was unable to release her full power.

Since she was unable to win, what method could she use to escape?

Bai Li Zi Xi was very calm as she considered the methods to escape. However, the Chimpanzee sized her up for a moment before it suddenly spoke loudly.

“Heh heh, what a nice slender chick! The waist might be too thin and the ass might be too small, but it is barely enough to be this Great General’s nineteenth wife. Boys, what do you think?”

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