Chapter 782 – Brother?

“Black Great General says she’s good, then it is naturally good. Her body might be on the thin side, but she looked tender enough to be able to match Black Great General!”

“Naturally, as Great General’s eye it is without a doubt, she is certainly good!”


Bai Li Zi Xi was so angry that she nearly forgot to breathe.

This demon was black from top to bottom and with a huge nose that two huge candles could be stuffed into. It was exceptionally ugly, yet it dared to be shameless and wanted to take her as its wife!

When people like her, she would secretly feel good about it. However, this demon in front of her only made her feel utterly disgusted.

Bai Li Zi Xi was unwilling to utter a single word as she was afraid she would vomit the next moment if she did. She took out a bundle of talismans with a flick of her hand.

These were a bundle of offensive talisman that she had accumulated after some difficulties; she needed to create an opportunity to escape, therefore she has to use them even if she did not want to.

Ice arrows, fireballs, and various spells suddenly rained down from the sky, causing the demons to quickly retreat.

Bai Li Zi Xi used the chance to leap on top of her Luan Bird and they flew away.

When she flew out of the encirclement of the demons, Bai Li Zi Xi was silently very happy. At that moment, a strong wind pressure came at her from below.

The Luan Bird cried out and shifted its body to evade.

There was a dark shadow hidden within the wind pressure. With a loud crack, it redirected itself and wrapped around it!

When Bai Li Zi Xi finally managed to see what it was, it was found to be a whip!

Before she could react, the Chimpanzee below roared angrily and pulled the Luan Bird downwards!

Bai Li Zi Xi’s heart sunk as well.

The Luan Bird did its best to control itself, preventing both of them from falling straight down.

After landing, Bai Li Zi Xi ignored the clash between the Luan Bird and Chimpanzee as she turned and ran.

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After a while, Bai Li Zi Xi took out a conical item with a pained expression.

This was the most precious treasure she was bestowed with when she became the Saintess.

It was personally created by a King Spirit Master when used, this item would create an attack that was equivalent to a King Spirit Master.

Unfortunately, this was also a one-time use item.

Luan Bird released a miserable cry, she should not hesitate any longer. She threw the cone before turning around and ran.

The Cone Dart was strong, but the Chimpanzee was not weak as well. It was likely it would only be injured by it, and even if delayed for a short period, she still needed to escape away from here.

A huge explosion appeared behind her, the Cone Dart exploded and she heard the roar of the Chimpanzee; it seemed like it had gotten injured.

However, a second roar came only a short while later; it was chasing her again!


Bai Li Zi Xi only knew that she had to keep running…

It was unknown how long it has been when she could no longer endure it any longer, and she fell onto a patch of grass.

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Next, she felt a shadow covering her head; Bai Li Zi Xi knew that the Demon Great General has reached her. Just as she was about to fight it with all she had, she was prepared to attack.

A gentle voice suddenly came, “Little Xi? Who hurt you?”

The voice was charming and warm, filled with deep love.

“Brother Ye Jun?” Bai Li Zi Xi was suspecting if her eyes were playing tricks on her.

“It’s me, Little Xi…” the man tenderly helped Bai Li Zi Xi up like he did when they were young, he was also wearing that expression of gentle melancholy.

Bai Li Zi Xi had been the focus of the Bai Li Clan since she was young, however, she was still an orphan without any relatives. During those times when she was lonely, it was always this clan elder brother who had accompanied her and took care of her without fail…

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