Chapter 783 – Rest Assured

It could be said that he was the closest person to Bai Li Zi Xi within the Bai Li Clan.

When Bai Li Zi Xi confirmed that it was him, she sighed in relief and revealed a sincere and relaxed smile like a child, “I did not see Brother during the hidden realm selection, I thought Brother was unable to come…”

“I was traveling outside and heard the news late, I only managed to arrive just before the hidden realm closed and luckily, entered. You might not have seen me, but I knew you had entered.”

“That’s great Brother Ye Jun!” Bai Li Zi Xi weakly replied.

“Little Xi, don’t be afraid. With me around, no one can bully you.” The man gently helped her up.

“I know. I am now injured and required rest. I might need to find a safe place to recover.”

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“Okay, just go ahead and rest. I have found many things at the Wood Layer, I will give all of them to Little Xi.”

“Thank you, Brother Ye Jun, there are many demons in this Layer so please be careful.” Bai Li Zi Xi rested within his arms like when they were young, gentle and calming.

She experienced nightmares many times in the past, each time he would always use his soft and gentle words to calm her.

When he was young, he was not valued as he was not from the main branch family while possessing a stubborn and introvert personality. Being neighbors with Zi Xi at that time and as children who have no parents, they could empathize with each other.

The most talented person in the Bai Li Clan was not her, Bai Li Zi Xi, but Bai Li Ye Jun.

If he was willing, he could have become a King Spirit Master long ago. However, he was unwilling. Because, the moment he became a King Spirit Master, he would not be able to travel and visit her whenever he wanted…

“Little Xi, be rest assured.”

Bai Li Zi Xi slept with an eased mind.


Over a dozen demons also surrounded Ji Mo Ya. They were all at least Demon Generals, with two of them being Demon Great Generals!

But the outcome was completely different.

Moments into the battle, the Snake Demon Great General was crushed by the White Dragon while the Leopard Demon Great General was pinned to the ground by the Cosmos Brush and died.

The remaining Demon Generals were either chased away or killed by the White Dragon.


Ji Mo Ya frowned, how come there were so many demons in the Earth Layer?

He remembered Mo San’s Spirit Crane Message which mentioned that the Blood Moon had also appeared on the Demon Lands……

Based on the timing, it seemed like the Blood Moon appeared there earlier!

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What exactly happened? The Blood Moon Hidden Realm, something brewing at the Turning Wheel Platform…

He felt that something will be happening, many things have become impossible to unravel.

However, he was currently most worried about Huan Qing Yan’s safety. Even if she has Dual Spirit Treasures, it will not be enough to handle a Demon Great General. This was also not the Water Layer and so the Flood Dragon Girl will not be summoned as well.

The most important thing right now would be to locate Huan Qing Yan first.


Huan Qing Yan followed Bai Cheng Feng and traveled through the endless grassland for nearly three days. Only when they arrived at a place with strange stone steles did they finally stop.

Along the way, they encountered several demon beasts, but they managed to avoid them thanks to the skills of Bai Cheng Feng.

They saw many human corpses as well, they were all bitten to a terrible state with all their hearts being dug out. Eating the heart meant eating the Spirit Treasure.

When night came, the two of them would stop traveling. Bai Cheng Feng would then dig out a huge hole that was large enough for both to rest in it.

Many ferocious demons like to roam and hunt at night, therefore traveling at night was not suitable.

Bai Cheng Feng was also exceptionally alert during the night.

His eyes would turn lively and often emit a glow or shine. Huan Qing Yan thought that he was practicing some strange skill and did not think too much of it.

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