Chapter 598: The prince of Miluo Clan

This sea vine was unusually tough. No matter how Karl struggled, it was useless. On the contrary, it tightened and tightened with every passing second, and his entire body began to become stiff and numb.

Just when Karl had given up all hope in despair, he felt a light flash past him. Then the sea vine tied around him loosened. As his body began to regain its freedom, he saw a strange man with a warm smile in front of him.

“Catch your bow; I will go save your companion.” Long Yi tossed that bow with its mysterious energy toward Karl. Then holding a sword, he circulated his internal force to condense some sharp sword qi to slash at that long tentacle.

“Oh!” The huge energy slash cut apart the seawater and ferociously cut the tentacle coiled around Frank.

Along with a wail, this tentacle suddenly shrunk, and Frank was freed from this tentacle that had been absorbing his essence blood. He was caught by Karl who waited at one side. From the deep wound Long Yi had cut on the tentacle of the Heaven Slaying Squid, green blood sprayed out like a fountain.

At that time, Liuli and the Yamei siblings had arrived and just happened to encounter the Heaven Slaying Squid that had gone mad due to the pain that it hadn’t felt in a long time. Now, the tentacle that had received a serious injury from Long Yi madly thrashed; moreover, countless flesh thorns emerged everywhere on that tentacle before shooting out in all directions.

When Long Yi had attacked, he had already expected a counterattack of some sort. He moved rapidly. He carried both Frank and Karl and rushed toward the lower parts of this undersea forest. At the same time, he combined his spirit power and internal force to form a defensive barrier.

Withstanding several flesh thorns flying toward him, Long Yi retreated into a pile of boulders along with Karl and Frank. He then only heard continuous rumbling sounds as wood chips and stone pebbles rebounded all over. Now, the undersea forest was a big mess.

At that time, Karl, who had just breathed a sigh of relief, wanted to carefully size up his benefactor, when, to his surprise, Long Yi grabbed him and sidestepped quickly. Karl only saw a shadow brush past him, and then the boulder where they had hidden just a moment ago was smashed into pieces by a black tentacle.

“F**k!” Long Yi cursed. Then, he tossed these two people to one side and rushed toward that black tentacle from a peculiar angle.

“Whirlwind Interlink Slash!” Long Yi shouted loudly. The huge sword in his hand became ten thousand sword phantoms that sliced toward that huge tentacle with dazzling cyan light.

Although this move, Whirlwind Interlink Slash, was the sword move created by Long Yi when he had just begun to study the fusion of magic and douqi, it was now completely different from the past. The fusion of magic and douqi, then the fusion of different attributed magic, and finally the fusion of magic, internal force and spirit power, Long Yi had already progressed further then his initial explorations. In addition, with his current strength, the might of this move was simply incomparable to the past.

People only saw those cyan swords swarm that tentacle.

Although that tentacle was tough and tensile, it was unable to withstand the continuous attacks of Long Yi and was completely severed into two pieces. Green blood dyed the nearby seawater green.

That sharp and ear-piercing whistling sound resounded once more and the remaining piece of tentacle withdrew into the seabed mud before disappearing without a trace.

This series of matters seemed long when describing them, but in fact, they happened in just an instant. Liuli and the Yamei sibling who had just successfully dodged those flesh thorns rushed over.

“Young Master, are you alright?” Liuli swam over and asked with concern.

“Don’t worry; you still don’t know the abilities of your Young Master?” Long Yi smiled and rubbed the beautiful golden hair of Liuli.

But, Long Yi didn’t have much time to boast while wearing his smile, and his smile suddenly stiffened. Then, he immediately activated the barrier that triggered upon touch to surround everyone. Dense and dark tentacles appeared everywhere in this undersea forest and shot toward them as fast as lightning.

Bang, bang, bang… Along with several collision sounds, the barrier swayed. Unexpectedly, it was already about to break. Moreover, in the midst of these dense and dark tentacles, a towering and very long giant tentacle roughly 100 meters thick appeared. Compared to this giant tentacle, that tentacle cut off by Long Yi simply paled in insignificance. Long Yi inwardly clicked his tongue, and his heart tightened a little. This Heaven Slaying Squid, what kind of sea monster was it? Just a tentacle was already so big… then how big was its body? Could it be that it could collapse a mountain with its body alone? How long had it taken to grow so big?

The remaining people also turned pale as their lips trembled. Even inside the barrier, they were unable to breathe easily under that powerful pressure.

Long Yi licked his lips, and a hint of excitement flashed through his eyes. He then somewhat worriedly observed those people beside him. His AoTianJue had already reached the seventh layer, and his spirit power and magic power had also already reached the peak state, so if he wanted to take a step further, then normal cultivation was useless. Only an actual battle could make him breakthrough again, but he was unfortunately already almost invincible in Blue Waves Continent. Now, however, just this bit of the Heaven Slaying Squid’s power made him feel a pressure that he had never felt before, and at the same time, it also made his blood seethe in excitement. If he were alone, then even if he were unable to defeat it, he was confident that he could escape alive, but now, he had to give some consideration to the safety of those around him.

Long Yi thought for a bit. This Heaven Slaying Squid usually stayed here. In any case, it would not leave this place. Thus, he should first take his group away from here and return to safety. He would still have a chance to fight against it in the future.

“Yamei, release those Rainbow Jellyfishes. Let’s see whether or not they are effective,” Long Yi calmed down and said. The poison of the Rainbow Jellyfish was so poisonous that even the Heaven Slaying Squid presumably has some misgivings about it. If they didn’t work, then he just needed to go all out.

Yamei agreed and relaxed a little upon seeing that Long Yi was calm. She took out the space bottle and released the seal. Those twelve Rainbow Jellyfishes instantly appeared in front of her, and Long Yi quickly used his spirit power to control the limits of their movements.

Sure enough, those dense and dark tentacles surrounding everyone retreated as if they had encountered something truly frightening. Even that giant tentacle was no exception. It seemed the saying that everything has its own nemesis was really true. These tiny Rainbow Jellyfishes could make this huge Heaven Slaying Squid feel dread.

Everyone was relieved, and Long Yi retracted the barrier, making the aura of these Rainbow Jellyfishes denser.

Those disgusting tentacles that had sprung out from everywhere of this undersea forest swayed. They seemed to hesitate for a while, but in the next moment, they hid and disappeared within the seabed. Then, the surging seawater also slowly restored itself to its original calmness.

Long Yi didn’t dare to relax his guard. He continued using his spirit power to control those Rainbow Jellyfishes. He didn’t intend to put away these Rainbow Jellyfishes before crossing this undersea forest.

“Frank, quickly wake up. Don’t sleep; we are going home…” Karl shook his good brother resting in his arms and called out while choking with sobs.

Long Yi squatted down and examined Frank. Then, facing the hopeful look of Karl, he inwardly sighed and shook his head. The essence blood of this Frank had been nearly exhausted; moreover, his internal organs had long since ceased working. If it were not for him forcibly holding onto his last breath, he might have already died long ago.

Seeing that even this mysterious benefactor had no way to save his good brother, Karl sadly watched his good brother in his arms.

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At that time, Frank slowly opened his hazy eyes, and with his outer milky white eyelids hanging down, he said in his weak voice, “Karl… promise… promise me. Take care… take care of Xueji for your lifetime.”

 “Bastard, Bastard. Frank, you bastard! Xueji is your fiancée! You cannot let her down. I will definitely think of a way to save you.” Karl choked with sobs, and his face twisted in pain.

“Actually… I-I always knew… the person Xueji likes is you, but… but I selfishly… pretended to not notice… I… I don’t deserve to be your brother.” Frank was somewhat agitated and trembled.

Karl was startled and muttered, “It’s me that was bad. I knew perfectly well that Xueji and you were engaged, but I still started to like her. It’s me who doesn’t deserve to be your brother.”

“Promise… promise me, as my brother, promise me, take… take care of Xueji for a lifetime.” Frank suddenly grabbed the hands of Karl, and his eyes shone for a moment. Even his words went smoothly.

Long Yi and Liuli looked at each other and sighed. Frank was already dying; he couldn’t hold on for long.

Karl silently nodded his head while tears flowed down his cheeks. How could he not know that Frank had already reached the end of his life?

“Good… good brother, thank…” Before he could speak his final word of gratitude, Frank weakly fell in the bosom of Karl wearing a faint smile.

Sijiate walked forward, wanting to console Karl, but Long Yi pulled him away and said in a low voice, “Don’t disturb him. Let him calm down. We will rest over there for a bit.”

Long Yi’s group of four walked to one side and sadly observed Karl who was petrified like a statue while holding Frank. This was the first time they had carefully sized up this person of the Sea Race. His entire body was dark green in color. He wore a suit of brown armor. His head was oval-shaped and without hair. His facial features were similar to that of a human, but he had a milky white layer as an eyelid. He had eight legs with webbed toes. Long Yi wondered what race he was.

“They belong to the Miluo Clan. They are good at forging weapons and have a large army. They are very powerful among the Sea Race. This Karl is the prince of the Miluo Clan. The bow in his hand is the divine bow passed down in the Miluo Clan. The Miluo Adventure Group he created is very famous,” Yamei explained as if she saw through the thoughts of Long Yi.

Another prince? Long Yi’s eyebrows shot up. First, he had met the prince and princess of Clam Clan. Now, he again met a prince of the Miluo Clan. It seemed that the princes and princesses of the Sea Race were not particularly valuable. (*Editor’s note: Or you have tons of plot armor*)

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But, Yamei had said that the Miluo Clan had a large army, so this prince was worth making friends with. Perhaps, he might even be able to help them at a critical moment.

Long Yi narrowed his eyes, and an indescribable look appeared on his face. Then he exhaled, giving rise to a series of air bubbles.

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