Chapter 599: Heaven-Sent Fortune

The undersea was one world, above the sea, however, was another world.

Without warfare, the above formed a perfect system. New states emerged everywhere and thrived. The state apparatus also operated vigorously. Each department had its own duty, and productivity was restored at an unprecedented speed.

The news that the Dragon Race Convention was about to be held in the Soaring Dragon City of Blue Waves Continent was well known by everyone, becoming the largest discussion topic among people during their leisure time. It seemed that all the races of the entire continent were seething with excitement about this reason.

Everyone knew how profound the significance of selecting Blue Waves Continent as the place to hold the Dragon Race Convention was. This was the beginning of the Dragon Race living together with the various other major races. Their power was widely known, but living in seclusion for millions of years had turned the Dragon Race into a legend; in addition, it had also made the Dragon Race have a completely different system from the system found on the Blue Waves Continent. Now, since the Dragon Race was returning to the continent and becoming a part of their world system, how could this not cause a sensation?

The unification of the entire continent, the return of the Dragon Race, the creation of the transfer magic array, all of this was because of the Ximen Clan. In addition, because of the presence of the current Crown Prince Ximen Yu, the prestige of the Ximen Clan that had just become the imperial clan had already reached the pinnacle. Their status of the Ximen Imperial Clan was further consolidated by the thrilling news about the Dragon Race.

Now, if someone asked who was the person most admired by the youths of all the races on Blue Waves Continent, all would answer Ximen Yu. Due to his upgrade from being a very famous profligate son to reaching his current peak status in addition to his powerful army, trustworthy brothers, and most beautiful beauties around him, he represented a legend full of dreams.

Thereupon, that white silk gown, uninhibited black hair and lazy smile became extraordinarily popular. Even people of the Beastmen Race with their long hair all over their bodies could be seen wearing this kind of attire, making people involuntarily smile. Nevertheless, no one dissuaded them. After all, imitating one’s idol was normal.

In the fairyland-like Elven Forest, Dongfang Wan along with her numerous daughters-in-law was chatting happily and strolling in the company of the Elf Queen mother and daughter. Behind them, Nika along with her squad of elven guards followed.

The environment of the Elven Forest was truly too beautiful. The fresh air, gurgling spring, splashing waterfall, and strange flowers and plants made Dongfang Wan and others enjoy it so much that they forgot to go home.

“Truly a paradise in the human world. If it were not for the urging of that husband of mine, I would truly hate to leave this place,” Dongfang Wan said with a smile.

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“Empress is always welcome in the Elven Forest. It is not a problem even if you live here for a lifetime,” Elf Queen softly smiled and said. The Elf Queen and Dongfang Wan truly looked like sisters. They had the same kind of bearing; merely, Dongfang Wan looked a bit more cordial while Elf Queen looked a bit more elegant.

“Now that we all are one family, why are you still treating me as an outsider? Hereafter, how about addressing each other as sisters?” Dongfang Wan grumbled a little.

Elf Queen was startled, and Long Yi’s face with that bad smile involuntarily appeared in her mind. She was already regarded as his mother-in-law, and now, she was going to become sisters with his mother. Then in the future…

Thinking this, Elf Queen was startled, and she hastily tossed those terrifying thoughts out of her mind. Could it be that she truly had some feelings for that little bastard?

“Okay, I am older than you in age, so you can address me as big sister, and I will address you as younger sister. What do you think?” Elf Queen asked with a smile.

“Big sister calling me younger sister is naturally fine.” Dongfang Wan smiled and held the hand of the Elf Queen.

If Long Yi learned that his mother was calling Elf Queen big sister, then one could only wonder if he would become extremely depressed. However, he might not be. He already didn’t care that Elf Queen was the mother of Luxiya, let alone just addressing her as an aunt.

Dongfang Wan and Elf Queen chatted joyously like that, but the great beauties beside them were even livelier. Now, delicate fragrance along with crisp laughter spread throughout the Elven Forest. Only Long Yi was blessed to enjoy this kind of scenery.

“Quickly, come and look at what fruit I picked. It’s red and beautiful.” Murong Shuyu announced while holding two red fruits in her hands.

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“It’s the Jadeite Fruit unique to our Elven Forest. Only when it turns emerald green in color, is it considered ripe. Now, although this fruit can still be eaten, it is very sour,” Luxiya said with a smile.

“Sour? Let me try it.” Nangong Xiangyun who was wearing a blue skin-tight silk skirt took one Jadeite Fruit, and taking a small bite, she chewed it. Then taking another bite, she said, “It’s not so sour; it’s tasty.”

Luxiya and the group of elven guards behind looked at Nangong XIangyun in great surprise. Something was wrong, the red Jadeite Fruit was supposedly very sour.

“I will also try some.” Murong Shuyu also took a bit after seeing Nangong Xiangyun eating this fruit.

“Ah, sour, so sour! My teeth are falling off! I am dying, big sister Xiangyun, you liar!” Immediately after taking a bite, Murong Xiangyun screamed.

“No, I truly think it is pretty good,” Nangong Xiangyun shook the Jadeite Fruit in her hand and said.

“Can it be that this one is tastier?” At one side, Long Ling’er pointed at the half-eaten Jadeite Fruit in Nangong Xiangyun’s hand and said while crumpling her face sourly like Murong Shuyu.

“Xiangyun, I have noticed that you like to eat sour things in these past few days, and last night, I heard you retching. Are you pregnant?” Leng Youyou smiled and asked.

All the women looked at Nangong Xiangyun at the same time. All of them looked excited. Here, other than Qing Wu, Piao Xue and Ximen Wuhen who still didn’t count as Long Yi’s women, all others were the women of Long Yi. All of them were looking forward to bearing the child of Long Yi. Even if that child was not their own flesh and blood, that child would still be the first bloodline of Long Yi.

Nangong Xiangyun looked at the Jadeite Fruit in her hand in a daze. Thinking about it, her physiological period had already been delayed for several days. Her heart involuntarily trembled. Could it be that she truly was pregnant with Long Yi’s child?

At this moment, Dongfang Wan and Elf Queen who were walking in the front heard the commotion and turned back.

Then, Elf Queen used her power of nature to scan Nangong Xiangyun, and sure enough, she sensed a small life in her belly.

“Congratulations, Xiangyun! You are going to be a mother,” Elf Queen said with a smile.

After she spoke, it became completely silent for a few seconds as if this news was too pleasant to absorb.

“Ah!” All women screamed in excitement and congratulated Nangong Xinagyun. In any case, the child in her belly was also their child.

Nangong Xiangyun was so overwhelmed that she was at a loss. Only God knew how much she had longed for this child, and now that her wish was fulfilled, it felt like she was dreaming.

But, the one person who was even more excited that Nangong Xiangyun was Dongfang Wan. She was finally going to have a grandchild, and the Imperial Clan would finally have someone to act as an inheritor. This was the greatest happy event possible.

Nangong Xiangyun immediately became like the most treasured and protected animal. Everyone stood around her. It truly was like they feared she would melt if placed in their mouths and fall if placed on their hands.

This news was immediately sent out from the Elven Forest, and within a day, this news had reached the ears of Ximen Nu who had been occupied by the preparations for the Dragon Race Convention. He had immediately been so delighted that he had laughed heartily, and his beard had trembled in excitement.

When Ximen Nu told this news to his father Ximen Kuang, Ximen Kuang instantly become anxious and roared, “What are you doing here? Still not going to bring back my treasured granddaughter-in-law! If my great-grandchild loses even half of a hair, I will beat your butt until it is mushy.”

Ximen Nu sweated profusely. In front of his father, he didn’t have any of the prestige of an Emperor. Thinking about it, when he was young, his butt had suffered many beatings to such an extent that there was still a shadow in his heart.


Long Yi and his group gathered together, and with a strong barrier around them, they swam above this undersea forest. In the beginning, they had advanced forward without any obstructions, but who would have thought that that Heaven Slaying Squid was so cunning? It had turned the innumerable green seaweeds into a big dense net and attacked with earth-shaking momentum. If this continued, Long Yi and the others would also possibly collapse due to exhaustion.

At this time, Long Yi made a prompt decision and chose to advance through the undersea forest. Although they could still suffer a surprise attack by some strange undersea plants, they were much more relaxed.

Along the way, via the mouth of the surviving prince of Miluo Clan, they learned that the Miluo Adventure Group had received a dangerous mission from the patriarch of the Shark Clan. It was to obtain the blood and bones of an adult bloodthirsty whale and also to look for a Ninth Nether Spirit Tablet lost in the undersea during the War of Demons and Gods. His reward had made Karl unable to refuse this mission. Once this mission was completed, Shark Clan would give him the invaluable sea mine located on the southeastern part of Undersea City as a reward. However, the even more important part was that the patriarch of the Shark Clan had promised to use the treasure of the Shark Clan, Dark Pearl, to save his cursed younger sister.

Karl had been unable to withstand his desires. He had undertaken this dangerous mission, and after losing over 20 brothers in a fight with a bloodthirsty whale, that ferocious sea monster, they had finally killed an adult bloodthirsty whale and successfully obtained its blood and bones. However, after coming to this undersea forest that belonged to the Heaven Slaying Squid, only he alone had survived.

Long Yi showed deep sympathy for the experience of Karl, but as an adventurer group leader, he should have already been aware of the principle that the gains were directly proportional to the risks. Like this adventure group, members of many mercenary groups of Blue Waves Continent were either killed or injured in order to complete a mission. Everything was just for self-interest. In the past, in that mission of the Lightning God, many first-rate mercenary groups had been destroyed.

“Look, there is a big cave there,” Sijiate suddenly shouted while pointing at the left-front side.

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