Chapter 38 – Fortune Boat University

“All of you are not even able to take care of yourselves, yet you still want to be involved with others?”

Yang Tian knew that this was definitely not Guan Qing Xue’s idea alone, Hu Jun and the rest was surely part of it as well. Just that Guan Qing Xue has better chances with Yang Tian, that was why she tried talking to Yang Tian.

“No, even if you are not going with together with me, I still return alone.”

Guan Qing Xue’s tone was rather harsh.

Her grandfather was the principal of the school and was also residing in the student condominiums, so her grandfather must be trapped in the school after the Apocalypse. Now that she finally got the chance to return there, Guan Qing Xue was unwilling to let go of it.

Of course, Yang Tian did not know any of these.

Guan Qing Xue did not mention anything about her life before the Apocalypse to Yang Tian, he only knew the Dark Assassin Guan Qing Xue.

Hu Jun used the opportunity to inform Yang Tian regarding Guan Qing Xue’s Grandfather; Yang Tian was startled for a moment as it was also the first time he heard about Guan Qing Xue’s family.

Yang Tian was also reminded of his adoptive father, Yang Ran, who should be currently at Y City which was far away from here. Yang Tian grew up in an orphanage and was adopted by Yang Ran, who had suffered many difficulties to raise Yang Tian into an adult.

However, in his previous life, Yang Ran sacrificed himself for the sake of saving Yang Tian. Yang Ran had not been killed by an Otherworld Creature or a Mutated Beast but he died as an experimental subject of an Evil Alchemist.

Yang Ran’s sacrifice had thus turned into a pain that forever follows Yang Tian. The moment Yang Tian became a Legendary Beast Tamer, the first thing he did was to capture that Evil Alchemist alive. Even when the Evil Alchemist had many powerful people beside him, those people were still unable to stop Yang Tian’s Tamed Beasts.

After capturing the Evil Alchemist, Yang Tian used all the torturing methods he could find on him. Finally torturing him to death.

It was also due to this reason that Yang Tian had developed a strange hobby, any human beings or creatures captured by Yang Tian would find death to be a luxury for them.

“But you cannot act officiously.”


Guan Qing Xue did not even think about it and agreed, and it made Yang Tian start to suspect the truthfulness of Guan Qing Xue’s promise.

“What is it, didn’t I promise you already?”

Yang Tian stared at Guan Qing Xue, causing the latter to feel ill at ease.

“Okay, let us prepare to go.”

Before they set off, Hu Jun and the rest swept through the supermart once, bringing all the food they could carry. Those that they were unable to bring with them were hidden in a secluded corner of the supermart.

“Eat more.”

“Eat more now, you will not know when you will get the chance like this again.”

Everyone filled both their bags and stomachs with food.

Fortune Boat University, it was a famous school within F City. People who could study in this place were either the children of officials or wealthy families. Of course, some students got a spot due to their excellent grades as well.

Along the way to Fortune Boat University, they encountered five waves of attacks, one of them came from a large number of zombies.

Guan Qing Xue looked anxiously towards a direction; the denser the attacks, the more it caused her to worry about her grandfather’s safety.

In his previous life, Fortune Boat University produced a Sky Hegemon Blade Saint, a Legendary Rank Martialist. This person became one of Yang Tian’s arch enemies during the late phase of the Post-Apocalyptic Era and often went against Yang Tian.

However, after the Sky Hegemon Blade Saint became the city lord of the Thirty-Six Paradise City, he rarely appeared in front of Yang Tian.

The Thirty-Six Paradise City was also one of the Twenty-Three Palaces and possessed the strongest offensive power amongst the Twenty-Three Palaces.

Yang Tian wanted to find out what the Sky Hegemon Blade Saint looked like before he matured and if possible, Yang Tian would want to kill the Sky Hegemon Blade Saint when he was still in the cradle.

The Sky Hegemon Blade Saint always wore an iron mask, which was why no one knew his real name or had even seen his face before. The only person who might have seen the Sky Hegemon Blade Saint’s appearance would be the previous city lord of Thirty-Six Paradise City.

“Here is it, we are here!”

Fortune Boat University covers an area of over twenty thousand square meters, within the school were man-made rivers, man-made forests and several majestic looking buildings. However, most of the structures have been destroyed or damaged.

Currently on the ground were several Red Carapace Beetles and Mantis Beetles feasting on some humanoid corpses, it was unknown if the bodies belonged to zombies or humans.

However, from what remained of the clothes on the corpses, they were likely the security personnel of Fortune Boat University.

When Yang Tian and his group stepped into Fortune Boat University, the insects all stopped eating and turned to look at Yang Tian’s group.

They were all only Rank 1 Insects so Yang Tian does not need to personally act, just Hu Jun and the rest would be enough to handle them.

“Spilt up the energy crystals amongst yourselves!”

Yang Tian was not too bothered by them and headed towards the School’s Student Condominiums with Guan Qing Xue.

The Apocalypse descended at midnight, the lecture buildings should not have any students as all of them should be in the Student Condominiums.


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Guan Qing Xue covered her mouth and looked in front of her with fear, there were too much blood stains covering the Student Condominiums. Especially the bodies on the floor; none of them were intact, and Guan Qing Xue was afraid to see anything related to her grandfather in this place.

“There are still many people within the building, let us go in and check.”


Fortune Boat University did not only have one condominium, there were many others but this condominium was where Guan Qing Xue’s grandfather was residing at.

This was a condominium for males, as Yang Tian climbed up the building, he saw many horrible sights within the rooms.

Fortunately, the higher they climbed, the horrible sights got lesser.

“Why is there no one?”

Guan Qing Xue arrived at her grandfather’s place but she could not see her grandfather. However, she was also glad to find that there were no traces of fighting within this place as well.

“He might have gone to the higher floors, let us continue to look.”

The entire building has twenty-five floors and they were only on the twenty-first.

“There are people inside, let us go check.”

When they reached the twenty-fourth floor, Yang Tian heard some faint sounds of conversations from within the equipment room.

The metal door of the equipment room was tightly locked, Guan Qing Xue tried knocking on the door,


“Is it Li Fei and the rest?”

“The monsters do not know how to knock the door, it should be them.”

Yang Tian and Guan Qing Xue did not speak, they waited for the metal door to open.


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The metal door slowly opened revealing a dense group of people inside, most of them were students with a mix of teachers and school management.

“Who are you?”

The male student who opened the door was shocked at the unexpected guests.

However, Guan Qing Xue did not care about what they think, she only pushed the door opened and entered the equipment room.

“Little Xue, Grandpa is here.”

A white hair elder shouted out from the group when he saw Guan Qing Xue, one can see that he did not hold a high status within this group of people, and the white shirt he was wearing had also turned yellow.

There was even a shoe mark on his pants.

Guan Qing Xue ran to her grandfather’s side, Yang Tian also entered the room.

“So it is Teacher Guan!”

Some students within the crowd recognized Guan Qing Xue and the gazes that landed on her no longer possessed any respect, instead those gazes contained traces of evil intentions.

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