Chapter 37 – The Terror Of A Carnivore

“Tell me what happened.”

The fight that erupted within the supermart was between them.

The four of them including Hu Jun had fought against Xu Dafu alone, Xu Dafu was in a disadvantageous situation against four of them and was currently covered in bruises and injuries.

Guan Qing Xue and Zhu Xiao Ruo did not stop them from fighting between themselves as well.

Yang Tian got Guan Qing Xue to explain to him what had happened when he was not here.

Yang Tian had long expected them to have clashes but he was curious what was the cause which started it.

“This is what happened…”

After Yang Tian left, Hu Jun and the rest attacked the thugs in anger when they found out what the thugs had done. Hu Jun and the rest have killed insects, mutated beasts, but they have never killed a person before. The thugs thus sustained substantial injuries, but they were not killed.

The female student that was rescued by Hu Jun and the rest managed to slowly recover thanks to Guan Qing Xue’s Sacred Heal. As for the other women who had been raped, Hu Jun and the rest have covered them with jackets.

Guan Qing Xue’s Sacred Heal was very demanding on her stamina and she was unable to cast it continuously. Therefore, she only managed to save the female student.

After the female student woke up and understood what happened to her, she wanted to kill the thugs but was stopped by Hu Jun and the rest; they were unwilling to see a female student turn into a murderer.

The female student could be considered a beauty, causing Xu Dafu’s gaze to possess some perverse intentions when he looked at her. The female student was aware of Xu Dafu’s gaze so she made a deal with him. An opportunity to obtain her body by having those thugs killed.

Xu Dafu immediately agreed without giving it a thought, the female student had successfully achieved her goal as well. However, it was also inevitable that the incident would be discovered by the rest.

Next, Yang Tian returned and saw them fighting.

“Boss, this Xu Dafu is really not a good thing.” Zhu Xiao Ruo said with disgust. Previously, it might only be a small sense of dislike, but now it was a sense of deep loathing for him.

“Murder? It is only the death of some people who deserve it, this is the reason for your conflict?”

“Are all of you still treating it as though we are in the Civilised Era? It is only a matter of time before you start killing someone in the Post-Apocalyptic Era. It is better for you guys to wake up early.”

“I was unable to see clearly how you guys fought. Do it one more time; if anyone of you overdoes it, I will kill you first.”

Yang Tian created a space for them. Guan Qing Xue and Zhu Xiao Ruo had not acted earlier on, so they stood beside Yang Tian.

Hu Jun and the other three looked at each other before they attacked Xu Dafu at the same time.

The three warriors focused on attacking while the elemental envoy focused on harassing and it was clear that Xu Dafu was significantly disadvantaged. However, a Carnivore was a meat tank by default and one that possessed strong recovery abilities on top of that.

The situation might look like Hu Jun’s side was winning but Xu Dafu managed to resist them by relying on his recovery abilities.

If an enemy has yet to become Rank 2, Xu Dafu would be able to endure.

“Quickly beat him to his knees!” Zhu Xiao Ruo cheered.

However, only after experiencing first-hand did they find out how resilient Xu Dafu is. Moreover, they have to constantly watch out for Xu Dafu’s claws.

Half an hour later.

Xu Dafu was still standing but the stamina of Hu Jun and the rest was on the verge of being unable to keep up.

“Lee Si Kai, careful!”

Hu Jun’s reminder was not useful, Xu Dafu scratched Lee Si Kai’s right arm and the acid from the nails was beginning to corrode the Lee Si Kai’s arm.


Hu Jun wanted to save Lee Si Kai but Xu Dafu used the opening to viciously scratch his chest, creating five bloody marks.

“Yang Tian quickly stops them, Hu Jun is heavily injured.”

When Guan Qing Xue saw the five ghastly wounds on Hu Jun, she anxiously shouted.

“Let’s wait till the battle had ended, if not it will be not fair to Xu Dafu.”

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Having lost Hu Jun and Lee Si Kai, Mo Kai, and Xiao Mei Yi were soon defeated. There were also five claw marks on Mo Kai’s bear paws. Xu Dafu had not held back just because Xiao Mei Yi is a female since she had not hesitated when dealing heavy attacks to him, so he also returned the favor.

The battle ended.


“You have done pretty well.”

Xu Dafu was covered in injuries but he was able to quickly restore himself by relying on the strong recovery powers of a Carnivore. However, the ones defeated by him would need to receive medical treatment.

The acid had entered their bodies.

Yang Tian got Guan Qing Xue to get five Mutated Carrot which Xu Dafu got one of it and the remaining four went to Hu Jun and his group.

“Dafu, how are you feeling?”

“Very good.”

“I am not referring to your injuries.”

Yang Tian’s gaze landed on Hu Jun and the rest, Xu Dafu immediately understood his meaning.

The current Xu Dafu no longer looked at Hu Jun and the rest with fear in his eyes, it was more like the eyes of disdain when a person of higher standing looked at those below him. However, there was still hostility within his gaze.

“Boss, I wanted to…”

“No need to explain. Just do not be so vicious the next time, they are after all still one of us.”

Every Carnivore would have a tremendous amount of hatred hiding within their hearts, Xu Dafu was the same as well. Yang Tian had never assumed that a Carnivore was able to let go of the hate in their hearts, as the hatred has been with them from the moment they were born. What Yang Tian wanted Xu Dafu to understand was that there is no need to hate your own people, because they would never be able to threaten you and they were not qualified as well. If they are your enemies, then you can release your hate to your heart’s content.

Maybe Xu Dau will not truly understand Yang Tian’s intentions, but Yang Tian would still give him time. If Xu Dafu continues to be hostile towards Hu Jun and the rest, or even harbor thoughts of killing them, then Yang Tian would personally kill Xu Dafu. A Carnivore is a double-edged sword, if not wielded correctly, one will eventually be injured due to it.

Yang Tian shifted his gaze to the figure behind Xu Dafu, she must be the one that triggered the entire incident.

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The Post-Apocalyptic Era could completely change a person, that female student was likely an obedient and quiet girl before the Apocalypse. However, after experiencing this era, she was undoubtedly no longer the same person as before. One could easily notice this change from how she wanted to kill people.

Hu Jun and the rest currently still lacked the guts to kill humans.

Hu Jun and the rest managed to recover quickly after eating the Mutated Carrots but for them to expel the acid that has entered their bodies, it will be a very long process.

Xu Dafu could not help but glance at Hu Jun and the rest.

Boss said that they are one of our own; so be it, I will just be softer on them next time. That was one of the thoughts that Xu Dafu has in his mind.

A day went by before Hu Jun and the rest have also recovered from most of their injuries.

“Yang Tian, I have something to discuss with you.”

“Hmm? What is it?”

The one who spoke was Guan Qing Xue, she was the only one who dares to address him by his name directly.

“As you know, our school is near, we wish to go and take a look. Can we…”


Yang Tian naturally understood Guan Qing Xue’s intentions but he rejected it without the slightest hesitation.

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