Chapter 36 – Succeed

The Two-Head Devilhound had a significant increase in both their speed and strength, the combined effort of the Bronze Armored Zombie and the Brain-Eating Terror Hog was likely not enough to fight against the Two-Headed Devilhound.


The Brain-Eating Terror Hog activated Roar, the skill landed on the Two-Head Devilhound, but the dizziness effect only lasted one second before the Two-Headed Devilhound recovered.

Devil’s Bite

The Two-Head Devilhound activated Devil’s Bite, the power of the skill has dramatically increased as well. In a flash, a large chunk of the Brain-Eating Terror Hog’s front limb was bitten away.


The Brain-Eating Terror Hog released a painful cry, with its front limb heavily injured, it had lost its center of gravity, causing the Brain-Eating Terror Hog to lay on the ground on its side.

The Two-Head Devilhound wanted to continue the momentum and kill the Brain-Eating Terror Hog, but the Bronze Armored Zombie beside have charged up enough energy as well.


The charged Bodyshock caused the Two-Head Devilhound to be in a state of dizziness for six seconds.


Yang Tian threw his Soft Bone Blade to the Bronze Armored Zombie.

The Brain-Eating Terror Hog and the Bronze Armored Zombie both lack powerful destructive methods, the Bronze Armored Zombie would be able to display the true attacking power of the Soft Bone Blade.

With the Soft Bone Blade in hand, the Bronze Armored Zombie bent its legs and charged towards the heads of the Two-Head Devilhound, it aimed the blade at the right eye of the left head.

That was also the weakest area of a Two-Head Devilhound.

“Roar… roar”

The Two-Head Devilhound immediately woke up due to the pain, the Bronze Armored Zombie also quickly retreated. Having lost an eye, the enraged Two-Head Devilhound focused all its attention on the Bronze Armored Zombie.

Devil’s Bite

The Two-Head Devilhound pounced towards the Bronze Armored Zombie, and the head that lost its eye activated Devil’s Bite.


However, it did not manage to break through the defense of the Bronze Armored Zombie, it caused the Two-Head Devilhoud to be surprised as well. This was the first time that it’s Devil’s Bite was not effective.

Twin Devil’s Bite

The other head also activated Devil’s Bite, the compounded effect finally caused green blood to flow out of the Bronze Armored Zombie.

The Bronze Armored Zombie could not hold on any much longer.

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The Twin-Head Devilhound suddenly roared, it released the Bronze Armored Zombie in its maws and ran towards the Three-Followers Flower.

During the time they were fighting, Yang Tian has silently approached the Three-Followers Flower, and it was now in Yang Tian’s hand.

Fight? From the moment the Two-Head Devilhound appeared, Yang Tian had already prepared to give up fighting, his goal was just the Three-Followers Flower.

The Brain-Eating Terror Hog ignored its injuries and slammed its body against the Two-Head Devilhound that was charging towards Yang Tian.


The Two-Head Devilhound has taken the full blow, but it quickly circled around the Brain-Eating Terror Hog as the Three-Followers Flower was the most important.

Seeing that Yang Tian had succeeded, the Bronze Armored Zombie wanted to help him but was unable to react in time, as the Two-Head Devilhound had already dashed towards Yang Tian.

Both of the Two-Head Devilhound’s heads open their bloody maws, wanting to eat both Yang Tian and the Three-Followers Flower together.

“Feel the terror of darkness!”

The Two-Head Devilhound felt a wave of unease before Yang Tian disappeared from in front of them, replacing him was endless darkness that enveloped them.

Terror slowly spread through their hearts, causing the beast to feel that its death was nearing.

The next instant, they suddenly appeared in their original position. However, Yang Tian and the rest were already gone, the Two-Head Devilhound knew that it was struck by a trick and the Three-Followers Flower has been taken away.

Yang Tian was currently escaping from the Two-Head Devilhound’s territory, the Brain-Eating Terror Hog and Bronze Armored Zombie were beside him.

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Dark Terror was a method that Yang Tian used in his previous life to torture his enemies when he did not want his enemies to die too comfortably, he would cast Dark Terror and slowly torture them till they die.

Yang Tian was undoubtedly unable to cast the spell with only Rank 1 Mental Power, it was only after using two-thirds of the pollen of the Three-Followers Flower did he managed to temporarily cast Dark Terror.

In his previous life, Yang Tian’s Dark Terror would cause an unknown number of creatures to tremble. Now, he was forced to use it as a form of escape, which made Yang Tian want to laugh at himself.

“As per our agreement. The pollen is mine, the flower is yours.”

Yang Tian extracted the pollen of the Three-Followers Flower before tossing the flower to the Bronze Armored Zombie.

The Bronze Armored Zombie returned the Soft Bone Blade to Yang Tian before turning around and left. As for the Devilhounds, the Bronze Armored Zombie understood that it was impossible to hunt them as it could not win them.

“Eat this.”

Out of caution, Yang Tian had brought along a Mutated Carrot before he left, he did not expect that it was really needed now.

After eating the Mutated Carrot, the flesh that was missing from the Brain-Eating Terror Hog’s front limb grew at a rate that could be observed by the eye.

Yang Tian also used this period to absorb the flower pollen, only one-third of the pollen remained, but it was still enough for Yang Tian to improve his Mental Power.

The remaining pollen was equivalent to ten Rank 1 Mental-Type Energy Crystals, it could also recharge the Mental Power that Yang Tian had depleted earlier on.

“Looks like the Bronze Armored Zombie has really left.”

Yang Tian mumbled for a moment. It looked like the Bronze Armored Zombie did not know anything about the Devilhounds, but Yang Tian was familiar about something regarding Devilhounds. After the Devilhounds deactivates the fusion, they would enter a period of fatigue. During the Fatigue Period, they would only possess Rank 1 fighting power. If he returns now, he could easily hunt the Devilhounds.

Two Rank 2 Energy Crystals, Yang Tian would not be so kind as to give two Rank 2 Energy Crystals to the Bronze Armored Zombie just like that.

The Devilhounds were currently collapsed on the ground after canceling the fusion, the fatigue they experienced causing them to find it a challenge to even walk.

What caused them to feel even more despair was when two familiar figures appeared in front of their eyes.

The eyes of the Devilhounds were filled with rage, but also with helplessness. They were very clear about how dangerous their current situation was.

They stood up with difficulty, no longer possessing the speed and explosive force that they had earlier on.


The Brain-Eating Terror Hog used Roar and caused them to go dizzy.

With a slash of his blade, Yang Tian beheaded the Devilhounds and extracted the Rank 2 Energy Crystals from their skulls, Explosive Force-Type Energy Crystal.

The Brain-Eating Terror Hog also cleaned out their brains. The brains of two Rank 2 Elite Monsters were very nutritious tonics for the Brain-Eating Terror Hog.

As for the carcasses of the Devilhounds, Yang Tian does not plan to waste them as well, they were resources that would greatly benefit Xu Dafu. A Rank 1 Carnivore should be able to promote to Rank 2 after consuming the meat of two Rank 2 Elite Monsters.


Yang Tian sensed that something was not right and saw two Devilhounds coming from a distance, they were heading towards Yang Tian’s direction.

“How come there were so many Devilhounds in F City?”

Yang Tian knew that something was wrong, he had no choice but to give up on the carcasses of the Devilhounds and rode off on the Brain-Eating Terror Hog.

He must first pick up Guan Qing Xue and the rest, now that he has obtained the Twin Dragon Ancient Mirror. Next was for him to think about where to find dragon blood.

When Yang Tian approached the supermart, he heard the noises of battle coming from within.

“Break down the door.”

The tusks of the Brain-Eating Terror Hog rammed on the metal door of the supermart, causing it to fly apart.

“Boss, you are finally back.”

Hu Jun was the first to receive him.

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