Chapter 35 – Fusion? Two-Head Devilhound

“Bloodline Seal?”

Yang Tian was studying the seal on the Twin Dragon Ancient Mirror.

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A Bloodline Seal was not considered a powerful seal, it could be broken just by using the specific blood that was required.

The Twin Dragon Ancient Mirror requires dragon blood to break its seal.

Yang Tian remembered that Chen An had once killed a Rank 3 Earth Dragon in his previous life, did he hunt the Earth Dragon for its blood to break the seal on the Twin Dragon Ancient Mirror?

The blood of an Earth Dragon only possessed a trace of dragon blood in it. The blood required to unseal the mirror shouldn’t be so low class, was my expectation too high?

Currently, he was unable to obtain dragon blood, even if he managed to find a dragon, Yang Tian would also be unable to tame it with his current abilities. Currently, most of the Otherworld Creatures on Earth were low-rank bugs from the Insect World.

“Ah Wu Ah Wu”

The Bronze Armored Zombie called out to Yang Tian.

As Yang Tian left in a hurry, he did not order the Brain-Eating Terror Hog on their destination and that led to the latter running randomly. When the Bronze Armored Zombie noticed something was wrong, it called out to Yang Tian to alert him.


Yang Tian lightly coughed and ordered the Brain-Eating Terror Hog towards the direction where the Bronze Armored Zombie has indicated.

After keeping the Twin Dragon Ancient Mirror, Yang Tian touched his right forearm. Having the Soft Bone Blade has undoubtedly significantly increased Yang Tian’s close combat ability.

The place that the Devilhounds occupied was initially a garden, but no traces of a garden could be seen anymore, it has become a place for the Three-Followers Flower to grow. Beside the Three-Followers Flower were two black-color Devilhounds.

One and a half meters long and standing nearly a meter high.

Devilhound, Rank 2 Elite Monster. Skill: Devil’s Bite.

Devil’s Bite: The fangs of the Devilhound has been dramatically enhanced, its biting power doubled and they possessed the Fear effect.

The Brain-Eating Terror Hog and the Bronze Armored Zombie both excel in strength and defense, while the Devilhounds excel in speed and burst attacks. In terms of attributes, the Brain-Eating Terror Hog and the Bronze Armored Zombie have a slight advantage, but their opponents were a pair of Devilhounds, not only one, and Yang Tian was worried if they possessed any special tricks.

“Separate them and attack.”

Yang Tian conveyed his plan to the Bronze Armored Zombie, the latter nodded its head in agreement.

Yang Tian brought the Brain-Eating Terror Hog to attract the Devilhound on the left while the Bronze Armored Zombie did the same to the one on the right.

When the two Devilhounds detected creatures stepping into their territory, they immediately entered battle mode. The two Devilhounds also split up.

The speed of a Devilhound is first-rate and it managed to reach the Brain-Eating Terror Hog within three seconds.

Mental Disruption

As the Devilhound was too quick, Yang Tian needed to use Mental Disruption to harass the Devilhound.

The Devilhound stood blankly for a moment, allowing the Brain-Eating Terror Hog to use its tusk to send it flying away.


The struck Devilhound released a mournful cry, a small depression had appeared on its chest.

After standing up, the Devilhound looked at Yang Tian who was seated on the back of the Brain-Eating Terror Hog, it was sure that it was Yang Tian who has caused its mind to turn blank.

The Devilhound perfectly combined its advantage of speed and burst attacks, making it very difficult for Yang Tian to attack it with another Mental Disruption.

It has some intelligence.

The Devilhound was targeting Yang Tian, it knew that only after removing Yang Tian would it be able to focus on fighting the Brain-Eating Terror Hog.

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However, there was not a trace of nervousness to be found on Yang Tian which caused the Devilhound to hesitate. The Devilhound was unable to maintain its current state as it drains its stamina and without another choice, it launched an attack.


The Devilhound roared and attacked Yang Tian who was seated on top of the Brain-Eating Terror Hog, opening its big maws as it approaches Yang Tian.

Devil’s Bite

The Devilhound activated Devil’s Bite, preparing to kill Yang Tian in one strike.

Yang Tian would not go down without a fight, the Soft Bone Blade in his right arm had been on standby long ago. The moment the Devilhound launched its attack, Yang Tian also drew the Soft Bone Blade from his arm and used it to block the Devil’s Bite.

The explosive power of the Devil’s Bite caused Yang Tian to be pushed off the Brain-Eating Terror Hog’s back, but thanks to the Soft Bone Blade blocking the Devil’s Bite, Yang Tian did not receive any substantial injuries.

The Brain-Eating Terror Hog grabbed the opportunity and used Roar on the Devilhound.

The Devilhound was currently unable to evade the Brain-Eating Terror Hog’s ability and was struck by Roar in midair. After being hit, the Devilhound fell into a state of dizziness for five seconds.

This time the Brain-Eating Terror Hog mustered its strength and stabbed its tusk viciously at the chest of the Devilhound, initially the attack would have only caused a small dent, now it was ten centimeters deep.

Sensing the danger, the Devilhound cry out to its companion.

The Devilhound that was fighting the Bronze Armored Zombie was having difficulties fighting the latter, but it was not as heavily injured as well.

When the Devilhound ran towards its companion, the Bronze Armored Zombie was unable to react in time to stop it.


Yang Tian wanted to stop the Devilhound’s action, but it was too late.


Two-Head Devilhound

Compared to the Devilhounds earlier, the Devilhound in front of him was much larger, nearly the same size as the Brain-Eating Terror Hog. Also, it now has two heads, the heads of the two Devilhounds from earlier on.

The number of Devilhounds that could fuse together increases with their ranks, two Rank 2 Devilhounds can be fused together. When they reached Rank 3, they would look for another Rank 3 Devilhound to fuse and become a Three-Head Devilhound.

If two Devilhounds is to meet another pair that is also looking for a third companion, they will engage in a battle and only stop when one Devilhound is killed.

In his previous life, the highest level fusion Devilhound that Yang Tian had encountered was a Seven-Head Devilhound.

Yang Tian knew that Devilhounds could perform fusion, but he gambled that these two might not have learned of the Fusion Skill. In the end, Yang Tian lost his bet.

A Two-Head Devilhound was much stronger than two separate Devilhounds, even if the Bronze Armored Zombie and the Brain-Eating Terror Hog were to work together, they might not be able to kill the Two-Head Devilhound.

Being nearest to the Two-Head Devilhound, the Brain-Eating Terror Hog was also the first to receive its attack.


The Two-Head Devilhound struck with its front limb, causing the Brain-Eating Terror Hog to be pushed ten meters back. The strength of the Two-Head Devilhound was now not any weaker than the Brain-Eating Terror Hog.

The Bronze Armored Zombie rushed towards them, the Two-Head Devilhound used its sharp claws and slashed at the Bronze Armored Zombie before it could react.


A painful sound was heard before three distinct white scars appeared on the chest of the Bronze Armored Zombie. The attack did not look like it has injured the zombie, but from its expression, the strike has likely dealt some serious damage to it.

Yang Tian used this opportunity to distance himself from the Two-Head Devilhound. Yang Tian’s physique was unlike the Brain-Eating Terror Hog, and the Bronze Armored Zombie, receiving any attack would cause him to sustain heavy injuries.

“Ah woo.”

The Two-Head Devilhound released a howl of victory before it started to collect the spoils.

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