Chapter 3: Blood Awakening Second Layer

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On the road to his house, Wang Shu kept thinking of ways to make himself stronger. Oh, he will get a piece of my mind someday. Although I have the Invincible Exchange System which has many different weapons and pills, there is still the issue of money. Money is easy to spend but hard to find.

Following his memories, Wang Shu understood that the previous him had sold almost everything valuable in his house for booze. If it weren’t for the fear of General Wang who was absent due to his duties, there might even be buyers for the house itself.

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“Wang Shu, please take these silver notes. You can always look for me when you don’t have money. And next time Gao Xiang gives you money, please choose the gold over silver. Do you understand?” As Wang Shu was pondering about his problems, Lan Yue said, looking at his idiotic expression while her heart throbbed in pain.

She took out a couple of silver notes and a jade pendant, and handed them to Wang Shu, but Lan Xue immediately snatched them off her. Lan Xue protested, “Sis, how can you give this trash money? You already saw that he actually chose silver over gold. He even sold your betrothal gift for some lowly cash. Continuing to be with him will not bring happiness to your life. When we head back, I’ll tell papa to talk to General Wang and cancel the engagement.”

“Xue, stop it! Give back the items now! No matter what you say, he is still my fia…” Lan Yue had a saddened face. She had many things she would like to say, but Wang Shu’s expression made her swallow them back.

“Sis! Hmph, suit yourself then! It’s not like it’s my happiness!” Lan Xue ground her teeth in frustration. She really wanted to give Wang Shu another beating, but Lan Yue’s looks made her unable to do so. Stomping the ground mercilessly, she threw the items on the floor and walked away.

Xue, you are a prodigy who has reached the fifth layer of Blood Awakening phase at such a young age. Being surrounded by many who love you, how can you understand my pain? Yes, I’m Lord Lan’s daughter, one of the three beauties of Xue Feng City. What about five years after? Ten years after? Twenty years after? By that time, I will be old and wrinkly. In the end, I’m only just a woman… Watching Lan Xue’s shadow, Lan Yue’s words converted to thoughts that she intended to keep in her mind.

Everyone knew Wang Shu was an idiot, but she was also a trash; she also couldn’t cultivate. Despite being already aged seventeen, her Blood Qi still had yet to awaken.

Because she was a woman, everyone chose to ignore it, but she respected herself as a woman. She knew that in the eyes of those people; she was only a tool to pleasure men. So that’s why even if she didn’t love Wang Shu, she had to show that she loved him. At least, an idiot such as Wang Shu won’t have many dirty thoughts of her.

Lan Yue picked up the items from the floor. She wiped away her tears and plastered on a smile before turning around to face Wang Shu, “Wang Shu, please take the money and the jade pendant. You can always look for me if you run out of money, understand?”

Wang Shu, still with his idiotic composure, chuckled at Lan Yue without saying anything.

But to tell the truth, Wang Shu really wanted to hug her, and say, “I’m sorry for being a burden”, but he couldn’t, else his plans would all be destroyed.

Lan Yue got stricken with another pain in her chest. She also really wanted to ask herself, “Is this worth it? He is only an idiot, why must I give myself to him?”, but those words changed as they reached her mouth into, “Do you remember how to get back home?”

Wang Shu continued to act like a dummy; it looked somehow faked if one focused enough. Lan Yue turned around and realized that Lan Xue had already gone far. Without any delay, she shoved the money into Wang Shu’s arms before rushing after Lan Xue.

Observing that no one was around, Wang Shu displayed a wicked smile. He placed the silver on the ground, following up with his phone on his hand. He then proceeded to activate the recharge function.

[Recharge Successful!]

The silvers Gao Xiang had given changed his SC balance from 1 to 2.

Wang Shu didn’t rush to use them yet. Instead, he tried to scan the silver notes Lan Yue had given him. To his surprise, not only physical items could be scanned, these silver notes also could be used to recharge. The SC balance changed from 2 to 5.

Staring at the number 5 on his account, Wang Shu couldn’t hide his excitement any longer. It may looked like nothing, but it could still buy a lot of things since most items on the level one section costed only 1 SC.

“Let’s see if I can buy back the pendant I recycled.”

Wang Shu thought about the jade pendant he had recycled before. From the talks of those two sisters, he wanted to buy back the pendant since it was a betrothal gift of his engagement with Lan Yue.

“The f*ck with this price! This is highway robbery! You dam thing only gave me 1 SC and yet I need 100 to redeem it back!!” Wang Shu almost smashed his phone to the floor.

“Ugh, looks like i can only redeem it later when I have money. The most important thing right now is to cultivate.” Wang Shu prioritized his cultivation. The pendant is not going run away, he thought to himself.

Based on his memories, Wang Shu understood that he was currently in a place called Crimson Sky Land. It was a place where cultivators have the highest status, but not everyone could cultivate. Only those who had their blood qi awakened could do so.

As to how one awakened their blood qi, there were no concrete answers. They only knew that when a person reached a certain age, his/her blood qi would awaken automatically. Some awakened at the age of four or five, some at ten or more. Normally, the earlier you had your blood qi awakening, the better talent you were, since it also represented you have more time to cultivate. There was one scary fact. which up till now hasn’t been broken, was that once you passed the age of eighteen and didn’t go through awakening, you would never be able to have your blood qi awakened. Wang Shu was nineteen years old, so it was natural to say that he could only be a mortal for the rest of his life.

Certainly, Wang Shu was a special case. It was not that he hadn’t awakened his blood qi. As a matter of fact, his blood qi was awakened when he was seven. He was considered a little genius at that time, but sadly, his cultivation didn’t progress even an ounce after ten years of hard work. Stuck at the first layer of Blood Awakening phase, he was the laughing stock of people’s everyday topic.

If it was a normal person, people would just laugh it off as slow progress, but Wang Shu was different. Wang family’s seven generations were passed down by a single line and each generation was a cultivation genius. His father, Wang Zhennan, had his blood qi awakened when he just born. He reached Blood T. Heart phase when he was about the same age as the current Wang Shu. At the age of thirty, he reached the Blood Convergence phase and became a general for the Da Song Emperor, guarding the southern boundaries to prevent other countries from invading.

(TLN:Blood Tempering Heart)

Sadly, a hero became the father of a trash son. Not only did the previous Wang Shu not have the talent of his father, his IQ also had problems.

From the moment Wang Shu took over this body, the IQ problem had perished, but the issue of strength remained. If one wanted to survive, make a name for themselves, they would need power, thus cultivation was the only path that led one to those desires. Especially for the current Wang Shu. If he wanted to protect himself, protect Lan Yue, he needed to get stronger.

“They should have pills that can raise one’s cultivation.”

Wang Shu popped open the Invincible Exchange System and clicked open the Pill section. Looking through the choices, he found the item he was looking for relatively quickly.

[Name: Blood Essence Pill]

[Grade: Lvl.1 pill]

[Effect: After intake, it will allow the person to rapidly raise his/her cultivation. A person who is in the first layer of Blood Awakening phase will directly break through to second layer after the intake. The intake doubles for each layer.]

[Price: 1 system coin]

[Warning; It only applicable from the fifth layer of Blood Awakening phase and under, it will be ineffective after the fifth layer. After one break through, you will need to wait ten days after in order to use the pills for another breakthrough]

“This is great!”

After reading its description, Wang Shu instantly bought the pill. His SC balance changed from 5 to 4, and a kidney bean looking pill appeared on his hand out of nowhere. With the incident of the poison, Wang Shu didn’t doubt its miracle and shoved it down his throat.

The effect came fiercer than he had expected; not long after he swallowed the pill, a pain of hell fire immediately spread in his stomach. Feeling the changes in his body, Wang Shu found a remote area and sat down, quietly waiting for the effects to fully take over his body,

After half an hour, the violent rampage slowly died down within his body, but Wang Shu hadn’t broken through to the second layer.


Knowing it showed effectiveness, Wang Shu bought another pill and swallowed it.

The previous experience made it easier for Wang Shu to handle, thus, it only took couple of minutes before the effects wore off.

“Just a little more…”

Wang Shu could clearly feel the thin membrane blocking him from reaching the second layer. He just needed another one to surely break through.

Another fifteen minutes passed, Wang Shu suddenly opened his eyes. wave of second layer Blood Awakening phase’s presence leaked from his body…

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