Chapter 2: Who’s stupid


Due to the pill, Wang Shu recovered a little, but the young girl was so strong that no matter what he tried, he couldn’t resist. She dragged him like a dead dog to the door, and with one foot, kicked his ass down the stairs. He rolled from the top of the stairs all the way to the bottom. The pain was so much he almost fainted a second time.

“Lol, Lan Clan’s second miss starts to go ape again.”

(TLN: go ape — express wild excitement or anger)

“What a waste. I really can’t believe Wang Shu is a moron. Eldest Miss Lan is such a beautiful girl, yet this guy spends his time in those red-light districts!”

The situation gained a lot of attention. Obviously, many people recognized the two and they mumbled amongst themselves.

“La-la-la…Lan…Lan Xue?”

The pain also made Wang Shu stutter as he sat back up. Looking at the girl’s small body, her indescribable beauty, but the expression of anger as she walked towards him brought a name popping inside his head.

From his memories, Wang Shu immediately identified this girl. She turned out to be the second lady of the Lan Family, one of the four major Families of Xue Feng City. This lady had a ferocious temper and an extraordinary talent. Despite being only sixteen years old, she already reached the fourth layer of Blood Awakening. She also had another identity: his sister-in-law. Many years before, he and Lan Family’s eldest miss had been engaged and their marriage would take place when both reached adulthood.


As he remembered Lan Xue’s identity, she stepped on his chest and gave him a heavy slap while she cursing him with demonic glares. The slap almost made Wang Shu throw up blood.

“Xiao Xue, what are you doing?”

Just as Lan Xue was about to give him another slap, another girl suddenly grabbed her hand, since she was unable to stand it anymore, stopping Lan Xue with teary eyes.

“Sis, why did you come? You shouldn’t have come to this place, it’s very dirty. This Wang Shu is also a trash. Not only did he worsen the reputation of General Wang, he also worsened ours. Today, I must teach him a lesson.” Realizing that the person who restrained her was her big sis, although she was still angry, she refrained herself from hitting him.

“Xiao Xue, you are a girl. How can your temper be wilder than a man? No matter what, Wang Shu still is my future…” Lan Yue pulled out a handkerchief, and lightly wiped the bruises on Wang Shu’s face. Cleary, she had a lot to say, but she stopped mid-way.

The Goddess has descended!

Even though his mind was messed up by falling, that was his only thought when he saw this lady.

Slender hands, shiny red lips with expressive eyes that had a lot to say; bitterness hidden in one’s heart, pure of a maiden. If Lan Xue was a petite devil, then this lady in front of his eyes was a goddess descended on the mortal world.

Lan Yue!

She was Lan Yue, the one that was engaged with Wang Shu, who had the title of being one of ‘Xue Feng City’s Three Greatest Beauties’.

“Hmph! This kind of trash is not worthy of you at all. If it wasn’t for General Wang, he would have died many times over!”

She hatefully said, feeling sick from seeing her sister’s treatment of Wang Shu.

Was she the one who had poisoned me?

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Wang Shu took a glance. Seeing that murderous intent leaking from Lan Xue’s eyes, some bad thoughts came to mind. Although she is my sister-in-law, her hatred for me is as real as it can get; she really wants me to die. If it’s like that, then she could be the person who had poisoned me, and the timing was so perfect too.

“Good, what a truthful thing you said there, Second Eldest Miss Lan!”

Just as Wang Shu was trying to confirm his thoughts, there was the sound of applause beside him. Then a boy with a pale face and a body that was obviously gaunt from alcohol and girls appeared into his vision. He was surrounded by a group of little brothers as he headed over.

When Lan Yue saw who that boy was, her expression changed, clearly showing that she was a bit scared. Her gaze begged Lan Xue for help. Lan Xue frowned. Although not seemingly happy, she also didn’t say anything. She snorted coldly and turned around like it was none of her business.

“Gao Xiang!”

Wang Shu recognized the person who spoke at a glance. Because in his memories, he was the one who had invited him to go out, so it could have been him who had did the poisoning. Looking at Gao Xiang’s appearance, it was obvious that he and Lan Xue had a tacit understanding.

Gao Xiang was a member of Feng Xue city’s four biggest Families, the Gao Family.

Seeing that Wang Shu was still alive, Gao Xiang was like, Really. He spent a great sum to buy that poison from an expert. It could even leave a Blood Qi expert half dead, so how is that trash Wang Shu still alive?

Despite having doubts, Gao Xiang certainly wouldn’t ask. Otherwise, it would mean that he was admitting he had tried to poison Wang Shu. Now seeing Lan Xue showed the not even the slightest of interference, his heart screamed in joy. He quickly threw the matter of how Wang Shu was still alive to the side and walked to the two of them with a face showing flattery. He bowed and said: “Greetings to Eldest miss and Second Eldest miss of the Lan Clan.”

Lan Xue gave a disdainful look: “Hmph, talk if you have something to say or else get lost.”

Gao Xiang felt humiliated. His expression changed, but he did not vent, and only replied with an apologetic smile.

“Greeting to Gao Gongzi.”

Lan Yue didn’t have Lan Xue’s boldness and imposing manner. She could only put up a forced smile and reply in a melodic tone.

Although it was a forced smile, it was still captivating. Gao Xiang got so high that he couldn’t differentiate where was north.

“My wife is beautiful.”

Wang Shu also got captivated, as he whispered in his heart. At the same time, he felt that the former Wang Shu was really worthless. Despite having such a beautiful fiancée, he still went out. He probably was a moron.

“Wang bro, is the ground that comfy? Are you planning to lay on ground and not get up?” Gao Xiang unhappily asked when he saw that Wang Shu was giving Lan Yue a perverted look. In his eyes, Lan Yue was his, even if Wang Shu was Lan Yue’s future husband, the other man didn’t have the right to look at her like that.

Both Wang Shu and Gao Xiang were men, they easily understood hostility when their gazes met. Seeing that his own wife was threatened, you could think of how miserable the original Wang Shu was.

The former Wang Shu might be a moron, but the current one was not an idiot. He was aware that he couldn’t act rashly even if he was threatened in front of his own wife. Those people behind Gao Xiang look strong and only Lan Xue can fight in our group. If there is a conflict, it will definitely be our loss, and Lan Xue also doesn’t favor us.

“Hehe, Gao big bro, let’s go drink. It’s on me!”

His only option was to act stupidly based on his memories, so he said that while laughing like an idiot.

“Lol, this moron!”

“He really is a pig; his own wife was being teased yet he doesn’t know.”

The bystanders from the side couldn’t hide their laughters after hearing Wang Shu’s words.

“Hmph, useless idiot!” Lan Xue cursed after seeing Wang Shu’s cowardly act.

It pained her heart seeing her sister being put in this kind of situation, but the only thing she did was give Wang Shu a death glare.

Lan Yue didn’t say anything and continued to wipe the dirt of Wang Shu’s face. But Wang Shu could clearly see the glimmer of tears in Lan Yue’s eyes.

Gao Xiang felt a great sense of satisfaction. To slap Wang Shu’s face in front of everyone, and the best of all, with Lan Yue present. Maybe today is the day I can gain her heart. He asked with what seemed to be smile: “Hehe, Brother Wang, do you have money?”

You dog s***, you better be prepared. Soon I’ll make you beg for mercy!

Wang Shu relentlessly wanted to beat the crap out of him. He firmly believed, with the Invincible Exchange System, that day will be coming very soon. But as of now, he could only endure it. Continuing his previous acting, he asked: “Money? I do have, can you see how much this could sell? Wanna buy some liquor!”

Wang Shu purposely grabbed his chest to take out the jade pendant he had recycled. After searching for a while, he acted confused, and spoke to himself: “This is weird, I remembered I placed it around here.”


Realizing Wang Shu could not find the jade pendant, Lan Xue had eyes of a fury beast. She knew well enough what that idiot was trying to take out. That was my sister sister’s betrothal, how can this bastard pawn it for money to buy liquor?!

A drop of Lan Xue’s tear fell on Wang Shu’s lips; it tasted bitter. Wang Shu didn’t know why, but the core of his heart was brutally shaken.

I’m sorry, Lan Yue.

Wang Shu really wanted to hug her and plead for forgiveness, but he couldn’t. If someone knew that he was not an idiot, his life will be ten times harder not only for him, but also for the one’s dearest to him.

“Brother Wang, since you didn’t bring any money, I have some here. I’ll gladly give them to you for free if you want them.” Scheming up a cunning plan, Gao Xiang whispered to one of his underling’s before

speaking to Wang Shu.

“Thanks! Big bro Gao is such a nice person.” Wang Shu immediately replied.

His eyes sparkled when he heard Gao Xiang was going to give him free money.

Gao Xiang felt something was off. Although that is how Wang Shu acted every time, yet today, he seems a little too energetic about it. But after looking at the drooling expression Wang Shu was making, Gao Xiang’s heart eased off the feeling. The only pity was that Lan Yue had her head faced down the whole time.

Not long after, Gao Xiang’s henchmen came back with two plates: one held gold and the other held silver. Looking at the two big plates, Gao Xiang displayed a wicked smile. He decided to humiliate Wang Shu once more in front of Lan Yue: “Brother Wang, your bro here is also lacking money, so I can’t give you all of it. You can pick from one of the plates here.”

The crowd was taken aback as they didn’t understand what Gao Xiang was planning. Why do you need to choose? Both plates have the same amount. Unless you’re an idiot, anyone knows that the value of gold  is more than the silver on the same weight.

Wang Shu paused for a brief moment, but he quickly recovered. Covering his face with an idiotic smile, he went and pick out of the plates.

“Haha, looks like he really is stupid.”

“I can’t hold it anymore; my cheeks are hurting!”

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“Ugh, what kind of misfortune did the Wang Family inherit. For the Great General Wang to have a stupid son like this!’

As everyone realized what Gao Xiang did, they burst in laughter.

“Hehe. Hehe!”

Wang Shu also pretended to laugh.

“Haha, Brother Wang is a smart person. Hey, you there, pack all these gold and silver in a bag and hand them over to Brother Wang,” Gao Xiang said while holding his stomach due to excessive laughter. He ordered his underlings to pack the gold and silver for Wang Shu.

“Wow, it’s quite heavy! Thank you Big bro Gao, thank you!” As Wang Shu received the money, he acted like it was too heavy to carry. Under the company of Lan Yue, they prepared to head back.

By giving Lan Yue a meaningful gaze, Gao Xiang said: “Hehe, you don’t have to pay me back. I will like to pay Brother Wang a visit when I have the time.”

What Gao Xiang didn’t realize when Wang Shu had stepped outside, was that when Wang Shu turned his body, his mouth moved a little, as if he was saying the word ‘moron’.

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