Chapter 1: Invincible Exchange System

“Ouch, that hurts!”

Wang Shu held his head as he woke up. Damn, I wouldn’t have drunk so much if this was going to happen. Even if it was for the news of our University’s goddess’ marriage, I shouldn’t have used alcohol to numb my feelings, as it’s going to affect my work today. Ugh. Out of habit, he dug under his pillow for his phone to check for the time.

“Seven forty. Phew, I might make it in time!”

After he found out that he wasn’t too late, Wang Shu let out a sigh in relief. If I’m late, that heartless boss will deduct my salary again. This month’s earning was not that much to begin with; if it decreased any further, it’s going to be another month of free labor.


When he put his phone back, Wang Shu, who was going prepare for work, suddenly got distracted. He gazed at the red cotton blanket that was covering his body.

Finding his blanket completely changed, he started to look around. He found that the setting of the room was totally different from his original room. If he had remembered correctly, his room was more like a concrete cage than this traditional eastern room with wooden furnitures.

“Seriously? Did the sleep also caused my eyes to malfunction?”

While rubbing his eyes, he felt confused from everything in the room, so he took another look.

“Am I dreaming?”

Wang Shu could only think of one possibility. Otherwise, how had I ended up in this weird place?


But just when Wang Shu tried to determine the difference between reality and dreams, his head and stomach pulsed in pain. The pain near his stomach was like a snake running on rampage, becoming so painful that Wang Shu felt like he was on the verge of death. Sweat from his forehead quickly drenched the pillow.

Wang Shu—the only son of Wang General from one of the Xue Feng City’s four biggest clans. He had been mentally disabled since small and didn’t like to study or train. Last night, he once again went with other hedonistic sons, either from rich or noble families, to a brothel for drinks. Only to lose his consciousness halfway drinking. He couldn’t remember what happened after.

“F*ck! Did I just get transported? Moreover, to end up in this unlucky b*stard. He’s even poisoned!”

Through the memories, he quickly understood the situation he was in. I can’t believe I encountered the Isekai from the Legends. Most of all, this person has the same name as me. But the situation looks quite bad, since he got poisoned by someone last night.

The poison within his body hadn’t completely dispersed yet, but that didn’t stop him from panicking violently. Just as I got transported, I have another danger of getting killed by poison. This sucks…


As Wang Shu about to call for help, he forcefully contained his voice. Since someone poisoned me last night, he might be hiding somewhere outside, waiting for my life to end. I will undoubtedly be asking for death if I call for help now.

Under this surmise, Wang Shu took a peek at the door. Sure enough, there was a shadow behind the door. Instantly cancelling his thought for calling help, he could only forcefully hold in his pain.

Good thing the poison effect was limited. After painfully enduring it for a while, the pain started to decrease. Wang couldn’t judge if it was fading or numbing.


When the pain near the stomach became bearable, Wang Shu went for his phone. It was exactly seven forty-five when he checked the time. It felt like a long time for just five minutes.

He placed his phone back and pondered about his current situation. Obviously, he’s been poisoned. Moreover, the enemy had to be one of the people from last night. But who exactly? He had no idea.

“Wait a minute?!”

Chu Yan suddenly paused. Realizing that he was neglecting an important object, he, once again, pulled out his phone. Looking at the familiarity in front of him, his expression changed into rich one.

“According to my memory just now, shouldn’t I be transported? How do I still have my phone? Did it also follow me?” Wang Shu’s series of thoughts became a little confused once he became conscious of its existence, but he still unlocked it out of habit. He wanted to confirm if he had really been transported.


He found the difference about his phone after he unlocked it. Everything that were supposed to be on the front page had all disappeared, leaving only a single app called ‘Invincible Exchange System’ in his view.


Wang Shu’s mouth twitched and he unconsciously clicked the app out of coincidence. The page rapidly changed. It first displayed a greeting, then showed shopping page. But it wasn’t the shopping page he’d imagined. It didn’t display a variety of commodities, but seven categories instead.

[Weapon & Armor]

[Technique & Martial Skill]

Only allowed on







Looking at the seven categories, Wang Shu was lost for words, but he still clicked ‘Weapon’. It took him to another page with a list of levels from one to ten. Unfortunately, only level one was lit up, while the rest were blacked.

“Lol, quite the levels it got there.”

Wang Shu generated an interest for the system. He clicked on level one and the page refreshed again. What appeared before his eyes was a whole page filled with different kinds of weapons. There were halberds, long spears, broadswords, etc. Each of them had a name and an explanation of its capabilities.


When Wang Shu was about to check one of the explanations, his stomach started to hurt again. Canceling his previous thought, he went straight to the Pill section.

As he clicked the level one section in the pill category, Wang Shu froze because he saw what he wanted.

[Name: Detoxification Pill]

[Level: Lvl.1 pill]

[Usage: To detoxicate any mortal poison]

[Price: 1 SC (System Currency)]

Without second thoughts, he hastily clicked on it. The name, level, usage and price were displayed in detail. It even had a picture on the side, which looked like a golden crispy peanut.

“This mother f*cker!”

Wang Shu read the pill’s usage, a million grass mud horses raced across his heart. This was clearly designed for him. He pressed the buy button, selected the amount and pressed confirm.

(TLN: grass mud horse represents the word ‘F***’)

[Honorable user, given this is your first time using Invincible Exchange System, we’ve prepared a special reward—The first purchase order is free! Are you sure you want to proceed with the order?]

“Where are all these garrulous talks coming from? I confirm, confirm, confirm!” Wang Shu couldn’t stay calm with the pain in his stomach. Feeling terribly upset, he continuously clicked the confirm button.

[Payment successful, please wait!]

Wang Shu pondered a bit. Suddenly, he regretted a little, but before that feeling kicked in, the dim glow came brighter in front of his eyes. A golden peanut appeared out of thin air and fell onto the red cotton blanket.

Ten minutes later

[Not enough SC, please recharge your balance! Not enough SC, please recharge your balance! Not enough SC, please recharge your balance!]

The screen continued its non-stop flashing of ‘Not enough SC, please recharge your balance’. It made Wang Shu almost go nuts.

“The FIRST ORDER was free! The FIRST ORDER was free! The FIRST ORDER was free!”

Wang Shu repeated the phrase over and over. I could’ve bought a one-time order of 999 pills. Why did I pick only one? WHY!!!

Eating the Detoxification Pill had cleared up all his poison, and his mental state was back to the top. But his eyes were hollow while he stared at the ceiling. I can’t believe I messed up such a good opportunity.

That Detoxification Pill’s description was to cure all mortal poison. If he could sell them to others, he should be able to make quite a lot. But the main thing now, was the zero in his account’s balance. As for how to recharge, he simply didn’t know.

“Wait, isn’t that the Recharge Instruction!”

After wasting almost half a day, Wang Shu finally found something new. His eyes sparkled.

So, there was a line below the screen saying ‘Recharge Instruction’ in fine print. He clicked on it excitedly.

[Recharge Instruction:]

[Honorable user, you can use the scanning function at the middle of the screen to proceed with the recharge]

[We have two options you can choose from]

Dear Readers. Scrapers have recently been devasting our views. At this rate, the site (creativenovels .com) might...let's just hope it doesn't come to that. If you are reading on a scraper site. Please don't.

[First option: You can convert 5 kilogram of silver or 1 kilogram of gold for 1 SC. You can also use a blood stone. This one is way more cost-effective since one low-grade blood stone equals to 10 SC.]

[Second option: You can use the recycle feature from the system. Place items that you don’t need for scanning, we will convert them into SC based on their value. This is the very environmentally friendly way.]


Wang Shu discovered that the scanning was actually done by the camera. To test out the function, he took out a jade pendant from his robe, and used the scanner.


[Identification completed, a piece of broken jade, value: 1 SC! If you wish to recycle, please select confirm.]


Wang Shu quickly clicked confirm. His phone emitted a glow, which slowly wrapped around the jade pendant. In the next second, it disappeared without a trace.

[Recycled successfully, you have gained 1 SC. Do you have any more items you wish to recycle? (If you accidentally recycled an important item, you can repurchase it via the recycle depot)]

Looking at his SC turned from 0 to 1, Wang Shu displayed a satisfied smile.


In the midst of his happiness, the door was forcefully kicked open. Then, a young girl who was 1.5 meters in height, clad in a traditional red eastern palace dress rushed in the room with an angry face. She scanned the room and saw Wang Shu giggling like an idiot.

“Wang Shu! You monster, trash, idiot! You have my beautiful big sis, yet you still went to those filthy places! You deserve to die!” The young girl didn’t allow any explanation as she yanked off his blanket. With a small body that has a strength unfitting her size. She pulled his arms with one hand while holding his ears with the other. She continued to curse and pull…

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