Book II – Bandit, Chapter 23 – Oulan Mercy Strikes!

“What in the…?” Oulan Mercy had barely traveled a kilometer through the third level of the Dark Cave when he felt the ground begin to rumble and shake. It was as if an army was marching this way. He immediately turned vigilant, and begin to set up a defense as a two-feet-long plank of black and dead wood floated in the void next to him releasing a purple aura light. As a Great Scholar rank sage, he knew better than most how important it was to be prepared in advance. Complex spells and curses couldn’t be set up in an instant. A crimson aura burst from his body as he sensed sharp killing intents locking on to himself from a distance. Someone dared to have thoughts of killing him? Oulan was enraged, viciously shouting, “YOU DARE!”

The origin qi phenomena in the air above Oulan formed a demonic snake diagram made up of tiny light spheres. There were 295 white light dots and 170 violet black dots. The origin energy he was currently releasing possessed the strength of 465 BP, and his body was gathering a fierce force momentum! Oulan Mercy’s hands started to blur, and curse seals manifested from his hands like sinister black chains. The curse seals wove together and formed a dozen white snake drawings that slithered on the ground briefly before disappearing within. The millions of creepy insects buzzed their wings on the flesh of Oulan, causing him to hover 30 feet in the air.

The mob of fiends behind him all ran forward in a charge, he had commanded them to pillage and destroy!

“Hmph. Come, if you will come!” spat Oulan Mercy in disdain for whatever pathetic creatures that wanted to treat him as prey. If his cultivation weren’t currently suppressed by that treasured sword, he wouldn’t put any of these fiends in his eyes at all. However, as he saw the sea of black heads in the distance, he also saw a sea of green and red lights crash into his own controlled fiends! Unfortunately, this sea was immensely more vast than the one he commanded. Who the hell could control so many fiends? Unless… “Red light… no, not lights their red eyes! S***, its ghouls! Of all the…”

Oulan Mercy was pissed. Forget finding the Dark Jumble, it was unlikely he would even see the corpse of the boy that was his target. That meant he couldn’t recover those essential items! He wouldn’t be able to remove his curse in a short time without it. How would he recover his mage rank cultivation? “No! I must fight my way further in. Even if the boy is dead, I need the treasures on his body. What pathetic rotting ghoul? As long as this father doesn’t encounter any level 3 ghouls, then there should be no problem.”

His curses would have the absolute minimum effect on these fiends, so it wasn’t the most ideal choice to deal with this situation. Luckily, he had the aptitude to adapt to the new position. After he thought up to here, the energy surrounding Oulan Mercy changed its attribute. He swooped down into the battlefield of the fiends, attacking them with a blade made of live insects covered in his original wood force. The 135 violet black light spheres of his primary force phenomenon had faded away before immediately being replaced by 170 forest green light dots.

However, the moment he made the mistake of staying too low for too long, a level two Lower Zombie ghoul girl grabbed Oulan by the neck and mercilessly choke slammed him into the cave floor, three times repeatedly. However, after the third slam, the Zombie girl came back up without Oulan and even without its arm! However, it was in some type of dark green substance that was burning its rotting flesh away inch by inch. Before the Zombie Girl could even wail, the bug sword cleaved her in half, the body evaporating into dark-colored mist.

Oulan Mercy smirked smug and complacent. It was as if to say, ‘you thought that you alone would be enough to stop me? Foolish worms.’

As he hovered overhead striking the more powerful opponents to make room for his advance, he suddenly noticed a light in the distance about a li away from himself. Oulan focused his origin energy into his eyes so he could focus in on the source of the light.

He saw two boys, one around 13 years and the other 7 years, huddled up together behind a rock wall, the army of fiends waltzing pass them like they didn’t even exist. In-between was what appeared to be a Dark Jumble bush. Merely, rather than absorbing light laws to produce dark laws it seemed to be working in reverse.

“How…? No matter, it must be that negus boy! And his little negus helper! Oh? Is that?! A combat soul? No f****** way, how is that possible? Hehehe, what a treat, what a treat. I must taste your secrets, boy.” Oulan Mercy snickered evilly as strange gold lights flashed in his eyes. His wood qi dissipated but not his gathered momentum, and voodoo qi erupted from his body. He started forming curse seals with his hands until it looked like they were chained together. As he rhymed an evil medley, incantation runes formed from those curse seals, “Yes, yes, this time it’s time! I’ll eat your flesh, your soul refined!”

A deep violet energy arrow formed in the void, with a black skull that had violet flames in place of its eyes as the arrowhead. The bolt shot forward at an insane speed!

Meanwhile, Jodye and Xavier were observing the fight between the two fiend armies and the mad sage, in nervous trepidation.

“Damn, he saw us so quick!” Xavier was vexed because the plan was bound to shift into phase two now.

“Who is this assburger, and what does he want with me?” Jodye Trill felt depressed when he saw how powerful this dangerous stranger was. The moment this stranger had laid eyes on them, it was as if he had seen the light at the end of a tunnel. This made Jodye grimace. Perhaps his goal really was to kill them. What he couldn’t figure out was why? Who had he even offended?

“His robe looks familiar, no?” Xavier was staring at the figure fighting myriad fiends. When Jodye saw the white snake on his robes, an idea popped in his head as his aura turned slightly murderous.

Unexpectedly, Xavier’s face paled and became incredibly grim, as golden flames burst out from his body. The origin energy in Jodye’s body instantly drained by half, forming a strong, majestic, golden shield made of original calamity force. Jodye marveled, his eyes dazzling! He was beginning to feel like he had understood some new fundamental things about calamity laws. His next reflection session would surely bear fruit! The shield was about the size of two adult males standing on top of each other’s shoulders. On the front of the shield was a mighty jackal god drawing. Xavier’s voice was solemn when he spoke to Jodye again, “Brace yourself, this is going to hurt! He’s attacking us!!”

At that moment the flaming black skull impacted the shield, resulting in a blinding flash and a deadly shockwave of energy that obliterated hundreds of fiends, and blew many more tumbling away. Jodye somehow felt like his arms were about to break even though he was just blocking his eyes from the light. Xavier was holding the enormous calamity qi shield as steady as he could, while constantly pouring original calamity force into it. The shield was making creaking noises, and small cracks were beginning to form, which startled Jodye. ‘X was able to block that freak? How cool.’

However, a single glance at Xavier’s posture let him know what that mysterious, painful feeling in his arms was. Repercussion! Because Xavier and himself were synchronized, once X took damage past a certain threshold then so would he. This was the disadvantage of being able to summon your soul to fight in your stead. Jodye had thought this wasn’t the case thanks to his source artifact turning his combat souls into guardians. Merely, it seemed that the rules of synchronization still applied to some extent.


The [Cosmos Revolving Grimoire] appeared from nowhere and flipped open to the first page while covering the two boys in a pale purple barrier, effectively preventing the rampaging forces from affecting them too much. Once the [Cosmos Revolving Grimoire] came out, Xavier seemed to catch his second wind as the golden flames on his body reignited under the heavenly grimoire’s magical glow.

“He’s coming! X, do it!” Using his divine energy Jodye was aware the moment Oulan Mercy approached them in sudden fury. He quickly reminded X about the plan. Noting this, Xavier focused his mind, and suddenly he saw through the eyes of a different person! More specifically, he was now in control of the viral parasite that had taken over the second level Maniac Zombie ghoul. He used his soul to issue a single command to the parasite.

Obliterate the strong hero!


“I’ve got you now, you wretch” The barrier protecting Jodye and Xavier was ripped open, and a hand covered in evil-looking insects reached straight for Jodye’s throat! However, the heavenly grimoire reacted by fiercely glowing, followed by an anguished scream.

“AHHH!! NO F***, AH!” Oulan Mercy was just about to complete his mission when his hand was cleanly removed from his arm by the barrier which had repaired itself almost instantly. Blood sprayed and slid down the barrier as Oulan screamed madly, “I’ll kill you! You die, you die, you die now, I’ll f****** kill you AHH!! Evil Demon Claw!!”

Oulan used his origin energy to stop the bleeding and then used his wood force to revitalize the injury. Finally, he formed a hand made of insects and produced more curse seals, turning his insect hand into a giant claw made of darkness that struck out at Jodye. However, this attack was blocked by Xavier and the shield, knocking him and Jodye back by about 60 meters. However, before Oulan could pursue them to kill them, his hairs stood on end, and his heart went haywire.

Standing in front of Oulan was a creepy looking muscular Maniac Zombie, with flaming black-gold spirals for eyes. Oulan instinctively felt danger from this creature, despite his growing force momentum. Without hesitation, his hands blurred as he struck out again!

Evil Demon Claw!


The demonic claw made of original voodoo force crashed heavily into the chest of the Maniac Zombie, who slid back for about 10 feet. The Maniac Zombie rubbed his chest and then revealed full rows of viciously sharp fangs as a long green tongue fell out of its mouth. The ghoul flailed it arms wildly at a crazy speed that Oulan’s eyes barely caught before he was hit and sent crashing into the cave wall.

“Nice!” Shouted Jodye Trill! The Maniac Zombie didn’t stop there, dashing over to the wall it pulled Oulan out. Holding him in one hand, the ghoul pummeled Oulan’s face in aggressively, black steam rising off its rotting and mangled fist. The more it punched, the more steam released from its body until a film of flaming black energy was enveloping the creature. This was the inverted calamity force, viral force! The flames grew bigger and bigger as the creature’s viral force momentum peaked! A mighty wind pushed everything back with every impact!

“Bug Wall!” Oulan Mercy’s tier 2 innate combat skill allowed him to control the mind of any insect weaker than himself. He used this skill to summon an army of evil insects to form a barrier wall. This was to buy himself some time to cast a curse art to turn the situation around! However, who was Xavier Tricko? He continued to send attack orders to the viral parasite.


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The Maniac Zombie tore through the bug wall like paper and slapped Oulan Mercy into a 360 spin, then kicked him across the cavern. Oulan was terrified, what kind of voodoo creature was this? This was worse than fighting a saint on Sirius Regal’s level! His voodoo power was completely suppressed by this mysterious black fire. Oulan was growing extremely vexed because every time he landed, he would be attacked by the first level Walking Bones ghouls and harassed by the weaker fiends. Oulan Mercy roared violently and kept trying to resist.

“Hellfiend Poisonous Dart!” Oulan fired off again! It was ineffective.


“Paralyzing spit!” Oulan was relentless! The Maniac Zombie froze for less than a second before the viral flames burned the liquid away along with its effects.


“Yuth dun uv ah bith!” Oulan Mercy had suddenly become a victim who got the teeth smacked out of him.

“Hahaha! This is so awesome!” Jodye Trill laughed boisterously as the Maniac Zombie clobbered the creepy man covered in bugs. However, at that moment his divine energy alerted him of some severe changes to the situation! All the ghouls that were ignoring the two young boys previously were now staring at them as if looking at their next meals. Some had already rushed forward! Jodye grimaced, “Uh oh…”

Jodye prepared to defend but was assaulted by messages in his head.

[Warning! Current ability exceeds the Host’s realm] [Warning! Compatibility rating is lower than required for the host soul’s level!] [Warning! Guardian 2 will soon be forced into hibernation!] [Warning! Origin Energy6Origin Energyone of the 9 original formless energy masses that existed within primal chaos before the universe was formed. Also known as the 9 layered skies or the Heavenly Ennead. Origin Energy is the milky white mysterious and unfathomable first layer. Practitioners use origin energy as the medium to safely absorb magic and voodoo qi levels are too low for….]

Jodye Trill was stricken with panic, “X, what the hell is going on?! What are you doing, I can handle it!”

“Hehe…,” Xavier Tricko rubbed his little nose, “Sorry, little Joe. I guess you’re still too weak for the big adventures! Don’t worry, I’ll make sure to blaze us a way out of this one.”

As Xavier finished speaking, he recalled all the original calamity flames into his body, as Fenrir magically appeared in his hands and he adopted a new sword stance. The sword might that was radiating from Fenrir synchronized with the sword qi atmosphere on Xavier that suddenly shot to the sky. He looked like he had become a sword himself. Jodye’s eyes sparkled, as he whispered to himself, “It’s finally sword force, huh? So cool, so cool…”

Meanwhile, Oulan Mercy didn’t have the luxury of paying attention to the two brats he aimed to kill, he was fighting for his damn life against a crazed Maniac Zombie. It was even using some terrifying black fire. Just touching it threatened to corrode his life into nothing, and absorb all the poison and voodoo force in his body!! It was a total nightmare. The level 2 ghoul absorbed his energy to grow in strength! If this continued, he may be the one who gets buried here instead! Even further to his dismay, the monster had never once targeted those two brats, even after he successfully tricked them away from that plant that resembled a Dark Jumble bush but was somehow different fundamentally.

Of course, he never even considered that these kids may be controlling the zombie. That would just be absurd.

Still, Oulan felt totally helpless to this situation as typically ghouls were highly susceptible to fire, so how could this one wield it so proficiently? Was this maniac ghoul a mutant variation? However, his thoughts were once again interrupted by a fist with rotten flesh surrounded by fierce black fire.

These flames had a force that surpassed what Oulan Mercy was able to identify, terrifying to the extreme! One had to know that Oulan’s current momentum neared 700 BP, so how terrifying was the force momentum of this monster who formerly possessed at least 620 BP? That was scary enough on its own, but Oulan had a way to deal with it rather quickly. However, now with such a calamitous momentum, it was an actual headache.






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“Ugugagulp, ” Oulan Mercy vomited rocks and blood as he climbed out of the wreckage, instantly forming a mudra seal with his hands. From out of the cavern floor, 13 enormous white serpents burst through the rocks and earth.

These serpents were oozing negative energies and looked totally lifelike, but still drawn by chalk. Suddenly the vipers bit at and squirmed all around each other, forming a sinister looking double layered circular diagram full of strange symbols. The voodoo chart glowed in a violet-black light.

Oulan opened his mouth, but curse seals came out, flying into the chart!

All of this took only 5.98 seconds, not bad! At least Jodye was impressed. Of course, he didn’t know whether this was a fast or slow speed.

Three-Star Voodoo curse, Curse Art: Tyrant Dark Spear!

A seven-meter-long spear made from forces of darkness, death, and slaughter emerged from the circle, feeling menacing to the extreme.

“Vicious! He’s a sage all right. How elaborate…” Xavier had finally figured out the purpose of those white snakes. They were gathering deadly qi momentum to launch this curse art at the right moment.

Of course, how could Jodye himself not already know? When Oulan sensed danger, he immediately released all those white snake drawings. Now, suddenly, a dozen of enormous white serpents form a three-star voodoo chart? He used the negative energy and tainted fiend force he absorbed from the battle to nourish the white serpents! Now, he had taken a dozen of those white serpents and performed a terrifying three-star voodoo curse!

What was worse was that there were clearly dozens more of those snake drawings.

Could they survive this?

“Three-star voodoo curses increase the battle power by 2.5 times! Not only that, those snakes absorbed so much negative energy! This attack’s force has definitely tripled at the least. We have to rush to phase three of the plan!” Thought Jodye on the verge of collapse.

A Great Scholar using a three-star voodoo curse could even potentially kill someone of the Void Door realm. How scary was that? A scholar with the power to destroy a mage was trying to kill him! Jodye’s nerves were taut like a bow as he watched that terrifying Tyrant Dark Spear launch out terrifyingly, tearing through the air with a sharp whistle. In response, the viral Maniac Zombie threw out a punch containing the entirety of its force! All the sound in the surrounding was suctioned in upon impact before a dark explosion rang out. The black flame was enshrouding all sight, until what appeared to be a sword made of bright golden fire illuminated the scene.

Jodye was crouching on the blade of Fenrir, which was in the position to hack down. He was the epitome of fearlessness, as it was literally impossible for Xavier to harm him. He was his guardian, the [Cosmos Revolving Grimoire] made Jodye immune to the energy released by either of these guardians. Once Xavier’s power climaxed he said, “Be a safe kid! Run and don’t stop running, make sure you take good care of your new friends. Also, don’t feel so discouraged. I was born with a beta law seed, I’m half god beast you know. How could you compare your own comprehensions with mine? They originate from my blood! Well, see ya host temp.”

As Xavier finished saying goodbye he hacked down with all his might. Jodye was actually utterly silent through all of this as he had way too much on his mind. The boy wonder was looking completely distracted as this wasn’t a perilous situation at all. This was because after witnessing Xavier’s real strength, he just discovered that he wasn’t in peril. However, a withered hand that didn’t get the memo suddenly appeared out of the flames in an attempt to grab at the boys, revealing the silhouette of a ragged Oulan Mercy, ugly as hell and naked, all his bugs burned to ash.

The only thing that was still attached to Oulan was the groovy looking belt he usually wore under his bug coat. ‘Spatial treasure!’ Jodye knew right away what this was. Suddenly, he felt the last bit of his origin energy reserves deplete from his origin pool. He quickly stretched out and sliced with his glaive as the Fenrir’s blade came crashing down with astounding force!

Catastrophic Hack!

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