Chapter 216: Breakthrough

The ability of the demon spirits was too much to handle, they could transmute their host’s ability by three folds. Song Qinghe who was a gold class direct disciple of the Earth Fire Sect had around the same strength as Fu Chongshan. But with a single suction from ‘Li Wuxue’, his body was instantly turned into a mummified corpse. Such a miserable death.

After sucking dry Song Qinghe, ‘Li Wuxue’ didn’t gave chase to Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist and the rest. His body was suspended in mid air as it was shimmering with a blood colored light, seemingly trying to purify the power of the fresh blood.

After entering the side hall, Li Fuchen scanned it with his consciousness and immediately found an exit. He then skimmed towards the exit.

“This is our territory, where can you escape to?”

‘Fu Chongshan’ had transformed into a tigerman with eyes that were filled with brutality.

Exiting the side hall, the space instantly became wider, allowing the demon spirits to utilize more of their maneuver skills.

As one of the demon spirits was about to catch up to Fan Qianyu, Li Fuchen quickly drew his crossbow and shot the Devil Break Arrow.

The Devil Break Arrow traveled at an extreme speed and instantly penetrated the body of the demon spirit.


This demon spirit was Song Qinghe’s ‘Lu shidi8shidijunior brother (disciple)’. He who was a half human and half beast, pulled out the Devil Break Arrow and snapped it in half.

“What a pity!”

Li Fuchen felt that it was a pity because the Devil Break Arrows could be reused. A portion of the Devil Break crystal’s energy would be depleted with every use, but it could be reused a couple of times. It seemed like he would have to use up all the Devil Break Arrows in this tomb.

Of course, no matter how much of a pity it was, Li Fuchen had no other choice. If he could survive this encounter, it would be most fortunate. He truly didn’t know how he was going to continue hiding from the four demon spirits.

“Am I going to fall here?” Li Fuchen felt extremely unwilling.

It was now, that he could feel how weak he was.

If his abilities were slightly stronger, he might have been able to clash head on with these demon spirits. Among them, only Su Muyu was able to fight against them. Had it not been for their overwhelming numbers, Su Muyu wouldn’t have needed to flee.

If among them was an expert at the same level as Emotionless Sword Xue Feng, he might have been able to fight two demon spirits by himself

If there was a Sword Maniac class expert here, he would be able to deal with four or five demon spirits with ease.

“Ability, everything is about ability. Without ability, it was even hard to advance… My cultivation level is still too low.”

Being at the 2nd level of Earth Realm was an utterly low level.

Li Fuchen relied solely on his insane perception, but there wasn’t enough time for him to develop.

Before his soul spirit turned pale blue, his perception was already on par with a regular 6 star bone frame. His current perception had definitely surpassed a 6 star bone frame. As long as he had enough time to grow, he would completely wreck the laws of the East Unicorn Continent.

“Was it a good or bad thing to venture out so early to temper myself?”

Li Fuchen began to doubt his own choice.

Laughing wryly, Li Fuchen shook his head and actually doubted himself.

It seemed like his own heart wasn’t strong enough. He used to be able to confront such matters casually because he didn’t have enough experiences and didn’t know of the dangers.

A training trip would provide him with sufficient experience, but also the same amount of dangers at the same time.

“That’s right, the poison pill!”

Li Fuchen recalled that there were a few poison pills in the storage bag he got from the Silver Cloth Sect’s Liu Guangfeng.

The poison pill was a special type of pill that wasn’t used for assistance in one’s cultivation, it was instead used to deal with one’s enemy.

Li Fuchen didn’t dare to use it against Fu Chongshan because he was afraid he might be inflicted with the poison too.

Unless he was in a life and death danger, he didn’t intend to use the poison pill.

He could care less now.

Retrieving a poison pill, Li Fuchen poured his qi into the pill and tossed it towards the pursuing ‘Fu Chongshan’.


As the poison pill exploded, a large amount of poison gas spreaded out.

After merely inhaling a trace of poison gas, Li Fuchen could feel his head spinning dizzily. He consumed an antidote and said to the others, “Quickly consume an antidote.”

Hearing his advice, the others quickly took out their respective antidotes and consumed it.

The speed of how the poison gas spreaded was rather quick. All four of the demon spirits were infected with the poison gas.

Especially ‘Fu Chongshan’ he who let down his guard, he inhaled a huge amount of poison gas and there was an instant effect.

Perceptibly, the speed of the four demon spirits became slower.

“It is effective.” Li Fuchen’s eyes lit up.

No matter if it were a martial artist or demonic beasts, they were all afraid of poison.

Except for those demonic beasts which already had poison attributes.

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After pondering for a moment, Li Fuchen tossed out two more poison pills.

A red and blue colored poison gas diffused, causing the demon spirits’ faces to be covered in dirt. All of them had their movement speed decreased while they tried to avoid the poison gas.

Using this opportunity, the five of them swiftly entered a hall made of rocks.


As the five of them entered the hall made of rocks, they quickly pressed a mechanism which caused a huge rock door to close.

Pant pant pant!

The five of them were panting in big breaths.

“Li Fuchen, it is all thanks to your poison pills.” Fan Qiansong’s heart had a lingering fear.

Li Fuchen said, “I just happened to recall I had some.”


Outside of the stone door, an intense banging sound could be heard.

The ones banging on the door were ‘Gao shidi’ and ‘Xu Heishan’. One of them was a snake type demon spirit and the other was a venomous heloderma demon spirit. Both of which had some immunity to poison. Had it not been for their hosts’ body, they wouldn’t have had to fear these poison gases at all.

But right now, their current bodies were still rather weak against the poison gas.

“What should we do now?” Fan Qianyu asked.

Li Fuchen replied, “There is no other way. We can only act as per the circumstances.”

It wasn’t possible to exit from there, that was a path to death.

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But if they did not exit, they could do nothing but wait.

On the side, Su Muyu sat cross-legged as she intended to research her recently obtained secret technique. If she was able to achieve a certain level, there might just be a way to escape.

Fan Qiansong proposed, “Everyone has their storage bags which are stocked up with rations. Why not just go into seclusion here?”

In the inheritance grand hall, he obtained a 5 star secret technique and wanted to use this chance to analyze it.

“This is the only thing we can do now.” Wei Shanhe and Fan Qianyu nodded.

As for Li Fuchen, he had no intention to comprehend the Incomplete Sword Essence Chapter. He wanted to see if he could breakthrough to the 3rd level of the Earth Realm.

When he took the storage bags from Liu Guangfeng and Xu Heishan, there were plenty of useful items that had its uses towards cultivation purposes.

Just like this, everyone claimed their own section and began to either cultivate or comprehend.

In the southeast corner, Li Fuchen took out two storage bags. They were the bags of Liu Guangfeng and Xu Heishan.

“This is the Golden Wind Jade Dew Flower. It can help increase my heart’s strength.”

“This is the Spirit Wind Herb, it can help to increase my cultivation speed.”

“This is the mystic class mid-tier pill, Hundred Flower Pill. It can nourish my dantian.”

Li Fuchen took out everything that was beneficial towards his cultivation and sorted it out.

Finally, Li Fuchen retrieved an Earth Shattering Fruit from his own storage bag.

He had specifically left this Earth Shattering Fruit for himself.

The first Earth Shattering Fruit had a 100% chance of assisting the consumer to breakthrough. The second one who only allowed the consumer to have around a 10% or 20% chance to breakthrough. The chances might not be high, but when complemented by other items, Li Fuchen felt that there was a good chance.

Taking in a deep breath, Li Fuchen consumed the Spirit Wind Herb and began to circulate the True Inferno Technique.

As the medicinal effects of the Spirit Wind Herb diffused, Li Fuchen felt his body developing this hunger. His cultivation speed was much faster than normal.

After he fully absorbed the Spirit Wind Herb, Li Fuchen consumed the Golden Wind Jade Dew Flower and the Hundred Flower Pill.

Finally, Li Fuchen consumed the Earth Shattering Fruit.

As the Earth Shattering Fruit entered his stomach, a boundless essence force exploded within.

This essence force was extremely pure and didn’t need any refinement. Li Fuchen only had one thing to do, and that was to breakthrough to the 3rd level of the Earth Realm.

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