Chapter 217: Third Level of Earth Shattering Realm

While in the Earth Realm, each level was much more difficult to advance to than the next. Even for direct disciples, a single increase in level would take at least a year. Those that could increase their levels within a year, would either be those elite 5 star bone frames or 6 star bone frame disciples.

Of course, there were always exceptions. With fated encounters, one could swiftly increase one’s cultivation level.

Such as obtaining rare herbs like the Earth Shattering Fruit or gaining access to hidden domains like the Star Road Hidden Domain. All of which allowed for a martial artist to advance in cultivation level quickly.

In just a short period of time, Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist’s body contained various medicinal effects and they were all complementing each other to assist in Li Fuchen’s breakthrough.

The feeling was like multiple big fish dragging Li Fuchen like a small boat against the currents. Going in the opposite direction of the currents and forcefully breaking through.

From the peak state of the 2nd level of the Earth Realm, to the extreme limit of the 2nd level of the Earth Realm.

Once he reached the extreme limit of the 2nd level of the Earth Realm, Li Fuchen felt the existence of a bottleneck.

This bottleneck acted like a lock, which sealed up the pathway to ascension for Li Fuchen.

If he wanted to open this lock, he would either need the key or slash it apart.

Li Fuchen chose the latter option.

The former option was to go with the flow and breakthrough naturally. But it was obvious that he was currently now going with the flow.

His qi and heart transformed into a razor sharp blade, hacking at the lock.

There were cracks gradually forming on the lock.

Unknown as to how much time had passed, the various assistance from the herbs were depleted but the lock had not broken yet.

Li Fuchen only had one thought in his mind now, that was to break the lock. He ignored everything else.

Clang! Clang! Clang!

As his qi and heart fused with high affinity, the blade became sharper and sharper.

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A bolt of lightning shot into the lock and broke it.

At this moment, Li Fuchen’s inner qi was running rampant and howling. Li Fuchen didn’t dare to be complacent, he quickly swallowed a yellow class peak-tier pill and replenished himself with the sufficient qi required for the 3rd level of the Earth Realm.

After all, this wasn’t the Hundred Herbs Hidden Domain, there wasn’t such a condensed amount of heaven and earth energy here. He had to rely on qi replenishing pills to quickly fill up his empty volume of qi.

When Li Fuchen broke through, everyone felt the blazing qi wave.

“He broke through?” Su Muyu opened her eyes and looked over.

Among everyone here, Li Fuchen was the only one that she approved of and there weren’t many people that she approved of.

There were just a few of them within the entire East Unicorn Continent.

“This is good. With his current ability, he should be able to withstand the strength of a single demon spirit.”

As someone that she approved of, Su Muyu naturally didn’t treat Li Fuchen as a regular individual.

People of their class would have a drastic increase in strength after each breakthrough in cultivation level.

When a regular Earth Realm martial artist advanced a level, their ability would increase by one.

A silver class direct disciple would have an ability increase of two.

A gold class direct disciple would have an ability increase of three.

Whereas for elite prodigies of their class, they would at least have an ability increase of four.

This was the difference.

Closing her eyes, Su Muyu continued to analyze her recently obtained 6 star secret technique.

“This is great. Li Fuchen broke through!” Fan Qiansong and Fan Qianyu were extremely delighted.

In their eyes, Li Fuchen was an absolutely insane existence. And when they advanced in a level, it wasn’t like regular martial artists advancing in a level.

They were rather curious as to what level of strength Li Fuchen’s ability had reached.


Exhaling a breath of blaze, Li Fuchen gradually opened his eyes.

“Finally, the 3rd level of the Earth Realm.”

Li Fuchen could feel the surging power within his body but his heart was extremely calm.

When his cultivation level advanced to the 3rd level of the Earth Realm, his ability increased by a huge gap. He was confident that if he was to meet another Fu Chongshan, he would be able to go head on against that level of an opponent.

When Li Fuchen’s cultivation level advanced, not only did his physical strength increase, his body reaction, speed, and various attributes increased as well.

“But this shouldn’t be enough to deal with a demon spirit. I can at best go even with one.”

The ability of a demon spirit was strong and it wasn’t inferior to Su Muyu.

Even though he was only one cultivation level lower than Su Muyu, their actual ability was much much further apart, far more than a single cultivation level.

Su Muyu was around the same age as him, 19. But when Su Muyu progressed to the Earth Realm, she might have possibly been younger than Yan Qingwu.

Which also meant that when she was 16 or 17 years old, she had already progressed to the Earth Realm, while Li Fuchen had just progressed to the Earth Realm at the age of 19. There were three years of difference in experience.

Three years was sufficient to achieve many things.

As a 6 star bone frame, three years was sufficient for Su Muyu to advance a long way on the path of martial dao.

At least, Li Fuchen could feel that Su Muyu’s mystic class mid-tier intent was much more abstruse than his mystic class mid-tier sword intent. Even if Li Fuchen was to advance to the 4th level of the Earth Realm now, he still wouldn’t be Su Muyu’s opponent.

The accumulation of experience was much more inferior.

Even if he had a formidable perception, he still required time to accumulate and to breakthrough.

Bang, bang, bang!

The stone door didn’t stop shaking as dust accumulated.

The time that was left for them wasn’t much.

This stone door was after all still a stone door. No matter how firm and sturdy it was, it would still be crushed in due time.

After stabilizing his cultivation, Li Fuchen began to comprehend the 3 star secret technique, the Life Fountain Technique.

The difficulty of the 6 star, Incomplete Sword Essence Chapter was too high. He wasn’t certain that he would have any achievement within this short period of time. If he was to bet on the Incomplete Sword Essence Chapter, why not spend that time on the Life Fountain Technique.

The Life Fountain Technique had the capability to boost one’s life potential and instantly heal a portion of one’s current injuries.

It was extremely useful in a life and death situation. At least he could maintain a healthy condition and would not have a decrease in ability due to certain severe injuries.

The first step in cultivating the Life Fountain Technique was to open up a life fountain.

And the place to open up the life fountain was at the mingmen acupoint of the body.
(TL note: Mingmen Acupoint is also known as the gate of vitality)

The mingmen acupoint was one of the human body’s root acupoints. It contained one’s innate life essence, representing one’s innate life span and life energy.

One could nourish the body to extend one’s life span and increase the capacity of one’s life energy. But it was extremely difficult to increase one’s innate life span and life energy.

Only extremely rare herbs were able to increase one’s innate life essence.

Once one’s innate life essence was depleted, it would become useless to try and nourish it afterward.

The purpose of opening the life fountain at the mingmen acupoint was to activate the innate life essence and enable instant recovery.

Which was meant to say that every time Li Fuchen activated the Life Fountain Technique, he would expend a portion of his innate life essence and once it was depleted, Li Fuchen would lose his life.

“This sure is a vicious secret technique.” Li Fuchen raised his brows.

One’s innate life essence was too limited. Only after reaching the Reincarnation Realm could a martial artist increase their own innate life essence.

Before that, one’s innate life essence was a fixed variable. As for those invaluable artifacts which could increase innate life essence, they were much too rare and it was something one could only wish to find.

One had to be careful when opening up a life fountain. Any mishaps would cause innate life essence to leak out and the user’s life would be endangered.

After spending three days, Li Fuchen finally opened up his life fountain.

“Although it was a risk, it was rather fast to cultivate and wasn’t as time consuming as the Primary Clear Hand.”

After opening the life fountain, the Life Fountain Technique was now at the entry rank, the latter stages were dependant on how many more injuries the cultivator could heal in an instant.

Once at the completion rank, it was estimated to be able to heal the body to perfect condition, but the prerequisites were to have sufficient innate life essence.

Boom, boom, boom!

The stone door was much more sturdy than they imagined, it has been several days and there wasn’t a single crack yet.

“The Heaven and Earth Evergreen Technique has a total of seven ranks. Although I am only at the first rank, it has already helped increase my ability by a whole notch.” Within these few days, Su Muyu used her incredible perception from the 6 star bone frame and finally comprehended the surface knowledge of the 6 star secret technique, Heaven and Earth Evergreen Technique.


The stone door shook like never before and a crack began to extend.

On the outside of the door, ‘Li Wuxue’ whose eyes were flushed with redness, slammed the stone door.

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