Chapter 218: Tomb Master?

After absorbing Song Qinghe’s blood essence ‘Li Wuxue’s’ ability increased drastically. A single strike was able to instantly create a crack on the stone door which had remained sturdy for days.


‘Li Wuxue’ slammed on the stone door again.

The crevices on the stone door had now split into the three.

“Not good. The stone door is about to be split open!” Fan Qianyu exclaimed.

Once the stone door was shattered, they would have nowhere to run to and would had to fight against the demon spirits.

But could they defeat the demon spirits?

Standing up, Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist looked at Su Muyu and the rest and said, “I have a method to instantly eliminate half of the demon spirits. If we are lucky, we might even be able to eliminate all of them?”

“What method?”

Hearing Li Fuchen’s statement, Su Muyu displayed an expression of surprise.

The demon spirits had such dominant abilities. She didn’t even have any certainty that she, herself could kill one demon spirit. Yet, Li Fuchen actually had a method to eliminate all of them?

Li Fuchen lifted his head and pointed at the giant oil lamp, “The flame above is blood flame from the class 6 demonic beast – Blue Flame Desolated Blood Beast. It shouldn’t have any problem burning a few demon spirits to death.”

When these demon spirits were at their prime, they might not be weaker than the Blue Flame Desolated Blood Beast. But the current demon spirits weren’t at their 100% strength.

“This is the blood flame of the Blue Flame Desolated Blood Beast?”

Su Muyu was tempted. She used her palm to draw out the flame.

Just like Li Fuchen, Su Muyu deployed a layer of qi around the flame and it was instantly burned through without any delay.

“Such a tyrannic flame.”

Everyone gasped.

There was no need to even mention an Earth Realm martial artist, this flame would probably burn a Heaven Realm martial artist to death too.

The flame then automatically got guided back to the oil lamp.

Li Fuchen said, “The instant they enter, we will do everything we can to draw down all the flames. We can only rely on fate in regards to the results.”

“I think this method can work. It is also the only method.” Su Muyu nodded.

Crack! Rumble!

The stone door was finally crushed. ‘Li Wuxue’ and four demon spirits appeared in the visions of everyone.

“Let’s see where you will go running to this time.”

‘Fu Chongsan’ raised his tiger claws and let out a sinister smile.

Standing behind the oil lamps, Li Fuchen and the others looked into each other’s eyes and nodded.


Five great demon spirits shot towards Li Fuchen’s and his group.

“Do it!”

Seeing that the five demon spirits had crossed under the oil lamp, Li Fuchen shouted and extended his hand to draw the flames.

The rest of them did the same thing and drew the flames too.

There were tens of clouds of flames on the lamp and these flames didn’t allow anyone to control it. But with a vacuum effect, the flames dropped off and it was like a rain of fire. The flames fell from above and landed towards ‘Li Wuxue’ and the demon spirits.

“Not good.”

‘Fu Chongsan’ was astonished. He frantically halted his advancement and retreated.

“Ah! No!”

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The demon spirit that possessed the body of “Lu shidi8shidijunior brother (disciple)” was struck by the blue flame. His body instantly combusted into a huge blue flame and in just a few breaths, he turned into dust. Soon after, ‘Xu Heishan’ was struck by the blue flame too, followed by “Gao shidi”.

In just a blink of the eye, three demon spirits had turned into dust.

To be exact, it was their current body that turned into dust. It was unknown whether or not the demon spirit themselves suffered any injuries or even death.

‘Li Wuxue’ moved the fastest and instantly broke away from the rain of fire.

‘Fu Chongsan was slightly slower and got one of his arms struck by the flame. He severed his arm during the crucial moment and survived.

Seeing such a splendid outcome, Su Muyu and the rest let out a breath of relief.

If there were only two demon spirits, they could battle it out.

“Actually using the flame of the Blue Flame Desolated Blood Beast against us!” ‘Fu Chongsan’s’ expression was awfully displeased. After so many years, they had long forgotten that the flame in the halls were actually the blue flames of the Blue Flame Desolated Blood Beast. If not, they wouldn’t have let Li Fuchen and his group have the chance to do such a thing.

“I will deal with ‘Li Wuxue’, the rest of your deal with the other one.” Su Muyu wielded her dark green scythe and activated her secret technique. Her body flashed as she skimmed towards ‘Li Wuxue’.

In their entire group, she was the only one who could barely go against ‘Li Wuxue’ in a solo fight. The rest of them weren’t up to the task.

“Actually dealing with me by yourself?”

‘Li Wuxue’ reached out his horned like textured palm and blocked against the scythe slash from Su Muyu.

“So tough!” Su Muyu’s eyes widened.

Her scythe slash was something even a class 3 high-tier demonic beast couldn’t block against, but ‘Li Wuxue’ withstood it with ease.


Using his right hand to block against Su Muyu’s scythe, ‘Li Wuxue’s’ left hand turned longer into a black spear that penetrated towards Su Muyu’s chest.

Su Muyu was indeed a 6 star bone frame and had comprehended a light body technique intent.

Turning into a shadow, she flew backward.

She looked downwards and saw that a hole was ripped in the chest area of her robes. Her breasts were slightly revealed and it was trickling with fresh blood.

“After consuming Song Qinghe’s blood essence, its ability is now much stronger than the other demon spirits.” Su Muyu thought to herself.

With Su Muyu dealing with ‘Li Wuxue’, Li Fuchen and the rest were rather relaxed.

No matter how strong ‘Fu Chongsan’’s ability was, it was at best on par with Su Muyu. The current Li Fuchen wasn’t any inferior to the original Fu Chongsan, coupled with Fan Qiansong and Wei Shanhe who both had a similar ability level as Fu Chongsan. With the three of working together, they were doing great against ‘Fu Chongsan’ and was slightly oppressing the enemy.

As for Fan Qianyu. She was providing support to the three of them with her steel umbrella. The umbrella was able to guard and attack at the same time, which didn’t put her in much danger.


Right this moment, an unexpected thing happened.

The tip of the umbrella pierced into Fan Qiansong’s back and came out of his chest, causing fresh blood to violent spurt.

Turning around, Fan Qiansong looked at Fan Qianyu and asked while being puzzled, “Sister, you…”

‘Fan Qianyu’ laughed, “Sister? Who is your sister?”

Li Fuchen felt a chill in his heart and exclaimed, “She has been possessed by the demon spirit.”

The thing that Li Fuchen was worried about, had happened. The blue flame of the desolated blood could set fire to the body of demon spirit but it couldn’t harm or eliminate the demon spirit itself.

“Haha, you shall die too.”

Wei Shanhe gave up on attacking ‘Fu Chongshan’ and swung his right hand, sending the dark green whip lashing at Li Fuchen.

Li Fuchen retreated and evaded the whip.

“Wei Shanhe has been possessed too.’ Li Fuchen’s heart sank.

He didn’t know about the process of possessing a body, but he thought that it should be related to one’s spirit willpower. If one’s spirit willpower was weak, they would be easily possessed. Which was why Fan Qianyu and Wei Shanhe were possessed, while he and Fan Qiansong didn’t get possessed.

There was originally only two demon spirits left, but now it was back to four. There was another demon spirit that was waiting for the right chance to strike. The situation now was at the worst.

“What should we do now!”

Li Fuchen pushed his movement maneuvers to the extreme, to evade the attacks from the demon spirit time and again.

Now that his cultivation level was at the third level of the Earth Realm, his light body technique got even better too.

“Find an opportunity to escape.”

The instant Li Fuchen crossed paths with Su Muyu, he heard Su Muyu’s voice in his ear.

Both their light body techniques were formidable and could still somehow handle it at the moment.

With his fist clenched tightly, Li Fuchen was unwilling to do so.

He didn’t want to abandon Fan Qiansong and Fan Qianyu. But right now, he couldn’t even protect himself.


Su Muyu didn’t bother about the rest and with a flash of her body, she skimmed towards the entrance of the hall.


But at this moment, an overwhelmingly intensive evil wind blew in. They could see an indistinct shadow of a tall and huge human.

Su Muyu’s expression was deathly pale as she flew back into the hall.


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The demon spirits all knelt onto the ground and spoke with respect.

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