Chapter 219: Choosing a Host Body


Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist and Su Muyu looked at each other.

If the demon spirits addressed this individual as ‘Master’, then its existence was naturally at a higher level them.

These demon spirits were all class 6 demonic beasts in their past life and to be their master, wouldn’t this individual be at least a class 7 demonic beast or an expert that was at least of the Battle Spirit Realm?

Before they came, they didn’t suspect that there was such an expert and thought that this was a tomb of a Reincarnation Realm martial artist.

If they had known how terrifying this tomb was, they would have definitely considered carefully before recklessly barging in.

A chilly wind howled, which froze their hearts and souls.

Right now, Li Fuchen and Su Muyu were both struggling to move, their muscles were extremely rigid.

“Inability to resist. Is this individual a demon spirit or a master’s true spirit?” Li Fuchen still had a conscious mind.

From what he knew, class 6 demonic beasts could produce demon spirits, while Battle Spirit Realm experts could produce true spirits.

If a soul spirit lost its body, it would dissipate. But after producing a demon spirit or true spirit, the soul spirit could be preserved for a long time and in certain special conditions, it could even be preserved for thousands of years.

Perhaps there was some kind of item that could nourish the demon spirit and true spirit, which allowed these demon or true spirits to survive for countless years.

“How many years has it been, I can’t even remember. This tomb has finally be found by someone.”

In the chilly wind, the human shaped shadow sighed with sorrow. That hoarse and gloomy voice sent shivers all over their bodies.

“Master. With these bodies, we will be able to exit the tomb and relive our glorious lives.” ‘Fu Chongshan’ knelt on the ground and spoke respectfully.

‘Li Wuxue’ said, “All those absolute masters back in the days had been banished or killed. If we are to exit this tomb, we will not need much time to rule the world. There is no one and no forces that can obstruct us. And with the endless supply of resources, the days of us reaching our prime are imminent.”

The human shaped shadow spoke coldly, “Had I not been ganged up, how would I be left in this true spirit state? Fortunately I already had preparations and built a tomb here. Otherwise, with so many years passing, I would have already scattered into the clouds.”

“The two of you, exit from those bodies.” The human shaped shadow gave the orders.

He was obviously talking to ‘Wei Shanhe’ and ‘Fan Qianyu’. As for ‘Li Wuxue’ and ‘Fu Chongshan’, their bodies had already been corroded by demonic qi and was unable to reverse it.

“Yes!” The two demon spirits immediately exited from Wei Shanhe’s and Fan Qianyu’s bodies.

Thud! Thud!

Wei Shanhe and Fan Qianyu fell onto the ground. Both of them had already lost their consciousness.

The boundless chilly wind converged and the human shaped shadow turned into a small light spot, shooting into the middle of Fan Qianyu’s brows.

“4 star bone frame, too inferior. The soul spirit isn’t strong either, not even fit to be chicken ribs.” ‘Fan Qianyu’ opened her mouth and spoke indifferently.

“He is picking a body?” Li Fuchen and Su Muyu were overwhelmed with shock.

The two of them wanted to move, but couldn’t even budge an inch. An unbelievably cold energy had wrapped around their bodies.

The light spot seeped out and skimmed into Wei Shanhe’s head.

“This body is even worst. It is impossible to achieve my prime state with his body. I would only be able to achieve the Battle Spirit Realm.” ‘Wei Shanhe’ frowned and said.

‘Wei Shanhe’ cast his eyes onto Fan Qiansong and the light spot flew over.

“This body is still alright. 5 star bone frame and a rather strong soul spirit. It might be a big difference from my original body, but with the memories from before, it will not be difficult to return to my prime state. But these two other bodies look to be even better. The best is always saved for the last.” ‘Fan Qiansong’ shot a strange glance at Su Muyu and Li Fuchen.

The demon spirits of class 6 demonic beasts normally tried to seize bodies of the weaker martial artists. Those with a strong spirit will was something that they couldn’t seize instantly, and might even be damaged by the spirit will instead. These two individuals’ spirit wills were undoubtedly the strongest among all the tomb invaders, so strong that these demon spirits didn’t even dare to scout ahead.

Li Fuchen’s forehead began to drip with beads of cold sweat.

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In his soul spirit, the golden amulet was revolving violently. It was unprecedented, as though it sensed danger.

“What should I do?” Li Fuchen didn’t want his body to become a host of other true spirits, it was even worse than death.

Although he didn’t know, after his body was seized by the enemy; would his consciousness still exist?

Or would it only be inhibited by the enemy…

But no matter the case, it wasn’t going to be a good thing.

Fan Qiansong fell over and Su Muyu suddenly screamed.

The current Su Muyu didn’t have that calm and indifferent face like before. Her expression was now filled with fear and despair with some traces of struggle.

“Such a formidable bone frame and soul spirit. With my above average true spirit, I actually can’t seize this body immediately. Wonderful, absolutely wonderful.” ‘Su Muyu’ grinned and laughed loudly.

“Don’t think you can just seize my body!” Su Muyu’s eyes revealed an unyielding look and this trace of unyielding will, suppressed her fear and despair.

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“If I am just a true spirit from a Battle Spirit Realm, I might truly be suppressed by you. A pity, I am not.” With time passing, Su Muyu’s expression began to turn dull and the qi presence that belonged to Su Muyu, gradually vanished. A chilly qi presence rose from within.

“Su Muyu. Hurry up and wake up!” At this time, Li Fuchen could finally speak and he yelled with a loud voice.

Su Muyu didn’t have any reaction. After a few breaths, Su Muyu turned to look at Li Fuchen.

“That’s strange, your spirit will seems to be even stronger than hers. But the qi presence from your body isn’t as pure as hers. I am not sure if I should seize your body.” ‘Su Muyu’ seemed to be having some hesitation.

Seizing a body was extremely taxing for a true spirit.

The seizing of a weak spirit will wasn’t much, but the seizing of a strong spirit will like Su Muyu’s, did exhaust a bit of his true spirit. He was worried that if he were to seize Li Fuchen’s body, he might not gain anything and instead suffer, wasting a portion of his true spirit.

After all, spirit will was something that had to be nurtured and didn’t just come along with one’s innate potential.

“Seems like, after countless years, my guts have become weaker. If I don’t try, how will I know if he has a weak aptitude? Perhaps his aptitude is something that I always dreamed of having.” ‘ Su Muyu’ licked her lips and had on these avaricious eyes.


A light spot skimmed out and buried itself into Li Fuchen’s head.

Su Muyu then closed her eyes and fell onto the ground without any consciousness.

The light spot entered into Li Fuchen’s mind and turned back into a human shaped shadow.

Looking at Li Fuchen’s pale blue soul spirit and human shaped shadow trembled, “What class is this soul spirit? Why does it even have a color? Such a splendid qi presence. This soul spirit is much too pure, does it even belong to a human?”

“Get out of my body.”

In the mind, Li Fuchen’s shadow appeared. This was his consciousness.

Compelled by the human shaped shadow, his consciousness took form, something that even Earth and Heaven Realm martial artists couldn’t achieve.

“Ehh. Consciousness taking form, you are indeed a special one.”

The human shaped shadow let out an evil grin, he had yet to scout out Li Fuchen’s bone frame, but just based on Li Fuchen’s soul spirit, he had already decided to forsake Su Muyu’s body and choose this body instead.

With such a formidable soul spirit, he had a feeling that he could even easily surpass his prime without any difficulty.

“Get lost!”

A sword appeared in Li Fuchen’s hands as he slashed at the human shaped shadow.

“Your spirit will is indeed strong, but you cannot deal with me.” The human shaped shadow punched out with his fist and sent Li Fuchen flying.

“Get out!”

Li Fuchen’s spirit will was extremely strong. A strong spirit will meant an extremely condensed consciousness. His form was sent flying, but he skimmed towards the human shaped shadow again. This time, his longsword transformed into countless sword shadows which entrapped the human shaped shadow.

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