Book II – Bandit, Chapter 28 – The Ethereal Ring of Rah

Dessa Chimes and Aiken Moon were a few dozens of meters away from Jodye looking at market stalls and a few storefronts. Dessa was nervously trying on different outfits in a woman’s clothing store, while Aiken watched her in a daze. Dessa was utterly unfamiliar with shopping for herself, but the young master had given her an order to return to him with at least two of the ingredients on his list and a total of ten new outfits for herself. So far, Dessa had only bought two dresses of similar style and brand. As far as the list, she had only managed to locate one ingredient. She was nervous and panicking as she genuinely wasn’t sure which task was more laborious.

“Hey, Dess… do you think that Jupiter kid will really help us get our origin cultivations back?” asked Aiken Moon absentmindedly.

“Do not refer to the young master in such an informal way!” snapped Dessa Chimes, which made Aiken grimace. She was so fierce over this subject every single time, Aiken felt so bitter. However, Dessa just continued, “Also little Aiken, I’ve never had origin cultivation. What is there for me to recover? Everything I currently have in this life was given to me by the young master.”

Aiken felt a headache as he couldn’t argue this point. Jupiter had saved them both from captivity, after all. The two youths continued to peruse stores for ingredients and clothes. Under Aiken’s constant pleading, Dessa finally yielded to buying him some new garments, and even the D-grade combat boots that he liked. These boots would raise the wearer’s speed by 19%, so she thought they were a sound investment. After all, as Aiken said ‘it wasn’t like they couldn’t afford it.’ Jodye raided and robbed nearly everyone whom he attacked, he was rather wealthy by usual standards. Dessa Chimes was currently the sole possessor of 70% of this wealth.

Thinking like this Dessa found herself some D-Grade Combat Anklets that augmented speed by 20%! The storekeeper wanted an exorbitant price for them, but he also wanted to take Dessa on a date. Dessa promised the man she would make the request of her master, and the chump storekeeper gave her an 80% discount.

So far, Dessa Chimes only spent 6.5 Million silver crystal notes, which was equal to 6,500 gold crystal notes, or 6.5 amethyst crystal notes. However, this wasn’t even a small dent in the wealth of silver crystal notes Jodye currently possessed. Dessa alone had over 8 million silver crystal notes. She also saw 15 amethyst crystal notes in the magic pouch Mr. Jupiter had given her. It felt very lavish to spend so openly.

“Oh my! Why is it so cold in this shop?” Dessa Chimes was shivering as she rubbed her arms trying to warm them. Her and Aiken had just ventured into an exciting store at the end of the main road of Black Heart City’s outer district. This store was just beyond 200 meters away from where they left Jodye Trill. The glass of the storefront looked like pink crystals, instantly attracting Dessa’s pretty little attention. However, upon entering, they were greeted with excessively low temperatures. She felt that if even she felt like this, then Aiken especially surely was about to freeze.

“You, girl, are incompatible with the laws in this store. Scram!”




A dark and raspy voice ricocheted and echoed all over the store. Dessa looked around apprehensively but couldn’t find anyone. However, just because Dessa couldn’t see anyone, did that also mean that Autumn Saver didn’t find anyone either?

Of course not.

“This shop has a powerful artifact, and there’s a great amount of divine energy. There’s probably a natural treasure! There’s a formation on the door that prevents any aura from leaking out,” Autumn Saver told Dessa telepathically.

“Okay, maybe we should leave,” Dessa Chimes couldn’t take the cold any longer, it felt like it was licking her bones. However, when she turned around to leave the way they came she was shocked to see Aiken Moon was walking around the store looking totally relaxed. It was as if it wasn’t cold in here at all, and he never heard that command to leave.

In fact, Aiken honestly didn’t feel the low temperature. He also didn’t experience any dismissal. Instead, he felt great, like his strength was somehow improving a visible rate. “Wow, I wonder what this place is. It feels so amazing in here! Did you say something Dess?”

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“You… little Aiken didn’t you hear that voice?” asked Dessa timidly.

“Hm? Voice?” Aiken Moon was caught off guard. “What voice are you talking about?”

Before Dessa could explain, a hunched-over old man wearing black robes appeared in-between them like magic. His back was facing Dessa as he looked Aiken Moon in his dark brown eyes. This look was so deep it made Aiken feel completely naked and exposed.

“Uhm… greetings senior. My apologies if we have disturbed you, we were just leaving. I bid you ado,” Aiken performed a junior’s bow and then shot towards the door as fast as his little legs would carry him.

“Ai…” the old man’s raspy sigh echoed throughout the room. He raised his finger as a look of reluctance flashed across his face. “Only a bit lacking in demeanor and talent but… perhaps we must choose you… hm?”

Aiken Moon had actually stopped on his own, staring at the crystal glass surrounding the entrance. Dessa Chimes gasped, as she too was startled, but she immediately walked towards the exit. At some point, words had been written in hieroglyphics that seemed drawn by hand in the frost on the crystal windows.

It said simply, ‘Return to me immediately. Oh, and bring the boy!’

The old man stared dumbfounded at the message for a long time baffled and didn’t even realize the two children had already left his store. “What a powerful soul force… I didn’t even notice its presence at all. But just who?”


— Meanwhile, back at the pub.

“Holy… did you see what that kid did to Rocku?”

“One punch! Only one! I can still see some teeth on the ground.”

“Wasn’t that Rocku? General Murphy’s blood cousin?”

“General Murphy is going to flip when he hears about this.”

“Yeah, these guys are definitely too impulsive.”

Neither Jodye Trill nor Uncle Sigma was concerned with the discussions surrounding them, they were discussing medicine and Jodye’s adventure so far. At least, this was their conversation out loud. Via telepathy, they were discussing alchemy and comparing elixir knowledge. Later, Jodye told Sigma a bit about himself in exchange for the secrets Sigma had been hiding as well.

After a while, Jodye paused their mental conversation to write a message in the frost of a window next to Dessa using his divine sense. Jodye was presently annoyed. This batty girl had ventured a lot further than what he had instructed her to do! What if they encountered trouble, would he even know in time? They were too far for Jodye to even tap them with his divine sense, as he and Dessa had agreed he would do previously. This forced him to write a message in the frost. Jodye decided he would have to force Dessa to study more.

After he finished, he turned to Uncle Sigma and continued to speak via telepathy, “So that’s why I need to find materials with these properties. If I can’t remove the seals from my two partners out there, they’ll only drag me down. However, how long did it take them both to pick up saint cultivation? They obviously have the talent!”

“All right, kid. If this Moon boy is as talented as you say, I’ll take him as a descendant and you as an apprentice26apprenticeAn apprentice or student is someone who is learning something from a teacher. While the relation is sacred, and there are mutual obligations between the apprentice and the teacher, there is no commitment between them. A disciple40discipleone who accepts the knowledge of and assists in spreading the doctrines of another, taking them as a master., on the other hand, has committed himself to the master, and the art of his master. The disciple has committed to entering and mastering a secret branch of knowledge and has requested the master to accept him into the arcane path. The relationship is very sacred and the obligations are binding.,” Sigma Octanis was beginning to enjoy this youngster’s company. He was a really unique character with a certain charisma. Sigma had only seen such charm on peak experts who had formed their own mortal dao. Not just that, but for some reason, Sigma felt something slightly threatening from this boy’s body. This feeling seemed to originate from Sigma’s bloodline itself.

This boy was no mere hero brat.

His background was likely extraordinary!

Sigma found this hard to accept. Plus the boy’s knowledge was robust and profound, it was a true marvel. For this reason, Sigma decided to entertain this child now that destiny had brought them together.

“Oh yeah? What made you change your mind unc?” asked Jodye Trill as he shamelessly insisted on labeling Sigma as his uncle. Sigma had already stopped fighting this and had even subconsciously accepted Jodye as a junior in his heart.

“You have convinced me that you’re background is not necessarily inferior to my own. A brat with your eloquence and style definitely does not originate from these cursed lands,” responded Sigma Octanis matter-of-factually. Jodye felt funny, as he had technically truly originated from this life star. Merely, he had lived once before and encountered one of the most powerful beings in the cosmos during his death. It was impossible for him to be compared to the youths of this planet, curse or no curse. Of course, Sigma didn’t know any of Jodye’s thoughts as he continued, “Not to mention that Ethereal Ring on your hand. Only a superpower from the Prismatic Realms or greater could produce such an item. To have one at your age is simply lavish to the max.”

“Ethereal Ring?” asked Jodye Trill confused. However, several memories soon flooded his mind, quickly answering his question.

“You mean you don’t know?” Uncle Sigma thought it was funny that this kid seemed to know so much and so little all at the same time. Who was he really? Sigma had a great idea, and his gaze suddenly feigned envy, “Ethereal Rings are the best storage devices in this entire universe! You know how spacial artifacts have large spaces inside, yes? Ethereal Rings have their own dimension full of divine energy. In some of them, you can fit an entire world within them! That ring is likely the legacy of your clan. Once you’re powerful enough, you’ll inherit it. It’s truly a pity that such a weak boy has such a priceless item… well, at any rate, I believe your mother is likely more impressive than myself now.”

Jodye suddenly felt chilled. He had been feeling like this was going too well. Could this have been Sigma’s original aim? Sigma was delighted to see Jodye tense up. Now he had spooked this brat something good! However, to Sigma’s disappointment, Jodye’s vigilance suddenly vanished like the wind.

“Ah, so it turns out this was an artifact with a heavenly dimensional pocket. So then, I suppose ownership of this artifact was transferred to me on that day huh?” Jodye Trill thought to himself. He knew from the memories of Jupiter Titan that ethereal artifacts could only exchange ownership under special conditions. You couldn’t use a drop of blood to claim ownership like most artifacts. The ring would literally fuse with the soul force of the host! “So then, what does this ‘Rah’ mean? Could it be my mother’s lineage? A lifeblood legacy?”

After Jodye calmed down, he remembered that any artifact called ethereal can fuse with the owner of its own accord. They had a very minor level of intelligence, but intelligence nonetheless. Such treasures could not be directly stolen. Furthermore, one needed soul consciousness to even interact with an ethereal object. Even if the victim were willing to surrender the item, if the artifact itself were not prepared, then it wouldn’t matter. This was similar to the treasure sword Autumn Saver. When Jodye spoke to Sigma again, he was smiling brilliantly, “So? Do you want it for yourself then?”

Sigma Octanis frowned when he heard this. What a crafty brat, had he been reverse pranked? This kid clearly knew what that ring was! At that moment, Sigma’s eye twitched when he detected two auras rushing this way. Now Sigma wasn’t interested in playing around with Jodye anymore, “Bah, I’m sick of you. Come, let us fetch your little friends before the trouble arrives.”

“Trouble?” asked Jodye curiously. Sigma almost fell down.

“You, brat, do you not remember turning brother Rocku’s face into a pancake? Do you think General Murphy is a soft persimmon? He’ll be here any minute for revenge!” said a skinny man a table near the entrance to the pub. Jodye Trill shot that man a glance, and the man sneered, not avoiding the gaze. His face was as if he was staring at a dead fool. Jodye felt rage build in his gut, so he chose to express himself.

Serenity Beam!

A nearly invisible blue beam of yin powered divine source shot of out Jodye’s right eye and straight into the eyes of the skinny man. This man fell into an illusion where he felt like he was freezing to death while trying to climb the tallest mountain in the world. At the same time, his soul was rapidly frozen as if it had been submerged in pure ice. All movements of the soul flame came to a halt until it was finally snuffed out. The skinny man’s body suddenly shook lightly, before his eyes lost all their light. He fell over lifelessly to the ground in the next instant.

The crowd was immediately terrified.


“Oh my Gaea… did he just… kill a man by looking at him?!”

“Freddy no!! You sick son of a… I mean… ahem, poor Freddy.”

“Even the general may have a hard time with this young man!”

“Not a chance. Didn’t you see what General Murphy did to the last negus brat who tried to swagger in our Black Heart City? He dug his eyes out and fed him to his combat souls.”

“You make a point. Here in our Black Heart City, General Murphy is considered under one man and above ten thousand. Not only that, but he dared to kill Freddy Freddy. When Linda Freddy finds out her son was killed, what do you think will happen? This brat is doomed for sure.

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Even Sigma was dumbfounded. How ruthless! How merciless! This boy was cutthroat and decisive, what a great little warrior! He found himself shocked at the abilities of Jodye. This kid knew such a powerful soul art? If Sigma’s soul force hadn’t broken through during this trip, this kid could potentially trick him into an early grave. Of course, this was if he was caught completely off guard. Otherwise, Jodye wouldn’t be able to hurt him at all. Nonetheless, maybe the kid wasn’t arrogant at all by looking down on the legacy Sigma created.

At least, his legacy wasn’t tyrannical to such an extent. Even if it was one of the top 100 origin arts in the divine universe, it was only the ninety-first rank.

“Nice, kid.” said Sigma with genuine admiration in his voice, before turning to speak to the crowd, “Anyone else got an opinion they wanted to share? We’re all ears?”

Any other opinions?

Not a chance!

This brat who looked no older than 13 had just murdered a man by merely looking at him. No one here understood how such a thing could be possible, minus uncle Sigma who was next to Jodye. Even Sigma would never have imagined he would see a sophomore rank sage performing soul arts. This was crazy!

When he saw no one was willing to speak, or even breathe too loudly, Sigma put his hand on Jodye’s shoulder, and Jodye felt his body jerk before he was suddenly on the main street again.

“Mr. Jupiter!”

Dessa Chimes and Aiken Moon appeared in front of Jodye while he was still attempting to gain his footing. He had only ever moved so fast once in his life, and the last time it was far faster and Jodye never even noticed being moved. This time it hurt a bit and he felt dizzy.

“Where the hell did you two get lost at? If I didn’t have serenity force, I wouldn’t have even been able to find you,” Jodye Trill was frowning as he spoke to his two companions. However, to his shock there was suddenly an old man in black robes standing behind Aiken Moon. Jodye reflexively grabbed Aiken and moved the boy behind himself, before shouting out, “Who are you, old man?

“Oh?” The old man raised a brow at this cheeky brat in front of him but was caught off guard by the light in the boy’s eyes that suggested more strength than the boy’s aura would.

“Cassan, why are you here? Shouldn’t you be guarding the shop?” Sigma Octanis suddenly spoke in a calm voice to the old man, causing the three youths to instantly look at him.

“With such rare seedlings in the city, how could I simply watch them walk away? Who knew you had already found them as well as quite the exceptional one,” said the old man called Cassan. Jodye and his friends were flabbergasted as they looked at the adults that arrived with the opposite party. These two were acquaintances?

However, before Jodye and the gang could inquire about the situation, a loud bellow shook the streets.


Jodye Trill frowned and his rage felt bubbly like someone was shaking a soda can. Titanic rage force momentum rose around his body. He hadn’t expected to be profiled because of his skin even after transmigrating to an entirely different culture. How lame was this? Jodye was suddenly in the mood to slaughter someone.


“What’s going on over there? Is someone fighting?”

“Oh my, is that the new shop owner on the main street? He’s so good looking I could die!”

“Isn’t that the Generals Ian Murphy and Tsukisasu Shin?

“The general brought the mighty Tsukisasu Shin with him? That kid’s done for now!”

“Big fight, there’s going to be a big fight!”

“More like a huge slaughter! These guys are going to regret starting that fight from before.”


“Hey big guy, were you looking for me?” Jodye Trill was actually less than 20 meters behind the guy who just bellowed outside of the pub with his lackeys in tow.

This man was nearly seven feet tall and had a very robust build. He and the companion at his side were wearing black combat raiments with the exact same design, a five-colored ibis. He looked stern and militant like a domineering leader. Jodye realized right away that this must be that General Murphy that the dead guy, Freddy Freddy, had mentioned. Standing next to General Murphy was another man, more than a head shorter, who stood as straight as a sword. He had a sharp, noble, and calm atmosphere around him, like a sheathed blade.

Jodye Trill felt more intimidated by the man next to the general than by the general himself. He didn’t really place General Murphy in his eyes, but this other guy was indeed a little scary.

However, what really upset Jodye was that these guys didn’t even have white skin. General Murphy wasn’t more than two shades lighter than Jodye himself! Was there more that could identify someone as a negus than just their skin color? Or was this guy only an idiot?

Was it self hate?

Jodye sent over his divine energy and discovered the approximate cultivation base of the crowd of opponents through their energy fluctuations. Both of these men were at the peak of the True Saint realm, whereas the five or so subordinates that were with them were all early to mid-True Saint realm saint path experts with one Earth Science realm sage path expert. Merely, the man next to the general seemed to be far stronger than just a peak of the True Saint realm expert. He gave Jodye a very dangerous feeling.

In fact, Oulan Mercy hadn’t even given Jodye a feeling like this!

Luckily, Jodye had taken the initiative to make a reliable friend.

The brawny General Murphy was slightly startled as he craned his head over his shoulder to see who spoke. Once he saw Jodye, he immediately spun around as khaki force momentum exploded upwards from his body, shouting, “Trying to escape, are you?! Well, it’s useless. Today you will die. Men, slaughter these imbeciles!”

“You should wait, friend. Best not do something you’ll regret.” Sigma Octanis was as calm as water when he spoke in his low voice that easily cut across all other sounds.

“This guy… he looks familiar for some reason.” The man next to General Murphy raised a brow, and his hand lowered slightly towards the magic pouch on his hip. However, his movement paused when he noticed that the old man next to the negus brat had suddenly locked on to his aura. Who were these two hidden experts?

“Regret?” General Murphy laughed heroically, “I, Ian Murphy, will never regret the things I do or the people I kill! You lot have harmed my kin, therefore on behalf of my dear auntie I must slaughter you thoroughly!”

“You’re kin was a spineless fool, who chose the wrong old man to antagonize. My little junior here merely intended to demonstrate some proper manners to the lad. Who knew he was so fragile?” said Uncle Sigma with a handsome smile on his face. Jodye could see some of the women in the crowd swooning. This Sigma was apparently a chick magnet.

“Fra… gile?… Demon..strate…” General Murphy looked dazed briefly before incomparable fury colored his face red! That was his baby cousin for god’s sake! When they rushed Rocku over to his post, he was shocked to see this favored kin of his with a face that was distorted and akin to porridge. He had been killed gruesomely. Ian Murphy would never let this slide, “Men, attack now! Kill, kill, kill!”

All of the general’s subordinates rushed out while launching attacks with their weapons! However, before Jodye could react, he felt a hand on his shoulder that suppressed his movement correctly.

“You be still. Allow this old Sigma to clean them up.” Sigma stepped forward, and incantation runes begin to manifest in the air and gather around him, “Serene Moon, Astral Mirror!”

This blew Jodye’s mind all the way open! To form incantation runes mentally? This was possible? He immediately summoned [Pharaoh’s Law4Lawthe rules and principles that create, govern, and maintain the energies of the universe. When laws come into harmony they form different systems naturally, with as many functions as the laws in harmony. For laws to enter a state of harmony, they must be compatible and have a proper conduit such as a star, or anything with its own unique Origin source law. With a good enough conduit it is possible to make incompatible laws reach a state of harmony, but in such a scenario there is a high chance of the force turning cancerous. The condensation of law energy produces what is known as Force or Qi..] and activated his divine awareness. Cassan’s eyes shined when he saw the boy summon his source artifact and observe Sigma seriously. Cassan had seen such source artifacts before, but he didn’t expect to see one here. It seemed he was currently looking at a true young hero.

“I knew it!” To Jodye Trill’s amazement, he could see Sigma forming incantation runes with his spiritual force. He could cast spells without chanting an incantation out loud! How wicked was that? Jodye had never even considered trying this before, but now that he saw it he realized it was utterly similar to the sorcery of Runic Masters. He felt it wouldn’t be too difficult to understand how to do this. Jodye was determined to perform spells and even curses like this from now on.

He would be able to cast spells using only spirit power like Sigma!

Suddenly, Jodye felt being this man’s apprentice may not be so bad after all. By the time Uncle Sigma took five steps, the incantation runes communicated with the laws of the world to condense a pearly white disc that was shaped like a pink-silver full moon, with a front surface that would often become reflective like a mirror. Every attack fell through the mirror like divers into a pool, however only pure serene energy came out of the other side.

“Woah…” both Jodye Trill and Aiken Moon stared at this scene in awe. So this Sigma was actually so strong? As if they discussed it, both boys looked up in the sky in unison and discovered a sight they wouldn’t soon forget. The origin qi phenomena had formed above Sigma’s head in the form of 1,500 pink-silver marble sized light spheres that formed nine moon diagrams.

“His True Serenity Force alone is at 1,500 BP. He’s not even using his origin energy. Didn’t he say the curse suppressed his strength to less than one-tenth on this planet? So what level is he really?” Jodye Trill was merely impressed. However, Aiken had developed a certain level of worship for this man instantly.

“Mage rank, it’s the mage rank, it must be an expert at the mage rank!” Aiken Moon had stars in his eyes as he watched Sigma absorbing the peaceful energy refined from his opponent’s attacks. Sigma made a face like he disdained the level of this energy, and he suddenly withdrew an orb that absorbed it all for him. Aiken was shocked and just couldn’t understand how such a thing was possible with serenity laws! Jodye Trill was less surprised on the other hand, as he had seen Eureka do something similar and that was on her own. Besides, even if he didn’t quite understand them himself, he at least knew the possibilities of many forces. Comprehension of energy couldn’t be gained by studying the memories of someone else. Every person had to comprehend their own understanding of the world’s truths.

“Is this all that you few can amount too?” As Uncle Sigma spoke more incantation runes formed in the air from his fused magic and soul force. His [Serene Moon, Astral Mirror] suddenly split into six crescent moon blades that sliced through the necks of all the lackeys, causing a downpour of snow made of blood. It was a gory but majestic sight.

Jodye decided that learning how to do this would be his number one priority once he learned more about spells and curses. After all, if it was possible with spell casting, then it was likely possible with curse sealing.

“This…” General Murphy watched his subordinate’s deaths with intense fear in his eyes. He wanted to use these men to gauge the enemies strength, but who would imagine the enemy was so fierce that he would instantly crush them without even revealing his actual competence. How could General Murphy have not seen when this man exposed his 1,500 BP of force strength? This was something that he couldn’t stand up too at all.

He glanced at his partner, only to notice him staring blades at the old man behind the negus brat and two others. This old man was equally unfathomable. General Murphy had assumed them to be akin to mortals before since he couldn’t really sense their pressure, but now he thought differently.

He couldn’t sense them because they far surpassed his level!

He suddenly regretted coming here, “Esteemed sirs, this humble one did not mean to intrude upon your outing. Please, just surrender the negus boy and excuse us.”

“It’s useless, Brother Murphy. They clearly don’t intend to hand him over, or even let us off,” said the handsome man next to General Murphy, an intelligent light flashing in his eyes. He had long black hair tied in a ponytail and thick sword-shaped eyes brows. This man was Tsukisasu Shin!

“Brother Shin, don’t speak nonsense,” General Murphy quickly caught on and tried to use their status to swagger away from this conflict. “We are still the military officials in charge of the outer district. To challenge us is to challenge the might of the Pharaoh King Thoth’s thirteenth army division!”

“Indeed, no one wishes to challenge the prestige of his royal liege, the Pharaoh,” nodded Tsukisasu Shin as if this was a matter of course. He was confident that once these two gentlemen realized they were no longer being targeted, then they would stop resisting. After all, who would be dumb enough to challenge the Pharaoh’s army during martial law for a little junior? “Come with us to answer for your crimes, negus child! Do not implicate your seniors any further.”

“Oh, so it’s the two lieutenant generals assigned to preside over this district by the Pharaoh King Thoth’s thirteenth army division?” Uncle Sigma crossed his arms and nodded as if it all made sense. The two lieutenant generals grinned at each other but frowned the next moment. Did he say, lieutenant? How is it he knew their exact rank? Before they could think further, force momentum rose around Sigma as he continued, “Could it be you two are willing to attack a superior from the tenth division over your junior? Over a mere weakling that was killed in one punch by my own junior? Sounds like grounds for a court-martial. Or perhaps I should just take justice into my own hands?”

“Ten… ten… tenth division? How… ah!” Tsukisasu Shin was startled before true fear donned on his face for the first time! He now realized who this middle-aged man reminded him of! “Heavenly Star, Sigma! You’re the tenth division’s previous Commander, The Eighteenth Star, Sigma Octanis!”

“Commander? Then… then…?” General Murphy was utterly unwilling, but he knew what it meant to be in the presence of a commander, even a former commander such as Sigma. Tsukisasu and himself knelt at nearly the same instant and proclaimed, “Subordinates greet Commander Heavenly Star!”

“Ah, no fun, you guessed it so soon,” Uncle Sigma shrugged, and spoke imperiously. “Alright then, go ahead and scram back to your commander, tell him I’d like to see him.”

“Yes!” both men stood at attention then crossed their chest in salute, before rapidly fleeing in the opposite direction.

“Hmph.” Uncle Sigma grunted as he turned to face Jodye and his friends once more, “So this is the Moon brat, eh? Truly not bad indeed. Fine, kid, you give me this one, and I’ll help you find what you need. You don’t have to worry about his cursed fate seal anymore, Cassan will handle it. I can remove it from your little girlfriend as well.”

“She’s my subordinate, do not insult her rank,” Jodye Trill was calm through this whole ordeal, secretly shocking Cassan who had been scrutinizing him heavily. “You can take the boy, but please remember he is already a member of my camp. If he accepts, then you would automatically become the elder of my camp. As for her… mn, do not worry I will arrange that myself.”

“Hahaha, man I like your style, brat,” Uncle Sigma laughed while patting Jodye on the shoulder roughly. Jodye felt like his shoulder nearly shattered. Sigma turned to Aiken and spoke confidently, “So what say, you boy? How about you worship this old Sigma as your master?”

Surprisingly, Aiken Moon’s glowing eyes suddenly dimmed noticeably as he responded without emotion. “I’m sorry mister but if you truly don’t mind…I’ll pass.”

“Erm…” Jodye Trill was speechless. Was Aiken nuts?

Passed on again!

Poor Sigma!

Even Jodye never predicted such an outcome.

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