Book II – Bandit, Chapter 29 – Capture or Recruit?

Jodye may have similarly rejected Sigma, but that was mainly because he already had a few supreme heritages to acclimate himself too! He temporarily didn’t need another, as that would just be too much. However, Jodye felt that Aiken Moon had absolutely no reason to pass on this opportunity.

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Was the boy daft?

“Um… little Aiken, are you sure you don’t want to consider this a little more?” Dessa Chimes was very nervous due to the sudden shift in the atmosphere. She could tell Mr. Jupiter and the two men were not very pleased with Aiken’s response.

“NO! I can not take another master in this lifetime! No matter what!” yelled Aiken Moon proudly. His little chest was puffed out and everything.

In reality, Aiken had thought that Mr. Jupiter must have rejected this super cool guy because he knew there was a brighter future ahead of himself. Aiken didn’t want to be left behind by this guy the most, so he was going to do the same.

“You’re super awesome Commander Heavenly Star, but my home is in Rodinia! I’m destined to walk a path much bigger than myself! I can not take on a master from the northern motherland, I must cross the starlit forest and oomphf..” Aiken stopped speaking abruptly due to Jodye punching him in the gut.

“Have you not berated me before about how I never asked you where you lived? Did you even ask where this expert originates from?” After Aiken barfed, Jodye grabbed him off the ground and turned to the old man Cassan, “Fix him up, he’ll figure out what’s good for himself later.”

Cassan nodded and disappeared with Aiken in hand. The old man was quite satisfied with the way this boy handled things. Jodye dusted himself off then beckoned Dessa with his hands and introduced her to Sigma, “Uncle Sigma this my Right-Hand, Dessa Chimes. You may as well consider seeing her as seeing me.”

“Hello, little miss Titan, it is a pleasure,” Sigma had finally recovered from the shock of being rejected when he saw Cassan disappear with Aiken. This was a tad bit disgraceful, but the Jupiter kid had already subdued this other child as a follower. Of course, it was Jupiter himself who had the final say in the matter. At any rate, this bold brat was to be his alchemy apprentice26apprenticeAn apprentice or student is someone who is learning something from a teacher. While the relation is sacred, and there are mutual obligations between the apprentice and the teacher, there is no commitment between them. A disciple40discipleone who accepts the knowledge of and assists in spreading the doctrines of another, taking them as a master., on the other hand, has committed himself to the master, and the art of his master. The disciple has committed to entering and mastering a secret branch of knowledge and has requested the master to accept him into the arcane path. The relationship is very sacred and the obligations are binding. now. No one else would know that Jodye too had rejected inheriting his legacy. “All right, now that we’re done with that let us get out of here.”

Sigma withdrew from his sleeve a small disc-like device and threw it on the ground. It lit up, and the space above it distorted like a heat mirage.

“Come, come,” Uncle Sigma beckoned the two youngsters to come closer.

“Is it a portal?” Jodye Trill was not the type to jump into strange distortions of space without being backed into a corner. He had apparently already lost some of his precious youth and flesh to the chaotic streams of space. He did not intend to repeat this anytime soon, especially not in the absence of his guardians.

“No, it’s mustard. Of course, it’s a damn portal, now get your ass in it,” Sigma Octanis was no longer polite as he waved his hand and an irresistible suction force pulled Jodye and Dessa into his arms as he jumped in the portal and disappeared with a bloop.



— Meanwhile in the Black Heart City’s Middle District…

“…and the worst of it is he was just as strong as in the past. Those rumors of his injuries must be false, how could an injured Mage at the Perfected Silver Rank deal with so many True Saints so easily?” Ian Murphy was down on one knee before a tall and mighty looking middle-aged man wearing C-grade battle saint armor. He looked fierce and imposing in that dazzling silver and white armor. This man was playing with his goatee as he stood in front of a window overlooking the city. Ian Murphy couldn’t help but be respectful in front of this man, who was superior for them. The Commander of the Pharaoh King of the South Ward’s thirteenth army division, Prop Uganda.

“He was strong, commander, but I do not believe that I am weaker,” interjected Tsukisasu Shin, his following words laced with bloodthirstiness, “Just give the order and they’ll be wiped out to the last.”

“No! You will not touch that negus boy, who knows what background he had if it was able to make that villain Sigma act like a loyal watchdog. I will not have you making the same mistake as you made with Shaunda!” Said Commander Uganda.


Right at this moment, a pretty maid with smooth light brown skin who was cleaning up this main hall alone during their meeting dropped a glass on the ground, breaking it into pieces. Ian Murphy looked disgusted as he started kicking her in the bum, making the girl scream in pain and fear, “Trash! Clean this s*** up!”

The maid let out a yelp and then scurried to clean all the glass.

“Tsuki, this kid’s a talent. Leak the old rumors about that old dog Cassan, and then pick the right moment to recruit the kid,” Commander Uganda ignored the previous commotion since his subordinate had already taken action.

“Recruit?” Tsukisasu made a face like he had just swallowed a fly, “Commander, with all due respect this child is a scourge! He’s lawless and violent, we don’t need to give him real status or power!”

“Shut the f*** up and do what I told you to do, numbnuts! Do we pay you to think or act on my behalf?” Commander Uganda was furious at being denied. The word he hated the most was ‘no’ if he was speaking to a subordinate. This was a word worthy of his bloodthirst. He would have killed any other subordinate for disobeying him, including General Murphy. In fact, some days he prayed that Murphy would dare to disrespect him.

Unfortunately, Commander Prop Uganda simply couldn’t bring himself to harm this gem in human form named Tsukisasu, “Do you think someone who would commit such open and lawless violence is from a normal background? There are certain to be more than those two experts guarding him. No, I believe that Commander Heavenly Star knows this kid’s background and chose to curry favor. Or perhaps, retaliation is what Sigma aims for us to do! It could easily become a situation where he wouldn’t even need to wipe us out, it would be done for him!”

Commander Uganda felt like he had seen through this entire situation, and suddenly grew complacent, “Hmph, this Sigma is a crafty fox. Luckily he has already fallen out with our Pharaoh King. We cannot touch him, but he cannot swagger either. Tsukisasu, stop delaying and go win the boy over to our camp. We won’t let someone with no status in this city gain all the hidden benefits.”

“Commander I…” Tsukisasu wore a pained expression on his face that made it seem like the commander had just asked him to eat his own children.

“Enough of all this negus hatred b*******! Do you know who controls this world? Who is truly in power? Do you know what percentage of those groups are negus warriors? Your narrow-minded views will leave you with a life of mediocrity!” Commander Prop Uganda had lost track of how many times he had repeated this to Tsukisasu. When Tsukisasu was merely four years old, his father was murdered, and his mother violated to death right in front of his eyes.

The culprits were voodoo priests of negus descent.

His hatred towards these brown skin heroes could be imagined.

“Yes, Commander,” Tsukisasu Shin wore a stoic face. He knew that the commander was only speaking these words to him out of concern. However, how could this hatred be so easily abated? He had seen plenty of arrogant and perverse acts from these individuals, the negus. Thus, Tsukisasu was convinced they were a plague. Due to his bias, he didn’t realize the truth that he was more arrogant than most and his best friend Ian Murphy was not only arrogant but also perverse to the max.

Ian Murphy had frequently caused other children to relive Tsukisasu’s experience, as he violated the wives of his enemies after eliminating them. Tsukisasu was disgusted by this at first, but in the end, he participated in and even started to relish in it as long as the targets were negus.

Hurt people always hurt people.

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“Enough. Both of you are dismissed, leave. Tsuki, I’ll be expecting good news from you. As for that old dog Sigma, I’ll pay him a visit all right, hmph,” a cold light flashed in Commander Prop Uganda’s eyes, “General Murphy, go interview some more ‘new recruits’ for our special project. I’ll send Tsuki to accompany you shortly.”

“Yes, commander.” Both men responded in unison then turned around and departed together.

“Tch,” the Division Thirteen Commander sucked his teeth and glanced at the maid who was sweeping up broken glass, giving her another command before turning to leave, “I am feeling bored. Come serve your father, I, once this mess is clean.”

The maid blushed and revealed a seductive glare, which the commander answered with a smile as he swaggered away. However, the maid immediately frowned behind his back as she took out a serene sound stone the size of a coin. She muttered an incantation and cast a sound isolation barrier around herself.

“Reporting to Mistress Desert Fury, I have confirmed that Tsukisasu’s hatred for the negus clan is immense and the commander is already aware of it. He recently had an altercation with a boy of negus descent on the main road. This additional information is enough to tie him to the incidents in the report,” spoke the maid in hushed tones using true essence. “The commander also referenced big sis Shaunda as Tsukisasu’s previous ‘mistake.’ One that the Commander had to clean for him. Forgive this lowly one for speculating, but I am under the impression that the one who did those horrible things to big sister was none other than this man, Tsukisasu Shin!”

The maid put away the serene sound stone and finished her cleaning. Then she steeled herself to be this vile commander’s plaything, as she took out a spherical potion bottle full of a glowing pink essence. She popped the cork, downing it in one go. However, before she could move again, her hip lit up with the pink light of the serene sound crystal. The maid was shocked as she wasn’t usually contacted after a report unless it was an emergency. There only a single response on the sound crystal.

“Operation will begin early. Abort mission and return now!”



Meanwhile, Aiken Moon woke up on the bed of a nicely decorated room, with enchanting materials and arcane devices scattered around. After gathering himself, he noticed a sharp pain in his abdomen.

“For you, young sir.” Cassan’s old hand suddenly appeared before Aiken’s face, holding a B-grade Magic Life pill no less! Instantly recognizing the value of this pill, Aiken snatched it like it would be stolen in the next second and swallowed it immediately. Cassan just smiled dismissively and spoke gently, “Refine the energy in this pill quickly.”

“Why are you so nice to me, mister?” asked Aiken Moon after operated his Azure World Epoch for about ten minutes to refine all the essence in the magic life pill. This refining speed left Cassan rather impressed. Although some of these talents couldn’t be called too amazing, Aiken was a particular case. Cassan knew that without that cursed fate seal, the boy would likely reveal even more talent.

“My liege has been searching for a disciple for a long time. Someone to inherit his legacy while he moved on to complete his life’s most significant mission.” Cassan spoke slow and deliberately, drawing Aiken in slowly, “We do not originate from the same origins as you, nor do we originate from these barren lands that we currently reside in. Instead, our heritage is as deep and profound as the stars themselves. To be frank, you are not even worthy of the position you are being offered. You are merely far more compatible than any youths we have encountered thus far. Thus, you will be granted this boon.”

“But mister Cassan, I already have my life planned out for me back at home. As soon as I return, my father will arrange the very best of what I need,” Aiken Moon replied innocently, “Isn’t it silly to lead on great figures such as yourself? I just wanted to tell the truth!”

“Do you think journeying in this land is so simple? That people are actually so kind as to help, rather than extort you?” Cassan responded simply. He was a bit disappointed by how simple and straightforward this child’s mindset was, as it was in opposition to Cassan’s own personality. But such a character wasn’t necessarily a bad thing, “You will never return home without the strength to make it on your own. You will never obtain such power without proper guidance. You just so happen to have the supreme talent required to practice the Nine Celestial Moons, which means we can provide that power for you in the shortest time possible. Have you thought this all the way through? I will remove the cursed fate seal from you, and let you step in the shop once more. You tell me what you feel then.”

“Wah?” Aiken Moon was still processing everything the old man told him when he heard the end of his words and grew irritated. Cassan’s hands were already glowing white, as rapidly struck Aiken’s chest with the index and middle fingers of both palms. Cassan struck each spiritual meridian eight times before slapped Aiken’s chest with both palms. A shadowy black mist ejected from Aiken’s spine and quickly evaporated amidst the sound of tiny screams.

Aiken Moon dropped to his knees and stared at the ceiling listlessly. However, seconds later his eyes were bursting with joy and light! Milky white qi streams gathered around his body and seeped in endlessly, making Aiken so excited he could melt.

“Origin qi, it’s really origin qi!” Aiken jumped up and down in excitement, “Woah, baby, how I’ve missed you!”

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