Chapter 299: She is the Most Beautiful Sight That He Has Ever Behold (08)

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Si Jing Yu is stunned when she hears that.  She looks at Shi Jin Yan.

Shi Jin Yan’s expression looks mild, but there are traces of sorrow in his eyes that Si Jing Yu fails to see.  He looks at her solemnly, before taking a deep breath, “We have been married for years, I thought you trusted me.”

Si Jing Yu’s heart clenches.  She had trusted him.  Had she not seen it with her own eyes, she would not have tried to end things.

Tears pool in Si Jing Yu’s eyes.  Her mother-in-law suddenly scolds Shi Jin Yan, “Why are you trying to guilt-trip her?  Jing Yu would not have misunderstood you if you did not keep contact with that cheap woman!  I want you to promise me this, Ah Yan; you will fire that woman from your company and you will not see her again!”

Shi Jin Yan hesitates when he hears that.

His hesitation does not escape Si Jing Yu’s sight.  Her heart sinks.

She is such a fool…. What was she even expecting?

She hands the gift that she has prepared to her mother-in-law before smiling, “Since I have given you the gift, I should leave first.  I have a lot of things to do….”

“Jing Yu—-“  Shi Mama’s eyes turn red as tears fall from her eyes.  She turns to Shi Jin Yan, “You wretched child, where is your conscience?  You don’t want your family anymore?  Why can’t you promise me?”

After slapping her son twice, she cannot bear to hit him any longer and simply sits on the ground, wailing, “Why is my life so wretched?  Why did I give birth to such a stubborn child?  I will only acknowledge Jing Yu as my daughter-in-law, that lowly woman should not even dream of stepping foot into my house.  If you really can’t bear to part from her, go and live with her!  You can forget ever having this mother of yours!”

This is not their first time seeing this kind of temper tantrum from her.  Si Jing Yu stares at her, stunned, tears also streaming down her face.

Shi Jin Yan frowns as he loosens his tie impatiently, looking at his unreasonable mother.

(TN:  Really Shi Jin Yan –sideeye-)

He originally wants to say something, but the moment he looks up and sees the tears streaming down Si Jing Yu’s face, the words remain stuck in his throat. 

He purses his lips and clenches his fist, a complicated look flashing in his eyes.

The sound of Shi Mama crying and cursing is grating to Si Jing Yu’s ears.

She exchanges a look with Shi Jin Yan.  Amidst her blurry vision, she sees him opening his mouth before softly but clearly saying, “I promise you, mom.”


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The atmosphere inside the room is quiet and harmonious once again, but none of the four people sitting in front of the table is speaking.

Shi Mama gives Si Jing Yu the big lobster, “Jing Yu, Ah Yan know he is wrong.  Forgive him, okay?  Move back in.”

Si Jing Yu looks at Shi Jin Yan and finds him looking back at her heavily.

All the happiness she felt before suddenly appears before her eyes once again.

Her heart trembles.  Just as she is about to say ‘yes’, the doorbell rings.

Si Jing Yu snaps her head to look at the door; she has a feeling that it is Bai Yue.

The warm atmosphere inside the room turns tense.

As though sensing Si Jing Yu’s thought, Shi Mama glares at Shi Jin Yan, “Let me see who it is.  If it is that fox, do not blame me if I hit her with my slippers!  This is just the right time; explain everything properly to Jing Yu!”

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