Chapter 300: She is the Most Beautiful Thing That He Has Ever Behold (09)

After saying that, Shi Mama walks towards the door.

They are currently in a 3-bedroom apartment that Shi Jin Yan has bought for his parents.  Although the layout is common, the dining area is separated from the main entrance.

Si Jing Yu can hear the sound of her mother-in-law opening the door and Bai Yue greeting her, “Auntie.”

Bai Yue’s voice is soft and gentle, it is clear that she is trying to leave a good impression.

Shi Mama sneers at Bai Yue in contempt, “Why are you so shameless as to……”  Her sentence stop mid-way.

Everything is quiet for a moment, as though the world is momentarily paused.

Then, Si Jing Yu hears the sound of footsteps coming towards them. 

Shi Mama shows up first, appearing bewildered and shocked.

Bai Yue is right behind her, smiling sweetly and gently.  When she looks at Si Jing Yu, her eyes are victorious.

Si Jing Yu frowns.  Just as she wonders why her mother-in-law let Bai Yue in, she sees a little figure following them from behind.

The boy seems to be around 4 years old.  When the boy sees Shi Jin Yan, he calls him, “Dad!”

The boy holds Bai Yue’s hand.

Dad?  That boy’s voice is like a thunderstrike to Si Jing Yu’s ears. She looks at all of them in disbelief.

Ignoring Si Jing Yu’s expression, Bai Yue continues smiling, “Today is his grandmother’s birthday.  I thought he should come and pay his respect.”

After saying that, Bai Yue turns to the boy, “Hurry and greet your grandma.”

That boy laughs, looking like a carbon copy of Shi Jin Yan, “Hello, grandma!  I wish you a long and prosperous life!”

Then, the boy turns to Shi Papa, “Hello, grandpa!”

The boy fishes out a white gold bracelet from his bag and gives it to Shi Mama, “Grandma, I picked this for you!  You must accept it oh!”

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His voice is very sweet-sounding; the entire dining room suddenly feels so lively because of his voice.

Si Jing Yu narrows her eyes as she stands up, looking at the boy who looks so much like Shi Jin Yan in shock.  The porcelain soup spoon falls to the floor with a loud sound, breaking into pieces just like her heart.

Her chest heaves violently as she looks at Shi Jin Yan.

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Shi Jin Yan seems shocked himself, as though he did not expect Bai Yue to come here with the child.  He did not say anything about the boy calling him ‘dad’ though.


The Senior Shi Jin Yan that she liked so much has always been a man of responsibility.  That was why she liked him, back then.

She has always wondered why he would betray her.  Turns out, the reason he is entangled with Bai Yue is because of this child!


That word seems to mean something entirely different to her.  Her heart curls up in pain as she walks to the door in a daze.

Someone suddenly grabs her arm when she reaches the door.

She turns around and finds Shi Jin Yan looking at her with a heavy expression.  His voice seems to tremble as he speaks, “Jing Yu………  We have been married for 2 years, this child….. He was from before that.  Even I didn’t know of his existence.”

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