Chapter 298: She is the Most Beautiful Sight That He Has Ever Behold (07)

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Si Jing Yu’s heart turns warm when she hears her mother-in-law’s voice.  Her tears fall.

Her mother-in-law has compromised her own principle to accommodate Si Jing Yu the way Si Jing Yu did for her.

Her mother-in-law grew up in poverty in the countryside.  She is the type that would bargain over everything, but whenever she buys clothes for Si Jing Yu, she would touch the material first before saying, “My daughter-in-law is from the city,  her taste is high. I will not buy your shirt, the material is really bad.”

And now, her mother-in-law actually bought her lobster.

She can almost imagine a big lobster sitting in the middle of the table, surrounded by other dishes.  Her mother-in-law would slap her father-in-law’s chopstick snappishly before saying, “What are you trying to eat?  You have cheap taste, just eat some vegetables.  They are good for your health.”

Si Jing Yu swallows heavily, “Mom………….”

The voice on the other side of the line stops.  When her mother-in-law speaks again, her voice is choked up as well, “Jing Yu, I know Ah Yan is wrong.  Don’t worry, mom is on your side.  If he really likes the one outside, I will disown him.  Don’t worry, this birthday celebration will only be attended by family members.  Even if that thick-skinned woman comes, mom will hit her with my slipper.  Jing Yu-ah, mom has not seen you for half a year.  Are you abandoning this old woman?”

Si Jing Yu grasps her phone tightly as tears blur her vision.  She relents out of consideration for her mother-in-law, “Alright.”

After ending the phone call, Si Jing Yu turns towards Zhuang Nai Nai. 

Zhuang Nai Nai suddenly feels like she is a spoiled brat who has ruined the situation, “……Jie….”

“Thank you, Nai Nai,” Si Jing Yu smiles at her.  “I was wrong.  My mother-in-law hates her so much, she would never accept her.”

Zhuang Nai Nai is stunned, “Huh?”

So her impulsively answering the phone call and interfering with their marriage has unwittingly solved a misunderstanding?

Does this means that there is nothing really going on between Shi Jin Yan and Bai Yue?

When it comes to Shi Jin Yan, Zhuang Nai Nai has the impression that he is actually a decent man.

This is her so-called womanly intuition.  With that in mind, she starts persuading Si Jing Yu, “Jie, that woman can lie to you once, she can do it again.  Talk this out with brother-in-law.”

Si Jing Yu nods.  She takes a bath and puts on a cheerful dress before taking out the gift that she has prepared beforehand.  Then, she leaves the house.

Zhuang Nai Nai watches her retreating back, secretly happy for her.  She hopes Si Jing Yu will be able to resolve all the misunderstanding with her husband.

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A man that someone like Si Jing Yu likes cannot be bad.  Even if she cannot trust her own sixth sense, she trusts Si Jing Yu’s eyes.

Zhuang Nai Nai sighs as she returns to her room.  She ought to relay this news to Si Zheng Ting.


The Shi Residence,

By the time Si Jing Yu arrives, the dishes are already cold.

Her mother-in-law is very happy to see her.  She warmly greets her at the doorstep and asks her husband to warm the dishes.

Shi Jin Yan offers to carry her bag for her, but she refuses.  Her mother-in-law pulls her over before saying, “Jing Yu-ah, I already asked Ah Yan.  He really has nothing going on with that cheap woman.  Trust him this one time!”

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Sorry, I would trust the husband a lot more if they hadn’t been seen together so many times in so many different places.


Just wow
ZNN is literally retarded
Shes trusting in some womanly intuition when she has literally never been right about anyone or anything
She doesnt know her own husband or have a good intuition about him, she doesnt know her father or mother nor have a good intuition about them
The one she does have intuition about is the one she has literally god damn seen is cheating on her sister in law
Just WOW

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