Chapter 314: That’s My Disciple!

“Stop there!” When he heard Cheng Yu called him someone insignificant, Xin Feng complexion turned ashen as he yelled at Cheng Yu.

“……” Xin Wen was given a scare by it. He immediately stopped but Cheng Yu seem not to be bothered by it and continued walking.

“Looking for death!” When he saw Cheng Yu had actually not placed him in his eyes at all, Xin Feng was immediately infuriated. His Nascent Soul Aura burst out, hoping to force him to stay behind.

Facing such a suppressing pressure, it was like a walk in the park for Cheng Yu as he continued walking with tranquility. But Xin Wen beside him was not able to endure the pressure. He was just a Qi Training Realm cultivator. The pressure was like a mountain suffocating him down.

Hu! Just when Xin Wen was about to kneel onto the ground, a formidable aura burst out from Cheng Yu as well. Xin, We suddenly felt that big mountain on him have seemed to disappear. Although he was baffled about it, he heaved a sigh of relief as he felt a lot more relaxed.

“Eh?……” The aura released by Xin Feng was all oppressed back into his body, causing him to be flabbergasted. The aura he felt on Cheng Yu just now was not any weaker than him. But how is that possible? Cheng Yu was just in the Golden Core Realm. How could he possibly possess such a formidable aura?

After taking another look at Cheng Yu and saw how ordinary and mediocre he was. Adding on, he was just a Golden Core Realm kid. Could that be a misperception?

However, when he saw Cheng Yu was a distance away already, his figure flashed as he stretched out his right hand, grabbing onto Cheng Yu’s shoulder.

Whoosh! Cheng Yu figure flashed as well. Eventually, he turned around and looked at Xin Feng coldly.

“What do you want?” Cheng Yu’s gaze was extremely cold but his tone was extremely serene and it sounded emotionless.

“Hmph! Limitless Palace is not a place you can come in. We don’t welcome you here. Scram for me!” Although he was astonished at how Cheng Yu was able to evade his grab, he still didn’t treat Cheng Yu with any seriousness.

“HA HA! You are Limitless Palace Sect Master?” Cheng Yu enquired with a smile.

“No. As Limitless Palace Core disciple, I have the right to get rid of people who don’t belong here!” How could Xin Feng not understand the underlying meaning behind Cheng Yu’s words?

“Joke. I have always thought Limitless Palace disciples are very smart but unexpectedly there was actually someone so ignorant!” Cheng Yu was infuriated. This person was too opinionated. Could they have been secluded for too long and turned foolish?

“Looking for death! You actually dare to humiliate me! I shall see who’s gonna save you today!” Xin Feng fury rose as the aura on him surged violently. Subsequently, he launched an attack at Cheng Yu.

Cheng Yu seem not to dread of the attack and faced it head-on.

Xin Feng laughed coldly. This person truly not know what is good or bad. A Golden Core Realm actually dare to receive a Nascent Soul Realm attack so arrogantly. He was waiting for the moment Cheng Yu’s bone get destroyed by his punch.

Boom! When both of their fists collided, two formidable turbulent clashed and they were both repelled by it at the same time.

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Xin Feng retreated by 3 steps while Cheng Yu was 5. Furthermore, a stream of blood was flowing down from the corner of his mouth. Cheng Yu was shocked. Such a young Nascent Soul Realm and he seem to have just broken through not long ago was actually stronger than when Yu Fan and Yu Xie combined. If he were to not use his golden core strength, it would be hard for him to gain an advantage.

Seem like the Limitless Palace was full of crouching tiger, hidden dragon. No wonder all those sects were so afraid of Limitless Palace.

However, Xin Feng was even more surprised than Cheng Yu. Originally, he thought the punch of his would have caused Cheng Yu to be severely injured. Unexpectedly, a Golden Core Realm was actually able to receive that punch of his!

Although Cheng Yu had lost out in terms of strength, it was still sufficient to cause others to be astonished.

However, if Xin Feng were to know that Cheng Yu had just had a huge battle with 2 other Nascent Soul expert and was also severely injured in the process who have yet to fully recover, it would be unsure of what he would be feeling.

“No wonder you dare to be so arrogant. Turn out that you do possess some abilities. Just nice, others would not say me bullying the weak then!” Xin Feng withdrew the shock in him and spoke.

“Haha! What a joke! You think just because of this you aren’t bullying the weak?” Cheng Yu mocked.

“Hmph! Less rubbish. I would like to see you this Golden Core Realm is truly able to defend against a Nascent Soul Realm!” Xin Feng harrumphed coldly before making a move on Cheng Yu again.

“Haha! I would also like to see if this Nascent Soul Realm is able to defeat a Golden Core Realm or not!” Cheng Yu mocked before leaping up, attacking as well.

Although Cheng Yu’s injuries had yet to recover, as long as it wasn’t a death battle, it wouldn’t have any influence to it.

Both of them exchanged moves and all of them was extremely quick. When he felt the energy brought forth by Cheng Yu’s attack, Xin Feng was completely in shock. This was simply too inconceivable. After over tens on the exchange, although he had always been holding the advantage, he was still unable to cause any heavy injuries to Cheng Yu.

The long-hidden Xin Wen had already been shocked by the change of events. His face was filled with astonished and envy.

Previously, he already knew that Cheng Yu’s cultivation realm was very high. But because his own cultivation level was too low, he was unable to tell which realm Cheng Yu was in. But listening to the words from both of their speech, he found out that Cheng Yu was actually a Golden Core Realm expert.

However, what caught in by surprised was that Cheng Yu was just a Golden Core expert yet he was able to fight against a Nascent Soul expert. This was simply unbelievable.

He might not know how strong was a Golden Core and Nascent Soul Realm expert was, he does know that for Golden Core expert to breakthrough to Nascent Soul Realm was a qualitative leap.

But now, Cheng Yu was actually able to fight equally against a Nascent Soul expert. How heaven-defying was this?

“What’s going on? Who’s so courageous to fight in the sect so openly!” When 2 Nascent Soul expert exchanged moves, the turbulence it caused was extremely big. Limitless Palace Sect Master Qing Yuanzi was discussing matters with a few other elders when they suddenly felt a huge fluctuation of spiritual qi. They thought it was the sect disciples finding troubles with each other as he spoke in displeasure.

“Let’s go out and take a look! From how the situation looked, both of the fighters possess quite a formidable cultivation.” One of the elders was afraid it was his own disciple creating troubles. He stood up and spoke worriedly.

The sect prohibited disciples fighting one another and also forbid them from killing each other. If there were any conflict between each other, they could solve it in the duel arena.

One after another, they stood up and leave. Only a somewhat sloppy elder stayed behind. That person was Cheng Yu’s teacher, Elder Qing Xu.

In his opinion, he was just an empty vessel elder. There was no disciple under him. Whoever was fighting now would not have any relations with him.

Thinking of this, he couldn’t help but recall the disciple he had met in the Death Forest. He sighed as he was unsure what had happened to his that disciple. Was he still alive? The Death Forest was a place that was filled with danger.

Others would always enter that place with their sect or form a group. Yet, he was unsure if that smelly brat had managed to find a group to join or not. After so many years did he finally manage to find a disciple that suit his requirement. During then, he truly regretted letting him go into the Death Forest. He should have brought him back and nature him. At least wait till he had formed his Golden Core before allowing him to leave.

Every time he recalled this, Qing Xu would always sigh.

“Big senior brother, what’s wrong? When he saw Qing Xu seem to be in worries, Qing Yuanzi enquired in baffled.

Both of them had been brothers for hundred over years. He understood his big senior brother the best. Every time, his senior brother would be unperturbed by any matters. But today, he was actually behaving so worried. It was truly unlike him.

“Aish! Nothing! Let’s go out and have a look as well!” Elder Qing Xu sighed.

When Qing Yuanzi saw Qing Xu sighing, he was unable to make any sense.

When all of the elders walked out from the Limitless Palace Main Hall, the outside was already encircled by full of people and the whole place was filled with discussion.

“Look! Who’s that? Why would he be fighting with Senior Brother Xin Feng?”

“This person is so formidable. He’s actually also a Nascent Soul expert. It’s a pity he seemed to be a bit weaker than Senior Brother Xin Feng.”
“You’re wrong. This person is not a Nascent Soul expert. He’s a Golden Core Realm cultivator!” Another Late Stage Golden Core realm disciple spoke in excitement and admiration.

“What! Golden Core Realm! Senior Brother Xin Yuan, could you have made a mistake? How could a Golden Core Realm be so strong?” This Late Stage Foundation Establishment Realm Cultivator voiced out his suspicion.

“I’m in the Golden Core Realm myself. How could I possibly make a mistake? This person is certainly a genius in the cultivation world for him to be able to fight on equal terms with Nascent Soul Realm. Truly a model of Golden Core Cultivators!” Xin Yuan replied in excitement.

“Ah! There’s such a matter! It’s truly too inconceivable. But who is he? Why would he come here? What if he’s here to provoke our Limitless Palace? I’m afraid he would not be able to make it out alive.” This person was shocked before sighing in pity.

“This person is so handsome. If only he’s also the Limitless Palace disciple. I will certainly dual cultivate with him!” This time, it was a female in the Golden Core Realm who voiced out her thoughts.

“Cheh. Such a heavenly-defying genius would never dual cultivate with him. He should be mine.” Another female disciple beside her also seemed to be infatuated by Cheng Yu.

“Cheh! My Senior Brother Xin Feng is still the best. That person had never once gotten the upper hand!” Another female disciple who had been secretly in love with Xin Feng retorted.

“Guys, look! Even Senior Brother Xin Heng and Senior Sister Xin Yao had come out! Senior Sister Xin Yao is so pretty. Truly my dream girl!”

Suddenly, someone pointed to a man and woman above the sky as his heart was smitten in love.

“Cheh. Is there a need for you to say that? Senior Sister Xin Yao had always been the dream girl of every male disciple in Limitless Palace!” Male disciple voiced out their despise.

“Who is he? Unexpectedly, he possesses such a shocking strength. Just his Golden Core Realm strength, he was able to contest against a Nascent Soul cultivator!” Xin Yao voiced out her concerned.

“This person is truly weird. Xin Feng is also trash. He couldn’t even defeat a Golden Core cultivator.” Xin Heng was extremely dissatisfied with Xin Feng’s performance.

“From my opinion, he seems to have strived his hardest. This person is indeed outstanding. He could be counted as a heavenly-genius person. It’s just unknown he’s under which elder tutelage. If there’s a chance, I hope to have a chat with him.” Xin Yao was extremely curious towards that man.

“Not necessarily. Perhaps, he might have practiced some dissenting sect cultivation method that’s why he’s so bizarre.” When he saw Xin Yao seem to appreciate that man, Xin Heng felt somewhat uncomfortable as he spoke in disdain.

Xin Yao frowned when she heard what he said. She was somewhat displeased with Xin Heng words but she didn’t say anything to him.

“Whose disciple is this? Unexpectedly, he’s this strong! What a hard to come by a genius!” Sect Master Qing Yuanzi walked out and have a look at the situation. He was extremely flabbergasted by it.

“Eh?” Qing Xu who was still immersed in his regret of letting Cheng Yu enter the Death Forest raised his head to take a look at the battle happening between the 2 people. Instantly, his eyes widen in surprise! Subsequently, he shouted out in joy: ”That’s my disciple!”

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