Chapter 313: Entering Limitless Palace!

Cheng Yu hid for three days to recover This time, if it weren’t because he found the god water in the Death Forest, and also with the God’s Awakening passive effect, it would be hard for Cheng Yu to overcome this catastrophe.

However, even so, Cheng Yu still needed a few more days before he would reach his optimal state. When it comes to external injuries, god water would be able to heal it instantly but for internal injuries, regardless of how miraculous the god water was, it was still unable to reach the degree of instant recovery. But the recovery speed of it was already very shockingly and was something unimaginable by others.

In front of such a miraculous object, Cheng Yu could already feel that his pill master title was a joke. Under the heavens, who would be able to refine such a miraculous pill?

After finding the right direction, Cheng Yu flew towards Limitless Palace location. According to the information inside the jade token that was given to him by the old man, Limitless Palace was located in the southwest direction of the Limitless Mountain.

In fact, a lot of people in the cultivation world knew of the Limitless Mountain but none of them was able to find the existence of Limitless Palace there.

Cheng Yu traveled through the night. Only after a whole day did he manage to reach the Limitless Mountain. The mountain looked very lavish and was filled with the smell of spring.

“Sure enough, the spiritual qi here is really out of the ordinary. Indeed a good place to open up a sect here.” Surveying his surroundings, Cheng Yu felt that this place was indeed a great spot.

Unfortunately, Cheng Yu did not have the intention of staying behind. Although the spiritual qi in the secular world is very thin, it was filled with people and was filled with lives.

Honestly speaking, if possible, Cheng Yu truly didn’t wish to start a massacre. But after threading onto this inexhaustible pathway, he knew that his only choice now would be to strive even harder for his future.

“Weird! I have already wandered around this mountain for a round. Why have I not discovered anything yet?” In Cheng Yu’s opinion, the reason why others couldn’t locate the Limitless Palace was because of the restriction and illusion formation being placed here.

However, after Cheng Yu had observed attentively, he realized the formation didn’t have any entrance. This caught him unexpected.

“Seem like I have to execute the method the old man taught me.” After searching for another period of time, Cheng Yu took out his jade token and infused his qi into it.

Suddenly, dazzling white lights was produced from the token before shooting up to the sky. Very quickly, a large memorial arch appeared in the middle of the sky. On it, it illustrated the words “Limitless Palace”.

“Who is it? To have the cheek to intrude into Limitless Palace!” Just when Cheng Yu was startled by the imperious memorial arch, two cultivators appeared below the memorial arch as they stared at Cheng Yu attentively.

The cultivators were only in the Middle Stage of Qi Training Realm. However, he didn’t show any inferiority just because Cheng Yu had higher cultivation than him. In contrast, he appeared to be very imposing and hints of arrogance can be detected from him.

Probably, he felt that although his cultivation level wasn’t high and was just a door-keeper, he was still able to become the door-keeper of one of the finest sect. It was a supreme honor for him.

“As expected from the secluded sect. Even those great sect like Kunlun couldn’t be compared to them.” Cheng Yu praised.

Although the door-keeper cultivation was almost the same as the secular Kunlun door-keeper, just purely the arrogance emitted from the Limitless Palace door-keeper was something Kunlun couldn’t compare to.

“This disciple, I’m Cheng Yu, the disciple of Elder Qing Xu from the blacksmithing hall. I hope junior brother can help me inform this back!” Cheng Yu took out 2 middle-grade treasured artifacts, presenting it to them as he smiled.

“You are the disciple of Elder Qing Xu? How come I have never met you before?” When the 2 disciples saw the middle-grade treasured artifact on Cheng Yu hands, their eyes immediately brighten up. However, they didn’t accept it but enquired vigilantly.

Both of them was baffled. They had clearly not met him before. Furthermore, from a look they could tell Cheng Yu was not from Limitless Palace. However, no ordinary cultivators would be willing to gift out 2 middle-grade treasured artifacts to someone else.

Besides, if he was truly someone from the Limitless Palace, why would he need to gift them any present? Could he be a spy sent from other sects?

“I’m a disciple Elder Qing Xu had accepted outside. Today is my first day here. Therefore, it’s not surprising that you have both not seen me before.” Cheng Yu smiled.
“A disciple he accepted outside?” Both of them was taken aback. Everyone in Limitless Palace knew that Elder Qing Xu has no direct disciples. Although he has lots of disciples under him, they were all just ordinary disciples. Could this person be the first direct disciple of Elder Qing Xu?

Looking at the 2 middle-grade treasured artifacts on Cheng Yu hand, could he really be Elder Qing Xu disciple? Otherwise, why would he be so generous and gift out 2 middle-grade treasured artifacts so casually?

Often, Qi Training Realm cultivators only used original magic artifacts and it wasn’t worthwhile to buy them. However, it was different for a treasured artifact. It was something only Foundation Establishment Realm disciples would possess. Furthermore, they would only receive a low-graded treasured artifact. Thus, it was sufficient to show how precious was this middle-grade treasured artifact was to them!

“Hey! Do you have any proof of identity?” The other disciple sized Cheng Yu before speaking. His tone had clearly turned respectful. If this person in front of them was truly Elder Qing Xu disciple, it would have been too late for them to fawn upon him.

“This…… Not sure if this can be taken as one?” Cheng Yu paused before handing over the jade token to them.

“Direct disciple token?!” When the duo saw the jade token, they immediately cried out.

Not every disciple in Limitless Palace possessed a jade token. Only those disciples who are under the tutelage of an Elder and was their direct disciple would they have the jade token. This was a token of their identity.

“Paying respect to senior brother. Pardon our offense! We plead senior brother to forgive us!” Both of them immediately reacted. They greeted Cheng Yu in both envy and fear.

“2 Junior brothers, you need not to do this. 2 Junior brothers should just keep this 2 artifact! I hope you can help me inform my teacher about my return!” Cheng Yu didn’t know that this token was actually something of importance. Both of them was immediately turned reverent and respectful.

“It’s a must to help senior brother transmit this message. But this……” How could the duo not want the treasured artifact? Never in their dream would they expect someone to gift them such a big present, turning them hesitant.

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“Keep it! If someone were to see it, wouldn’t I have to gift out more of it? You two wish to make me turn bankrupt?” Cheng Yu joked.

“This…… Thank you, senior brother!” Both of them saw Cheng Yu was not faking his intention, they immediately accepted the 2 treasured artifacts.

“Senior brother, since there’s no problem with your identity, there’s not a need for us to transmit the message. I will bring you straight to Extreme Heaven’s Peak!” One of them kept the treasured artifact away and replied passionately.

“I thank junior brother for the trouble then! Here, take it and cultivate properly!” Cheng Yu wasn’t petty with his gift. It was hard for him to bump into two good junior cultivators. Thus, he decided to be a nice man and gift them two bottles of supreme-grade Qi gathering pill.

“Thank you, senior brother! Thank you, senior brother! We will definitely cultivate harder!” Both of them thought that the pills inside the bottle were just some ordinary pills. However, when they opened it, they were taken aback. It was actually filled with supreme-grade Qi gathering pill! They immediately turned emotional.

The pill bottle wasn’t very big. Ordinary one would be able to fit about a hundred pills. To Cheng Yu, this was like a drop in the ocean. But to the duo, it was like a gargantuan bestowment.

What they were consuming now were all low-grade pills. Only when they reached the Foundation Establishment Realm would they have the qualifications to use supreme-grade pills. If they wish to consume them, they could only buy it from the market. But with their strength and savings, how could they possibly buy so many supreme-grade Qi gathering pill to cultivate?

Never had they imagined that today they would actually encounter such a good event. This was simply a gift from heaven. The duo immediately turned even more respectful towards Cheng Yu.

Originally, the other disciple also wished to guide Cheng Yu. However, the mountain entrance still needed someone to keep guard. Thus, although he felt that it was a regret, he still chose to stay behind.

After entering the memorial arch was Cheng Yu able to see the whole situation clearly. The spiritual qi inside was a lot denser than the outside. What even more astonishing was the buildings above the mountain peak. Not only was it majestic and imposing, but every palace was also joined to each other by an immortal-like bridge in an interconnected way. The mountain top was all covered in cloud and mist like a magnificent paradise.

“What’s your name? Is it possible to tell me how are this mountain top divided?” Cheng Yu observed before speaking.

It wasn’t because Cheng Yu had never seen such a beautiful and imposing place before. In the past when Cheng Yu was still in the immortal realm, those big sects there were all extremely stunning. It was just that for him to see such an immortal-like place again had caused a myriad of emotions to arise within him once again.

“Reporting back to senior brother. I’m called Xin Wen. Just now that guy is called Xin Yuan. All the 3rd generation disciples are all bestowed the name Xin. Our Limitless Palace have hundreds over the mountain peak. But there are 6 main one located right in the middle, Wu Ji Peak, it’s also where the sect master is. Surrounding it was Extreme Heaven’s Peak, Extreme Earth Peak, Extreme Yuan Peak, Extreme Cloud Peak, and Extreme Green Peak. These five palaces are all under 5 elders and Elder Qing Xu reside in Extreme Heaven’s Peak.” Xin Wen knew this was the first Cheng Yu came here. Hence, he spoke of the location in detailed and also who lives in those locations.

“Stop there!” Just when Xin Wen was explaining everything to Cheng Yu, a shout echoed out from their back.

“Greetings, Senior Brother Xin Feng!” When Xin Wen turned around and have a look, he immediately became nervous as he greeted.

“Who is he? How can you randomly bring an outsider in?” Aren’t you afraid of being expelled out of the sect?” Xin Feng harrumphed coldly.

Cheng Yu looked at the man. He was about 30 years old. He had well-defined facial features with a tall build. His hair were tied-up, making him look extremely handsome. Furthermore, his cultivation wasn’t low. He was unexpectedly in the Initial Stage of Nascent Soul Realm. Limitless Palace was really not simple. Hearing how Xin Wen addressed him, Cheng Yu knew that this man was also a 3rd generation disciple. Never had he imagined there would actually be such a young expert here.

“Reporting back to Senior Brother Xin Feng. He’s Elder Qing Xu direct disciple, Senior Brother Cheng Yu. I’m about to bring him to Elder Qing Xu.” Xin Wen spoke respectfully.

Although they were similar in the 3rd generation disciple, the difference between them was like heaven and earth. One was the Law Enforcer Elder direct disciple. His status was equivalent to Cheng Yu, extremely noble.

“Elder Qing Xu’s direct disciple? Nonsense! Elder Qing Xu never once accepted disciples. How could there be a direct disciple of his? Most likely he’s a spy sent from other sects!” When he heard Xin Wen words, he was somewhat flabbergasted. But when he saw Cheng Yu was only in the Golden Core Realm, he immediately grew disdained.

It was known in the sect that the requirements Elder Qing Xu looked for to being his direct disciple was extremely harsh. Otherwise, why would he not even have one yet? This person in front of him was only in the Golden Core Realm. Why would Elder Qing Xu even be bothered with him?

From afar, Xin Feng saw Cheng Yu kept on enquiring about stuff. From his point of view, Cheng Yu was here to probe for information.

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“This……” Xin Wen was stuck in a dilemma. He had personally appraised Cheng Yu’s identity token. It would never be wrong. However, Xin Feng was so resolute in his answering. Without a choice, Xin Wen could only look towards Cheng Yu.

“Let’s continue walking! We need not to care about these insignificant people.” When it comes to those who were so overbearing like Xin Feng, Cheng Yu didn’t bother to haggle with them as he brought Xin Wen and left.

“Stop right there!……” Xin Feng complexion turned ashen as he yelled at Cheng Yu.

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