Chapter 312: Lan Ya Had Been Captured!

Huaxia Yunhai City.

As Huaxia’s well-known bustling city, Yunhai City nightscape was magnificently beautiful. Everywhere was lighted in multi-colored lamps. Furthermore, it flickered in a certain rhythm as if it was flickering to a music beat.

“Shi Ji, that scoundrel had left for so long. Could anything have happened to him?” In front of a luxurious villa, 2 absolute beauty alighted from a limousine. One of their body was extremely well-developed as she voiced out her worries.

“Not sure!” Like always, Shi Ji replied coldly. Although she had interacted with these few women for quite a period of time, it still couldn’t change how indifferent she was.

“This damned brat truly make one worry. He said for 3 months. But it has already been 4 months and there’s still no news from him!” Lan Ya had already gotten used to Shi Ji’s attitude. Ever since Cheng Yu left, Lan Ya had been worrying about him.

Among the women, only Lan Ya had the best understanding of cultivators and she was also the earliest to come into contact with them. Although Cheng Yu didn’t tell her where he was heading to, she was able to speculate his destination.

If it wasn’t that place, why would Cheng Yu be uncontactable? It meant that he had already left the region where the phone signal could cover. Furthermore, Cheng Yu was a cultivator. Naturally, she could tell that he had headed towards the cultivation world.

She had no idea how the cultivation world was like but she knew that there were a lot of people like Cheng Yu. It was an extremely dangerous place. Besides, he had already been uncontactable for 4 months. How could she not worry?

“Who!” Just when Lan Ya was about to open up the villa front door, Shi Ji suddenly yelled out as she looked at the darkness.

Whoosh! Whoosh! 2 human figure flew out from the darkness.

“Unexpectedly, there’s actually a Foundation Establishment Realm expert here. Seems like we got careless. Furthermore this woman, she had already cultivated to the Qi Training Realm. Seem like Cheng Yu cares a lot about her!” One of the black gown men spoke.

This two was secular Kunlun Ku Shou and Guo Feng duo. The person who spoke was Guo Feng. Previously, when they had surrounded Cheng Yu, he was the first to exchange moves with Cheng Yu. Ultimately, he lost terribly and even sustained serious injuries. Only after 3 months did he recover from the injuries completely.

He hated Cheng Yu down to his bone. During then, Ning Wushuang was around and he wanted to perform well in front of her to gain a favorable impression. However, Cheng Yu had actually humiliated him.

This time, the cultivation world Kunlun had passed down their order. They wanted them to capture someone important to Cheng Yu back. When Guo Feng heard of it, he was the first to stand out. Although he could not kill them, capturing them was also a way for him to vent his anger.

As for Ku Shou, it was because he had the best understanding of Cheng Yu and also knew what was the true reason behind their dispute. Ultimately, it was because of a woman called Lan Ya. Therefore, the operation this time was done by the two of them.

However, neither of them would have ever imagined that Lan Ya had already reached the Qi Training Realm. Furthermore, there was still a Middle Stage Foundation Establishment Realm cultivator beside her. Regardless, this couldn’t affect their plan. A Middle Stage Foundation Establishment expert could easily be handled by the duo.

“What did you say? Cheng Yu? Where is he now?” Hearing the duo words, Lan Ya immediately got anxious. How come they would know of Cheng Yu? Furthermore, from the way they talked, it seemed like they knew him very well.

“Seems like you really care about him. Then we should have found the right person. As long as you follow us back obediently, we can promise you that you will be able to see him!” Guo Feng was in discontentment. This Cheng Yu actually had such a pretty woman in the secular world. Unfortunately, they couldn’t do anything to her as the cultivation world Kunlun had made it known to them very clearly that they were not supposed to hurt them in any way.

“You two are from Kunlun Sect? Hmph! I will not follow you back.” Lan Ya was very smart. At least she knew that Cheng Yu biggest enemy was the cultivation world Kunlun Sect.

“Hmph! You have no say in this. Elder Ku Shou, which one you want. Choose your pick.” Guo Feng harrumphed coldly.

“I will handle the Foundation Establishment Realm one!” Ku Shou did not want to lose out to Guo Feng. He took the lead and attacked Shi Ji.

Clang! Ku Shou unsheathed his sword and slashed down. Shi Ji seemed to not have a hint of panic as she took out her sword to block it.

“Green Wind Sword?” Ku Shou was startled. She was actually using Kunlun’s Green Wind Sword!

“Hmph!” Shi Ji harrumphed as she attacked as well. The sword she was holding was given to her by Cheng Yu.

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Although Shi Ji was in the Middle Stage of Foundation Establishment Realm, her strength was not any weaker than a Late Stage Foundation Establishment cultivator. This was something Cheng Yu had experienced it first hand. Previously, Cheng Yu was only in the Middle Stage Foundation Establishment Realm when he fought against her and neither sides won.

Guo Feng at the side was shocked upon seeing it. This Cheng Yu was already so abnormal. But unexpectedly, the woman he has was also as abnormal as him and was able to fight someone who was stronger than her. And from the way the battle was advancing, Ku Shou seemed to be at the disadvantage.

The mission this time was sent down from the cultivation world Kunlun Sect Master. If they couldn’t accomplish it, they would be in big trouble. Guo Feng no longer acted so relaxedly as he charged towards Lan Ya.

Even though Lan Ya was already in the Middle Stage of Qi Training Realm, she had never once fought a real battle before. She panicked and was at a loss of what to do.

Clang! Just when Guo Feng reached out his hand and was about to grab hold of Lan Ya, Lan Ya subconsciously raised up her hand to block it. The Purple Wind Chimes on Lan Ya hand suddenly flashed out a ray of purple light, giving Guo Feng a scare as he rapidly retreated.

“Restriction!” Guo Feng was taken aback. He was repelled back by the restriction on the Purple Wind Chimes on Lan Ya hand.

Lan Ya was also confused. She cultivated in the Art of Thousand illusion charm and she did not know how to activate the Purple Wind Chimes. The Purple Wind Chimes was something handed to her by Cheng Yu and was told to always wear it on her. Unexpectedly, it actually has a restriction hidden in it.

Being able to grasp a breather, Lan Ya had also somewhat adapted to the situation. She circulated her qi and started executing the Art of Thousand illusion charm.

Although Guo Feng had been repelled by the Purple Wind Chimes, the restriction couldn’t do much damage to him. After all, the Purple Wind Chimes manufactured by Cheng Yu was just a mortal object. Besides, Cheng Yu have no idea how to smelt artifact. Hence, he could only lay out a restriction within it.

Just when Guo Feng dashed towards Lan Ya once again, he realized that Lan Ya had actually turned somewhat illusionary. There was a few time when he thought that he was about to capture her, she would always suddenly disappear.

“Illusion technique!” Guo Feng was caught by surprise. Cheng Yu seem to really treasure her. Not only did he help her cleanse her marrows, he even arranged a restriction in her accessory as well as teaching her an illusion technique.

Unfortunately, Lan Ya had only cultivated for a short period of time. Adding up, she had only cultivated for about 3~4 months. Besides, Guo Feng was already in the Late Stage of Foundation Establishment Realm. Their disparity was simply too big. When Shi Ji saw Lan Ya was about to be captured by Guo Feng, she immediately appeared in front of Lan Ya, blocking Guo Feng.

Realizing that Lan Ya was being protected by Shi Ji, Guo Feng knew that they had to firstly subdue Shi Ji before they were able to capture Lan Ya.

Momentarily, Guo Feng and Ku Shou joined hands to deal with Shi Ji.

“Hide inside the house first.” Shi Ji was very powerful but with Lan Ya besides her, she was unable to go on the offensive.

Lan Ya knew that the current her was only a burden and would not be able to help out in the battle. Under Shi Ji cover, she hid inside the villa. When she saw how intense the battle was, Lan Ya immediately took out her phone to call the cops. After all, the cops have guns. It should be easy for the cops to deal with the duo.

“We must quickly subdue her and not drag it out for too long.” Although they were holding the advantage, they were still unable to do anything to Shi Ji for a period of time. Ku Shou had already gotten somewhat anxious as he started to quicken his attack.

Countless sword qi flew out as it got deflected to the villa walls, giving Lan Ya a scare.

Shi Ji was a flood dragon but since she had changed into her human form, her defense had clearly become a lot weaker. A few sword qi had slashed onto her, leaving behind a few lines of blood traces.

“You go inside and capture that woman!” When Ku Shou saw Shi Ji was no longer able to resist much longer under the onslaught of their attacks, he immediately shouted out.

Guo Feng also knew that the time is running out. He sent a sword qi over, slashing the gate down ferociously. With a boom, the villa gate immediately collapsed down.

When she saw Guo Feng was about to head into the villa to capture Lan Ya, Shi Ji got extremely anxious. Just when she was about to head over to block Guo Feng, she was obstructed by Ku Shou.

“Ah! Ah!” Lan Ya’s screeching resonated out from the villa. Upon hearing it, Shi Ji got even more anxious. She no longer hesitated and turned back into her original form. A large flood dragon immediately appeared before Ku Shou.

“Demon beast!” Ku Shou was taken aback. Previously, he had not taken notice of it but he finally realized why she was actually so strong.

Boom! After turning back into her original form, Shi Ji’s battle prowess and defense had increased several folds. Those sword qi were no longer able to injure her.

Howl! Shi Ji bellowed in rage. She flung her enormous dragon tail towards Ku Shou.

Boom! Ku Shou was startled as he used his sword to block the attack. However, the whole of him was sent flying as he knocked onto the wall of the villa.

“What’s going on?” Guo Feng was stunned when he pulled Lan Ya out and saw Ku Shou was leaning against the wall. In front of them was actually a Flood Dragon!

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“Ah!” Lan Ya saw Shi Ji was no longer around but a huge snake had appeared before them. She immediately shrieked out.

“Quickly bring her away! I will follow suit later on!” Ku Shou crawled back up and spoke gravely.

“Ok!” Guo Feng also knew the situation had turned for the worse. He quickly brought Lan Ya away with his flying sword.

“Shi Ji save me!” Although she was unsure of what had just happened, Lan Ya was able to guess the huge snake was Shi Ji. Thus, she immediately cried out.

Shi Ji flew up and was about to give chase but got blocked by Ku Shou once again.

“Multicolored beam slash!” Ku Shou roared. The sword on him immediately lighted up in faint red as he cleaved onto Shi Ji.

Bam! Shi Ji had all her attention centralized onto the escaping Guo Feng. Being attacked by Ku Shou unguarded had caused her huge flood dragon body to immediately fell to the ground.

Swoosh! When Shi Ji saw Ku Shou had also escaped, she immediately took out a Shape Shifting Pill, turning herself back into human form before giving chase.
Just after they left, police siren could be heard.

When the police arrived at the scene, they were all stupefied. What just happened? Terrorist attack?

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