Chapter 311: Challenging The Sect!

“Tian Xue, for this period of time, it’s better for you to stay in the sect and not wander outside.” Yu Lingzi spoke.

“Yes, Martial Uncle!” Tian Xue also knew that the situation was no longer looking so optimistic for her. Although she had promised Cheng Yu that she would head over to the secular world to look for him, her mother had still yet to recover. Furthermore, she wasn’t sure if this green clay was actually useful or not.

With those people still rallying in front of their main gate, Tian Xue could only leave the palace hall through the rear exit again.


Meanwhile in Kunlun Sect. In the Main Palace of Kunlun’s Main Peak, the Yunxiao Peak. Yuan Yangzi complexion turned ashen as he sat down on the throne.

“It had already been 3 days. Why is there still no news of Cheng Yu?” Yuan Yangzi looked at the disciples that were trembling with fear below him.

3 days ago, Yu Fan and Yu Xie had returned back to the sect with grave injuries.

“Didn’t the both of you went to search for Cheng Yu? How did you receive such a grave injury? Is there another one that is provoking my Kunlun again?” Yuan Yangzi frowned when he saw both of them.

Could his Kunlun have truly lost its previous prestige? The matter of Cheng Yu had yet to be solved and another one came to provoke them? This person could even injure 2 Nascent Soul expert. Could this person be as powerful or perhaps even stronger than the Nascent Soul Realm?

“Reporting to Sect Master, we discover Cheng Yu in the Green Rain City. Thus, we launch a fight with him. In the end, both sides suffer from grave injuries and Cheng Yu had escaped in the midst of it!” Yu Fan spoke in shame.

Originally, he thought that he alone would be sufficient to deal with a Golden Core Realm cultivator. However, never had he imagined that even with the inclusion of Yu Xie, they were still unable to kill Cheng Yu. Furthermore, both of them was severely injured in the process. What humiliation!

“What! You are saying your injuries are done by Cheng Yu? Isn’t his strength barely hitting the Nascent Soul Realm? Even the 2 of you also couldn’t handle him?” The higher-ups in the sect were all in a shock.
They knew that Cheng Yu’s strength was abnormal, but how abnormal could a Golden Core Ream cultivator be? But for him to even seriously injure 2 Nascent Soul expert was truly an eye-opener to all of them.

“His strength is barely comparable to Nascent Soul Realm. But what so strange about him is that he actually have 6 golden cores. The energy he could bring forth could simply cause us to feel fear. Therefore, ultimately, neither sides had won.” Recalling the 6 dazzling golden cores manifesting itself outside of Cheng Yu body and also countless dragons circling around him, they subconsciously shuddered.

“What! 6 golden cores? Isn’t it suppose to be only 3?” Everyone was astonished once again.

6 golden cores? What kind of concept was this? This wasn’t as simple as having 6 times the strength of a normal Golden Core Cultivator. 6 Golden Core experts manifesting their golden core at the same time was totally different from a person manifesting 6 golden cores at the same time.

“I can confirm that it’s indeed 6 of it.” Yu Xie verified. He had been very proud in the past, but ever since he fought with Cheng Yu, he felt that there was even better genius outside; there’s another sky above heaven.

“Hateful! Is he really our Kunlun bane? Search for me! Since you two are injured to this certain, he shouldn’t be any better, After all, he’s still in the Golden Core Realm. Regardless of how abnormal he might be, he couldn’t be much stronger than both of you two.” Yuan Yangzi was startled. At the same time, he was also in fury.

However, it had already been 3 days and there wasstill no news of Cheng Yu. How could he not be angered? If this continues on, Cheng Yu’s injuries would have recovered. By then, wouldn’t he need to send out even more Initial Stage Nascent Soul Realm or even Middle Stage Nascent Soul Realm cultivators? If that happens, wouldn’t their Kunlun no longer be able to raise their head up high in the cultivation world? This was no longer any simple face-slapping.

“Reporting back to Sect Master. We have already sent out a large number of disciples to search for him but this Cheng Yu had truly hidden really well. It might be very hard to locate him in such a short period of time.” The disciple knelt down and reported in fear.

“Trash! A bunch of trash!” Yuan Yangzi fury rose to its peak. After much difficulty did they manage to severely injure Cheng Yu. Once he was to recover from him, wouldn’t their efforts be all for naught?

“Sect Master, this kid is from Limitless Palace. I’m afraid he had already returned back to the Limitless Palace!” Elder Ping suddenly spoke.

Recalling Cheng Yu was also a disciple from Limitless Palace, Yuan Yangzi grew even more serious. If it was so, this kid might probably hide himself there and not come out forever. Furthermore, it was impossible for him to intrude into Limitless Palace to demand him. This was too infuriating.

“Elders, any idea how should we handle this problem? If this brat were to hide and not come out, wouldn’t we stand a chance to deal with him?” Yuan Yangzi was in a headache.

“Sect Master, that might not be so.” Elder Qing suddenly commented.

“Oh? Does Elder Qing have any means? Perhaps, you can voice it out?” Yuan Yangzi eyes lighted up and hastily replied.

“This Cheng Yu might be the Limitless Palace disciple but don’t forget, he came from the secular world. Cheng Yu can always hide in Limitless Palace but he should have some close friends or relatives outside! We can always capture his loved ones back. By then, would he dare to not come out?” Elder Qing smiled.

“How can we?” Elder Ping was the first to oppose the motion. “We are cultivators. How can we kidnap mortals from the secular world? This is shaming all of the cultivators. Do you want Kunlun to become everyone’s enemy?”

The cultivation world would never deal with secular world matters and the secular world would never know of the existence of the cultivation world. Furthermore, there was a regulation in the cultivation world that they are not supposed to head over to the secular world to create troubles, harming the mortals there.

“Sect Master, although we have captured his loved one, we would not hurt them. We would only use them to deal with Cheng Yu. The current Cheng Yu is maturing too quickly. If we are to not use some extraordinary means, he might possibly affect our Kunlun’s future. He had already declared that he would kill every Kunlun disciples he sees when he was inside the Death Forest. He moved unconstrained and we are still not able to catch him, causing our disciples to fear to head out. In the future, would there still be people who would be willing to join our Kunlun Sect?” Elder Qing replied.

“This…..” Yuan Yangzi was somewhat stirred by the idea. Cheng Yu was too arrogant. Currently, almost everyone knew that Cheng Yu had dared to kill his Kunlun disciple openly. This was completely a declaration of war! In addition, Cheng Yu is maturing too quickly. If this continues on, he might become Kunlun’s worst enemy.

“Sect Master, we must absolutely not do this. Regardless of whatever reason, we must not capture the secular world mortals over. If this were to be made known to the cultivation world, how are we going to explain it to the whole cultivation world? Besides, if Limitless Palace were to know of this, they would certainly interfere in it. By then, not only would we not be able to steal the chicken, we might even end up losing the rice we used to lure it!” Elder Ping noticed the change in Yuan Yangzi face and immediately advised.

Now that Elder Cheng had gone over to Tianshan Sect, Elder Qing had become his replacement. And never would Elder Ping agree to his suggestion.

“Since it’s so, Elder Ping must certainly have an even better idea. How about sharing it with us!” With Elder Ping kept on opposing his idea, Elder Qing was infuriated.

“This….. In my opinion, we might as well settle this issue once and for all? Get Cheng Yu to challenge our sect! This way, not only can we kill Cheng Yu, but Limitless Palace would also not be able to interfere in it!” Elder Ping suggested.

“Joke. According to the rules of challenging a sect, those below 200 years old cultivators would have to participate in it. We currently only have 5 Nascent Soul Realm cultivators who are below 200 years old. Do you think he will be so stupid he send himself to death?” Elder Qing mocked.

Challenging the sect was a universal way made known to the cultivation world for one to settle one’s enmity with a sect. It was actually like a challenge. Although Cheng Yu was very strong, it was impossible for Kunlun to send out Nascent Soul expert to challenge him openly.

Firstly, others might feel that Kunlun was bullying the weak. However, they knew that a Nascent Soul expert would never be able to kill him. Therefore, a one to one challenge would never work out and the other way was challenging the sect.

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After challenging the sect, regardless of whichever side won, the hatred between them would be written off and must no longer continue on with the hunting of each other. Of course, all of this was just on the surface. It was still possible to do so in the secret.

In fact, challenging the sect was a shameless way of writing off one’s hatred. Those below the Nascent Soul Realm will have to battle against all the cultivators who were 200 years old and below. Those below Spirit Severing Realm will have to battle against all cultivators who were 400 years old and below. Behind these challenges, there were many underlying difficulties. In short, the stronger the challenger was, the harder the challenge becomes.

Usually, those who challenged the sect would have at least reached the Nascent Soul Ream. However, Kunlun wanted to get Cheng Yu to challenge them. This was simply asking for his life. Therefore, Elder Qing snorted disdainfully at this suggestion. He would never believe that Cheng Yu would agree to this sort of challenge.

“Correct. The reason why we wanna force him out right now is that he’s currently injured. If we are to wait till he has recovered, 5 Nascent Soul expert might not necessarily be able to kill him.” Yuan Yangzi commented.

If Cheng Yu was willing to accept the challenge, it was naturally the best. But now that Cheng Yu was injured, he would never be willing to accept it. With the speed at Cheng Yu maturing, if he were to ever breakthrough to Late Stage Golden Core Realm, 5 Nascent Soul Realm might not even be able to kill him. When the time comes, even if he were to issue a challenge to the sect, they wouldn’t be able to stop him as well. Therefore, the current situation was really hard to come as an opportunity for them.

“That’s why I said, if Cheng Yu wasn’t willing, we can just force it onto him. As long as we captured his loved one, even if he wasn’t willing, he will have to accept it!” Elder Qing proposed.

“Aren’t you afraid of angering the public?” Elder Ping felt that Cheng Yu would never agree to this challenge.

“We aren’t doing any outrageous act. Cheng Yu had killed so many of our people. We only wanted a chance to settle the dispute between us. How could this be counted as angering the public? At most, we would be shamed by them for a period of time. However, the cultivation world was always controlled by the strong. As long as we killed Cheng Yu, so what if we get shame by them for a period of time? Besides, even our Nascent Soul disciples had also been injured by him. If this were to be transmitted out, wouldn’t we become a joke to others?” Elder Qing voiced out his disapproval.

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Although it was very shameless of them to use someone from the secular world to threaten Cheng Yu, what other means could they possibly do?

“Good! It’s decided then. We must certainly kill Cheng Yu. What Elder Qing said is right. Compared to killing Cheng Yu, so what if we were shamed by others for a short period of time? Besides, killing off Cheng Yu is the best way of no longer needing to worry Limitless Palace interfering with our matters.” Recalling the hatred he had of Cheng Yu, Yuan Yangzi immediately came into a decision.

“Sect Master……”

“You need not to say anymore. This matter is decided! People! Help me send a message over to the secular Kunlun!” Yuan Yangzi yelled.

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