Chapter 310: Besiegement In Tianshan!

Tianzhong stood in front of the hall and narrated the whole situation to them. The elders present were all astonished when they heard the story. It was especially so when they heard how Cheng Yu had killed the 8 Golden Core experts from Kunlun. It was simply too inconceivable.

“So it’s like this. I’m afraid others might not think so. After all, your disciples had appeared from the treasure light in front of so many people.” Actually, Cang Song already knew of all these stuff and the current situation was only tied to Tianshan Sect. The reason he came today was that he didn’t wish that just because they were in an alliance, this problem would also be pushed to him as well.

Once the Tianshan Sect weakened, their Cangling Sect could hold an even greater position in the alliance. Why would Cang Song be against it?

“This you can be relieved. As long as brother Cang Song is willing to assist me, all of it will be fine.” Yu Lingzi spoke.

Actually, his objective was very simple. He just didn’t want Cangling Sect to hit him when he’s down. Otherwise when the time comes, if Cangling Sect were to create additional trouble for him, he would certainly be struggling hard without any support.

“You and I are in an alliance. When we are facing such a problem, my Cangling Sect would naturally face it together with Tianshan Sect.” Cang Song smiled.

“Report to Sect Master. Kunlun Sect Elder Yuan Cheng had brought along a lot of other righteous sect and is making their way here. Currently, they have reached our public square!” This moment, a disciple ran in and reported in, being flustered.

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“Hmph! As expected from Kunlun. I would like to see what can they Kunlun do to me. Would they really dare to trample on my Tianshan head!” Yu Lingzi harrumphed angrily. He stood up and walked out with Cang Song and a few other Tianshan Sect elder behind him.

“Tianshan Sect ignored the righteous dao and colluded with the demonic sects!”

“Tianshan Sect deceived the righteous sect to embezzle the treasures away!”

“Hand over the treasures!”

Yu Lingzi had just walked out from the main hall and he was able to hear cries being echoed over.

“Impudent! Is my Tianshan Sect a place for you to behave so atrociously?” Anger soared from Yu Lingzi heart. He no longer bothered to walk but instantly disappeared from his original spot. Immediately, he appeared before the front of the palace hall.

“Sect Master Yu Lingzi, we are here today not to create troubles or behave atrociously. We are just here to ask for fairness! We plead Sect Master Yu Lingzi to quell his anger!” When Kunlun Yuan Cheng saw Yu Lingzi had shown up, he immediately stood out to greet.

“Elder Yuan Cheng, I don’t know what fairness are you trying to seek but for you to have brought so many other people here to publicly intrude my Tianshan Sect, this is a provocation to our Tianshan Sect. Today, regardless of whatever reason, you are to give me an apology.” The other party was only an elder from Kunlun. As a senior, Yu Lingzi would never place him as an equal.

“Sect Master Lingzi, your words are somewhat excessive. These righteous sects had all came out from the Death Forest. All of us had worked together to discover the treasure was something made known to everyone. However, your Tianshan Sect had purposely concealed it from us and embezzled the treasure yourself. My Kunlun is acting as everyone’s representative. Could it be that I should get back what belongs to theirs?” Hearing how blunt Yu Lingzi was, traces of wrath flashed pass Yuan Cheng eyes as he spoke to everyone.

“Correct! We want to get back what belongs to us!”

“Take it back! Take it back!”

“Hand it over! Hand it over!” A lot of them was afraid of Yu Lingzi but with Kunlun supporting them from the front and also with so many other sects around, their courage grew bigger as they rallied.

“Nonsense. All of you know the facts better than any others. The treasures obtained during training was the cultivator’s opportunity. On what basis are you to say that every treasure a cultivator had found, they must split a portion to everyone else?” Yu Lingzi glared at everyone as he spoke.

“The treasure was discovered by all of us. Hence, we should all get a share!” This moment, a fearless cultivator raised up his voice and cried out.

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“Right! It’s discovered by all of us. Therefore, we should all get a share!” With someone leading them, everyone cheered. Meanwhile, Yuan Cheng had become incomparable complacent at the sidelines.

“You people are simply finding trouble without a valid reason. I advice you all better leave now before I turn impolite!” The aura on Yu Lingzi immediately burst out.

Everyone immediately felt a suppression on them, as if they were about to kneel down. It was so terrifying that they had they retreat a few steps.

“Sect Master Lingzi, these people all came from the different respective sect. Could it be that you wish to offend all of them?” Yuan Cheng also felt the suppression from Yu Lingzi. He was startled. Without delay, he released his aura, forcefully withstanding it as he spoke with difficulty.

“My Tianshan Sect would naturally not offend every single sect here. But if others wish to purposely bully my Tianshan Sect, I would not return good for evil. I hope everyone here can consider it very clearly and not be deceived by some other sect, turning into their scapegoat.” it was impossible for Yu Lingzi to do anything to them. His purpose was to intimidate them.

Otherwise, he might really become the public enemy of everyone.

“Everyone, we suffer untold hardship just to intrude the Death Forest for what? Now that our treasures had all been embezzled away by others, how can we give it up so easily! If Tianshan Sect were to not give us a satisfied reason, we will not return!” Suddenly, a cry resonated throughout the crowd.

“Not returning! Not returning!” Yuan Cheng looked at the crowd and smiled proudly. He wanted to use these people here to tarnish Tianshan Sect reputation. Allowing more people to repel against Tianshan Sect.

“Since it’s so, every one of you can do as you please. I’m not going to keep all of you company!” Yu Lingzi knew that he would not be able to chase them all away. He might as well let them do whatever they want as he brought along his people and left.


“Senior Sister, I seem to hear a lot of people shouting on top of Chuan Ling Peak!” Halfway up Chuan Ling Peak, Tian Xue and Tian Xing duo were making their way back.

“Indeed so. It’s very likely to be those shameless scoundrels! Seem like we could return from the front but have to do so from the back exit!” Tian Xue spoke angrily.

Both of them grew up in this peak. Therefore, both of them was very familiar with the inside out of this place. Half an hour later, both of them finally made it back into the Chuan Ling Peak from the mountain rear.

Inside the Palace Hall, Cang Song had already left, leaving behind Yu Lingzi and a few other elders.

“Senior Brother Sect Master, what should we do now? It’s not any better for us if they keep on shouting outside. If this were to be transmitted out, our Tianshan Sect reputation will certainly decline devastatingly.” Elder Yu Ji spoke worriedly.

“What solution can we possibly have? Kunlun had obviously used this as a pretext to make a fuss, purposely nitpicking on us. Once we make a move ourselves, the situation would no longer be in our control. Since it so, we might as well let them do what they wish. After a period of time, once they realize this method bear no fruits, they will then return.” Yu Lingzi sighed.

“Not sure where that little lass Tian Xue had gone. I’m afraid countless of people outside all wish to capture and interrogate her.” Yu Ji voiced out her worries.

“That little lass had truly caused us a headache. It’s unknown how long more can Junior Sister Yu Xuan endure. I truly hope Tian Xue was able to locate the Death Shrine.” Yu Lingzi was also very helpless in this situation.

“Who!” Suddenly, Yu Lingzi shouted out.

“It’s me, Martial Uncle! Heh heh!” Tian Xue had already returned back to her original appearance. She walked out from the back of the palace hall as she giggled. Following, she greeted all the elders in the hall.

“Tian Xue? Why did you come out from there?” Everyone in the palace was startled.

“Heh heh. I heard lots of people bawling at our front door. Thus, Tian Xing and I came back from the rear mountain!” Tian Xue giggled.

“You broke through to Golden Core Realm?” This moment, Yu Ji sensed Tian Xue cultivation as she voiced out her astonishment.

“Yes, Martial Uncle.” Tian Xue spoke elatedly.

“You little lass. You didn’t even say a word to us and brought people to intrude into the Death Forest. If something were to happen to you, how am I going to explain it to your mother? Oh right, did you really discover the Death Shrine? Have you found the god water?” Yu Lingzi enquired.

“I am not sure either. However, I brought back some miraculous water. I wanna try if it can treat my mother!” When the topic was mentioned, Tian Xue also got worried. After all, this relates to her mother’s life. If it wasn’t the god water, she might no longer be able to save her mother.

“Oh? Then let’s test it right away!” Yu Lingzi spoke excitedly. He was no longer concerned if she had truly discovered the Death Shrine or not.
All of them arrived before a secret chamber. Inside the chamber were a few beds and on top of those beds laid a man and 2 other women. The three of them were Tianshan Sect elders. They were also Yu Lingzi Junior brother and sisters. One of them was also Tian Xue mother, Yu Xuan! However, the trio hair had already turned white and their complexion had all turned haggard.

Other than them, no one else in the sect knew the trio were injured. Even Tianzhong also didn’t know of it. He only knew that the Sect Master had assigned him to search for the Death Shrine and to obtain the god water in it.

When Tian Xue saw her beautiful mother had become like this, she was extremely heartbroken as her tears flew out. Similarly to what Cheng Yu had shown her, she hurriedly took out the god water for the trio to consume.

Everyone stared at the dazzling green water and felt that it was filled with boundless vitality in it. They grew extremely curious as they looked at the trio expectantly. Is this the rumored god water?

“Why is there no effect? Is this not god water?” After the trio had consumed the god water, there was not any variation happening. Tian Xue panicked as tears started to flow down from her eyes once again.

“Tian Xue, don’t be upset. I can feel that their life force is no longer leaking out. This should be god water. And they might probably need some time for them to recover.” Yu Lingzi probed Yu Xuan pulse before speaking.

“Really? Then it’s great!” Tian Xue cried in tears of joy.

“Alright. You can be at ease for now. You should explain to us what exactly happened in the Death Forest first.” Yu Lingzi brought everyone out of the secret chamber. What they didn’t realize was that the trio whiten hair were slowly turning black.

In the palace hall, Tian Xue narrated what happened to them in the Death Forest. However, she had concealed several important details. Like for example the 5 palaces. She had changed to say it was the remnant left behind by the predecessors.

“What! You are saying this Cheng Yu is Limitless Palace disciple?” When they heard Tian Xue mentioning about Cheng Yu’s identity, they were all in extreme shock.

“Yea. However, he didn’t hope for others to know of it. Therefore, I request all Martial Uncle present to keep it a secret.” The reason why Tian Xue told them this was because she didn’t want her sect to become enemies with Cheng Yu. Perhaps, they might even be able to build a relationship with Limitless Palace. When the time comes, they would no longer need to fear Kunlun.

“En. Since he didn’t want to make known to everyone, then we will not say it.” Yu Lingzi heaved a sigh of relief. Although he already knew that Cheng Yu wasn’t someone from the demonic sect, his identity was still a secret to them. Yu Lingzi was not able to determine the relationship between them. But now that he knew of this secret, Yu Lingzi naturally hoped to maintain the good relations with Cheng Yu.

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