Chapter 309: Devastating Battle!

“His head is mine!” Yu Xie harrumphed coldly.

“Yu Xie, don’t go overboard. Don’t think that just because you had formed your Nascent Soul, you can act so arrogantly in front of him. You are still unqualified!” Yu Fan spoke coldly.

Because of his high aptitude, Yu Xie was valued very highly in the sect. He had always been arrogant and despotic. Although he had just broken through to the Nascent Soul Realm, his strength was not any weaker than Yu Fan. Therefore, he didn’t place Yu Fan in his eyes at all, causing him to feel extremely dissatisfied.

“Hmph! You also need to act like a senior in front of him. Want his head? Can, let’s rely on our own abilities to take it!” After speaking, Yu Xie thrust his sword finger forward. Unexpectedly, a beam shot towards Cheng Yu.

Whoosh! Cheng Yu dodged the beam with a somersault. Boom! The original spot Cheng Yu was standing at had actually cracked open, forming a fissure!

However, before Cheng Yu even had the time to be astonished, Yu Fan shot another sword qi over and Cheng Yu could only evade it in a nick of time. It turned out that when Yu Fan saw Yu Xie had started to initiate the attack, he became anxious. When he saw how Cheng Yu had dodged the attack with ease, he also promptly shot an attack over.

Hence, because both of them wanted to obtain Cheng Yu’s head, they continued to fire off their attacks while Cheng Yu kept on dodging each and every one of them.

“Good! Seems like I have underestimated you. After suffering from such grave injuries, you are still able to recover so quickly. Seems like you have a lot of treasures hidden inside you!” After a few rounds of evasion, Cheng Yu was still extremely agile, dodging each and every one of their attacks, causing Yu Xie to feel astonished.

A moment ago, Cheng Yu had just been struck by his Thundering Art, receiving a grave injury. Yet, the current him seemed to be completely fine. Could the pill he had consumed be some immortal pill?

“Hmph! You think just with two Nascent Soul Realm Kunlun dogs will be able to kill me? I will remember this score from Kunlun. In the future, I will trample the whole Kunlun below my feet!” Cheng Yu knew that it was impossible for him to deal with both of them alone and his only choice was to retreat.

Whoosh! A small cauldron appeared from Cheng Yu body. Subsequently, it instantly grew bigger before smashing towards the duo. Meanwhile, Cheng Yu turned around to escape.
“Wish to escape? Even if you had wings today, it would be impossible for you to do so!” Yu Ya harrumphed as he looked at the big Jewel Cauldron. A blue hoop shot out from his body.

The blue hoop also immediately grew bigger as it crashed into the Jewel Cauldron. When Yu Fan saw this, his sword finger swept down. An enormous sword image shot towards the escaping Cheng Yu.

In response, Cheng Yu raised his Purple Light Sword to cleave against the enormous sword. Immediately, he was jolted back by the impact.

The Jewel Cauldron returned back into his body. He sighed in his heart. Is it really impossible for him to escape today?

Watching the duo charging over, Cheng Yu launched the Jewel Cauldron to block both of them again. Following, he rapidly changed into the green supreme-grade soul artifact; God’s Awakening.

Cheng Yu grasped onto God’s Awakening as the sword blade twinkled in green rays. The injuries he received from the attack previously were slowly recovering.

Cheng Yu was elated. Unexpectedly, this sword actually possessed such a miraculous passive. This treasure was simply made for prolonging battles!

“Forming Soldiers From Vegetation!” While the Jewel Cauldron blocked the duo attacks, Cheng Yu brandished this sword. Immediately, the green rays sprinkled around the battlefield.

Surprisingly, everywhere the green rays were sprinkled at, the vegetations on the ground would be turned into the tentacles-like hand as it extended out towards Yu Xie and Yu Fan duo.

“What’s going on!” Both of them was resisting the Jewel Cauldron when suddenly numerous green vines started to wind around them.

“Final Stage of Thundering Storm!” Yu Xie duo brandished their sword at the incoming vines unceasingly. However, it seemed like there was an endless amount of it! Yu Xie bellowed as the blue hoop flew out from his body. It started to revolve rapidly as layers of black cloud started to gather in their area. The thunder rumbled down and shattered the green vines on the ground.

“Good! It’s now!” Just when Cheng Yu was finally able to take a breather while the duo was being tangled by the green vines, he spotted the opportunity and immediately released his 6 golden cores out!

“Dragons Angering The Heavens!” With the sunlight being blocked by Yu Xie attack, Cheng Yu’s golden ray got even more dazzling. The spiritual qi around him bubbled as the aura on him increased sharply.

“6 golden cores! What’s going! Stop him! Thousand Red Cloud Sword!” When Yu Fan who had suffered under a similar attack saw such a scene, he immediately started panicking.

This move from Cheng Yu was clearly a lot stronger than the previous one. If he were to not make ample preparation, he might suffer from grave injuries. Lifting up his sword finger, the long sword above him swept up a large amount of spiritual qi flow into the long sword.

“The Anger of Thunder!” How could Yu Xie not feel the terrifying aura from this attack of Cheng Yu? Immediately, the dark clouds in the skies grew even bigger as thunder sounds rumbled. It was as if the sky was about to be stamped down.

Countless dragon raved as if they wanted to devour the whole heavens. Countless amount of multi-colored sword qi illuminated the heaven and also countless amount of thunders resonated as if it was about to turn this place into an ocean of thunder.

Boom! Boom! Boom! None of them was able to see the battlefield in front of them clearly any longer. When the attacks collided into each other, none of them was able to keep their eyes open as countless of explosion blasted out.

Dust filled the whole battlefield as qi flowed out. The trees surrounding them toppled down after another!

With such a large scope of explosion resonating out, countless of people nearby them was able to hear it vividly. Some could even feel the shake from the ground as a lot of cultivators started to have their conjecture.

“What’s going on? Could it be an earthquake?”

“I don’t think so. It seems more of experts fighting between each other! But such an intense explosion…… Could it be a group of golden cores expert has self-detonated?”

“Cheh! Do you think Golden Core expert can do such damage? I’m pretty sure it’s Nascent Soul Realm who self-detonated!”

“Nonsense. If it is a self-detonation from Nascent Soul Expert, how could the terrifyingness be so small!” Momentarily, everyone was filled with doubts. Some of them had even flown over to check out the situation.

Meanwhile, at the battlefield, the dust only dissipated after a period of time. There were two middle age man lying down on the ground with their clothes in tatters. Their corner of the mouth was covered in blood stains with a pale expression as their body shuddered weakly.

“That brat should be dead right!” Yu Xie spoke weakly without much strength.

“With both of our strength, if he didn’t die, he would have become crippled! This brat is too abnormal. He actually has 6 golden cores!” Recalling the 6 dazzling golden cores hovering beside Cheng Yu, Yu Fan still found the scene somewhat unbelievable.

“I will go get rid of him! So as to prevent unnecessary troubles in the future!” Yu Xie stood back up with difficulty. He held onto his sword as he wished to get rid of Cheng Yu.

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“Dream on! He’s mine!” When he saw Yu Xie wanted to snatch the head with him, Yu Fan endured the pain in him as he fought back.

Subsequently, heaven and battlefield return back to its regularity. The battlefield surroundings had long been turned into a balded pit but there seemed to be no shadow of Cheng Yu.

“Could he be blasted to nothing left?” Yu Xie couldn’t help but think of such a solution.

“How is that possible? The air doesn’t have any strong reek of blood smell. How could he be blasted into nothingness?” Yu Fan retorted.

“Could this kid be a lot more powerful than us, he still has the strength to escape from here?” Yu Xie simply didn’t dare to believe such a thing. They were only able to stand up due to their sheer willpower. Although Cheng Yu’s strength was not to be looked down upon, he was still in the Middle Stage Golden Core Realm! His defense shouldn’t be stronger than them but yet, they couldn’t find him at all!

“Count that brat lucky. Several people have come. Let’s leave here quickly!” Yu Fan frowned when he sense several people are nearing them. He used his remaining strength to flee from the battlefield.

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Pu! Pu! Several hundreds of meters away, Cheng Yu hid inside the Jewel Cauldron as he vomited a mouthful of blood. His face had gotten extremely pale because of that. This time, it seemed to have exhausted all of his strength.

It wasn’t because he hid himself during the last minute of the attack, he would have already be turned into a fallen meteor. Seem like he had truly underestimated the might of a Nascent Soul Realm.

When he faced Golden Core enemies, Cheng Yu would never use such a move. Every time he executed this move, it would nearly deplete all of his qi, making him become very feeble.

However, it was not the same for Nascent Soul Realm cultivators. Not only would they have the strength to resist such attacks, but they also had their own destructive skills. The current Cheng Yu felt that his insiders were like being crushed upon.

Even though he had consumed God’s water and was also holding onto God’s Awakening, he would not fully recover momentarily.

This time, Kunlun had really put all their effort into it. Unexpectedly, a place was actually kept guard by 2 Nascent Soul experts. Even if Cheng Yu had exited out from another exit, it would have been the same. One can see how determine was Kunlun in killing him.

The current Cheng Yu no longer dared to wander around and could only hide within the Jewel Cauldron to recover his injuries.


Cheng Yu fighting against 2 Nascent Soul expert had attracted some people’s attention but none of them knew what exactly happened! However, those who managed to arrive at the battlefield knew that a devastating battle had happened. It was a pity that when they reached the battlefield, the fighters had long disappeared.

Countless days later. In Tianshan Sect Main Peak, Chuanling Peak discussion Hall. Several people were having a meeting there.

“Sect Master Yu Lingzi, may I know why are you finding me for?” The person who spoke was Cangling Sect Master, Cang Song.

“Sect Master Cang Song, I believe you should also know of what happened in the Death Forest. Currently, most of the righteous sect are making their way to my Tianshan Sect to create troubles. Today, I invited you over is hope that Sect Master Cang Song can aid me in this upcoming battle.” Yu Lingzi replied.

“Sect Master Yu Lingzi, I have heard of this matter as well. May I know if your sect disciples have truly located the Death Shrine and also obtained the treasures within it?” Cang Song enquired.

“I shall not hide it from brother, the disciples have yet to return. Thus, I am not sure of it as well.” Yu Lingzi smiled bitterly. Previously, Junior Sister Yu Xuan was injured by the demonic sect and it was rumored that the god water in the Death Shrine could save her.

Tian Xue, that little lass then went to search for the God Water. However, he had long sent out the elites from the Golden Core Realm to search for it. Unexpectedly, that little lass had also found a group of people to intrude into the Death Forest. Furthermore, she even created trouble for the sect. He was truly unsure of what to do.

“Oh? I heard that your disciples had been following a demonic sect disciple. Furthermore, I heard that he even killed off a few of Kunlun Golden Core disciples. If it’s such a matter, Kunlun would certainly not take it lying down.” Cang Song spoke worriedly.

“Impossible. That was the grudges between Kunlun and that man. It has no relations with Tianshan Sect. This was seen by everyone. Tianzhong, narrate what happened that day.” The current Kunlun holds strong influence. It went all sides to borrow strength from different sect to suppress others. Yu Lingzi had to try settled his only ally with him and not hit him when he was down.

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