Chapter 308: His Head Is Mine!

“Who is it! Since you are here, why not show yourself. For what do you need to act so sneakily?” Cheng Yu flew for about 10 kilometers and felt that someone had been following him during the whole time. He stopped as he shouted to his surroundings.

“You are Cheng Yu?” A middle age man flew out of the forest.

“Senior have recognized the wrong person! I’m not Cheng Yu. You can call me father.” Cheng Yu mocked.

However, his heart was in shock. Unexpectedly, he couldn’t see through this person cultivation. This person should be at least in the Nascent Soul Realm. However, Cheng Yu wasn’t afraid of him. He wanted to experience how far away was his strength to a Nascent Soul Realm.

“Fazhe(literal translation from Chinese)? Hmph! Don’t think that just because you have changed your name, you will be able to deceive me.” The middle age man laughed coldly.

“Since you know who am I, why bother asking? Kunlun dog!” Cheng Yu knew that they had already known about his identity. Since there was only an opponent, why should he be afraid of? If he couldn’t defeat him, Cheng Yu could still flee!

“Looking for death!” The middle age man shouted in fury. His aura burst forth, suppressing Cheng Yu.

Hu! Cheng Yu also released his aura out. His body was wrapped in dazzling golden rays and was forcefully able to withstand against his opponent suppression.

“Seem like the rumors are right about you. Even though you are in the Golden Core Realm, your strength had exceeded what a Golden Core Realm expert could utilize! Seem like I have to kill you today!” The middle age man had already imagined at such but witnessing it with his own eyes still caused him to be shocked.

Such a heavenly defying genius must be eliminated early. Otherwise, he will certainly become Kunlun’s calamity in the future.

“Cheh! You spoke as if I have no such strength, you will let me off! Bring it on! I said before, I will kill every single Kunlun dogs I see!” Cheng Yu spoke in disdain.

“Egotistical Brat! Although your strength is comparable to Nascent Soul Realm, it didn’t mean that you have truly entered the Nascent Soul Realm. Today, I shall let you know how strong a genuine Nascent Soul Realm is!” The middle age man expression turned cold as blue rays burst out from his body. With a point of his sword, a blue sword light shot towards Cheng Yu.
Clang! Cheng Yu blocked that blue beam with a slash of his Purple Light Sword. However, he was also repelled back by around 10 meters. Just as he expected, his strength was not as powerful as Nascent Soul Realm expert. Just any casual attack could already cause him to fall into a disadvantage. Seem like Cheng Yu must not be careless.

“What a decent soul artifact! After today, it shall belong to me!” The middle age man was able to tell the reason why Cheng Yu was able to withstand his attack was mainly because of the soul artifact in Cheng Yu hand. Thus, his killing intent grew even more intensified.

“Your Kunlun bullshitting skills is really as rumored said to be!” Cheng Yu mocked.

“Is it? Then try receiving this move of mine!” The middle age man cried out. The sword on his right hand grew even more dazzling while his left hand circulated his skill technique. Following, a supreme-grade spiritual artifact flew over in lightning speed.

The middle age man slashed and swept his sword. Subsequently, the sword soared up toward the sky. After, it rapidly grew bigger. Ultimately, it became a 33 meters long sword as it cleaved down.

“Sword Control Technique!” Cheng Yu was startled! Sword Control Technique was a kind of magic technique. It was different from the Sword Driving Technique. Although the Sword Driving Technique could utilize the flying sword to slaughter someone, it wouldn’t be able to display the might of the artifact.

In contrast, the Sword Control Technique was different. It was able to circulate qi around it, displaying the artifact might. It was to the point that it could even be stronger than when one was holding onto the artifact itself.

Looking at the long sword flying towards him, Cheng Yu grew even more gloomy. His body burst out in golden rays. His opponent was a Nascent Soul Realm cultivator. He needed to maintain his tip-top condition to fight against him. His qi surged towards the sword point of the Purple Light Sword, forming a qi whirlpool.

Whoosh! “Primeval Chaos Slash!” Cheng Yu chose not to retreat but attack as he slashed out an attack of his.

Boom! When the middle age man sword collided onto Cheng Yu’s Purple Light Sword, it actually had the motion of being repelled back. The strength contained within his attack had been negated by quite an amount. Meanwhile, Cheng Yu was struck down back to the ground. Blood flowed out from his mouth. However, he still stood on the ground steadily.

“What an eccentric sword technique. He had actually managed to negate most of the strength contained within my attack. Otherwise, he would inevitably suffer from serious injuries!” When he saw Cheng Yu was still able to stand up as if he didn’t receive much of an injury, the middle age man was amazed.

However, those thoughts of his lasted only for an instant. The middle age man grabbed hold of his sword and continued his attack.

Clang! Clang! Clang! Both of them executed their own sword techniques as they battled. The previous 2 moves from the middle age man had consumed a lot of spiritual qi but had only managed to injure Cheng Yu by a certain amount. He didn’t wish to continue executing such a strenuous yet unrewarding attacks.

This brat was so mysterious. If he were to have consumed all of his spiritual qi and not manage to kill him, he would be in trouble.

Although Cheng Yu was fighting against the middle age man, the injuries he sustained in the process caused him to feel extremely unpleasant. After all, Cheng Yu was not a genuine Nascent Soul Realm cultivator. In order to maintain in a tip-top condition, he had consumed lots of his qi as well.

“Primeval Chaos Thousand Slash! Primeval Chaos Chop!” Cheng Yu rotated his body rapidly as he attacked unceasingly.

Facing Cheng Yu’s onslaught, the middle age man was no longer blocked it with much ease. The power contained within Cheng Yu’s attack was too strong. Adding on with the soul artifact multiplying the power of the attack, the might of the attack had increased by multiple folds.

Momentarily, both of them was almost on equal hands. None of them had fallen into a disadvantage stage. However, this was a humiliation to the middle age man. He was a genuine Nascent Soul Realm cultivator. But yet, he couldn’t even handle a Golden Core Realm kid. If a moment later, others were to witness such a scene, wouldn’t he become the biggest joke in the cultivation world?

The middle age man pondered for a moment before separating himself from Cheng Yu. He maintained a safe distance from each other. Compared to close combat, he specialized in distance battle!

“Thousand Red Cloud Swords!” The middle age man circulated his Sword Control Technique. His sword finger swept down in the void as the flying sword followed his motion. Instantly, countless multi-colored sword qi flew out, shooting towards Cheng Yu.

Cheng Yu did not change to defense even after seeing the change in the situation. However, he changed his sword techniques all to Primeval Chaos Sword Techniques. His sword point instantly formed an immense qi whirlpool arrowhead as he revolved towards all the incoming sword qi, repelling them away and make his way towards the middle age man.

The middle age man didn’t expect Cheng Yu’s attainment in sword techniques to be so high. His adaptation towards the change of situation was very fast and was instantly able to change his attacks base on the situation he was stuck in. The middle age man swept down his sword finger, motioning the sword above him to form a shield in front of him!

Cheng Yu was immediately repelled back when he collided into the long sword. However, he seized the opportunity to leap further away from the middle age man and rapidly flew up.

“Six Dragons Attacking Beads!” The 3 golden cores above Cheng Yu flickered in golden beams. Immediately, 6 dragon image flew up from his body with dragon roars accompanying it. The 6 dragon image snarled before charging towards the middle age man.

“3 Golden Cores! How is this possible!” Yuan Yangzi didn’t tell him such a matter and had only told them that Cheng Yu strength was comparable to Nascent Soul Realm. Originally, he thought that this was Cheng Yu’s limit. Unexpectedly, the current attack from Cheng Yu had actually caused him to feel fear? This was truly too inconceivable!

To be able to battle against a Nascent Soul Cultivator and injuring them was two different matters. The former meant that the opponent had the capability to fight against a Nascent Soul expert but his strength was somewhat lacking compared to a Nascent Soul expert. While the latter signified that the opponent strength was equivalent or even higher than a Nascent Soul expert. He was able to injure the Nascent Soul expert while the Nascent Soul expert would also be able to injure him.

“Red Cloud Sword Wall!” The middle age man cried out. His sword finger swept down as the long sword rapidly form a large sword wall, acting as a shield in front of him.

Boom! Boom! Boom! 6 dragon phantoms clashed into the large sword wall in quick succession. The 6 explosion was even more frightening than every previous explosion.

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Pu! The middle age man felt that his inner organs had been jolted by the explosion impact, making him feel extremely unpleasant. It was only until the 6th dragon image had clashed into his sword wall, causing him to no longer be able to endure any longer as he vomited a mouth of blood.

“Haha! Didn’t you want to kill me? Nascent Soul Realm is only so-so!” When Cheng Yu saw that the strength contained within the Arts of Derivation From All Living Things techniques was so shockingly powerful to the point that it was able to injure Nascent Soul Realm cultivator, he decided that since he couldn’t kill his opponent, he should at least intimidate them. At least he would not need to flee in defeat.

“Is it? Then you should try if you are able to receive this move of mine! Thundering Art!” Just when Cheng Yu was acting extremely complacent, a voice echoed out behind him.

Cheng Yu was shocked. The other party actually had a helper. Before he even had the time to turn around, the originally blue skies immediately got covered in black clouds as thunderstruck down at him.

Pu! Cheng Yu received the attack unguard, causing him to vomit a mouth of blood before falling towards the ground.

Cheng Yu heart was in astonishment. He was too careless! Fortunately, he had lots of treasures on him. Not only did he have a soul artifact armor on him, but he also had a defense artifact, the Jewel Cauldron to help him offset most of the power contained within that attack. Even so, he still suffered from heavy injuries.

Cheng Yu immediately took out a bottle of water and swallowed them down. This was a portion of god water Cheng Yu had prepared beforehand. Instantly, he was able to sense that his body was feeling a lot better. At least it wasn’t as bad as when he suffered from the thunder strike. In addition, he had also recovered most of his strength.

“Hmph! No wonder you dare to act so arrogantly. It turns out that you have so many treasures on you. However, regardless of how many treasures you have, you will not be able to leave here alive.” The man hovering above the sky looked down at Cheng Yu in suppression.

He thought that the bottle Cheng Yu took out was a bottle of pills. He knew that there was a limit as to how much the pills was able to heal and were impossible to take effect immediately. Thus, he wouldn’t mind how many of it Cheng Yu cracked in his mouth.

“Indeed, Kunlun dogs are as despicable as I thought to be. 2 Nascent Soul Realm fighting against a Golden Core Realm cultivator. Furthermore, one of them even mounted a sneak attack. Truly worse than a pig!” Cheng Yu grumbled. This time, his anger point was triggered.

If it wasn’t because he had lots of defensive artifacts on him, that attack would have cost him his life.

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“Hmph! You have killed so many of my Kunlun disciples. It’s not wrong for me to kill you using whatever methods I like! Yu Fan. Unexpectedly, even after so long you are still unable to deal a brat in the Golden Core Realm. Useless!” That person spoke coldly. At the same time, he didn’t forget to mock his partner.

How humiliating was it for a Nascent Soul Realm to deal with a Golden Core cultivator. Now, not only were there 2 of them, one of them even used a sneak attack. If this were to be transmitted out, how are they going to face the others?
“Stop sneering. As long as it is able to achieve our objective, who cares about what method we use. It’s because of people like you. That’s why Kunlun would always be provoked and suffer losses again and again under this kid hand. His head belongs to me!”

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