Chapter 307: Separation!

Ten days later, Cheng Yu trio exited out from the Death Forest. However, they didn’t exit from the Luminous City entrance because Cheng Yu had long deviated from his original track while searching for the 5 palaces.

Although Cheng Yu didn’t know where they were, Tian Xue knew that they were at the Green Rain City entrance. Beside them, there were lots of young cultivators that was preparing to go into the Death Forest for some training.

Unexpectedly, the moment they exited, Cheng Yu was able to hear people talking about his achievements in the Death Forest.

“Did you hear it? The Death Shrine had been found by someone already!” A cultivator spoke to another group of cultivators.

“How is this possible? Isn’t it said that no one was able to intrude into the central region? How could one possibly find it?”

“It seems like you didn’t know about it! A few months ago, all kinds of strange events happened within the Death Forest. A lot of dangers that were hindering everyone from advancing further were all broken through. Right now, you just need to get a few more people and be a bit more careful during your journey, you could easily reach the core region!”

“Since it’s so, why are we still waiting for? Quickly head in to have a look! Perhaps, we might harvest some leftovers!” A few of them hastily charged into the Death Forest.

The other training partners were also discussing similar topics!

“Hey! Cultivator, do you know that the Death Shrine had been found by someone else?”

“What? Who is he that’s so powerful? I was preparing to head into the search for it myself and not exit until I found it. Who would have thought that someone had already located it before me!” That person lamented.

“Cheh! With this strength of yours? Even if you called all your ancestor here, you would still not locate the Death Shrine!” The person beside him snorted disdainfully.

“Then tell me more about him? What exactly happened!”

“Let me tell you. This person strength is abnormal. Although he’s only in the Golden Core Realm, his strength is already comparable to Nascent Soul Realm seniors.” That person saw many people had surrounded him to listen to him talk, he got complacent, as if he was flaunting himself.

“Cheh! B*******! Regardless of how strong a Golden Core Realm expert is, how can he be comparable to Nascent Soul Realm. This person is certainly bullshitting!” A lot of them displayed their suspicions.

“Who’s bullshitting! I had seen it with my own eyes. All the sects had assembled in the central region and wish to snatch away his treasures. However, that person had a soul artifact on hand as he swept across all directions. Even Kunlun Sect had their disciples wiped out by him!” That person commented loftily.

“I can bear witness! Whatever he said is true. You guys should have seen it yourself. 20 over Late Stage Golden Core Realm expert from Kunlun sect had been slaughtered by him with ease. During then, they didn’t even have the opportunity to self-detonate!” It was at this moment, another person stood up and narrated in excitement. However, his words were all exaggerations.

“Cheh! If he has truly eliminated 20 over Golden Core experts from Kunlun Sect, Kunlun would certainly hunt him down!” A lot of them was still unconvinced.

Kunlun reign top in the ten great sects. If that person had actually killed their disciples so openly, wouldn’t Kunlun seek revenge for them?

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“Oi! Don’t talk about that taboo topic. I heard that these days, all the Death Forest entrance were heavily guarded by Kunlun Sect people. It seems like they were searching for someone.” Another busybody spoke.

“There’s such a thing? I thought it was so strange. I saw quite a number of Kunlun disciples in Green Rain City. I thought that there’s information of Death Shrine and they were about to search for it.”

Cheng Yu was able to hear all sorts of conversation happening. However, what caused him to frown was that Kunlun had really started to hunt him down. It seemed like he needs to be a lot more careful of his actions from now onwards.

“Senior brother, you have become famous in the cultivation world.” Tian Xing joked.

“Cheng Yu, you have to be extra careful. I’m sure Kunlun would send out Nascent Soul Realm expert to deal with you.” Hearing those conversations, Tian Xue started to get worried.

“I know.” How could Cheng Yu not know of this?

However, not long after, they heard the news that was extremely shocking to them!

“Have you heard? Tianshan Sect disciple had found the Death Shrine and had deceived all the righteous sect. Currently, a lot of sects are gathering together as they head towards the Tianshan Sect to expose them.”

“Is it? I heard that they had worked together with the demonic sect to open up the Death Shrine. They even killed quite a number of righteous sect cultivators. Thus, provoking all of the righteous sects.”

“Is it? Then what are we waiting for? Let’s head over to join in the run! Perhaps, we could even gain parts of the profits!” A few of them seem to have been overtaken by their excitement as they searched for more people to join them.

“Why is it like that? They are simply spreading random lies and falsehoods!” Tian Xing got furious when he heard those passerby conversations.

“Seems like the situation is a lot worse than we thought to be. I’m fine with it but the two of you have to really be careful. All these so-called righteous cultivators have never once does things open and candid.” Cheng Yu had never thought that the situation would become so bad. He truly regretted not hiding Tian Xue duo inside the drawing when he exited out from the place.

“Then what should we do?” Tian Xue voiced out her worries.

How could she not know that whenever the righteous sect handles such matters, they would just need an excuse to justify for it in order to make it seem reasonable? There was not a need for them to knew of the truth and they only follow wherever the benefits go.

As long as there were profits involved, even if a matter is false, they would also speak of it as if it was the truth. If because of them, Tianshan Sect were to sink into crisis, Tian Xue would be extremely grief about it.

She had grown up in the sect and that place was her home.

“I think you two should continue on with this masking while returning back! After all, Tianshan Sect is one of the righteous big sects. All of them were just trying to find some excuse to gain some benefits. I believe your sect master should be able to handle such a situation. You two just need to pay attention to your safety.” Cheng Yu was not at all concerned for Tianshan Sect. What he was concerned about was Tian Xue’s and Tian Xing’s safety. In the whole Tianshan Sect, he only knew of both of them and only had both of them as his friends.

“Are you returning back to the secular world?” Recalling the time she had spent with Cheng Yu for the past 3 months, Tian Xue had long gotten used to being together with him. Now that they had to part ways, she was truly unwilling to.

“I promised my teacher that I would visit him after coming out from the Death Forest! Therefore, I would head towards the Limitless Palace first.” Cheng Yu replied.

This was a promise made when he parted ways with the old man.

“Then when will we be able to meet again?” Tian Xue spoke reluctantly.

“I think the troubles you have on you now couldn’t be solved easily. If you can wait till you have healed your mother injuries before coming over to the secular world to look for me.” Cheng Yu pondered before speaking.

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After interacting for so long, Cheng Yu couldn’t get to use the sudden separation. Besides, he was also lacking the manpower in the secular world. If they were willing to come over to help him, it would do wonders. Cheng Yu would feel more assured with a Golden Core Realm cultivator overseeing everything.

Furthermore, Cheng Yu could even allow them to help him foster talents! This was simply achieving many things in a stroke.

“Really? That’s great. After healing my mother, I will immediately look for you!” Tian Xue immediately loosened up after hearing Cheng Yu’s words.

“Then let’s part ways here! You two be more careful!” Cheng Yu handed over his contact details to Tian Xue before going in another direction.

“You as well!” Looking at Cheng Yu’s leaving silhouette, sadness crept into Tian Xue heart. She truly wished she could follow him back. But she knew that it was impossible.

“Senior Sister, it’s better for us to return back first! Wait till we have given a summarization to our Martial Uncle, it’s still not too late to look for Senior Brother then.” Although Tian Xing wasn’t feeling better about Cheng Yu’s departure, he still consoled Tian Xue.

“En. Let’s go!” Tian Xue suppressed her gloominess and nodded firmly. Following, they went towards the other direction.

“Say, do you think they’re the Cheng Yu trio we searching for?” Just when the trio had separated, two people appeared a corner away from them as they stared at the trio leaving silhouette.

“Martial Uncle Yu Fan, Although they had changed their appearance, I feel that the trio aura and cultivation were very close to what of Cheng Yu’s.”

The person who spoke was Kunlun Sect Yun Hai.

Kunlun Sect Yuan Yangzi had sent out a large number of disciples a few days ago to encircle all the different Death Forest entrances. His objective was to locate Cheng Yu. Being one of the ones who knew of Cheng Yu the most, Yun Hai was sent to the Green Rain City.

The reason Cheng Yu have not entered the City was that before the separation, he heard that Kunlun Sect people were searching for him. However, never had he imagined that he had already been discovered.

This time, he was betrayed by his aura.

Cheng Yu came into the bustling city alone. Looking at the number of cultivators in this city, Cheng Yu couldn’t help but feel astonished.

Recalling back that 3 months ago, he was still in the Late Stage Foundation Establishment Realm cultivator. Although he had currently broken through to the Middle Stage Golden Core Realm, the disparity between it was like the heaven and earth.

If it wasn’t because of the emergence of the Nightmare Beast, allowing him to almost died, he wouldn’t have been able to break through. Didn’t they say that in the past, those supreme level sect would have their own Nightmare Beast that trained their disciples?

Thinking of this point, Cheng Yu felt incomparably regret. It was a pity the Nightmare Beast was formless and shapeless. With Cheng Yu’s current strength, finding it would be nigh impossible, much less capturing it. Otherwise, Cheng Yu would be even less dreadful of Kunlun.

The Nightmare Beast could be used as a means to train. But once it had the intention to kill, it could still kill its opponent efficient lot. What a pity!

Cheng Yu wandered around as he shook his head. The current him was a rich man and he was hoping to buy some treasures back from this city. Unfortunately, he had countless treasures on him and to have one that met his requirement was almost up to nil.

After shopping for a while, Cheng Yu felt that it was very meaningless. Cheng Yu inquired about the Limitless Palace location before heading out of the city.

“Who is it! Since you are here, why not show yourself. For what do you need to act so sneakily?” Cheng Yu flew for about 10 kilometers and felt that someone had been following him during the whole time. He stopped as he shouted to his surroundings.

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