Chapter 306: Nascent Soul Realm Cultivator, Dong Yong!

Cheng Yu didn’t wish to reveal his Jewel Cauldron. Hence, the trio journeyed free and unconstrained. From time to time, they would kill some demon beast to roast their meat.

Every night, when they were roasting that fresh meat, the fragrance would drift around their surroundings, tormenting those who were stalking them. Every day, these stalkers would have to be cautious in their actions so as to not be discovered. To fill their stomach, they had no choice but to feast on their dry rations and not do what the trio was doing.

Smelling the fragrance coming from the trio every day would always cause their stomach to grumble as they gulped in saliva. It was like a torture to them but for the sake of obtaining treasures, they could not give up but continue persevering on.

“Senior brother, continuing on like this isn’t feasible. If these people are to continue following us, wouldn’t we need not return home anymore?” While smelling the savory roasted meat, Tian Xing spoke depressingly.

The trio had wandered around the forest for several days. However, Cheng Yu was still able to sense there were several people stalking them. In the past, he had a mission on him. He could do whatever he liked here. Now that he had completed his mission, he wished to return back as soon as possible.

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“What are you so anxious for? We are competing against our patience and intelligence. If they wish to continue following us, let them be! Didn’t your Senior Sister also wish to continue finding the Death Shrine? Perhaps, we might really discover it.” Cheng Yu laughed.

“That’s right! I believe the existence of Death Shrine!” Although Cheng Yu had assured her that there were only five palaces in this Death Forest, she was still unconvinced by the fact.

“He-he. Then we will continue searching on which such mindset.” If it was comparing who was more anxious, it would definitely be Cheng Yu. He had long wished to return back home. However, he couldn’t do so in such a situation.

In contrast, he hoped to kill all of them who were stalking him. However, they weren’t clustered together. If he were to act upon them, things could go haywire. Furthermore, he still needed to give off the impression that he had yet to discover the Death Shrine. Therefore, Cheng Yu could not kill them off.

Awooh~ Awooh! It was at that moment, several wolf howls echoed out. Furthermore, it echoed nearby the trio.

“S***! We couldn’t have attracted a pack of wolves over right?” Hearing the howling, Tian Xing immediately got anxious.

“Without a doubt, it seems so!” Cheng Yu laughed. Pairs of green eyes immediately appeared within the darkness.

“This…… Senior Brother, should we hide inside the Soul Artifact?” With so many demon wolves appearing, Tian Xing started to get anxious.

In the central region, safety has always been a concern. Whenever danger emerges, immediately precaution should be taken. These demon wolves weren’t ordinary trash and were all Golden Core Realm beast. As a Late Stage Foundation Establishment expert, how could Tian Xing not be anxious?

“What are you afraid of? They have come at the right time. Aren’t we worried about when can we escape from their tailing? Here comes the opportunity!” Cheng Yu wasn’t anxious at all. Although there were many wolves around him, escaping from them wouldn’t post a problem to him.

Awoooh! The pack of wolves slowly emerges from the darkness. All of them were dyed in fiery red, making them seem very frantic. Cheng Yu estimated that there should be around 300 of them and the majority of them was in the Initial Stage Golden Core Realm.

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Cheng Yu’s sharp hearing had also noted that some places had started combating the wolves. He curled up his mouth into a smile. If his speculation weren’t wrong, those stalkers hiding nearby them were the first to have bumped into these pack of wolves.

“Senior Brother! They came for this roasted meat. Should we give it to them?” Looking at the bright green eyes of theirs as well as the saliva that kept on dripping from their mouth, Tian Xing picked up the meat on the roasting frame. A moment later, he seemed to have the intention to throw the meat away.

“No!” Cheng Yu snatched away the meat from Tian Xing hand. Following, he sandwiched the both of them and spoke: ”Hug onto me tightly!”

After Cheng Yu spoke, he used both of his hand to clasped onto all the roasted meat before flying out in lightning speed.

Awooh! The pack of wolves saw Cheng Yu had brought the food away with him. They howled before pursuing on!

“Not good! Senior Brother fly quicker! They’re about to chase up!” Although those wolves didn’t use their flight ability, they could still be able to do it if they wish to. However, their running speed was even quicker as a pack of them pursued them resolutely.

Cheng Yu had prepared an audacious plan in his mind. He revealed traces of fright and did not break away from their pursuit. Instead, he ‘accidentally’ ran towards the direction in which those stalkers were hiding.

“Not good! Cheng Yu is running towards us. There’s a lot of demon wolves behind him. Quickly escape!” A lot of those stalkers realized that the situation had taken a turn for the worse as they quickly escaped.

Cheng Yu didn’t chase after them but continued on for a while before changing direction. This was sufficient for him to scare them away.

The demon wolves didn’t think much of it. Once they discovered any humans, a group of them would separate themselves and chase after the human. Thus, Cheng Yu lead a pack of wolves for a stroll. Occasionally, he would ‘discover’ a few people and caused the pack of wolves to segregate a few of themselves to chase after those humans.

After circling around those stalkers once, Cheng Yu had chased away most of them. Those with weaker strength were turned into the wolves meal while those stronger ones had managed to slip away.

“Haha! Leading a pack of wolves is so fun! Maybe in the future, I should come over to play from time to time!” Ultimately, Cheng Yu stopped himself in the sky as he looked at the small group of wolves that were still chasing him.

“Senior brother! Let’s escape quickly from here! Moments later, those wolves would catch up to us!” When Tian Xing saw how relaxed Cheng Yu was, he was already filled with fright. Those wolves had been eyeing them covetously all the while.

Although it had been very exciting for Tian Xing, he was still a puny Late Stage Foundation Establishment Realm expert. With so many Golden Core wolves staring at him like he was their dinner, he couldn’t help but shudder.

Cheng Yu tossed that roasted meat on hand down. Those demon wolves immediately scrambled towards it. During then, Cheng Yu escaped like drifting smoke. However, not all demon wolves had been deceived by him. There were still a number of demon wolves pursuing him as if Cheng Yu was then the genuine main dish.

Swoosh! Cheng Yu was no longer worried about being discovered by others as they had all flee. Cheng Yu took out the Jewel Cauldron as the trio immediately hid within the Mountain River Diagram.

Perhaps, it was because they knew that they couldn’t catch up to it, those pack of wolves gave up chasing them after an hour.

Since they had managed to free themselves from the pursuit, the trio no longer needed to be extra cautious. They quickly flew towards the exit of the Death Forest. In order not to attract others attention, the trio intentionally took out their supreme-grade treasured artifact flying sword. In addition, they used Face Changing Pill to change their appearance. This way, there would be no one who could recognize them.


In Kunlun Discussion Hall!

Pow! After hearing the report from their disciple, Yuan Yangzi face turned ashen. With a slap, he shattered the tea table beside him!

“Preposterous! Ridiculous! What arrogance! How many years had it been! How many years! No one had dared to bully my Kunlun like this! Who the hell is this Cheng Yu? Just because he’s Limitless Palace disciple?” Yuan Yangzi exploded out in fury. There was no way to vent out the anger in him.

He had personally sent out 8 of their elite Golden Core Realm disciples. Originally, they thought it shouldn’t be a problem for them to escort their Kunlun disciples back. Unexpectedly, the 8 of them had died inside the Death Forest while the other disciples had made it back.

How could he possibly tolerate such anger! Golden Core Realm disciples were their sect backbone. The more Golden Core Realm disciples they had, the more powerful experts they would have in their sect.

Therefore, all the sects had placed extreme importance to their Golden Core Realm disciples and also spent lots of resources to nurture them. However, because of the emergence of Cheng Yu, dozens of Foundation Establishment Realm and Golden Core Realms disciples had all died due to him.

Just Golden Core disciples alone were tens of them. This had truly caused him to be distressed and also feel incomparably indignant.

Those kneeling disciples were all those who had managed to return back from the Death Forest. Among them, there was also Yun Feng and Yun Hai duo. At this very moment, they were also trembling in fear as they knelt.

The information was brought back by them. Originally, they had already reached the central region. But because they were surrounded by other sects, they did not dare to expose themselves to join back together with the other portion of them.

However, none of them would have imagined that Cheng Yu would appear there. When he did, they got even more frightened by it. It was only until they had personally witnessed Cheng Yu killing the 8 of their senior brothers did they dare to hastily sneak away. They quickly rushed back to the sect to report such news to their sect. Thus, incurring the wrath of Yuan Yangzi.

“Tell me more about Cheng Yu’s strength. What kind of degree had it reached?” Although he was angry, Yuan Yangzi knew that he must prioritize obtaining his revenge.

“Reporting back to Sect Master. He is currently in the Middle Stage Golden Core Realm. However, his strength is inferior to Nascent Soul Realm seniors but is not far from it!” Yun Feng spoke of his opinion.

When reporting the situation, all of it was what he felt when he had witnessed the battle. Which Golden Core Realm cultivator would be able to slay so many Golden Core Realm expert with such ease. Only Nascent Soul Realm expert would be able to do that.

“What! His strength is almost comparable to Nascent Soul Realm? How is this possible! Didn’t you previously say that it was at most in the Late Stage Golden Core Realm? Even if he had broken through, it couldn’t be so drastic!” Yuan Yangzi, as well as all the elders in the discussion hall, broke out in astonishment.

Cheng Yu’s growth was too quick. Previously when they got to know of Cheng Yu, he was just a puny Late Stage Foundation Establishment cultivator.

However, just a short 3 months had passed and yet his strength was already almost comparable to the Nascent Soul Realm? Wouldn’t it meant that with such growth speed, a few years more he would out-matched them?

“Reporting back to Sect Master. Disciple words certainly contain no false words. Golden Core Realm cultivators could no longer wipe him out. A lot of us felt that his cultivation had soared so quickly was because he found the Death Shrine.” Yun Feng commented.

“You all also felt that he had found the Death Shrine?” Yuan Yangzi anger could no longer be dissipated as he spoke heavily.

“Disciple could not confirm it but during then, Cheng Yu had appeared from the treasure light. And such cases didn’t happen only once!”

“There’s still such a thing? Could it be that there’s not only a Death Shrine in this Death Forest but multiple of it?” Elder Ping spoke of his doubts.

“Very lightly! However, it isn’t time to care about such matters. Cheng Yu should be our focal point. His growth speed is simply too abnormal. Perhaps, it’s related to him possessing 3 golden cores. His strength had already far exceeded what an ordinary Golden Core cultivator should have.” Yuan Yangzi harrumphed.

What Death Shrine was no longer important to him. After going through such a lost, he believed that the whole cultivation world would know that Cheng Yu had dared to kill his Kunlun disciples in front of the masses.

“What does Sect Master intend to do?” Elder Ping addressed.

“Hmph! It just so happens that this gives us a reason to utilize our Nascent Soul Realm people. Isn’t his strength almost equivalent Nascent Soul Realm? Then we shall use Nascent Soul cultivators to deal with him!”

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