Chapter 305: Tagging Along

”May I know if you had found the Death Shrine?” Ning Yan enquired.

“Nope!” Cheng Yu shook his head without the slightest hesitation.

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Although Cheng Yu was very lascivious, it was not to the point whereby he would be willing to do whatever a beauty wishes for. Just because they all looked beautiful didn’t mean that they wouldn’t turn ruthless when it comes to getting what they desire.

Even though Cheng Yu had shown his grace to Ning Yan and her group, he felt that if a dispute were to happen, they would never side by his side.

He didn’t wish to invite trouble for himself. However, the other sect seemed to have tactfully acknowledged that Cheng Yu had found the Death Shrine.

“Cultivator. We have no vile intention. We need to verify it just so we can decide if there is still a need for us to continue staying here.” This moment, Ning Xuan stood out and spoke.

“I have really not discovered the Death Shrine. Surely, you could continue staying behind to search for it.” Cheng Yu smiled. What he found was the Heavenly God Palace and not Death Shrine.

“Since it’s so, thanks for the information Cultivator. May I know where is fellow cultivator heading to?” Ning Xuan thanked.

“Of course is to search for treasures. If there’s nothing else, we shall part ways here.” Cheng Yu turned around and left, bringing along the duo.

“Please wait a moment, fellow cultivator!” Looking at the trio leaving silhouette, Ning Xuan immediately called out to Cheng Yu.

“Is there any other matter?” Cheng Yu stopped and turned around.

“I have a presumptuous request. Not sure if fellow cultivator can agree to it.” Ning Xuan replied.

“Not agreeing!” Cheng Yu rejected it immediately.

“This…… But fellow cultivator had yet to hear me out.” Ning Xuan was taken aback. The reply was too immediate. Before she had even managed to state her request, she was already rejected. Shouldn’t he have some proper etiquette and elegance when it comes to listening to someone request?

“Didn’t you say that it’s a presumptuous request? Since it’s a presumptuous request, it’s certainly nothing good. If it’s nothing good, why should I agree to it?” Cheng Yu laughed.

“This…… Regardless, please hear me out. I hope you can allow us to follow you to search for the Death Shrine!” Since Cheng Yu didn’t bother to show any grace, she could only jump straight into the topic.

“Impossible! I don’t like to bring strangers with me!” Cheng Yu rejected immediately. What a joke! He was going to return back home to look for his wife. Where would he have the time to continue entertaining them?

“But isn’t they strangers as well?” Ning Xuan pointed at Tian Xue and Tian Xing duo.

“Who says so? This is my wife and that’s my brother in law. How are they strangers to me?” Cheng Yu embraced Tian Xue shoulder as he spoke.

Tian Xue was taken aback by the situation as her face immediately turned red. Her heartbeat turned rapid. This was the first time Cheng Yu had addressed her so intimately. Momentarily, she was at a complete loss.

Meanwhile, Ning Xue and Ning Wushuang were extremely furious. They had been together with them for nearly a month. They could tell that the duo wasn’t any husband and wife. But when they heard Cheng Yu saying it out as well as that bashful look from Tian Xue, obscure anger rose within their heart. Both of them silently mutter: ”This two adulterer!”

“This…… But previously, didn’t cultivator have been together with my junior sisters for a period of time? Why aren’t you willing this time?” Ning Xuan couldn’t tell if Cheng Yu was speaking the truth or not. Without a choice, she could only drag Ning Yan all in.

“During then, I was hoping to find a few more wives. In the end, not only did I not find one, I even have to throw in dozens of spiritual artifact. Do you know how sad and heartbroken I was? It was like a sword piercing straight into my soul! From then on, I decided not to bring strangers along with me. However since you are so pretty, if you are willing to become my wife, then all of us here is a family. I will be willing to bring them along with me!” Cheng Yu griefed as he joked. There was no way to know which sentence was truth and which was fake.

Aiya! It was at that moment, Cheng Yu felt a sharp pain around his waist. He turned around and saw Tian Xue was smiling at him. No matter how he sees it, the smile didn’t contain any warmth but was filled with chilliness. Without a choice, Cheng Yu could only continue putting on a fake smile just for the show.

“I plead fellow cultivator to conduct yourself decently and not say such frivolous words!” Ning Xuan face turned slightly furious. However, this request was brought up by her. Thus, she could only endure the anger within her.

“You see, I had already given you’ll a chance. Since you aren’t willing, I’m helpless about it then. Let’s part ways here. Everyone, hope to see you again!” Cheng Yu laughed before bringing along the duo.

This time, Ning Xuan didn’t call out to him. When they saw how Cheng Yu had just left like this, Ning Xua and Ning Wushuang hearts were filled with complicated feelings.

“Senior sister, this person is too shameless. I think none of his words contain any truth. Are we still going to continue our stay in the Death Forest?” At aside, the second martial sister, Ning Jing spoke. She was extremely unsatisfied with how shameless Cheng Yu acted.

“No choice. After much difficulty did we manage to intrude into the central region. Let’s continue staying a few days more! Just treat it as a training for all of us.” Ning Xuan also felt that Cheng Yu words weren’t trustable. However, since he didn’t admit it, she couldn’t do anything to him as well. Who asked him to possess a strength stronger than all of them?

“Is just now that sentence of yours really true?” After traveling for a distance, Tian Xue followed behind Cheng Yu and enquired bashfully.

“It’s fake!” Cheng Yu replied.

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“But I have yet to say which sentence.” Tian Xue spoke discontentedly.

“Regardless which sentence was it, they were all fake.” Cheng Yu likes to take nonsense casually. Besides, he couldn’t have possibly told them the truth right?

“You…… You are really a bastard!” Tian Xue was boiling in anger. She even got excited for a moment there when she heard him saying it himself. But it turned out that this bastard was just playing a fool!

“Who says I’m not one?” Cheng Yu spoke disapprovingly.

Cheng Yu didn’t immediately exit out from the Death Forest. Instead, he wobbled around the central region unhurriedly. Occasionally, he would stand guard cautiously.

“Senior brother, what are you doing? Why aren’t we leaving the Death Forest?” Seeing the weird action of Cheng Yu’s, Tian Xing transmitted a message over. Cheng Yu had already told them to use the transmitted message to communicate with each other.

“Our surroundings are filled with concealed people. If we are to depart from the Death Forest now, wouldn’t we be telling them that we had already found the Death Shrine? Therefore, we have to act as we have yet to discover it, searching for it for a few days!” Cheng Yu transmitted the message over.

Both of them immediately realized the situation. They truly looked up to Cheng Yu’s cautiousness and meticulousness. If it weren’t because of Cheng Yu, they would never notice such details.

In fact, this was actually very obvious. A lot of people came in and out of the Death Forest every day just so to search for the Death Shrine. And now, Cheng Yu was like the highest potential to have located the Death Shrine.

However, Cheng Yu’s strength was too abnormal and none of them dare to openly rob him. They could only pray for a chance to do so while hiding in the dark. Of course, this was the mindset of the majority.

However, a portion of them had even deeper thoughts. Just because they couldn’t confirm if Cheng Yu had truly entered into the Death Shrine, they could only continue following to seek for proof.

Another group of them was to fish for the remaining profits. Regardless if Cheng Yu had truly located the Death Shrine or not, once someone had confirmed it, they would take actions against Cheng Yu.

It was especially so for Tianshan Sect and Cangling Sect people. Tian Xue had told them that there were remnants left behind by predecessors in the Death Forest. Since it’s so, they might as well follow Cheng Yu. Perhaps, they might even be able to discover some remnant? In any case, there was not only one remnant lying around. If they could really discover it, even if they didn’t manage to find the Death Shrine, they still had obtained quite a bit of harvest.

Therefore, they were all hiding a distance away from Cheng Yu as they stalked him.

“Tianzhong, do you think that what they had discovered is really the predecessor remnant?” Looking at how Cheng Yu trio was searching, he felt that there were not many differences from how they searched as well.

“Perhaps! Otherwise, they would have left long ago here and not continue wandering here.” Tianzhong also couldn’t analyze their actions.

“What if they had long noticed us and are not putting out a facade to us?” After witnessing Cheng Yu’s strength, he felt that this person was too hard to see through. With Cheng Yu prowess, it was not surprising that he had long noticed of them.
“Most likely not. We are separated so far away from him. Furthermore, we didn’t bring along the others. It’s nigh impossible for him to have discovered us!” Tianzhong frowned. If it was like what Lingyuan said, then this Cheng Yu was truly too terrifying.

“I’m afraid there’s a lot of others which have the same thinking as us. Perhaps, they have all hidden in other locations. As long as one of them was discovered by Cheng Yu, I’m afraid it will be hard for us to know the truth.” Lingyuan surveyed his surroundings. He felt that there was not only the two of them around.

“Who cares. Let’s follow him for the time being.” Tianzhong had no other ideas as well.

Just like what they had thought out to be, their surroundings had indeed hidden a lot of other people. And among them, five of them was from the Shushan Sect; Wuyong and his group.

“Senior brother, I think it’s better for us to return and report this back to the sect master! This Cheng Yu is too strong. If he were to discover us, we might not be able to leave the Death Forest anymore!” Wuyuan and his group hid behind a thicket as he gazed at Cheng Yu a distance away.

“Look at how timid you are. We are so far away from him, how could he possibly detect us? Wealth can only be obtained through risk. This Cheng Yu certainly knew of some secrets regarding the Death Forest. Otherwise, how could he have obtained so many treasures?” Wuyong commented.

Although this was their first time seeing Cheng Yu coming out from the treasure light, such scene had already been spread through the rumors before they witnessed it. A lot of people had all saw Cheng Yu appearing from different treasure light.

This was sufficient to prove that Cheng Yu certainly hold some secrets of the Death Forest treasury. Wuyong believed that by following Cheng Yu, even if they weren’t able to locate the Death Shrine, locating a treasury shouldn’t be a problem for them.

“But even if he found it, we couldn’t snatch it from him as well!” Wuyuan felt that the reasoning was too unreliable. After all, the way Cheng Yu had slaughtered 8 of Kunlun expert with ease had become a deterrent to all of them.

Previously when the 5 of them was surrounded by the 8 from Kunlun, they had exchanged countless moves but yet they weren’t able to take down even one of them. Furthermore, they were even injured in the process.

But what about Cheng Yu? He was able to kill the 8 of them with ease within receiving any injuries. What was even more terrifying was that those 8 of them couldn’t even self-detonate themselves. What sort of strength was this!
If Cheng Yu were to discover them and their actions had provoked him, wouldn’t the 5 of them be dead meat?

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