Chapter 304: Spiritual Intimidation

“Wish to self-detonate? I will not give you the chance to!” This was not the first time Cheng Yu had battled with Golden Core experts. He already planned out his moves beforehand.

A golden pagoda flew out from Cheng Yu. Subsequently, it rapidly grew bigger. Ultimately, it grew to the size of a genuine pagoda as it hovered above the sky. The pagoda flickered in dazzling golden rays, lighting up the 8 bodies.

When the 8 of them saw the light shining on them, they were in shock. They sense that the golden core which had flashed before them were rapidly returning back into their body. However, it didn’t stop there. An even more terrifying situation happened to them. The 8 of them simultaneously felt the golden rays shining on them possessed a powerful suction force that was trying to suck them into the pagoda.

“Ah! No!” Yunzhong was astonished. He shouted out in denial.

However, the situation didn’t stop as to what Yunzhong wished for. He was forcefully sucked into the golden pagoda. Meanwhile, the other 7 Golden Core cultivators also didn’t escape from it and were all sucked in as well.

The situation went by too quickly. Every one of them was busy escaping but when they heard the mourning of Yunzhong, one after another turned back to take a look. They were all stupefied and forgot about their escape.

“What’s going on? Aren’t they going to self-detonate? Why would a golden pagoda appear?” A lot of them was clearly dumbstruck. They looked at the huge pagoda that was hovering in the sky. When they saw the dazzling light being emitted out by the pagoda, a feeling of worship creep into their heart.

Whoosh! The golden ray dissipated. The huge pagoda rapidly became smaller before returning back into Cheng Yu body! The battlefield returned back to its peacefulness as if nothing had just happened, leaving behind multiple potholes.

“Why have the 8 Golden Core experts from Kunlun been sucked away by the pagoda? This is simply too scary. They didn’t even have the chance to self-detonate!”

“You fool! You should be grateful that they didn’t successfully detonate themselves. Otherwise, you will be turned into a lump of dregs.” Although they were stupefied, their safety had been ensured. This was absolutely a good news for them.

“Such a miraculous pagoda was actually Cheng Yu’s treasure? That was a soul artifact!”

“My God! Who is he, exactly? Not only is he so strong, he even has two soul artifact on him! How could this be endured by all of us who are still treating our treasured artifact like gold!”

“Could it be that he found the Death Shrine? Otherwise, why would he have so many soul artifacts? Perhaps, his strength was obtained from the heaven-defying cultivation technique in the Death Shrine!” When all of them saw how aggressive Cheng Yu was acting, a lot of them was even more certain that Cheng Yu had located the Death Shrine.

“So what if he had found it? He had already showcased his strength. You dare to challenge him?” Every one of them was confident that Cheng Yu had found the Death Shrine but after witnessing how he had defeated 8 Golden Core cultivators with such ease, even if they were given huge courage, they would not dare to ask for a portion from Cheng Yu.

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“Now we could only see how those people from the ten great sects are going to act. Otherwise, this trip to the Death Forest could be in vain.” A lot of them lamented.

“Alright. I’m done with my personal feud. So what are your decisions?” Cheng Yu looked at everyone expression and cried out.

It was very obvious. If you wish to battle, we could just continue on. But if you wish to solve this peaceful, Cheng Yu was also fine with it. The decision should be made now.

When 8 of the Golden Core experts from Kunlun died, none of them show any traces of sympathy for them. Their only value was that they became a test subject for them, allowing them to witness Cheng Yu’s strength.

With so many people, the only thing those minority hoped for was that the ten great sects would be able to obtain some spares for everyone.

Tianshan Sect, Cangling Sect, Shushan Sect and etc all had an ugly expression on their faces.

How could they not understand each other intentions? Now that Kunlun’s representative had died, they were the only one who could decide how to handle this issue. Whether to fight it out or not!

“Tianzhong? What should we do now?” Lingyuan also wasn’t sure what was the best choice to make. It was precisely what Tian Xue had warned them about. Cheng Yu’s strength was a lot more terrifying than what the rumors had said to be.

Previously, in order to besiege Shushan and Kunlun Sect together, they had made use of all different sect people in order to force them to stay behind.

But what about Cheng Yu? He alone could instantly kill 8 Golden Core experts. Furthermore, he appeared to has to do it with ease.

To sum it up, even if all the golden core experts gathered together, they might not be able to force Cheng Yu to stay behind. But once Cheng Yu were to survive their onslaught, then they would certainly meet their death in the future. Perhaps, they might even bring troubles for their sect.

Therefore, Lingyuan already had the intention of giving up. Now, it was all upon the other sect. If everyone were to work they might be able to give it a try. After all, Cheng Yu was alone, if all of them were to be together, they would not necessarily be afraid of him.

Tianzhong glanced at Cheng Yu before looking back at Shushan Sect, Huaxian Valley, Pill Concoction School and etc. It seemed like every one of them was hesitating.

When he recalled that Cheng Yu was the benefactor of Tian Xue, although the Death Shrine was important to them, the matter had already turned for the worse. They would never be able to get what was inside it. He might as well do Cheng Yu a favor and not make him into his enemy.

Even though they all had the ten great sects backing them, the sect could not always act as a deterrence. Just like the 8 from Kunlun. Kunlun might be very strong in the Cultivation World but in Death Forest, who cares about which sect they came from? If Cheng Yu wanted to kill them, he could still do so.

If Tianshan Sect were to become his enemy as well, if he were to spot any Tianshan Sect disciple when he was traveling, he might kill every one of them he saw. By then, which disciple from Tianshan Sect would go out to train?

Besides, an enemy of an enemy is a friend. Since Cheng Yu had already become arch enemy with Kunlun, why would he want to get themselves involved in it? He might as well stare at them fight and let Cheng Yu continue offending Kunlun. It was a lot better than them having to do so themselves.

Thinking up to here, Tianzhong came to a decision.

“It’s better for us to leave! Although we couldn’t understand how powerful he is, his strength is undoubtedly comparable to a Nascent Soul Realm expert.” Tianzhong spoke solemnly.

Followingly, he transmitted a few messages with Tian Xue. He was the first to bring his group to depart. Tianzhong ignored everyone’s surprised look and not seem to be concerned with the minor discussion within those minor sects.
Tianzhong actions were to show that Tianshan Sect had no intention to become Cheng Yu’s enemy.

When Cheng Yu saw Tianshan Sect people had chosen to leave, he was very satisfied with their choice. Although he has no idea what kind of other thoughts they had in their hearts, he was still quite happy with the current decision they made.

Tianshan Sect actions caused those sects which still wanted to try their luck to start thinking twice. Immediately, Lingyuan also brought his group along and departed.

What caused Cheng Yu to be surprised was the third group to depart was actually Shushan Sect. Cheng Yu smiled faintly. It seemed like they had chosen the right choice. Otherwise, he wouldn’t mind getting rid of them as well. However, it would only bring him more troubles. If it could lessen the troubles he had, he would certainly try to avoid it.

Since a few ten great sects had taken the initiative to leave, those minor sect had also gradually withdrawn themselves. Many of them were unresigned so much that they were in regret but they had no choice.

“Heh heh. Senior Brother, you are really imperious! You manage to suppress everyone with just a sentence!” When Tian Xing saw everyone slowly started withdrew themselves, he ran over to Cheng Yu excitedly.

“Hehe. Why are you two not leaving with your sect people?” Originally, Cheng Yu thought that they would part ways here. Unexpectedly, the duo chose to stay behind.

“Heh heh. Senior Sister said that following Senior Brother gave her a sense of security!” Tian Xing giggled.

“Smelly brat, what nonsense are you spouting again! Do you think I will not dare to tear your mouth apart?” Tian Xue blushed as she scolded.

“Cultivator Cheng Yu!” Just when the duo was making a raucous, Ning Yan brought her Huaxian Valley people over and Ning Xuan was following behind them. After all, Ning Yan had got acquainted with Cheng Yu before. It was better for her to step forth.

“Hehe! It’s a beauty, Ning Yan! What a coincidence, we had actually bumped into each other again! Hi, big steamed bun and small steamed bun!” Cheng Yu had already noticed Huaxian Valley people long ago.

Hearing Cheng Yu’s shameless greeting, Ning Yan and her few junior sisters could only display helplessness to it. It was especially so for Ning Xue and Ning Wushuang. Not long ago, Ning Xue had told Ning Wushuang what does the ‘steamed bun’ meant.
During then, Ning Wushuang burst out in fury. Why was she small steamed bun while Ning Xue was a big steamed bun? Hers was not any smaller than Ning Xue’s! This was too infuriating. In the future, if she sees him again, she would certainly bite him to death!

However, when she saw Cheng Yu again, she no longer had the courage to do so. Meanwhile, Ning Xuan and the other Huaxian Valley disciples who weren’t acquainted with Cheng Yu displayed a stunned expression.

They had witnessed Cheng Yu’s aggressiveness and strength with their own eyes. They felt that such a person should be very arrogant. Unexpectedly, the way he addressed them seemed to have turned him into a different person. They couldn’t believe that the man standing before them was that arrogant and bold expert they had seen just now.

Ning Yan laughed awkwardly. She was also very curious about Cheng Yu’s disposition.

“This few beauties should be the Senior Sisters and Junior Sisters you people are looking for. I truly envy your Huaxian Valley. It’s really filled with beautiful fairies! Not sure if your Huaxian Valley accepts male disciples or not. I also wish to register myself in!” Cheng Yu saw looked at the few Golden Core Realm beauties behind Ning Yan with a smile.

“Cultivator must be joking. All along, our Huaxian Valley only accepts female. Why we would accept man?” Ning Yan spoke grudgingly.

“Truly a pity!” Cheng Yu shook his head in regret.

“Cultivator Cheng Yu, may I consult you a question?” Ning Yan didn’t wish to chat with him about such matters. She had long known what kind of character was Cheng Yu. If you weren’t going to take the initiative to talk about proper matters, he would never go to the main topic and would just continue fooling around.

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“Beauty Ning Yan, you are too polite. I said before, if you feel that I’m older than you, you can address me as Elder Brother Yu. If you feel that you are older than me, you can address me as Little Brother Yu. Isn’t this a lot more amiable? Why not I address you as Yan Yan? Don’t you feel it’s a lot more amiable?” Cheng Yu joked.

Cough* Cough* Cough! “Cultivator Cheng Yu, please act a bit more properly. I truly have a question I wish to consult you with!” When they saw how Cheng Yu was teasing Ning Yan, those fairies started giggling. Those who could understand the meaning behind it felt that Cheng Yu was just too shameless.

“Go ahead, Yan Yan!” Cheng Yu spoke ‘decently’.

“……” Ning Yan blushed in enrage but she didn’t flare up: ”May I know if you had found the Death Shrine?”

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