Chapter 303: Shocking Killing Move!

“Then how did you trigger it? From the way you spoke of it, it seemed like there’s not only one remnant lying around?” Lingyuan expression turned extremely ugly. He didn’t believe that Tian Xue didn’t have a method to go in. Otherwise, why would they be the only one who managed to trigger the remnant?

There were people entering the Death Forest every day. Those who had managed to make their way into the central area had already surmounted thousand of them.

So many people had been wandering around the Death Forest central region. Why were they the only one who had managed to trigger the mechanism for the remnant? Even if it was like they said, it would only be triggered randomly, why would it be always them who had managed to trigger it?

“There’s not only one remnant but no one knows how many of them there are. In any case, it all boils down to your luck.” Tian Xue knew that they were growing suspicious of her. So what if they chose not to believe her? She had already promised Cheng Yu not to speak of it. The reason why she said there was a few more of those remnant lying around was that she wanted to make them believe her.

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“Junior Sister Tian Xue, it’s gonna be very hard for us to believe you if you put things this manner. When the time comes, you might draw lots of troubles to yourself.” Lingyuan spoke.

“Then I have no other choice as well. If I could enter and leave the remnant as much as I liked, would I have appeared before so many of you?” Tian Xue was never going to admit. Once she admitted it, there would be even more troubles for her. Handing over the resources she obtained? Dream on! They were all in the ten great sects, why should she be afraid of them?

“Hope it’s so. Then Junior Sister Tian Xue have to be more careful in the future!” Lingyuan commented with tranquility.

Those words might sound like a reminder to Tian Xue but the meaning behind it was definitely not so.

All of them had intruded into the Death Forest for the sake of finding the Death Shrine or could be said as for the treasures in it. What they cared about wasn’t the Death Shrine itself but the treasures that were hidden within. And every one of them felt that the Death Shrine was the biggest treasury within the Death Forest.

Therefore, whether Tian Xue had located the Death Shrine or not, she would have certainly obtained some treasures. This was sufficient for them to use the Death Shrine banner to force her to hand over all her treasures.
When it comes to treasures, once someone saw it, who wouldn’t want a share of it? It was especially so for those small sects. They might not be very powerful when they were alone but when they were giving support in groups as well as utilizing the righteous flag, even if those big sects had taken the meat, there would still be bones and soup left over for them.

“Lingyuan, watch your words.” As their leader, Tianzhong was extremely discontented with the threatening words Lingyuan had just spoken.

“There’s no meaning behind them. I just wanted to remind her to be extra careful.” Lingyuan spoke nonchalantly.

“It better be. Tian Xue, you should follow us from now onwards! With Senior Brother around, no one would dare to bully you.” Tianzhong spoke.

“Thank you, Senior Brother. But we have decided to follow Cheng Yu.” Tian Xue rejected.

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Since they had obtained the god water, Tian Xue would not follow them to search for the Death Shrine. But if she were to tell them that she wanted to return back to the sect, wouldn’t it be the same as telling them that she had found the Death Shrine?

“Why? That brat isn’t someone simple. He had become arch enemy with Kunlun Sect. You following him would only bring troubles to Tianshan Sect.” Tianzhong didn’t want Tian Xue to be too friendly with Cheng Yu. When the time comes, if Kunlun couldn’t get their revenge on Cheng Yu, wouldn’t they vent their anger on Tianshan Sect?

Tianshan Sect was only a little weaker than Kunlun Sect. Thus, they weren’t afraid of Kunlun. But the Tianshan Sect should be being the scapegoat for others right?

“The choice of Tian Xing and I following him is by our personal actions. I will not create difficulties for the Tianshan Sect.” Although Tian Xue had said so, some matters weren’t as simple as she thought to be.

In her opinion, this was her personal decision. However, in other eyes, they still treated her as Tianshan Sect disciple. Once someone was to raise a revolt, Tianshan Sect would certainly bear the brunt.

“No way! When you are in public, all your actions represented Tianshan Sect. Even if you don’t wish to, others might not think of it as so.” How could Tianzhong not know of the principle behind it? He immediately rejected her.

“I don’t care. I am definitely following Cheng Yu. If I were to follow you, I will only be trapped within a pack of wolves. If I were to follow you, I might even bring harm to all our Senior Brothers.” Tian Xue spoke.

This was also a fact. If Tianzhong were to bring Tian Xue along with him, they might be crusade upon by another group of people.

“But is following him safer than us?” How could Tianzhong not know of this? But Tian Xue was their Tianshan Sect disciple! He needed to think from the benefit of Tianshan Sect.

“Of course. Cheng Yu’s ability is not something you all can comprehend. I advise you all not to act rashly later! You will see it first hand yourself later on.” Tian Xue was extremely confident in Cheng Yu’s ability. Besides, Cheng Yu battle power was so strong and he moved around without any restrictions. Following Cheng Yu would allow them to return back even faster.

“Is he really that strong as the rumors?” Tianzhong felt that those rumors were too exaggerated.

“Of course not!” Tian Xue replied.

Everyone immediately loosened up. As expected, rumors weren’t always reliable. However, just when the tension in their heart dies down, the following sentence from Tian Xue caused every one of them to widen their eyes in shock.

“His strength far exceeded what the rumors had said!”

“This…… How is this possible!” Everyone was unconvinced.

“It’s up to you to believe it or not. If it wasn’t because he was afraid someone would manage to flee away, he could have killed all of you here without a problem. As for how strong his prowess is, you guys should see it yourself! I hope Tianshan Sect would not become his enemy.” Looking at how shocking their reaction was, Tian Xue was very proud. She no longer cared about them before leaving.

Meanwhile, the battle had already reached its climax. The 8 from Kunlun attacked continuously, consuming a high amount of qi in them while Cheng Yu had always been in the defensive state, saving lots of his strength.

“Seems like you all had exhausted all of your limited abilities! Since it’s so, time for me to send you off! Purple Light Thousand Heavy Waves!” Cheng Yu saw that his opponents were about to reach their limits. Finally, he moved.

Cheng Yu body revolved as the Purple Light Sword on hand kept on flickering. Beams after Beams of sword image flew out like a wave.

Boom~ Boom~ Boom! The sword wave flew out with Cheng Yu as their core. Yunzhong and the others sense the terrifyingness in this move. It was like a soaring tsunami, diving towards them as they all raised up their sword on hand, hoping to divert the attack away.

But they were wrong. The strength contained behind the attack was no longer like the one when he was possessing 3 golden cores. And 6 golden core strength was not something that could be blocked so easily.

All of them had barely blocked the first wave of attack when another one had already engulfed them. All of them was immediately slashed flying out.

“Eight Dragons Breaking The Seas!” Cheng Yu didn’t stop but continue attacking.

This battle strategy was mastered by Cheng Yu when he was fighting with the Nightmare Beast. When he had experienced it himself, he had almost died from it. It was sufficient to show how destructive this strategy was.

Howl~ Howl~ Howl! Eight dragon image intersected around Cheng Yu before charging up to the sky. The aura emitted from the dragons was extremely imposing and majestic.

“This…… How is this possible? How are they going to block such a formidable attack?” Watching the dreadful scene before them, not only the 8 of them, all the spectators were all terrified by that aura emitted from the attack.

A lot of them quickly flew back in retreat subconsciously. They all felt that they were about to be suppressed onto the ground if they didn’t retreat.

Although all of them was terrified, how could they be more depressed than Yunzhong and the other 7 of them?

They knew that it was impossible for them to resist this attack. A few of them had already run away.

Howl~ Howl~ Howl! The eight dragon images descended down, chasing after the 8 of them.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Series of explosion resonated out as dust flew up from the ground. Formidable qi energy burst out from all directions.

Pu! Pu! Pu! A few of those weak cultivators who had failed with retreated were immediately injured by the formidable qi.

The dust slowly dissipated. Unexpectedly, there were more than 8 people lying on the ground. It was unsure as to whether they were all injured by the qi or if they were injured by others when they tried to escape.

Everyone watched the battle in shock. This battle was certainly the most terrifying battle they had ever seen.

Some of them had already hidden on top of a tree as they patted their chest. Oh my gosh, it was too scary. Luckily, I’m quick-witted and managed to evade the attack. Otherwise, I might be one of those guys lying on the ground.

A lot of them muttered such sentence to themselves. Some trees were even filled with people. Looking at the aftermath of the battle, their heart was filled with shock and excitement. None of them had ever imagined that a Golden Core expert could actually bring forth such a disastrous attack.

What caught everyone’s attention was that the 8 from Kunlun were already lying on the ground feebly. Their faces had all turn deathly pale as their blood was sprinkled around their surrounding. It was evident to show how serious their injuries were.

“How is this possible? How is this possible?” Yunzhong eyes were filled with fright. He truly couldn’t believe that this strength was brought forth by a Golden Core expert.

At that very moment, not only were their knowledge being destroyed, their willpower was already broken.

“Since we are already destined to die. Senior brother, let’s self-detonate!” One of them felt that he could no longer move his body. Thus, he howled.

“Right. Cheng Yu, even if you kill us, we would not let you off easily. At most, we will perish together!” Yunzhong knew that it was nigh impossible for him to escape from this calamity. Recalling the number of years he had cultivated and yet he got back such a result cause him to turn desperate.

Although he was unresigned, they had no choice as well. Their body had sustained heavy injuries. Even if they managed to recover from it, their cultivation might not raise as much exponentially like before. Besides, Cheng Yu was still standing before them in an extremely good condition. How could he let them off?

Since it was so, they might as well perish together. The energy released from 8 golden core detonation was certainly larger than his previous attack. As long as Cheng Yu got injured, Kunlun will be able to get revenge for them.

“Not good! They are going to self-detonate themselves! Quickly flee!” Everyone reacted when they heard their speech.

“Wish to self-detonate? I will not give you the chance to!” This was not the first time Cheng Yu had battled with Golden Core experts. He already planned out his moves beforehand.

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