Chapter 302: Full Of Nonsense!

“Where are Kunlun people at?” Cheng Yu surveyed his surroundings as he spoke tranquility.

But such a tranquil tone had caused a perilous wave to arise in everyone’s heart. Is he declaring war with Kunlun?

“Who is he? Does he have enmity with Kunlun sect?”

“But he’s just alone. Where did he get his courage from? Aren’t he afraid of Kunlun’s pursuit?”

“Stop joking. He’s only a middle stage Golden Core cultivator. Kunlun Sect have 8 of them. Furthermore, 5 of them is in the late stage of Golden Core Realm. Do you think he will have the strength to fight against them? He’s simply looking for death!”

“Agree. However, he’s really courageous and bold!”

“What is the use of being courageous? In the cultivation world, strength surmounts everything. Without strength, even if you are in Kunlun Palace Hall scolding Yuan Yangzi, everyone would still treat you as a fool.”

“That is hard to say. Didn’t you see those Golden Core expert got repelled back? In my opinion, it’s still hard to say who was gonna win.”

“You guys are underestimating him too much.” One of the people within the crowd spoke disdainfully.

“What? You know him?”

“Of course! See that soul artifact on him? He’s the mysterious expert who had fought against dozen of Golden Core experts alone in the Death Fantasy Ocean!” That person spoke proudly as if he was the one fighting dozen of experts.

“There’s actually such a thing? How come I didn’t hear of it?” Everyone immediately got curious about Cheng Yu after hearing such news.

That person had never once gotten so much attention before. Immediately, he started narrating the events he saw in a splendid manner.

“Are you sure this is what you saw? It seemed very unreliable. How can a Golden Core expert be so powerful?” A lot of them expressed their doubts. They felt that this person was bullshitting.

“Of course. Countless people had witnessed it. I shall tell you guys another heavenly secret. This person has 3 golden cores!” When he saw everyone started doubting him, that person got anxious as he divulged another alluring secret.

“Cheh! I think you are just simply spouting nonsense! I have never once heard any cultivators possessing 2 golden cores. Now you are telling me he has 3 of it? Don’t you think your joke is a bit too ridiculous?” A lot of them snorted disdainfully.

“Hmph! Forget it if you don’t believe it. Wait and see. He will let you know what is called surpassing all others of its kind.” That person was angered. Cheng Yu was like his idol. It was natural for him to feel discontented when someone doubts his idol abilities.

Discussion after discussion spread out. For them to be able to charge into the core region meant that they had all been to the Death Fantasy Ocean. Therefore, quite a number of them had seen Cheng Yu’s actions there. Gradually, more and more people started to look upon Cheng Yu seriously as they look forward to his upcoming performance.

Huaxian Valley Ning Xuan and her group were also shocked by the discussion. Even Ning Wushuang and Ning Xue as well. They had never once heard Cheng Yu mentioned such an event to them before.

No wonder Wu Ming couldn’t even withstand a move of his. It turned out that he had experienced before such an astonishing battle. Furthermore, there was another matter about him possessing 3 golden cores? This was simply too shocking.

Ning Xuan stared at the ordinary and mediocre Cheng Yu. Who exactly is this person? Could it be that their Huaxian Valley must give up on the Death Shrine?

“What do you want?” Hearing the miracles Cheng Yu had created, Yunzhong couldn’t get any more depressed. It seemed like the news sect master had given to them was real. Seem like a bloody battle was about to happen.

At that very moment, everyone heart was filled with excitement. In the cultivation world, there was hardly anyone who dared to challenge Kunlun authority so openly. Even those from the demonic sect wouldn’t do it so boldly!

“You are from Kunlun Sect, don’t you know that I’m Kunlun’s arch-enemy? You are all very unlucky to have bumped into me, just like how I have been chased by your Kunlun!” Cheng Yu had no interest in those people discussion. He wanted to use Kunlun Sect people to warn everyone.

If he weren’t going to show a strength that was sufficient to suppress their desire, they would never let him off so easily. Hence, he might as well use Kunlun as the target. He could reduce Kunlun strength, at the same time, he could also not form any hostility towards any other sect.

“Hmph! Don’t think too highly of yourself. Otherwise, you can easily lose your life!” Since the situation had turned for the worse, Yunzhong no longer quarreled and took out his sword.

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Hu! Hu! Hu! Noticing the change in the situation, the other junior brothers behind Yunzhong also took out their sword, preparing to battle.

“You two drawback first.” Cheng Yu spoke to Tian Xue and Tian Xing.

Tian Xue and Tian Xing were also shocked by Cheng Yu’s action. They never knew that Kunlun was his arch-enemy. The situation now had just become even more complicated and they started to worry for Cheng Yu.

Although Cheng Yu was very strong, he was still in the Golden Core Realm. He still needed a period of time to mature. If given sufficient time, he would certainly possess petrifying cultivation.

But the enmity with him and Kunlun had already turned so intense. Kunlun would certainly send out even stronger experts to try to get rid of Cheng Yu.

“I will give you guys an opportunity to make your move first. Otherwise, you might not have the chance to do so later on.” Cheng Yu grasped onto his Purple Light Sword that was already radiating in acute purple rays.

“Hmph! Kill him for me!” Yunzhong was no longer polite as he shouted. He brought along his junior brothers and dashed forth.

Clang! Clang! Clang! The battle fired off. The 8 of them was well-coordinated as they launched their attacks, encircling Cheng Yu around the middle. Kunlun Sect Sunray Sword-art possessed a terrifying speed. Not only was it flamboyant in different colors, but it’s attacking power was also very strong. The might dissipated from the attack was not to be looked down.

Possessing 6 cores had already made Cheng Yu broke through to the Middle Stage Golden Core Realm. As for how powerful he had gotten, Cheng Yu have yet to have a rough understanding of it. But from the battle he experienced with the Nightmare Beast, he should be able to forcefully fight against an Initial Stage Nascent Soul cultivator.

Therefore, even though the 8 of them was well-coordinated and was attacking in succession, Cheng Yu could still deal with them easily.

“Crashing territorial!”

“A drop in the ocean!”

“Cavalry Sword Slash!”

When the 8 of them saw how easily Cheng Yu had withstood their attacks, they got even more gloomy. For that moment, every one of them executed an attack they specialized in.

All of their signature moves were thrown at Cheng Yu, making it looked extremely brilliant as the sword qi scattered around. The experts on the ground immediately put up a defense, warding off those repelled attacks.

“So powerful. Not only did he not panic under the onslaught of 8 Golden Core cultivators, but he was also able to dissolve their every attack composedly. As expected from the mysterious expert!” Tianzhong was also shocked by the battle of Cheng Yu.

They who had been out training for all year round had seen all kinds of genius. They had met all the genius in the younger generation, regardless of them being in the demonic sect or not. However, he was still unable to understand what was happening before him.

Cheng Yu was currently in the Middle Stage Golden Core Realm. But the strength he showed had exceeded what a Late Stage Golden Core expert could display. If it wasn’t because the aura he was revealing out was a golden core cultivator aura, he would think that Cheng Yu was a Nascent Soul expert!

“What’s the matter with Tian Xue?” It was at this moment, Lingyuan spoke to Tianzhong.

“I don’t know. I didn’t even know that she had come into the Death Forest. After all, she was only in the Late Stage of Foundation Establishment Realm previously. Furthermore, those golden core disciples who were leading the group had long left. Unexpectedly, she would appear here and even broke through to the Golden Core Realm.” Tianzhong was in a headache of this problem.

Tian Xue was Elder Yu Ji daughter. She was also the niece sect master loved dearly. He couldn’t possibly do anything to her.

“Then what about the Death Shrine?” Majority of them came to the Death Forest to seek for the Death Shrine. Although they had no idea if the green light pillar was being produced by the Death Shrine or not, they felt that even if it was not, the trio must have obtained lots of treasure from it.

Cangling Sect and Tianshan Sect might seem to be in an alliance with each other but when in front of personal benefits, they would certainly want to obtain a better share than the other. Judging from the current situation, it was very obvious that their Tianshan Sect had already gotten a share of it for themselves but yet, the Cangling Sect didn’t receive even a hair of it. Thus, how could Lingyuan not be calculative now?

“I hope you can get Tian Xue here and inquire about it. After all, this was not only your Tianshan Sect problem. If this situation isn’t handled properly, Tianshan Sect would be up for endless troubles!” Lingyuan commented.

“This…… Alright!” Tianzhong was stuck in a difficult situation but felt that this was no small matter. He also wished to understand what was going on. It would be best if the pillar wasn’t the entrance to the Death Shrine.

Tianzhong transmitted a message over to Tian Xue. Tian Xue took a glanced before coming over unwillingly.

“Senior brother Tianzhong! Senior brother Liyuan!” Tian Xue greeted the duo.

“Tian Xue, why are you together with that person. How did you get to know him?” Tianzhong didn’t go straight into enquiring about the Death Shrine but instead probed.

“I brought along a few our junior sister and brother into the Death Forest. When we were in the Death Fantasy Ocean, we found a spiritual artifact and got robbed and slaughtered by Wu Shang. The other junior sisters and brothers had all been killed except for Tian Xing and I. Fortunately, Cheng Yu arrived timely, saving the both of us. Since then, we had been with him.” Tian Xue spoke.

“Bastard. Does Shushan Sect actually dare to kill Tianshan Sect disciples? Junior sister you can be at ease. The next time I bump into Wu Shang, I settle this account for you.” Tianzhong glared at Wuyong and his group as he said.

“Thank you, senior brother.” As Cangling Sect people were still around, Tian Xue didn’t tell Tianzhong that Wu Shang had already been killed by Cheng Yu. Otherwise, Cangling Sect might stab them behind their back, spreading out the news of Wu Shang being killed by Cheng Yu. By then, Cheng Yu’s circumstances would become even more dire.

“Then did you manage to find the Death Shrine?” Tianzhong finally asked the question Lingyuan had wanted to ask.

“Of course not. How could it be so easy? If not, the Death Shrine wouldn’t be so mysterious for so many hundred years.” Tian Xue shook her head.

“Then how come you came out from the green pillar?” Lingyuan didn’t believe in Tian Xue words.

“We only found remnants of the predecessors who died here. The soul artifact on him is found from precisely there.”Tian Xue spoke as she watched the battle.

“Remnants of the predecessors? Then can you bring us in?” Lingyuan questioned.

“Nope. Because this was not opened by us but by some pragmatic trigger. Even if we stood above the spot where the pillar shone, we still wouldn’t be able to get in.” Tian Xue babbled.

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“Then how did you triggered it? From the way you spoke of it, it seemed like there’s not only one remnant lying around?” Lingyuan expression turned extremely ugly. He didn’t believe that Tian Xue didn’t have a method to go in. Otherwise, why would they be the only one who managed to trigger the remnant?

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