Chapter 301: Declaring War With Kunlun?

“Who is it!” Yunzhong clenched onto his chest as he shouted towards the green pillar!

The person inside the pillar was too powerful. His group was all Golden Core Realm cultivators. Furthermore, some of them were in the late stage of Golden Core Realm. Yet, this person was able to suppress all of them with just his aura alone. Could he be a Nascent Soul Realm Cultivator?

But how is this possible? Why could a Nascent Soul Realm expert appear in this Death Forest? If it wasn’t so, why would this person possess such a terrifying aura? This clearly couldn’t be done by a Golden Core Realm expert.

Not only Yunzhong was astonished. All those Golden Core expert who had been repelled out by the green light pillar was also in extreme shock. The thing inside this pillar was not any treasure but who was it!

More importantly, how many of them were inside the pillar. They were so powerful to the point that they could force all of them to retreat!

Cheng Yu didn’t expect to have so many of them camping here. What terrible luck he has! Although he was not afraid of those people here, with so many of them here, the news of him entering the ‘Death Shrine’ would certainly spread throughout the Cultivation World very quickly. And with so many of them here, it was impossible for him to kill them all.

Another headache for him was that originally, he wanted to store Tian Xue and Tian Xing into the Mountain River Diagram. But a group of Golden Core expert suddenly charged at them. Without a choice, Cheng Yu could only retaliate, causing the green pillar to disappear while doing so, revealing the trio in front of everyone.

“You’re into trouble this time!” Cheng Yu frowned as he gazed at everyone before whispering to Tian Xue and Tian Xing.

“What should we do now?” Tian Xue expression turned anxious. Although no one knew what they did and gotten inside the palace, those people would never believe them if they told them they didn’t get any treasure.

Now that the trio had appeared in front of so many people, their calm and peaceful days would no longer continue on.

“Want me to kill all of them?” Cheng Yu spoke nonchalantly. Cheng Yu was someone afraid of endless troubles. However, he never wished to start a massacre. With so many people around them, it would be very hard for him to kill every single one of them. But if he weren’t going to kill them, he was afraid endless troubles would keep on coming to his doorstep.

“No way! How could you possibly kill off all of them? What if one of them manage to escape? If so, we would never be able to stay in the cultivation world any longer!” Tian Xue replied hastily.

There were at least several hundreds of people here. Just Golden Core Realm cultivators alone were already a few dozens of them. Furthermore, these people all came from a different sect. Killing all of them was easier said than done. If one of them were to escape, their wicked conduct would certainly spread throughout the whole cultivation world. By then, there would be no returning road for them. Perhaps, Tianshan sect would be provoked by all sect, so much that they could even be isolated.

“Tian Xue?” Just when the green light pillar disappeared, Tianzhong and his Tianshan Sect disciples were all in a shock.

Even Tian Xuan who was among the crowd was also astonished. Previously when he saw Cheng Yu fighting alone dozen of Golden Core cultivators and escaped, they tried chasing after him and did catch a glimpse of two figure standing beside him. However, during then, Tian Xue duo was being blocked by Huoyu, blocking their view. Now that the two figure who appeared beside Cheng Yu was their Tianshan Sect disciples, they knew they were in deep troubles.

Meanwhile, Ning Yan and her group couldn’t help but be also shocked that the pillar was caused by Cheng Yu. But the current circumstances made them couldn’t help but start to worry for him.

After all, Cheng Yu was their benefactor. Not only had he guarded them for a period of time, he even gifted each and every one of them a spiritual artifact. How big of kindness was it to them? Even though they had lived in Huaxian Valley for so long, they had never once obtained a spiritual artifact and yet, Cheng Yu gifted them as if it was nothing to him.

But yet, with so many different sect disciples around, they could not stand out and assist Cheng Yu openly. Otherwise, they would become everyone’s enemy.

They represented not only themselves but Huaxian Valley standpoint as well. They could only hide their anxiousness in them and pray for Cheng Yu.

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“You know him?” Ning Xuan saw the unnatural expression in Ning Yan and a few of her junior sister face.

“Big Martial Sister, he’s the Cheng Yu we mentioned to you before. I hope martial sister would not make a move against him.” Ning Yan muttered softly.

“What?! You mean he’s the Cheng Yu who had bestowed each of you a spiritual artifact? That’s to say, he had discovered the Death Shrine?” When Ning Yan had converged together with her martial sisters, Ning Xuan had gotten curious as to what treasury had they discovered for them to be able to possess one spiritual artifact on each of them. Furthermore, Ning Yan, Ning Xue, and Ning Wushuang were holding onto supreme-grade spiritual artifact. This news was truly too shocking for her.

She had stayed in the Death Forest for so long yet she hadn’t gotten any harvest. Ultimately did she was only able to hear about the whole story from Ning Yan after much persuasion. Not only was she curious as to why this man was so generous to them, but she was also curious as to was it because he was fawning about them? But even so, gifting a spiritual artifact to every one of them was just too exaggerated. Even if one were marrying a Huaxian Valley disciple, no one had ever been so magnanimous before!

Furthermore, Ning Yan also said that Cheng Yu was in the Initial Stage Golden Core Realm but his strength was extremely abnormal. Even Wu Ming was unable to withstand against a move of his.

Having witnessed it from her own eyes just now, this person strength was truly extremely profound. She was afraid that any ordinary Late Stage Golden Core Realm expert might not even be able to be a match for him. However, the reason why their teacher had sent them here was in hopes of them discovering the Death Shrine treasury. Now that the treasury was swept clean by Cheng Yu, it was nigh impossible for them to give up on this matter even though Ning Yan they all owe him a favor.

“Big Martial Sister, Cheng Yu’s strength might be very formidable but he is also very kind. I feel that it’s better off being a friend than an enemy with him.” Ning Yan knew that Ning Xuan didn’t give up on the treasury yet. Hence, she quickly persuaded.

“Let’s not talk about this first. We will act accordingly!” Ning Xuan looked at her junior sisters before speaking.

“Good! Tianzhong, it turns out that your Tianshan Sect had already gone ahead to steal the treasures before us. Yet, you still dare to act like a gentleman in front of us? Today, your Tianshan Sect must give all of the righteous sects an explanation!” Wu Yong knew of Tian Xue. When she appeared before him, he was shocked yet elated. This was a good opportunity for him to be free of guilt. Immediately, he shouted out from the crowd.

“It turns out that Tianshan Sect had long known of the treasure location. Unexpectedly, they wanted to eat them all alone. This is simply too wicked! Hand over the treasures!” When everyone saw the duo who was standing in the middle was Tianshan Sect disciples, they immediately got discontented and voiced out their concerns.

“Tianshan Sect is too shameless! Not only they wish to take away all the treasure themselves, they even wanted to use us to deal with Kunlun and Shushan Sect. This is simply too vile!”

“Too wicked!”

“Hand over the treasures!” Momentarily, everyone’s mood was being led around by Wuyong.

Tianzhong turned gloomy when he noticed the changes in the situation. He was filled with extreme irritation. No one could have expected it. Truly God’s plan supersedes over everyone’s scheme!

“Everyone! Everyone! Please calm down and listen to me. We, Tianshan Sect would never do such a thing. If the matter is as everyone said, would we be stuck here like everyone else? Wouldn’t I be bringing trouble to myself? Tian Xue is indeed our Tianshan Sect disciple but this is her own stand and not Tianshan Sect. I hope everyone will not misunderstand!” Sensing everyone becoming more and more stirred up and angry, Tianzhong had no choice but to stand out and speak.

“Everyone, don’t believe his quibbling! The Tianshan Sect has always scheme behind everyone’s back. We, Shushan Sect is willing to exert our strength to help everyone seize back our treasures!” How could Wuyong allow Tianzhong speech to sway everyone’s mind? Once again, he drew out everyone’s sympathy.

“Hand over the treasure!”

“Hand over the treasure!” These people were all opportunist. They will never express their stand randomly. The only thing they would do was to fight for the biggest benefit they could get from the crowd. However, because the amount of opportunist here was too big, they represented a large portion of the cultivation world.

Although they didn’t possess formidable strength, they still came from the different respectable sect. The ten great sects had no choice but to value their opinions as well.

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As the saying goes,’Adhering to the public opinion; one can never go against the will of the people!’

“You are someone from the Shushan Sect?” Cheng Yu was not interested in their self-guided drama. However, Wuyong had obviously triggered Cheng Yu’s killing intent.

“Right! Who are you?” Wuyong was extremely apprehensive towards Cheng Yu’s cold expression. But when he recalled the support he had and with so many people around, would Cheng Yu dare to oppose against Shushan Sect?

“Who am I aren’t important. What’s important is that you seem to be very interested in the treasures I obtained.” Cheng Yu took out his Purple Light Sword as he spoke to Wuyong icily.

“Soul artifact! Could you be that person?!” Looking at the soul artifact in Cheng Yu’s hand, everyone expression immediately changed. It was especially so for the ten great sect people.

With a soul artifact in hand, Cheng Yu fought against dozen of Golden Core experts. In addition to the unprecedented three golden core he possesses, a lot of disciples had sent the news back to their sect. Meanwhile, Kunlun, Shushan, and Tianshan Sect had sent their experts in.

They all knew that there was a formidable person in this Death Forest that was holding onto a soul artifact. They also believe that no one dares to take out a soul artifact so casually in front of so many people. If that person doesn’t have an abnormal ability, he would just be a dish that everyone sought for.

Cheng Yu didn’t seem like a fool without real ability. That would only mean that he was that mysterious person.

“I’m not sure who’s that person you saying. But let me offer you a bit of advice. You better not provoke me! Is there Kunlun Sect people here!” Cheng Yu had already become the enemy of Kunlun. Although he had also gotten into a conflict with Shushan Sect, it wasn’t to the point of being a life and death enemy.

Even though Cheng Yu also hoped to get rid of Shushan Sect people, he still mustn’t act with undue haste. Killing off Kunlun Sect elites could not only alleviate the pressure he facing, but it was also something the other sect wishes to see. Perhaps, there might be a surprise following that.

Hearing Cheng Yu’s question, not only Yunzhong and a few Kunlun disciples, even everyone on the ground was shocked.

Is he declaring war with Kunlun?

“What do you want to do?” Yunzhong who had been standing quietly at the side had already been shocked by Cheng Yu’s identity. Previously, the sect master had implored them again and again that if they were to bump into Cheng Yu, if they feel that they don’t hold any assurance of being able to get rid of him, they must not go headstrong against him.

Unexpectedly, this Cheng Yu’s strength was not only abnormal, but he was as what the sect master had told them to be. A moment ago, they were already fighting for their last gasp. Could Cheng Yu wish to get rid of all the Kunlun people here? Yunzhong expression immediately became extremely serious.

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