Chapter 300: Who?

“This…… this was just a speculation. Believe me, this green clay is certainly what you are searching for. At most, once you return, if this isn’t what you are looking for, I will try to find some time and accompany you two back here. How about that?” The corner of his mouth twitched. For what did he analyze the situation. Now he just pulled himself back into this problematic trouble again!

Looking at how hesitant Tian Xue was, Cheng Yu felt that she would get him to remain behind to continue searching for the Death Shrine.

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“No buts. Trust me, this thing is very miraculous. Isn’t your mother losing her life force day by day? This thing would certainly bring her vitality back. Furthermore, even if this thing couldn’t heal her fully, it could at least recover your mother lost vitality. When the time comes, it still wasn’t late to return back here. But if you continue delaying and not return back, what if your mother condition worsens? By then, it might be too late even if you had obtained the god water.” Cheng Yu spoke.

“Senior sister, what senior brother said seem very reasonable. Didn’t Sect Master say that our mother’s life force will gradually dissipate faster? We should quickly bring this green clay back to have a try. Otherwise, it might be too late even if we had obtained the god water.” Tian Xing persuaded.

“This…… Alright! We shall return first!” Tian Xue was also worried for her mother’s condition. She wished to quickly return back to have a look at her mother.

“Alright. Prepare to exit.” With Tian Xue agreeing not to continue staying here, Cheng Yu heaved a sigh of relief as he brought out the heavenly tree key.


On the surface, the current situation had become a lot more chaotic. Different sect experts had all appeared.

Kunlun Sect and Shushan Sect battle had also come to an end. There wasn’t any death between them but every one of them suffered from slight injuries. It was especially so for the five from Shushan Sect. Having to face eight other people, each of them had to take on two people at a time.

But unexpectedly, the 13 of them had actually sat down together while recovering. If they didn’t see the battle with their own eyes, they would have thought that they had all along been together.

“Tianzhong! Did you actually dare to bring different experts from different sect to come to injure us?! Aren’t you afraid of causing a war to happen in the cultivation world!” Shushan Sect Wuyong was recovering when they suddenly got surrounded, causing him to feel extremely irritated.

How could he not be irritated? Originally, he found an extremely precious treasure but when he was about to chase after it, he was stopped by Yunzhong bastard. After having to fight against Yunzhong’s group, he got surrounded by another group of people.

However, being stuck in such a dire situation, even the unyielding Yunzhong also had no choice but to form an alliance together with them.

“Haha! Wuyong, didn’t expect you would have come today, didn’t you! You don’t have to intimidate us. The cultivation world is not ruled by Shushan and Kunlun Sect but is shared by everyone. Don’t everyone agree?!” Tianzhong bewitched everyone, pulling them all away from Shushan and Kunlun side.

“Senior Brother Tianzhong is right! The cultivation world belongs to everyone!”

“Belongs to everyone!”

“Belongs to everyone!” With Tianzhong leading them and also a few supporters, the other sects enthusiastically pandered at them.

“Everyone, calm down for a bit! We aren’t unreasonable people. As long as you hand over the treasure, we can still give you some leeway!” Tianzhong was very satisfied with the effect he brought up. He held his hand up, signaling everyone to stop shouting before yelling at Wuyong and Yunzhong.

“Hand over the treasure! Hand over the treasure!” Tianzhong signaled one of his men hidden within the crowd. Immediately, that man started rallying.

“Hand over the treasure!”

“Hand over the treasure!” With a person leading, those opportunists immediately joined in.

When Wuyong saw how these people wanted to suppress them, he was furious to the point of his face turning green.

“It’s all your fault! I wanna see how are you going to handle this situation!” Wuyong spoke icily to Yunzhong.

“Aren’t they just asking for the treasure? You just have to hand it over.” Yunzhong looked at Wuyong and laughed. From his actions, Yunzhong didn’t seem to be worried that he was surrounded by so many people.

“Hmph! Up to this point, you still think I have the treasure on me?” Wuyong glared at him.

“I know you don’t have!” Yunzhong spoke unconcernedly.

“So you are saying you purposely set us up? Aren’t you afraid of the punishment you will receive from your sect?” Wuyong glared at Yunzhong. It seemed as if the fire were about to shoot out from his eyes.

“So what? I can just tell them that I wanted to compare notes with the senior brother. Besides, this isn’t the first time our sect disciples fought against each other. And fighting against others during our training is very normal. Furthermore, you have yet to die. So it’s useless even if you complain to your sect.” Yunzhong smiled.

“You…… Hmph…… It seems like you have planned this scheme long ago. I will remember this! In the future, I will return it back to you ten folds!” Wuyong replied.

Actually, Wuyong also knew that it was normal for different sect disciples to get into conflict with each other. Whenever disciples head out for training, the sect would not interfere if there were not any elite disciples dying. But once a Golden Core Realm disciple got killed, if they knew who the culprit was, the sect would than make a move against that culprit in order to maintain their prestige.

However, no one had died from either of their sides. Even if they report it back to their sect, their sect would just ignore it.

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“Hehe. Let’s talk about that after you leave here alive!” Yunzhong seemed pay no heed to that murderous glare of Wuyong.

“Just a group of ants. As long as you don’t obstruct us, it’s not an issue for us to flee from here!” Wuyong harrumphed.

“Go ahead then!” Yunzhong smiled.

“Hmph! Everyone! We don’t have the so-called treasure you are looking for. I hope all of you can be a bit more rational and not be tricked by someone else’s crafty plots. At that time, you might even bring forth a disaster to your sect.” It was impossible for Wuyong to charge out from here. Among those surrounding them, there were countless of Golden Core experts. With so many of those experts around, even if wouldn’t die, he would certainly be left crippled.

Hearing Wuyong’s declaration, everyone started to hesitate.

“Wuyong, do you think we will believe you? All of us had seen it with our own eyes. If it weren’t because of the treasure, would you two be fighting against each other? Don’t treat all of us as fools. Don’t think that just because your Shushan Sect and Kunlun Sect had formed an alliance you can suppress all of us. Everyone, don’t be tricked by him. Shushan and Kunlun Sect people have always liked to intimidate others. As long as we work together, would their Shushan and Kunlun sect dare to become the enemy against the whole world? Besides, there’s still our Cangling Sect and Tianshan Sect to hold the ground for all of you.” When they saw the hesitation in everyone eyes, Cangyuan who was standing beside Tianzhong yelled to the crowd.

Finally, had they manage to obtain an opportunity to eliminate those guys from Shushan and Kunlun Sect, they must never let go of it so easily. Although they could still kill them after forming an alliance with the Tianshan Sect, the aftermath would be quite troublesome to solve.

If it was only a few of them, Kunlun and Shushan Sect would certainly bring forth a lot of troubles to them. But if the other sects were to participate in this slaughter, would they dare to take the world by storm and eliminate so many sects?

Therefore, they didn’t care if Wuyong truly had the treasure or not. Their objective was to kill off the Kunlun and Shushan disciples.

“Hand over the treasure!” The supporter among the crowd yelled out once again.

“Hand over the treasure!” When others aren’t afraid, why should they be? What Cangyuan said was right. Would their Kunlun and Shushan Sect dare to eliminate so many other sects? Besides, there was still Tianshan and Cangling Sect people leading them. Why should they be afraid? They had always been bullied by those ten great sect people. Now that they had a chance to fight back, they also wish to bully those from the ten great sect people.

“Damn Cangyuan! Damn Cangling and Tianshan Sect! If I will certainly get my revenge if I were to escape from this!” When Wuyong saw how Cangyuan had used the righteous banner to swindle the crowd into joining them his resentment rocketed.

“Fairy Ning Xuan, don’t tell me Huaxian Valley is also joining in?” When Wuyong saw Huaxian Valley disciples were also among the crowd, he questioned their stand.

Huaxian Valley was known to be the neutral one among all sect. The situation couldn’t be any more worse if the Huaxian Valley were opposed to them as well.

“We don’t wish to be involved in your sect dispute. But if you truly have the treasure, I hope you can hand it over! I believe everyone wouldn’t make things difficult for you!” The reason why Ning Xuan didn’t stand together with Tianshan and Cangling Sect people was that they didn’t want others to think that the Huaxian Valley had made their choice, to become a member of Tianshan and Cangling alliance.

“I said before. I don’t have the treasure!” When Wuyong heard her words, he relaxed a little. But when he heard her asking him to hand over the treasure as well, his fury immediately returned.

“Then I’m powerless as well!” Ning Xuan spoke nonchalantly.

Currently, Ning Xuan had already grouped up together with her Senior Sisters and Junior Sisters. Their group had a total of 6 Golden Core Realm cultivators, making their group one of the strongest few.

Hu! Just when the situation was stuck in a deadlock, a green light pillar soared up beside Wuyong and Yunzhong. The pillar soared to the sky, making it extremely dazzling.

“Light pillar! Treasure light! It’s that! The treasure has appeared again!” When everyone saw the miraculous yet familiar sight, they immediately voiced out their excitement.

Tianzhong and Cangyuan immediately turned gloomy. Couldn’t it appear a little later? Now, they had wasted such a good opportunity to kill off those people from the Kunlun and Shushan Sect.

However, such a big and bright treasure light pillar had also attracted their attention. If an exceptional treasure were to appear, they must certainly get their hands on it.

All the experts got themselves ready. Once the treasure appears, they would charge forward to snatch it.

Whoosh~ Whoosh~ Whoosh! Just when everyone’s excitement had reached to its apex, three figure appeared inside the large light pillar!

However, because the trio was being wrapped up by the green light, everyone couldn’t tell who they were other than seeing three fuzzy figures. They all thought that it was three treasures as experts after experts started surging forward.

“It appeared! A treasure is born!”

“The treasure is ours!” Everyone used all their strength to rush forth.

Boom! Just when all the experts had flown into the green light pillar, a golden ray flashed out. Everyone was shocked. It was especially so for Shushan and Kunlun Sect people. Because the golden ray was actually aiming at them!

Ultimately, the dozen of them were jolted by the golden ray, causing their five viscera to shift position.

“Who is it!” Yunzhong clenched onto his chest as he shouted towards the green pillar!

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