Chapter 586: Demonic Dragon King

A scholarly-looking handsome middle-aged man in shiny black armor suddenly appeared in the valley. He leisurely considered the Divine Dragon King.

The six elders immediately prepared to fight and simultaneously took a step forward with tense expressions, forming a semicircle around the Divine Dragon King.

“Sha Qingyin, this is not the place you should have come to. Since you have intruded here today, don’t think about leaving!” Elder Feili said in a stern voice. He had never imagined that the Demonic Dragon King would dare to intrude onto Divine Dragon Island by himself. Moreover, he seemed to not care about them at all.

“Want to fight? Then let’s fight; whether you want to fight one on one or come at me together, I will accompany you. Why are you talking so much nonsense?” Sha Qingyin indifferently said to Elder Feili.

“You…” Elder Feili had never expected Sha Qingyin to be so aggressive. He immediately thought to transform into his true dragon form and fight, but Divine Dragon King stopped him.

“It’s been over a thousand years, Your Excellency Demonic Dragon King. I trust you have been well since we parted?” Divine Dragon King also smiled indifferently, showing his kingly demeanor.

“Thanks to your blessing, it hasn’t been too bad. My purpose in coming here today is also not to create trouble. I heard the Devouring Dragon Physique has appeared, I have especially come to verify it. I don’t dare to forget the ancestral teachings,” Sha Qingyin faintly said.

Diving Dragon King looked towards Niur nestled in Long Yi’s bosom and affirmed, “That’s true.”

Sha Qingyin looked over, and his gaze remained on the Dragon God’s heart for a short period. Then, he sized up Long Yi with great interest. He seemed to be very interested in Long Yi.

“Don’t look at me like this. I don’t swing that way. If you want to look at someone, look at him. I think you two comparatively suit each other.” Long Yi frowned and said while pointing at Divine Dragon King.

The two Dragon Kings looked at each other and didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry. This brat truly didn’t know how to show respect for his elders. The reason why Sha Qingyin was sizing Long Yi up like this was his darling daughter. This daughter of his not only greatly admired Long Yi; moreover, she had also said that she would only marry the person who defeated Long Yi. Otherwise, she would not marry for the rest of her life. Today, seeing Long Yi, he learned the other possible meaning of hers. Perhaps, his daughter had taken a fancy to Long Yi, but he had heard that this boy had a large number of wives and concubines. This man would not make a good son-in-law.

“Your Highness Demonic Dragon King, since the Devouring Dragon Physique has appeared in the world, what does your Demonic Dragon Clan plan to do?” Divine Dragon King asked while looking at Sha Qingya.

“Since the Devouring Dragon Physique has truly appeared in this world once more, my Demonic Dragon Clan will certainly comply with the ancestral teaching and take her as its leader,” Sha Qingyin said.

The six elders seemed to have a lot of objections, but before they could speak, Divine Dragon King immediately said, “It’s good this way. although our two branches of Dragon Race have different beliefs, we all are from the same veins. We should throw away former ill wills and jointly deal with the upcoming disaster.”

The eyes of Long Yi shone, and a hint of smile appeared on his face. Something fishy was going on between these two Dragon Kings. It appeared as if they already had had a discussion at an earlier time.

“Okay, your two branches of the Dragon Clan can discuss further later. Now, there is a much more important matter waiting for us to complete.” Seeing the anxious Liuxu, Long Yi hurriedly said.

“Correct, my younger sister is still waiting for us. Your Excellency Dragon King, since you have come here, is it possible for you to help us?” Divine Dragon King said. The strength of Demonic Dragon King Sha Qingyin was similar to his own. Letting him replace Liuxu would make his younger sister suffer less.

“As long as I have the ability, I will not decline,” Sha Qingyin said with a smile.

Everyone was prepared. Bolstered with the experience of already saving Fandi, everybody was familiar with the process. They were no longer nervous. With the help of the Demonic Dragon King along with the stimulation of the Soul Locking Seven Notes by Liuli, the ten black iron chains were completely removed, successfully pulling her back from the jaws of death.

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At this moment, Liuxu was crying in the bosom of Long Yi. One could say that her heart was truly free at this moment. Her family was finally reunited.

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Long Yi had never thought that everything would go so smoothly. Not only had the parents of Liuxu ben rescued, but also the Divine Dragon Clan and Demonic Dragon Clan had reached a verbal agreement. As for the date of the formal discussion between the two clans, it would be held a month later. The Dragon Kings representing both sides would discuss with their elders first. When all the clansmen of the Divine Dragon Clan and Demonic Dragon Clan gathered together for the first time, Niur would have to temporarily make an appearance as the spiritual leader of the Dragon Race. As for when she would truly become the leader of the entire Dragon Race, that would wait until she grew up and truly had that ability.


The night on Divine Dragon Island was beautiful. The sea breeze faintly blew, and the fragrance of flowers spread everywhere.

Long Yi had used the tree vines of Teresa’s garden to make a swing. Little Xingxing and Niur were giggling while taking turns to gently push each other on that swing. These two little girls were truly kindred spirits. After getting to know each other, they always played together. They were closer than biological sisters.

Teresa was sitting under the eaves doing needlework. She was in the process of embroidering a pattern on a piece of silk. From time to time, she would look at these two little girls and smile. It was very hard to imagine that a woman of the Dragon Race would unexpectedly like this kind of needlework often performed by human women. As for Long Yi, he was lying on a net that was bound between two trees. He was looking at the shining starry sky while listening to the giggles of the two little girls. This truly was a good night.

A few meteors streaked across the sky, emitting a bright light. It made this night even more beautiful. Long Yi slightly narrowed his eyes, and his eyes suddenly focused. Then, he suddenly disappeared into the thin air, leaving behind the still swaying net.

Long Yi used Great Cosmos Shift, flying past many peaks toward the distant sky.

“Such a beautiful night… You two Dragon Kings seem to share a good mood to enjoy it. I am not disturbing your intimate time, am I?” Long Yi slowly appeared and said with a smile while looking at the two Dragon Kings who were in human form.

“Stinking brat, don’t speak nonsense! Just hand over my treasures that you have stolen,” Divine Dragon King said, directly calling Long Yi ‘stinking brat.’ In the beginning, he had at least addressed him respectfully as Lightning God inheritor.

“Treasures? What treasures? You shouldn’t accuse others wrongly. Don’t think that just because you are the Dragon King, you can extort other people.” Long Yi fully displayed his acting abilities. He had the principle of never spitting out what he had eaten.

“Well, if you have any questions, you can ask them,” Demonic Dragon King Sha Qingyin said with a smile.

Long Yi sized up the two of them for a while and asked with a smile, “Are you two committing adultery?”

The complexions of both the Divine Dragon King and Demonic Dragon King simultaneously become ghastly pale, and they rushed to kick Long Yi. Alas, Long Yi had already been prepared and successfully dodged.

“I guess I have spoken incorrectly. However, weren’t you two already colluding from an earlier time?” Long Yi asked.

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