Chapter 18 – Waiting

Some of the vegetables within the manor were also destroyed. Some were also trampled but could still be eaten if processed well. The bodies of the other students have also littered the manor, they were now being handled as well.

If not, when midnight arrives, these corpses will turn into Zombies after being infused with Blood Rain. The best way to deal with this situation was to dismantle the bodies into pieces before burying them.

They could also choose cremation, but it could not be done inside the manor as the smell of burning flash would attract certain unique creatures.

“How do you want to handle them?”

Yang Tian had explained the methods to them, he could not be bothered to deal with the corpses personally as he wants to focus on the vegetable field.

“We were once classmates, I do not wish to see their bodies being hacked into pieces after they passed away. I choose cremation.”

“I agree.”

“I also agree.”

Lee Si Kai and the rest all chose cremation in the end, as for where to cremate the bodies, it would be their problem to handle. Yang Tian went to his vegetable field.

After removing the ruined vegetables, Yang Tian also carefully harvested the ones that were trampled. These damaged vegetables could only survive for two more days, but their effects were similar to Rank 2 Red Potions, providing a relatively good restoring effect for both Rank 2 Metahumans and Rank 2 creatures.

When midnight arrives, the infusion of Blood Rain will also cause unexpected results to the vegetables.

The ruined vegetables would no longer possess any effects, but within the current Post-Apocalyptic Era, they were still a source of delicious food. Yang Tian would not be silly enough to throw them away.

Currently, only 2500 square meters of the vegetable fields remained, yet this was a very substantial amount during the Post-Apocalyptic Era.

The vegetables that were ruined would be sundried to prevent it from decomposing. As for the plants that were trampled, having experienced mutations, they would not spoil that quickly as well. After harvesting them, they would still maintain their freshness, unless they were further destroyed.

“Erm, can you allow them to stay with me?”

Guan Qing Xue asked hesitantly from behind Yang Tian, Yang Tian did not even need to guess to know that it was the two female students who pleaded Guan Qing Xue to make the request.

Yang Tian stopped what he was doing and looked at Guan Qing Xue, his gaze still held traces of warmth.

“I do not mind as long as you are happy.”

They plan to obtain Yang Tian’s protection for free? He was not such a nice person. The female student that was injured yesterday is fated to be unable to survive the Blood Rain Infusion, it is only a matter of time before she becomes a zombie. As for the other female student, Yang Tian has his plans as well.

Those who have obtained things without putting any effort were destined to pay the price one way or another.

After getting Yang Tian’s reply, Guan Qing Xue relaxed her expression.

No matter if you were the one from the previous life or the current you, I will give you my protection as long as it’s you. Just like how you protected me in the past.

Guan Qing Xue returned to the small house and told the two students Yang Tian’s reply, they were naturally pleased about it.

Yang Tian continued to sort out the fields, he found a location and kept all the ruined vegetables at that place to be sundried, one day should be enough for this process.

The mutated pig was resting beside the warehouse while the Dark Crimson Fire Wolf laid on top of its back to sleep.

Several black tattoos have appeared on its fiery-red body, and there was a black lotus mark on its forehead. The current Dark Crimson Fire Wolf was without a doubt, much stronger than most Rank 1 lifeforms.

When noon came, Lee Si Kai and the rest have yet to return to the manor. Yang Tian called Guan Qing Xue to have lunch together.

“Let them join us as well!”

“Food is very precious, they will not starve to death.”

Yang Tian had no intention of giving food to the two female students within the small house, he would not allow Guan Qing Xue to bring any food back as well.

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Two meat jerkies, one hardtack and one bottle of mineral water. Only when Yang Tian made sure that Guan Qing Xue had finished her food, did he allow her to return back into the house.

The mutate pig has a huge appetite. Fortunately, it could be satiated with grains, and the Dark Flame Fire Wolf did not eat much. However, the Dark Crimson Fire Wolf only eats meat and preferred fresh meat. In its eyes, meat jerkies were not considered food.

“Just make do with this first!”

He filled a basin of pork jerky in front of the Dark Crimson Fire Wolf.

The same old method was done to feed the mutated pig, he cooked a large pot of ‘Pig Food’ for it.

These foods were exceptionally precious during the Post-Apocalyptic Era, in the past, Yang Tian would rarely cook food to feed his tamed beasts as he would get them to forage food on their own. However, the Blood Rain would fall tonight, and Yang Tian wishes to avoid any potential accidents within his ability. Therefore, he found it was worth it to waste a bit of food.

One must not be injured during the Blood Rain Infusion process, if not, their only ending would be turning into a zombie.

Lee Si Kai and the rest only return during dusk, from their looks, they seemed to have experienced a battle.

“We will like to trade these for dinner tonight.”

They were not attacked by otherworld creatures but went hunting solitary creatures instead, they want to use the energy crystals from their hunts to exchange for dinner.

“Five energy crystals, you guys have improved.”

Yang Tian did not object the energy crystals they offered, this has helped save some trouble for Yang Tian. There were still over a dozen pieces of pork jerky left within the basin that he used to feed the Dark Crimson Fire Wolf, Yang Tian was not stingy and gave all of it to them.

“This is what you get in exchange.”

“So many!”

Lee Si Kai was startled, yesterday he only managed to exchange for one meat jerky with one energy crystal. Now, he was given over a dozen pieces of meat jerky with five energy crystals.

“Do you want them?”

“Yes… yes”

Five energy crystals, three Strength-Type and two Agility-Type. Guan Qing Xue has yet to be enhanced by energy crystals, if Lee Si Kai and his group had not brought some back, Yang Tian would have gone out to hunt some eventually.

Yang Tian called Guan Qing Xue and gave her all five energy crystals, an enhanced body would allow her to better endure the Blood Rain.

“Why are you so nice to me?”

Guan Qing Xue could not help but ask.

“Because you saved my life.”

Guan Qing Xue was unable to understand what Yang Tian was talking about. She had saved his life before?

“What is your name?”

“Yang Tian”

Yang Tian? Guan Qing Xue searched through her entire twenty-odd years of memories. She knew someone by that name, but the person in her memories did not match the Yang Tian in front of her.

“I do not have any impression of you. Did you remember wrongly?”

“No. I will never misremember it.”

Yang Tian leaned his forehead against Guan Qing Xue’s forehead, looking her in the eyes.

“Ah! Let go of me!”

Guan Qing Xue had just been strengthened, allowing her to quickly escape from Yang Tian’s hold. She was startled, she did not expect her strength to become so powerful now.

She looked at Yang Tian apologetically.

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“Return inside to rest, I will call you out later tonight.”


“Just listen to me, I will not harm you.”

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