Chapter 19 – Mind Disruption?

Guan Qing Xue could not understand Yang Tian’s words but he has indeed protected her many times and now her strength was also higher than him, she was not worried that Yang Tian would do anything bad to her.

Yang Tian saw the strange gaze that Guan Qing Xue was giving him.  He was startled for a moment and immediately understood what she was thinking.

Yang Tian did not want to beat around the bush and told her about the Blood Rain that would be coming during midnight. Guan Qing Xue displayed a slight doubt, but from how Yang Tian had used the energy crystals to strengthen her physique, what he spoken about might really be true.

He got Guan Qing Xue to return to the house to rest and got her to maintain her best condition, any small anomaly would affect the awakening of an ability. After Guan Qing Xue went into the house, Yang Tian sat on the mutated pig and waited for the baptism at midnight.

Yang Tian took out the Devil Fruit he gotten yesterday. As his current Mental Power was still not strong enough, he was unable to identify what type of Devil Fruit it was.

Paramecia-Type? Or is it Logia-Type?

The Devil Fruits was an extraordinary existence within the Post-Apocalyptic Era, a human usually would only possess one type of ability. By absorbing the Devil Fruit, the person would be able to own a second ability, the ability obtained would depend on what type of Devil Fruit it was.

However, the Devil Fruit was also very rare, most people would not have a chance to see one.

In his previous life, Yang Tian had once killed an Epic Rank Insect King which then dropped a Devil Fruit. However, it was a Spring Spring Fruit which was of not much use to Yang Tian, so he did not absorb it. Had it been a Logia-type, Yang Tian would not have hesitated and would had immediately consumed it instead.

The Devil Fruit came from the <One Piece> World, and it also possessed the corresponding weakness, Devil Fruit Users could not come in contact with seawater. To absorb a useless fruit and got a fatal weakness in exchange, was a risk that Yang Tian was unwilling to take.

Night descends, but it was indeed much more peaceful tonight, like the calm before the storm.

Yang Tian was not the only one that was looking at the sky, Xiao Mei Yi and Mo Kai were also holding the same nervous feelings.

“What ability will you guys awaken?”

Lee Si Kai looked at Xiao Mei Yi and Mo Ka; he is a Beastman, a Cheetah Warrior. His legs had turned into a pair of powerful cheetah legs and could no longer revert back to human form. As his rank increases, Lee Si Kai would only look more and more like a cheetah. However, compared to experiencing the plights of ordinary humans, Lee Si Kai would rather choose to obtain powers so that he could at least have the ability to protect himself.

“I do not know as well.”

“I hope it is not something too bad.”

Who will know about the unknown future? Compared to becoming a Beastman like Lee Si Kai, they will obviously prefer to become an Elemental Warrior like Hu Jun.

Time slowly passes, the moon in the sky slowly started to turn blood red in color.

“Qing Xue, come out quickly.”

Yang Tian called for Guan Qing Xue to come out.

“What is it?”

“Prepare to awaken your ability.”

Now that electronics have been destroyed, no one would be able to gauge the time accurately, he could only determine the situation based on the changes in the sky.

The other two female students also came out with Guan Qing Xue, it was without a doubt that Guan Qing Xue had told them about the Blood Rain. They also want to awaken an ability, but what greeted them was Yang Tian’s cold smile of disdain.


Before the Apocalypse, they were girls on the level of a School Belle, boys who wanted to get in their good books numbered in the thirties if not, at least over a dozen. Yet now, a piece of meat jerky seemed even more alluring than their so-called looks.


It was the sound of a droplet of Blood Rain hitting the ground. Very soon, the sounds increased rapidly.

So this was what it feels like to be infused by the Blood Rain.

Yang Tian did not experience any Blood Rain before in his previous life, this was actually the first time he felt the Blood Rain Infusion.

The Blood Rain seemed like a special magic chant that dived deep into the deepest reaches of the heart.

Snow Wolf Knight?

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Yang Tian did not expect that his very first ability that appeared was the Snow Wolf Knight, but it was quickly extinguished by Yang Tian. Using his Rank 1 Mental Power, the ability that was about to be awakened within him was removed. This was also the reason why Yang Tian chose to raise his Mental Power to Rank 1, to allow himself to have control over the ability he wanted to awaken.

A Beast Tamer was his goal.

The awakening of an ability was determined by the experiences that the body has accumulated after it crossed a certain threshold. Take swordmasters for example, when they awaken their abilities in the Post-Apocalyptic Era, it would be one that was closely related to sword skills.

Yang Tian’s highest attribute was his Mental Power, the reason the Snow Wolf Knight ability was awakened might be related to absorbing the mutated wolf’s energy crystal earlier on.

As expected, a Beast Tamer.

The second ability that appeared was the Beast Tamer, he felt a very familiar feeling as he regained his status as a Beast Tamer. Yang Tian also felt a stronger sense of control over the mutated pig and the Dark Crimson Fire Wolf.

The moment that Yang Tian became a Beast Tamer, the Dark Crimson Fire Wolf and mutated pig both shuddered for a moment and a sense of fear descended down upon their minds. Their gazes on Yang Tian got even more respectful, even to the point that they dared not look at him directly in the eye.

The Beast Tamer ability would strengthen the Mental Power, Yang Tian’s Rank 1 Mental Power possessed stronger invasiveness after it was enhanced.

I got Mind Disruption?

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The skill Yang Tian obtained when he became a Rank 1 Beast Tamer was Mind Disruption.

Mind Disruption: Within a five-meter radius, cause the target creature to experience a short period of confusion.

Other than the ability to tame lifeforms, a Beast Tamer also possessed some self-preserving skills. In his previous life, Yang Tian did not obtain any skills when he became a Rank 1 Beast Tamer, only when he reached Rank 2 did he acquire a skill.

Many creatures and Metahumans would not learn skills when they are at Rank 1. For example, the Acid Bug could only spit acid, and it was also one of the weaker ones amongst Rank 1 creatures.

However an Elite Monster like the Crimson Fire Wolf can possess a skill.

After the Blood Rain, Yang Tian woke up from his trance. Hu Jun and Lee Si Kai had also tried their luck, but their look of disappointment told everyone that they had failed.


A terrible scream attracted the gazes of everyone.

The female student that was injured and covered in bloodstains had her body was starting to emit a pungent smell.


“She has turned into a zombie, I have explained it to all of you before, this is what happens when you are unable to endure the process.”

Zombies do not feel or fear pain, even if her legs were cut off, she would still continue to attack you. The only weakness was to destroy her brain.

Yang Tian raised his Tang Saber and hacked her head into two, only then did she stopped struggling.

“Remember, the zombie’s weakness is their brain, the only method to kill a zombie is to destroy their head.”

Yang Tian looked as though he was giving them a lesson, but the gazes of the students in this lesson were filled with terror, as they watch one of their fellow classmates turned into today’s lesson material.

After awakening their abilities, Yang Tian still has one more important task to do.

The manor had been turned into a type of special building during the Post-Apocalyptic Era. After being infused with Blood Rain, not only humans would obtain abilities, some of these unique buildings can also experience a change.

These buildings were akin to the palaces of kings, as kings would be born during the Post-Apocalyptic Era to rule and lead humanity; there would also be palaces of kings that were waiting for a lord to occupy them.

In his previous life, the Celestial Empire had a total of twenty-three special buildings, but humans only occupied nine of them. The remaining fourteen have all became the territory of otherworld creatures and mutated beasts.

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