Chapter 20 – Awakening

This manor was one as well, but it became the territory of plant-type creatures in his previous life. Now, it belongs to Yang Tian.

This was the first Blood Rain, and building’s spirit had just awakened. There was a collective name for this type of spirits in the Post-Apocalyptic Era: King’s Spirit.

The meaning to the name was also very apparent, the person who was recognized by the King’s Spirit would also be recognized as the master of the palace.

Yang Tian had once obtained such a palace before in his previous life, but he gave it up in the end. That was why Yang Tian knew how to search for the King’s Spirit.

The King’s Spirits were currently very weak. Unless they encounter an exceptionally suitable master, they would not voluntarily appear.

The King’s Spirit should have only just been awakened, so it should still be remaining at the place where it woke up, which will save Yang Tian some roubles.

Yang Tian released his Mental Power and spread it across the grounds of the manor. The buildings will not transform until after the Second Blood Rain, only the King’s Spirit was born now.

“Found it.”

The King’s Spirit has yet to develop an awareness, so it did not take react when Yang Tian grabbed it and then bounding it with his own Mental Power.

Every palace possessed a unique trait, what attracted Yang Tian to the manor was that it could perform summoning. It can summon any creature from any world to be used by him, and the summoned creature’s strength would be based on his Mental Power. It was similar to the ability of a summoner, but there will also be a big difference.

After a summoner summoned a creature to Earth, the summoned creature needs to rely on the Mental Power of its summoner to remain on Earth. For example, an ordinary Rank 1 Summoner’s Mental Power capacity can sustain two summons for half an hour on Earth. However, it was different for the mano; the creatures that it summoned would be able to permanently exist as long as they remain within the range of the manor. The summoned creatures could also leave the range of the manor, but Yang Tian would need to sustain them with his Mental Power like a summoner.

The summoners rely on their summoning skill to call creatures to fight for them.

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However, it was different for the manor. The manor acts like an altar, while the King’s Spirit serves as the key to activate the altar to perform the summoning. Whoever possesses the King’s Spirit would be able to summon otherworld creatures.

Of the Twenty-Three Palaces, only a few possessed the ability to summon, but all of their summoning methods are different. To put it more accurately, there were no repeated abilities amongst the Twenty-Three Palaces.

Merging with the King’s Spirit was the first step of becoming the master of the manor.

Yang Tian chose to combine the King’s Spirit with his brain because the result for doing this was that unless Yang Tian dies, no one else would be able to become the master of the manor.

“So hot.”

The King’s Spirit might just be born, yet the difficulty of merging with it was still not easy.

“Arkular, Soulica, Guldorla”

A black mark appeared on Yang Tian’s forehead, and along with the appearance of the mark, the process of merging the King’s Spirit with his brain became much smoother as well.

The powerful Dark Taming could not only be used for taming creatures but could also be used for other things as well.

The instant the merging was completed, Yang Tian had a complete grasp of everything within the manor; even the number of roots that the Exploding Fruit Tree has in the ground was also clearly known to him.

The First Blood Rain would give birth to King’s Spirits. When the Second Blood Rain occurs, not only will humans awaken their abilities, it was also the crucial moment when the palaces would rise up.

These special buildings would turn into huge structures during the Second Blood Rain and stand tall within the Post-Apocalyptic Era.

“Boss, are you okay?”

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Hu Jun’s voice came from behind Yang Tian.

“Boss? Are you calling me?”

Hu Jun had a straightforward character, Yang Tian had tried to kill him before, but he had also saved him. It was also due to Yang Tian’s leadership that allowed them to survive the Wolf Wave. Therefore, Hu Jun naturally treated Yang Tian as the boss.

“In this place, only you have the qualifications to be the boss.”

“No matter. How’s the rest of the guys?”

“Except for… that thing earlier, the rest are fine.”

They were very unwilling to witness their classmate being killed in front of them, but they knew Yang Tian was doing it for their own good. They have watched their fair share of zombie movies and knew how terrifying zombies could be. If they treated it as Yang Tian killing a zombie instead of their classmate, they could feel less conflicted.

“Let’s go take a look!”

Yang Tian walked in the front while Hu Jun followed him from behind.

“Release your ability for me to see.”

The first one was Mo Kai, his ability was like Lee Si Kai, a Beastman, Black Bear. The first region that transformed was Mo Kai’s forearms and palms. Black fur covered his muscular forearms with a pair of sturdy, meaty paws with sharp claws at the ends of it.

Xiao Mei Yi, Wind Envoy, possessing the ability to control wind and attack with it.

The ability Guan Qing Xue awakened was the Radiant Angel. Yang Tian had thought that Guan Qing Xue would become a Dark Assassin like her previous life. The Radiant Angel do not possess a strong fighting power, their abilities mainly focused on healing and restoring stamina.

The skills of the Radiant Angel makes them very reliant on teams, but the difference between a team with a Radiant Angel and a team without one was significant. They might not possess a strong fighting power, but their unique skills make them the core of the team.

Guan Qing Xue’s skill as a Rank 1 Radiant Angel: Sacred Heal.

Sacred Heal: Rapidly heals an individual.

The remaining female student who had not turned into a zombie also awakened an ability. Her ability even slightly surprised Yang Tian, a Seductress.

Seductress, a rare Metahuman that emits a type of energy that strongly attracts the opposite gender. Yang Tian initially wanted to treat her as bait but that she had awakened this ability, he had other plans in mind.

“What is your name.”

“I am Zhu Xiao Ruo.”

She did not expect Yang Tian to ask for her name, this made her feel that her ability must be very powerful in her heart, which was why she attracted Yang Tian’s attention.

However, why does she feel nothing from her body?

The Seductress is special, but they were very weak during the early stages, so most low-rank Seductresses were only tools used by men to vent their frustrations. Only under such situations, would they obtain the chance to develop and grow.

To become Rank 2, a Rank 1 needs about fifty Rank 1 energy crystals. Only by absorbing the crystals that matched their abilities, would they be able to maximize their development.

Yang Tian could also consume strength-type energy crystals to reach Rank 2, but his Beast Tamer ability would not reach Rank 2.

The vegetables on the field have also become more vibrant looking after the Blood Rain Infusion.

Carrot: Enhance healing recovery speed.

Radish: Enhance stamina recovery speed.

Spinach: Boost strength and stamina for a short period.

Cabbage: Increase maximum movement speed for a short period.

These were the varieties of vegetables and effects that were grown within the manor, each variety took up 660 square meters of land. For Rank 1 Metahumans, these were equivalent to life-saving medicine, but the effects would not be as noticeable for high-rank Metahumans.

However, they were all equally valuable in the Post-Apocalyptic Era, because they were all delicacies in the Post-Apocalyptic Era. Sometimes within the Post-Apocalyptic Era, a useless bottle of Erguotou might be even more precious than a Rank 4 energy crystal.

(Cuppa: Erguotou is a brand of Chinese White Wine with over 50% alcohol content)

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