Chapter 21 – The First Summon? Charmander

“Let’s hope the first summoning will not be disappointing.”

Yang Tian prepared for the first summoning. With a summoned beast around, these vegetables would be much safer.

“Give me some space.”

They did not understand why Yang Tian made the request but they cleverly did as told.

“The tunnel connecting to the tens of thousands of worlds, Yang Tian requests for it to open.”

After merging the King’s Spirit with his brain, Yang Tian had also obtained control over the summoning ability.

The sacrifices –

A corpse of a zombie and a few dozen dried carcasses of mutated wolves.

As Yang Tian completed the summon, the sacrifices also disappeared.

Char Char

A young voice entered Yang Tian’s ears.

A Rank 1 creature.

The first summoning was a Rank 1 creature, Charmander.

Fire-type pokemon that came from the <Pokemon> World, Charmander.

Skill: Ember.

Ember: Shoots several small embers that possessed a swift burning power.

Pokemon were very mysterious creatures, evolving was their method of becoming stronger. The highest evolution form of Charmander is the Charizard that possessed Rank 4 fighting power. Their ability to learn skills is their strong point. That was why they were able to display many different skills during battle.

If a Mega Stone was obtained, the Charizard could evolve further and reach an even higher rank.

With a round head, pointy teeth and a tail with flames at its end, these are the mark of Charmander.

Char Char

Charmander wags its tail as it ran to Yang Tian; its round head leaned against Yang Tian’s pants, looking extremely cute.

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“How cute, what pet is this?”

Guan Qing Xue was the first to fall under the cute attack of Charmander, she quickly came to Yang Tian’s side and carried Charmander in her arms.

“Pet? It is not a pet, it is much stronger than all of you in a fight.”

“This one? I don’t believe it has any ability to fight.”

Hu Jun looked at the cute face of Charmander and did not believe that such a lovely little thing would possess any excellent fighting ability.


Charmander looked at Guan Qing Xue with some displeasure as she kept hugging him, especially when the lumps on her chest were beginning to suffocate it.

Charmander escaped Guan Qing Xue and jumped onto Yang Tian’s shoulders, affectionately hugging his neck.

Yang Tian did not display any impatience due to that as well. If he could raise the intimacy with the Pokemon to a high enough level. The Pokemon would likely be able to display an explosive power when he encounters dangerous situations.

During his previous life as a Legendary Beast Tamer, Yang Tian had once fought with a summoner who specialized in summoning Pokemon. The summoner had raised the intimacy levels of his Pokemon to an extremely high level, causing the pokemon to undergo an evolution every time he defeated one, good luck also played a part at that time. In the end, the summoner managed to escape from Yang Tian.

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Yang Tian pointed at Hu Jun and shouted. Charmander immediately reacted, seven to eight embers shot out from its mouth and towards Hu Jun.

When Hu Jun came in contact with the embers, it quickly spread through his entire body. During the crucial moment, before he got hurt, Yang Tian ordered the Dark Crimson Fire Wolf to extinguish the fire. The incident ended with Hu Jun only having a scare.

“F***, that’s powerful.”

Having personally experienced what Charmander could do, Hu Jun was convinced of its abilities. The speed of the embers was too quick for him to react in time. Also, the burning rate of Ember was much higher than his ability. Even if he activates his ability, he would still be unable to prevent himself from being hurt by the attack.

Char Char

Charmander lifted its round head proudly, as though it was trying to tell Hu Jun that he was too weak.

Yang Tian patted the head of Charmander and told it to obediently stay on his shoulders.

Next was the Exploding Fruit Tree.

After experiencing the Blood Rain Infusion, the number of fruits on the Exploding Fruit Tree has been restored to twelve while its vines have increased to four.

Yang Tian used his Mental Power to communicate with the Exploding Fruit Tree.

“I feel that it’s time for you to be a bit tactful.”

“Humph! Impossible.”

“You should know who the master is now, do you think you have the qualifications to refuse me?”

Being the master of the manor now, Yang Tian was able to control everything within the manor. As long as the Exploding Fruit Tree was rooted within the manor, he would be able to control it.

“What have you done?”

The Exploding Fruit Tree was slightly flustered, it felt the earth around its root were being restricted. Also, it seemed like its energy was being absorbed away.

“Who do you think is the owner now?”

“Dream on.”

“Since you won’t do this the easy way, then we’ll do it the hard way.”

The Exploding Fruit Tree was indeed stubborn, but this did not mean that Yang Tian could be trifled with.

“Dark Crimson Fire Wolf, use Flamethrower.”

Yang Tian pointed at the Exploding Fruit Tree, along with restricting the roots of the tree, he also restricts it from using its vines and Exploding Fruits. The Exploding Fruit Tree was just a target now.

A three-meter thick flame shot out from the mouth of the Dark Crimson Fire Wolf and struck the Exploding Fruit Tree.

Losing its ability to resist, the Exploding Fruit Tree would not be able to survive the flames.

“Are you forcing me?”

“I know you can choose to self-destruct, but are you willing to do it?”

Yang Tian had met an Epic Rank Exploding Fruit Tree before. These trees might talk tough but they all have a common trait, they are afraid of death.


It was just ordinary taming, but it was enough for a heavily injured Exploding Fruit Tree. Dark Taming requires a large amount of Mental Power, and Yang Tian currently has Dark Crimson Fire Wolf and Charmander. Using Dark Taming on the Exploding Fruit Tree might cause an excessive consumption on his Mental Power as it would cause problems to his developing Mental Power.

A white halo appeared above Yang Tian’s head and flew towards the burning Exploding Fruit Tree.

The Exploding Fruit Tree wanted to repel the white halo, but it was unable to put up any resistance currently. As what Yang Tian had expected, it was afraid to die and did not dare to self-destruct.

The white halo enveloped the Exploding Fruit Tree and ultimately merged with the Exploding Fruit Tree.

The Exploding Fruit Tree was now Yang Tian’s Tamed Beast.

The Rank 1 Exploding Fruit Tree’s main attacking method was its four vines and Skill: Rank 1 Explosion.

Rank 1 Explosion: Toss an Exploding Fruit towards the enemy to activate a powerful explosion.

Only when the Exploding Fruit Tree became Yang Tian’s Tamed Beast did he release the restrictions on the tree and got the Dark Crimson Fire Wolf to retract its flames.


The Exploding Fruit Tree was still displaying its intense hostility towards Yang Tian, but Yang Tian has his ways of dealing with his Tamed Beasts.

He transforms his Mental Power into a whip and viciously whipped the Exploding Fruit Tree. There was a connection between a Beast Tamer and the Tamed Beast, the whip transformed using Yang Tian’s Mental Power would not be effective on other creatures, but it was excruciating when used on Tamed Beasts.

Pa pa pa

After a series of whipping, the Exploding Fruit Tree started to beg for mercy.

“I’m wrong, I dare not do it again.”

Yang Tian has his ways to deal with disobedient Tamed Beasts, using the whip was just the most ordinary method.

“Who is the master now?”

“You… you are the master.”

After being taught a lesson, the Exploding Fruit Tree was no longer talking tough, the pain felt on the soul was many times higher than the pain on its flesh, the Exploding Fruit Tree would forever remember the pain it had experienced. It looked at Yang Tian and it was no longer displaying any form of disrespect.

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