Chapter 590: The flies of Demonic Dragon Island

The sky was clear blue and decorated with flower-like white clouds. This blue was a kind of radiant and enchanting hue, making people feel refreshed.

On the Divine Dragon Main Island, all divine dragon, regardless of their ages, gathered together. They contributed their treasured jade stones that they regarded as if these were their lives, and in an extremely short period of one night, they built a magnificent Dragon Shrine and respectfully placed the skeleton of the Dragon God found in the main hall of those historical ruins atop this Shrine. As for those angel’s remains, they placed them in a side hall, thereby commemorating the deceased heroes of the war of demons and gods.

When Long Yi returned to the Divine Dragon Island, the Dragon Clan’s tedious ceremony of commemoration was still in progress. All clansmen of the Dragon Clan were standing in a line based on seniority and respectfully worshiping before that Dragon God’s skeleton. But, at this moment, Demonic Dragon King was engrossed in chatting with Li Qing and Barbarian Bull. He was very curious about the divine power within their bodies.

“Dragon King, why aren’t you going to join in the fun?” Long Yi suddenly appeared out of thin air and asked Demonic Dragon King with a smile.

Demonic Dragon King, however, wasn’t surprised by the sudden appearance of Long Yi. He just curled up his lips and said, “Why would I join in the matter of their Divine Dragon Clan?”

“When all is said and done, that Dragon God is also your ancestor,” Long Yi said with a smile. Then, sitting on the ground, he lay his head on Liuli’s fragrant shoulder.

“I, Sha Qingyin, deeply respect the Dragon God. I will never decline to perform the necessary etiquette, but although I and Divine Dragon King have already reached a preliminary agreement, our views cannot be changed in a short time. Look at those clansmen of the Divine Dragon Clan. Each and every one of them has the appearance of itching to eat me,” Demonic Dragon King faintly said. This kind of situation was clearly within his expectations.

Long Yi muttered in agreement and didn’t speak again; he just inhaled that pleasant body fragrance of Liuli and rubbed his chin on her bare snow-white neck, making Liuli turn bright red in embarrassment. And she grumbled in a flirty manner: “Young master, it tickles. Don’t mess around.”

Demonic Dragon King looked at Long Yi with some irritation and said, “Smelly boy, I didn’t see you return yesterday night. Presumably, you were indulging in pleasures somewhere.”

“Demonic Dragon King truly has wonderful foresight,” Long Yi smirked and said as he used Liuli’s lap as his pillow.

Demonic Dragon King thought of his daughter and opened his mouth, wanting to say something, but his expression suddenly became strange. Looking away, he ignored Long Yi. This kid truly had a peach blossom life. My daughter would suffer some grievances if I matched her with him. Forget it. In any case, Sharman hasn’t stated her intentions explicitly. A young man and woman in love have their own fortune. It is better to let nature take its course. In any case, I am not the only one who was been depressed: that fellow Divine Dragon King should also be in a similar situation as me. His daughter Midi’er also seemed to be interested in this boy. Could it be that the Dragon Race owed him in his previous life?

After a good while, the ceremony of the Divine Dragon Clan finally came to an end.

Long Yi also didn’t want to delay. He immediately bade farewell to the Divine Dragon King, but Niur and Xingxing, these two little girls, held his hands with tearful eyes, unwilling to let him go. It took him a great deal of effort to make them release him.

After that, he instructed a few things to Li Qing and Barbarian Bull before flying away toward the horizon with Demonic Dragon King while holding Liuli. This was the first step on their journey to look for the Undersea City.

The sea was infinitely vast. At this moment, the sea was calm and tranquil. There were only slight ripples on the sea surface, hiding what might lurk beneath.

However, no matter how fascinating the scenery was, after some time, anyone would have aesthetic appreciation fatigue. At this moment, Long Yi yawned while rapidly flying in the sky with Liuli in his arms. Although he was flying like this, he was not exhausted because after breaking through to the fifth layer of AoTianJue, he didn’t need to use any energy to fly. Nevertheless, it was still boring to just fly like this. He wanted to sit on the back of the Demonic Dragon King with Liuli and enjoy the ride, but when all was said and done, he was still a Dragon King. Long Yi couldn’t threaten him like how he had threatened Leguxiya, could he?

Long Yi recalled Bai Yu who Mu Hanyan had left behind for him, and with a thought, he immediately summoned Bai Yu from his dark space dimension and made it become larger. Flying was one of its special skills. With just Long Yi and Liuli riding on its back, there was no adverse effects on it. It easily followed behind the Demonic Dragon King.

After a few days like this, Demonic Dragon Island that was shrouded within dark mist became faintly visible.

Demonic Dragon Island was one big island. All Demonic Dragons lived here. It seemed that this place was more bustling that the Divine Dragon Archipelago.

Just after landing with the Demonic Dragon King, the eyes of Long Yi were immediately attracted to a dazzling treasure mountain made up with piled up treasures at the center of this island. It appeared even more shocking than the concealed riches of the Divine Dragon King.

The rules of the Demonic Dragon Island were not as strict as the rules of the Divine Dragon Island. When Demonic Dragon King returned, those black dragons just greeted him lazily. Those basking in the sun still basked in the sun, and those dozing off still dozed off.

Instead, Sharman and Crystal happily rushed over from far away. These two were always together as if they were a pair of inseparable Siamese twins. Long Yi wondered if they would marry the same person. He let his imagination run wild, licking his lips.

“Long Yi, Liuli, you two came! Welcome to our Demonic Dragon Island,” Sharman happily said and pulled the arm of Liuli, but her beautiful eyes remained on Long Yi.

Demonic Dragon King helplessly sighed upon seeing the infatuated expression of his daughter and said, “You two, entertain them for a while. I have something to discuss with elders,” Demonic Dragon King left after speaking.

“Long Yi, say, is the mother and father of Liuxu fine?” The black pupils of Sharman glittered, faintly fluctuating with emotion.

“Big sister Sharman, do you need to ask this? If something had happened, would he have come here?” Crystal watched Sharman with a sly smile and said.

Sharman rolled her eyes to Crystal and said, “I want to make sure and not assume it as a matter of course. In any case, I am also their niece.”

“Well, they are fine. With this Young Master taking action, there is nothing in this world that this Young Master cannot accomplish,” Long Yi smirked and said.

“What a braggart, first settle up with big sister Sharman before talking,” Crystal laughed.

The beautiful face of Sharman immediately became bright red, and she ferociously glared at Crystal, but, her heart was beating rapidly. She peeked at Long Yi’s expression. Should she speak out her small thought or kept it buried in her heart?

“Crystal, I have not seen you for so many days. You seem to have become even more beautiful,” Long Yi stepped in front of Crystal, and grabbing her fair and tender cheeks with his hands, he said with a grin.

“Ah, so hateful…” The beautiful face of Crystal also become bright red, and pushing Long Yi away, she stomped her feet like a little girl.

“Hehe, well, take us to stroll around your Demonic Dragon Island. Also, let’s look for a place to set up a transfer magic array in passing,” Long Yi said with a smile.

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At that time, a dozen or so black dragons flew over and landed beside these four people after transforming into human forms. Those dragons who had been dozing and basking in the sun not far away opened their eyes in succession and looked toward this side with interest.

Seeing these overbearing youths of the Demonic Dragon Clan, Long Yi patted the shoulder of Sharman and said with a smile, “Princess, these kids don’t seem to have good intentions. This isn’t how your Demonic Dragon Clan treats a guest, is it?”

Seeing Long Yi was so familiarly coming into contact with Sharman, these youths of Demonic Dragon Clan glared at Long Yi as if they wanted to shoot fire at him.

“Gulade, what do you think you’re all doing?” Sharman frowned and angrily asked.

That leading youth snorted and provocatively looked at Long Yi and said, “Our Demonic Dragon Island is not a place where anyone can casually visit.”

The eyebrows of Long Yi shot up. No wonder Sharman held them in contempt. These fellows had no brains. He had always thought that the elites of Demonic Dragon Clan were great figures, but as soon as this person opened his mouth, he was somewhat disappointed. He looked at Crystal and asked with a smile, “Crystal, it seems the Demonic Dragon Clan is not a peaceful place. This place has too many flies.”

Crystal chuckled while covering her mouth and said, “You should ask Princess, not me.”

Seeing Long Yi was ignoring them, and moreover, calling them flies, this group led by Gulade burned with anger. Some of them had already begun to make a move. They emitted their fierce dragon mights to suppress Long Yi.

Long Yi, nevertheless, was unperturbed, and he sneezed in response. These youths of the Demonic Dragon Clan felt as if a clap of thunder had exploded beside their ears, and their spirits shook. They involuntarily retreated a step back, and their ears continuously rang. However, the people beside Long Yi appeared as if nothing out of the ordinary had happened.

“What is this foul smell? Is it the legendary odor of a soft-shelled turtle? How come it is smells like someone who has not bathed for several ten thousand years? It is truly irritating my nose, I want to sneeze again, ah… ah… Huh, I guess it didn’t come. Eh, why on earth are you all retreating? Could it be that you all can also smell that?” Long Yi rubbed his nose and looked at those youths of Demonic Dragon Clan with confusion and said in an inquisitive tone.

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Gulade and others who had considered themselves the best in the world were shocked by the powerful spirit power and internal force contained in that sneeze of Long Yi. Now, all of them looked pale, and a hint of fear could be seen in their eyes. They had thought that this human wouldn’t be able to withstand a single blow, but just his sneeze alone contained such a powerful might. Although they were caught unprepared, they knew that they couldn’t compare to this human youth. One could well imagine what kind of blow they received in their hearts.

Sharman and others weren’t fools. They immediately knew that Long Yi had played tricks.

“I will take you around the island. I think those flies will not come to annoy us again.” Sharman smiled and led away Long Yi and Liuli, walking past these pitiful youths of the Demonic Dragon Clan. Running into Long Yi, this abnormal person, they were destined to be unlucky. At that time, hadn’t she also suffered many grievances?

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